Valentine Vixen


She slept. Ultraviolet rays of morning light woke her. Vanessa shifted, her nakedness caressed by velvet … and something more tangible. Violently, she drove her body up towards the headboard and vocalized her fright by uttering a verse learned from a cultivated, virile priest she once serviced in Versailles several summers ago. Relieved, she saw it was only Veronica, the servant girl who had greeted her the previous evening. The girl held a sponge that dripped a viscous fluid and Vanessa saw that she meant to bathe her. “Halt little one. Who has given you this exclusive task?”“Why, master Victor has my lady. He demands virginal purity. ”“Ha! The man is a naïve fool. ”Veronica appeared feverish so red were her cheeks; she stammered an apology, venting reverently her excessive embarrassment. She made to leave, but Vanessa deprived her that freedom with a hand upon the arm. Veronica merely viewed her through wide brown eyes. “Sit there on the woven rug and wash my feet. ” Vanessa commanded, her own cheeks colored in a very lovely manner. “And for your comfort, remove that vile garment forced upon you by your lord.

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  ”Veronica moved slowly under Vanessa’s investigating gaze. She peeled the short maid’s vesture over her head, releasing a river of previously restrained honey-colored curls. They fell about her vivid cheeks and highlighted the golden flecks in her glowing eyes. Vanessa smiled languidly and felt her points stiffen as the scent of vernal iris’s filled the room through the open window. “Don’t forget those stockings dear. ” She breathed, her hands beginning to traverse her own voluptuous body in preparation for what was to come. Veronica’s form was fit and trim. Her virginal breasts rode high upon her chest, the movement of heavy breaths causing them to heave in a seductive manner. The tips were prominent and obviously erect, their color a beguiling version of carnation pink. Her waist was as slender as the Verrazano Narrows, and her tiny navel beckoned, vying with her other parts for the exquisite stroke of a moist, fiery tongue. Vanessa paused as her fingers ventured near her yearning cave of pleasure. “How old are you darling?”Veronica looked up from the arduous task of removing those very sleek stockings. She burst into violent blushing as she saw what Vanessa was doing. “Thirteen years today my lady. ” Her shaking hands continued, revealing one long leg at a time to Vanessa’s lecherous eyes, before wrapping her versatile fingers around the arched feet of the lady before her.

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  “Perfect. A valentine child. And are you aware of the nature of my employment with your Lord Victor? Mmm, yes, a little harder my sweet. ”“No ma’am. I was only instructed to respond to your smallest whim. I am here to serve you in every way ma’am” With Veronica now fully exposed, her tender young body was so fresh and clean that Vanessa’s salivary glands veered into overdrive as she ravished her visually. Vanessa rose from the bed and extracted her feet from Veronica’s grasp. “I am here to cure your Lord of an ancient malady. I divulge you this secret for you are to play a very large part in his cure. Lord Victor wishes to marry and sire offspring but cannot do so from his immortal body. As I am singularly trained in this field, I will perform a blood ritual, which will restore Victor to his former unvanquished state of divine virility. Sadly, for you, this venture means your death, for a virgin must perform this ritual upon a virgin. Although I am skilled in many deviant forms of perverted pleasure, no man has ever torn my covering. However, I have bargained with your lord for marriage in exchange for my services so that I may at last have that penetrative joy and bear the girl child I need to continue my lineage. ”Vanessa saw the girl’s visage hover between bewilderment and visible alarm.

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   She strove to comfort her with soft caresses along the length of one smooth, flawless arm. “Do not fear me child, I promise you will enjoy your adventure before you die. I am a great admirer of the flowering loveliness of youth that I see through your veneer of bravado. ” She stroked Veronica’s face gently, savoring the sweet feel of her innocence. “While I crave your fear, I also need your pleasure. Now, won’t you let me love you without violence … for a spell?”Veronica appeared to be mesmerized by the provocative vision that danced before her eyes. “Yes… I will. ” She whispered. “Then lie down upon this velvet bed and open yourself for me. Let me vent my passion on your lovely body before you drown in your own blood. ”The child lay down and spread herself before the raven haired beauty above her. The votive candles were lit and a vibraharp sounded in the distance. Through the door entered Victor, naked and old and vastly erect. He stood in the shadows as Vanessa began her tremulous exploration of young Veronica’s nubile body, but she sensed his vile presence. Vanessa stroked Veronica’s face and rained a shower of kisses upon her closed eyelids, ever soft and elusive.

