The Time Shifter Chapter 65


That weekend was very mellow and I went to school Monday in a laidbackmood. I ran into Garrett before our history class and, after weexchanged hugs, he asked if I would like to come over to his house afterschool. I told him that I had a practice, but that I could go overafterward. He gave me directions and his address and I entered thatinformation into my cellphone and, when the desultory workout wasfinished, I drove over to his place. Garrett answered the door and wewent upstairs to his bedroom, where his buddies Scott and Ashton (yeah,that Iggy and the Stooges joke ran through my mind, too) were hangingout while Epica spun on his cd player. I was in a pair of jean shortsand a white tank top. When his mom came home, we all split, but notbefore she gave me a dirty look on the way out.

Tuesday, my team wrecked another opponent. Wednesday, I was walking outof my fourth period class to lunch when I encountered Garrett. As wecontinued ambling into the quad, he tried to interlace his fingers withmine, which I let him do. We looked at each other and I giggled because Ididn't know what to say. I could feel some wetness forming between mylegs, though, and I know he was definitely  hard because, well, I wasoriginally a guy after all. When he met my friends, who were mostlycomprised of girls on the team, it was a pretty stiff ordeal. I wouldlater find out that Garrett doesn't really warm up to people veryquickly, so no wonder.

He waited for my volleyball workout to end and walked me out to my car,which I wasn't expecting him to do. This time, I told him to come to myplace after he ate dinner.

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   He did and we laid in my bed making out andwatching tv. He was a really good kisser and I was super wet by the timehe went home. Once he was gone, I stripped,  jumped into bed, spread mylegs and diddled myself to a couple of amazing orgasms.

However, Thursday, I had to sit Garrett down and let him know who I was. I said that I didn't have any problem with him wanting to be myboyfriend, but that I didn't want to be tied down and so I wasoccasionally going to sleep with other guys as well as girls. Naturally,I said I would be okay with him doing the same thing. I furtherexpressed the hope that we could just have a mellow relationship thatwould make our high school years more fun. He was initially shocked, butafter thinking it over for a few minutes, he revealed that he'd be ableto deal with it. He was further relaxed when I told him that he wouldnever have to buy me anything, even for my birthday or Christmas,because I knew the stress that puts guys under. In addition, I remarkedthat I felt prom was a big waste of time and money, to which heriposted, "fuck yes it is. "

He visited me again that night and we had sex for the first time, butonly after I gave him a blowjob. His cock was a mite over six inches andthick, so it felt killer when he was thrusting it in and out of me. Hewas also a really caring lover, taking things slowly and worshipping myentire body. By the time he jetted his cream into me, I was emotionallyin a very good place. The orgasms he triggered didn't hurt, either.

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Garrett's personality was more in tune with mine and I became much moreinterested in being with him than seeking out alternatives. Without anymajor drama around me now, he and I spent our days and nights togetherdoing a lot of fucking and just kicking it. My team finished itsschedule in early November and we went undefeated for the secondstraight season and, for the third time, I was named conference andcounty Player of the Year.

The Dream Theater concert smoked and, as we went into the Thanksgivingholidays, I was happier than I had been since I underwent thistransformation. That would be shortlived because during the first weekof December, we had the state tournament and, three matches later, wereturned with bupkis. I had sex with Lyle one more time and then let himknow that would be the last time. I had decided I wanted to beexclusive with Garrett, at least at that point in time. As all girlsshould, I stopped subjecting him to my friends at school and we beganhanging out as just a couple. Garrett's huge sexual appetite alsoassured that I wouldn't feel starved in that area and we graduated stilla pair. Of course, that was also after my volleyball team notched itsfourth straight league title and I was dubbed Player of the Year for theleague and county for the fourth time. And, for the fourth time, we gotjacked in the state tournament.

Garrett moved in with me and eventually graduated college. Mary alsofinished her university coursework and moved out after finding a job inNorthern California. I lost contact with her after that. When Garretconcluded his collegiate career, we lived overseas for a decade: Japan,Holland, England, Germany, Sweden, Spain and Portugal and then returnedto America, where we got married and were together until he died at age59 of heart disease.

