Witsex part 2


Part 2 Mary woke up to realize that it was almost 18 and she was still bare ass in the bed. She got up and walked into the kitchen where she was greeted by the smell fo coffee, but, Collin was not there. She looked around for a min and then looked out the back door to see him in a full vertical poistion doing upside down push ups. The sweat glisened off of him as the morning sun was already beating down on him. Opening the door she walked outside and sat down in her beach chair and watched him as he slowly lowered and raised himself straight up in the air. Collin got back to his feet and walked over to Mary smiling at her and sat down on the end of the chair. He looked at her and she looked back, then he moved closer and kissed her again and at the same time ran his hand up her bare leg giving her the flutters. He lifted her up and took the position she was in and placed her on top of him as she pulled down his athletic pants and guided his member deep within her and she purred with lust. Mary slowly began to work his cock; squeezing her vaginal walls around his as she raised up off of him. Collin spread her robe just enough to left one of her breasts fall and he sucked and squeezed his until her nipple was hard. As the two of them slowly and carefully fucked their way to satisifaction, there was a pair of eyes within the slot of the blinds in the house's window.

It was Brandy, Mary's baby sister. She had come over to see if they wanted to get lunch but she was much more delighted with this option. As Mary and Collin were fucking, Brandy slowly lifted her skirt up above her hips and pulled the crotch of her thong to one side and began to work on her pussy and clit with her thumb and index finger. She kept getting steadily faster and faster keeping pace with her sister and Collin. Faster, faster and faster; now Mary's robe was completley open and Brandy could see her D sized breasts bouncing up and down as she pounded Collin's cock with enough force and Brandy could hear the slap through the window.

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   The three of them kept going the screams of the girls filling the air until Mary gave out a very loud scream as she came with Collin shooting spurts of his hot liquid white gold into her. At the same exact moment Brandy came with the two of them her pussy erupted with exstacy and pleasure weakening her knees and the juices ran down her legs and hand and dripped onto the rug beneath her. Now all of them were breathing very heavey with their hearts pounding deap withing their breasts. Mary collasped on top of him with his cock still hard and within her, Brandy was on her knees trying to recompose herself and gain strength in her legs once more. The rest of that day Collin and Mary had sex at random interval and all through out the house. In the kitchen, laundrey room, pantry, bedroom, living room and even on the dinning room table. By that night Mary couldn't feel her pussy it was so numb and had so much cum pumped into it, as well Collin's balls were sore from all the cum he had shot into and on her. At one point he and Mary fucked so long that he came three time inside her before they finally stopped. Mary couldn't believe that she had been screwed so good and so long, she'd had lovers that could go for long periods before but not like this. She was so curious to know how he had managed to last as long as he did and how to keep going after he had cum so much so she asked. The story that followed had been the most he had talked since she met him. " When I was 18 I went to train with a martial arts master in the Indonesian Islands, one of her training techniques was to have her student have daily sex with one of her maidens and see how long he could last and how long he could go without stopping. She believed that the male spirit is a vicious and incredibly horny creature when it is denied pleasure; so she decided to rid her student of it by giving them all the sex they wanted and defuse the primal nature. Soon sex become just something that is done and not something that is fantisied about. " He explained to her.

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   Mary couldn't believe this but at the same time she was incredibly turned on by it and wanted to see how long he could really last and decided that tommorow night she would put it to the test. However she woudn't get the chance. . . .