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   She placed her face within the irresistible folds of Veronica’s neck and took in her virgin scent. Veronica moaned softly and began to tremble. Vanessa moved her hungry, heavy lips to Veronica’s mouth and pressed insistently. The child flowered beneath her, lips thirsty and her body heaving. When she at last allowed entrance, hot daggers of wanton lust filled Vanessa’s veins. Their tongues met, the venerable fire increased, and a flood of viscous juices coated both their velvet-like inner thighs. Victor watched, violently trembling and voraciously hungry. The girl child became demanding. She tugged Vanessa’s hands, urging them to reach places only she herself had been before. Groaning painfully, she thrust upwards, vainly searching for some victory she could not name, yet finding only flesh, yielding and too soft. “Please,” She whispered urgently, seeing the gleam of silver from the corner of her left eye, but uncaring of its meaning. Vanessa complied. Her head danced upon the child’s hot flesh, her hair grazing the tender young ribs and setting her passion to revolutionary heights. With practiced care, she settled those virulent lips along the swell of Veronica’s underdeveloped breast finding the protuberance she so eagerly sought. Vanessa suckled and the child whimpered in delight.

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   Vanessa’s tongue moved with a will of its own, surrounding the swollen nipple and stroking it from the soft underside. The girl was mad with passion. Her cries reached a violent crescendo, ringing in Vanessa’s ears as she pressed her breast farther into the older woman’s sucking mouth. She squirmed beneath her as Vanessa’s fingers found her fiery cave and delved deeply, her thumb providing pleasure with firm, insistent circles across her throbbing clitoris. A high-pitched scream rent the air and Veronica convulsed as an explosive climax ripped through her young body. Vanessa did not cease her invasive maneuvers. She pinned the girl with her body as her teeth tightened around the sensitive appendage she held captive in her mouth. She bit down with great force and drummed a beat on the child’s engorged clitoris. Her reaction was Vanessa’s reward. The scream that was before high and almost lady-like became low and throaty. She liked the pain it was obvious to see. Vanessa gave her more. Her fingers plowed through the tender labia that clutched them. They became a piston of pleasure / pain, securing the child’s devotion by way of deviant delight. So enraptured was Vanessa, that she prolonged the event, loving the movements of the woman-to-be underneath her.

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   Another violent orgasm shook the child’s body and Vanessa thought it time to begin the real ritual. Raising herself, she slid the silvery blade along Veronica’s sweet flesh. It glinted majestically in the glow of muted sun and fragrant candles. Below her, Veronica’s eyes widened with demented pleasure and viable fear, yet the child’s body begged for more. “It is an honorable thing you do sweetheart. The pain will be vast, but the joy will be even more pervasive. ” Vanessa muttered under her breath, nonsensical syllables that tumbled from her passion-rich throat. The spells she cast brought forth a vision of veined creatures. They writhed about on the floor. These filmy apparitions vividly conjured dreams of death to all who beheld them. They consummated with each other and a low-rising moan of vast proportions filled the room. The first cut came quickly; with no elusive seduction to prompt the child to feel anything other than the pain it gave her. She gasped and Vanessa’s body responded with a shudder of pleasure. As she feasted her eyes on the first trickle of red to flow from the alabaster skin that released it, Vanessa maneuvered her free hand and stroked her own burning clitoris. Several passes served to coat her fingers with juice, which she then offered to Veronica’s willing mouth.

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   As the girl began to suck, Vanessa came, tapping the restrained passion that threatened to erupt and cause her to violate the writhing body beneath her too soon. Now the pressure was relieved, she could continue her spells in relative calm. She’d not judged the fire the child possessed, and the experience of it was overly exciting, making it difficult for Vanessa to concentrate. A matching cut now decorated the woman / child’s body. The chanting continued as the very walls of the room darkened to the hue of vivid sunset. Two lovely rivers of blood trickled seductively from just under Veronica’s breasts down to her delicious navel. The blood pooled within and Vanessa softly called to Victor. “Come…”He approached eagerly, his face a harsh mask of volatile emotion. His erection was prominent and pulsed visibly. Vanessa wondered how long it had been for him. “The spells are cast. Now we need only the physical attributes that will activate the transformation. Listen raptly, and follow my gestures. ”Victor nodded. “Lean down and very carefully drink from her navel, touching no other part of her.

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   You can see the child is beside herself with passion. She needs to be completed for her body burns with need. She will not be still for long. ”As Victor’s mouth neared his liquor of life, Vanessa soothed the girl with kisses to her face and neck, as the moans she issued grew more frenzied. She watched carefully and heard with delight the slurping that signaled success. Victor growled low and raised his head. Twin trails of blood flowed from his stained lips. He threw his head back as tremors took his body. Vanessa sighed. It was painful, she knew, but she was eager to taste the child and complete the sacrifice for her own body was near the point of no control. It had been long since she was this excited and the things she planned for Veronica before death overcame her were too great a temptation to deny.
    Victor dropped to the floor, seeming to drown amidst the vaporous apparitions that still floated upon the lavender floral patterns like dark vessels of violence. Vanessa turned her attention back to the girl as Victor’s moans of pain and terror fueled the fire in her veins. She fell on her – a thing possessed – her mouth took a life of its own as the blade went back to work. Small, precise cuts further released the child’s rich red blood.