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   It was a good life with him since he was a reallydecent guy who loved me to pieces.

Six months after Garrett's passing, I sold all my belongings and donatedthe proceeds to charity. The day the sale of my house was concluded, Iwent into my Vishnu room and prayed to him before saying that I wasready to return to the morning before my latest transformation in 2011.

I suddenly awoke in my bed in my home. I sat down at my computer andstrove to chronicle my adventures to date. It had definitely been along, strange trip, as the song goes. I had it all down after a coupleof months and uploaded it to this site.

Okay, what had I not done now? I mulled it over in mind as to whether ornot I should retire the medallion and just live out the rest of my daysuntil Vishnu deems that I finally rest.

Well, there was one thing I hadn't been able to do that I always wantedto: be a pro baseball player. I thought about it and thought about it. Ialso contemplated the phenomenon of how rock stars wish they wereathletes and athletes with they were rock stars. I thus chose to embarkon another adventure and, after praying to Vishnu, I put my hands on themedallion and intoned:

"I want to be 6'4" and 235 pounds with five percent body fat, anAdonis body and the most handsome looks in the world with longblonde hair down to my ass, the speed of Usain Bolt, the batting eyeof Ted Williams and Barry Bonds, the swing of Barry Bonds, exceptfrom the righthand side, the devastating power of Mickey Mantle, thethrowing arm of Roberto Clemente, the outfield instincts of AndruwJones, the hands of Ozzie Smith, the conditioning of Paavo Nurmi,virtuoso ability on guitar and keyboards whereby I'll know how toplay any song correctly after hearing it just once, I'll rememberhow to play all the songs I learned in previous transformations, agreat sense for composing neo-classical heavy metal songs, theknowledge of an English Lit and a history Phd, the ability to speakand read Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Korean to anative level, $1 trillion in my bank account, though nobody willbother me about where I got it or how I use it and the bank I haveit in will never go out of business or go bankrupt and the tellerswill know who I am, I will have all the leading credit cards with nolimits, a Honda Civic, a wide ranging wardrobe, all of my identitydocuments will have my name as Clinton Jay Parker, I willnever become the victim of any injury, crime, accident, assault, ordisease, I will never get a girl pregnant no matter how many times Iejaculate in them or on them, I will never  gain weight no matter howmuch I eat, I will be a black belt in Jeet Kune Do, I will never testpositive for any performance enhancing orrecreational drug, I will never be detained or arrested for anythingI do, I will instinctively know how to get women off within fiveminutes during oral sex, I will be able to last 25 minutes before Iejaculate during sex, my cock will be 8.
    5 inches long and 25% larger incircumference than it would be under my normal identity, I will nevercatch or pass on any sexually transmitteddisease, I will always look 21 and won't physically or mentallydeteriorate, though my legal age at the start of thistransformation will be 16, when I will be entering my junior year ofhigh school in 2011, I will be living in a 4,000 square foot fullyfurnished two story house with a soundproofed music room and schoolsupplies. I am ready for this transformation "

    I awoke in bed and, like with the other transformations, I didn'trecognize the interior of my new bedroom. I went to the bathroom to domy business and, when I looked in the mirror, there was what I had askedVishnu to grant me, the looks and body of a real stud.

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       I brushed myteeth, brushed out my super long hair and then dressed myself in a pairof jeans, a t-shirt, socks and running shoes. I picked up a list of myclasses off of my nightstand as well as my book bag, which had anotebook and some pens in it, and headed to my garage, where I hit thebutton for the garage door opener. I slid into my ride, flipped the baginto my backseat, pulled out of my driveway and turned for school.

    I parked the car a couple hundred yards from my campus and walked therest of the way. I would walk past a group of girls and then hear, "ohmy God!" I smiled to myself thinking about all the teenage pussy I wasgoing to be inside of in the near future.



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