13th birthday party


i had been planing my 16th birthday party for ages, in total i had spent £50 on fags and booze. i was only aloud to have 5 people to stay so naturaly i picked 3 good looking girls, and two good boy mates.

when everyone started to arive i imediatly started a vodka shot contest between me and the best looking girl becca, she had long dark blond hair a models body and perfectly shaped C cup tits. once the game had started i knew immediatly that she was a light weight. after 5 shots she was smashed. me being amazing at drinking spirits downed most of the bottle.

while me and becca were having the shot contest everyone got drunk on the cans of beer and cinder. when everone was pissed i got them all together for a dare contest/spin the bottle. on the first spin it landed on me so i was dared to toung hollie who was also a stuner like beccy. when i came to kiss her she showed her toung in to my mouth the kiss lasted about 2mins. the next dare landed on my friend jack, i dared him to kiss daisy. he had his hopes up about touning her, but in the end it boiled down to a 3sec kiss.

on the next spin the bottle lindes on my agen. jorden dared me to finger beccy much to my delightment i want over to beccy and put my hands down her trousers and into her knickers. at once i felt that she was wet and i wasted no time in putting my fingers in her slit, she was loving it and after about 3mins she demanded that me had her should go upstairs.

we went streight to my room and locked the door, at once she pulled of her clothes and in moments she was naked.

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   i was stunned i couldnt stop running my eyes over her body. after about a 2mins of me just looking she said " now it your time Jack" in seconds i was ass naked and showing my 6 1/2". before i knew what was happening she was on her knees blowing me. at once i felt that i wasnt going to last long and true enough after about 30 seconds i came in her mouth. she was taken back by the amount of cum but managed to swallow most of it.

"now its your turn" she said to me in a sexy voice. i didnt need telling twice. immidiatly i kissed her from her erect nippels nows to her beautiful pussy. i started licking her everywere and then started sucking on her clit it, didnt take long before she had a orgasm, and in no time at all i stated lapping us her cum.

After that she pulled me into a passionate kiss and said to me " take me jack" " are you still a virgin" i asked she noded and sat on the edge of my bed spredding her pussy. " take me jack " i didnt need to be told twice and started rubbing my dick up and down her slit. then with no warning at all she shoved herself towards me impalling her on my cock and destroying her chery. imidialy started to thrust in to her with long hard strokes. she started making a groaning noise and had the most intence ongsm of her life. this was to much to bare as her pussy clenched around my dick milking it for everything it had.

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   i cumed so much that it was pourung out her pussy. after that me and her had a night of sex i must of cum atleast 6 times. .