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       Vanessa bent her head and with no thought for anything else, she devoured the girl’s vagina. Her tongue slithered out and began probing the coveted, tender flesh that lay hidden deep inside her cavity. Above her head, Veronica thrashed about on the velvet spread. Her fingers found Vanessa’s hair and entangled themselves inside its silkiness. She tugged and moaned and thrust her tiny cunt against Vanessa’s skilled tongue, ever hungry for more. Vanessa savored the tangy blood that at last converged with the girl’s orgasmic fluids. She flattened her tongue into a paddle of pleasure and pressed roughly, slipping it up and down across her clitoris in minute movements designed to bring on waves of everlasting orgasm. Veronica shook and voiced her delight in short, sharp cries that vented all her energy into this one thing. This thing that was alive and all consuming. Vanessa continued to massage the child’s clitoris as her own body began to call out. Victor’s moans had subsided into tired whimpers; the transformation had neared an end. Penetration was the next step. She felt something press against her from behind. She knew what it was. Whirling, she gave a vicious thrust with the blade clenched tightly in her fist, but met only empty air as Victor sidestepped her lunge.

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       “Traitor!” She called, instantly aware of the treachery this moment held. From underneath, Veronica moved. The girl rose, naked, lovely, dripping blood from dozens of cuts that criss-crossed her skin. Vanessa struggled to move, but had become too complacent and was now effectively trapped. Victor’s hands were holding her still as Veronica tenderly removed the silver blade from her grasp. The look on the child’s face was a mix of sorrow and sick pleasure. She leaned down and pressed her face against Vanessa’s hair. “Thank you,” she said in a small voice just as she pressed the silver blade between the lower two ribs on Vanessa’s right side. Vanessa gasped as she felt the cold blade slide inside. She felt the muscle separate, allowing the steel to render her helpless from pain and shock. Victor appeared above her prone body. He was now young, strong, and vibrantly sexy. In his hand he supported his massive shaft. It was slick and throbbing, and she felt its heat, even from a distance. Veronica gently spread her legs with utmost care as Victor positioned himself between Vanessa’s thighs.


      “No!” Vanessa hissed. “No, you cannot do this to me! I am a queen amongst my people. It is I who will reign victorious here. No!”Her struggles met only solid strength, and while her body betrayed her with its weakness, her cries went unheeded. She could see the bloodlust that lit Veronica’s eyes. The child was eager for this. She held the older woman still as she spoke softly. “Now, Victor my love. Take her now. ”The man, filled with fresh vigor and fervid lust, placed his swollen penis at the entrance to Vanessa’s virginal cavity. He allowed his hands to stroke the length of her leg as he leaned over for Veronica’s kiss. “For you my sweet angel,” he whispered against her violet lips as he began to press forward. Vanessa screamed a volley of vile curses. She condemned him to vanquish in the fires of hell even as she thrust upward to meet his body. His enlarged shaft penetrated Vanessa’s fiery hot cunt and caused rippling sensations along its walls.

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       As he entered her vagina, she screamed against the pain, called out for the pleasure, and rocked forward as Veronica began to use the knife in earnest. A smile of glee decorated the child’s mouth as she slashed without finesse at Vanessa’s skin. Victor moaned as he felt the life force inside him strengthen. With no regard for his victim, he plunged, repeatedly tearing her tender flesh and securing his mortal victory. Defeated, Vanessa groaned softly. She twisted her head and found herself staring into Veronica’s brown eyes. The child moved closer and the chill of the blade made itself known as it caressed her skin. Vanessa stretched up, reaching for Veronica’s sweet mouth, wishing to drown in her youth and beauty before she died. Victor pumped viciously, filling her body with his penis again and again. Withdrawing, then plunging deeper… ever deeper. Vanessa was lost in the moment, bearing down on his every stroke as she felt indescribable pleasure flood her weak limbs. She was cumming now … and the blade was cutting. She felt it match the rhythm of her orgasm. She felt it pressing deep. She felt it slice.

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       She groaned and continued to convulse in pleasure. It sliced her from neck to belly, and then beyond. Dizzy now, she raised her head, wishing to see from this angle what she’d seen so many times from above. Her blood flowed freely. It ran down her sides and became a river of red. As her life began to ebb, she heard a harsh groan and Victor emptied his thick seed inside her just as Veronica plunged the silver knife through her chest piercing her heart with the deepest chill. Vanessa died. Had she been alive, she would have witnessed a frenzy of two slick, red-coated bodies fucking into oblivion and beginning a demon-child. For more great stories check out the forums http://www. sexstoriespost. com/forums/index. php?or our new story site www. bluestories. com.