The Time Shifter Chapter 62


Tuesday, Mary came over by herself. She and I had sex and then webegan talking. "So where are you going to college?" I asked. "Myparents want to send me to Liberty University," she stated. "You'refucking kidding me!" I rejoindered, horrified. That college is, inmy opinion, little more than a glorified diploma mill for biblethumpers and was partially funded by the cult leader, the ReverendMoon, in conjunction with the thankfully now dead Jerry Falwell. "Listen, Mary, as soon as you turn 18, I want you to move in withme. I'll pay for your education at a real university and you canhang out with who you want when you want. " "Thanks, Dawn. I'd reallyappreciate it. I feel trapped at home. " "I know you do, honey. I'dhave you move in with me today if it was legally possible. So justkeep your head down, don't do anything rash and we'll get you out ofthat bullshit so you can live like a normal person. " She smiled andthen started to cry in relief. She thought she was going to have towait until she was 22 before she could extricate herself from thecraziness she was imprisoned by.

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   Now there was a much closer lightat the end of the tunnel for her to look forward to.

I held her tightly until I had to begin getting ready for a datethat night with Dave, who was taking me to an Angels game thanks tofree tickets his dad scored for him from his work. They were seatsnear the third base dugout, so the view was excellent. It was a nicetime since I hadn't been out to the stadium in a long time andballpark food is one of the great guilty pleasures.

It took us forever to get out of the parking lot, but once we gotback to my place, we went to bed, where he plowed my furrow like ahot knife goes through butter. A good time was had by both of us andhe went home around 1:30 a. m.

Thus, when I woke up Wednesday, I was pretty much dragging my assthe entire day. After school, while I got my cunt spackled by Dave'ssemen, Missy, Denise and Mary had a threesome. Once everybody left,I went to sleep earlier than usual to compensate for the late nightthe evening before. That made it Thursday and Mary would only haveone more day before her bible retreat. I went into my Vishnu roomand prayed that he would watch over her and keep her safe.

Thankfully, Monday, she was back in the weight room safe and soundtraining with her teammates and then in my bed licking my pussy andscrewing me with my strap on after school. I had my legs wrappedaround her back while she was thrusting the artificial dick into merepeatedly and I was holding her as tightly as I could. THAT is howoverjoyed that she survived another encounter with the evangelicalwackmasters I was.

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   What REALLY sucked, though, was that she wouldhave to go to a two week bible camp only a few days after school letout.

Friday was a conference day for teachers, so school ended afterfourth period. Denise brought over a couple of girls from thesoftball team, Janice Carissi and Carmen Dominguez. When added tome, Missy and Mary, that was six lesbians/bisexuals in the house. Iexplained the situation with Mary and why I needed Janice and Carmento stay away from her at school, especially as her dad didn't likeMexicans. They understood since they were putting up with some ofthe same crap vis a vis religion and homosexuality as Mary was. Marywas very attracted to Janice, who was as tall as she was, jet blackhair halfway down her back, C cup breasts, very toned body and agirl next door kind of face. Janice also appeared to be attracted toMary. Carmen wanted to take me for a test drive, which left Missyand Denise to spend time together again.

Carmen was her team's catcher, standing at 5'6" and 150 pounds, darkbrown skin, short dark brown bobbed hair, D cups and a thickphysique.   Having her on top of me was like a guy being there,except with a softer body, and it felt pretty amazing. I lovedsucking her big chocolate nipples, though eating her past all thatpubic hair she had was a bit of a battle.

After a couple of hours of fooling around, I made a late lunch foreverybody. Then we just sat around and engaged in girl talk.

Janice could spend time at school with Mary and Missy since she wasso feminine it wouldn't raise any suspicions.

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   Janice also had a car,so she could pick Mary up a block from her house and bring the twoof them to my place.

When Dave was over and Denise started dating Kana, who would becomeher girlfriend, that left Missy with Carmen. Their hanging out andhaving recreational sex would blossom into a full blown relationshipdown the line.

As the end of the school year approached, I began receivingovertures to play with club and AAU teams, which I turned down. Ididn't want to spend my entire summer suffering floor burns andsweating my ass off in hot gyms, which would make me too tired andsore to want to fuck as much as I wanted.

There was one bit of good news right before the semester concluded,too: Mary wouldn't have to attend that bible camp. The guy who ranit was arrested for owning and distributing child porn by the feds. According to Mary, that engendered an almighty shitstorm at herchurch that was hilarious to watch. A lot of the parents frettedthat their children might be in those photos and it really createdproblems between the church's pastor and the congregants. The photosturned out to be of little boys, so I was glad Mary wasn'tvictimized. It still sucks, though, for the kids who were raped inthose pictures. Was this bit of retribution the work of Vishnu? Ihave no idea.

Over the summer, I worked with Mary on getting her room decoratedhow she wanted it. We also made plans for getting her out of herhouse. Missy had already exposed her to tons of stuff she wasn'tsupposed to see, including books, music and movies her parents wouldhave found distasteful.

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   She wasn't even allowed to go to the beachbecause of all the boys and girls dressed in skimpy bathing suits. Her parents were just totally insane.

During the summer, Mary ate breakfast with her family and then toldher mom she was going to Missy's, which was the truth, except theywould subsequently both board a bus and come to my place. Or Janicewould pick them up. Sometimes all we would do would be me teachingMary and Janice how to cook better. Other times, it would bewatching tv, listening to music and/or having sex.

Dave played in a summer basketball league and, after he came homeand showered, would come over to spend time with me or to go outsomewhere. So overall, it was a socially and sexually busy time forme.

The week before school started, me, Missy, Mary and Denise sat downwith Missy's mom so that Missy could come out to her. Her mother wasnot surprised. "You're a beautiful girl, Missy and when I didn't seeany boys coming over I knew something was up. You know that I don'tcare what your sexual orientation is. You're still my daughter. Nowis Mary your girlfriend?" "She was, but I'm seeing another girlnow. " "You should bring her over for dinner, honey.

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  " We thenexplained Mary's situation and how we may need her (Missy's mom) tocover for her on occasion. She didn't see a problem with that. Weall went out for lunch to celebrate Missy's exit from the closet aswell as Mary being able to be out to Missy's parents.

After dinner, Lyle called and later visited me to feed his beautifuldick to my pussy. He spent the night and then went home early thenext morning to get ready for work.

The school year commenced and I was now a 18 year old sophomorewhile Mary and Missy were seniors, as was Dave. Mary and Janicedebated whether they should go to prom together, but I brought upthe fact that it would raise a stink and maybe even end up in themedia, something which neither Janice nor Mary wanted. Instead, Ioffered to book us all a weekend getaway in Laguna Beach and theydecided that would be more fun, which it definitely would be. Plusit was a gay friendly city. I was also going to take Missy's parentsso they could front for us.

Our volleyball team crushed our league, going undefeated. Again, Iwas named Player of the Year for both the conference and the county. Then we lost our first two matches in the state tournament, whichweren't close, and went home with nothing to show for it. I did,though, get feelers from recruiters for a couple of majoruniversities. They were shocked when I told them I had no intentionof going to college.

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The fall semester went uneventfully, thank God. Well, except for thecar I bought for Mary for Christmas. It would remain in Janice'sname for now, but Mary would get it when she moved in. God, shecried a lot when I took her to the car dealership to pick it out. Itold her Janice would have to drive it a couple of times a week tokeep the engine in good trim. Mary wasn't permitted to have adriver's license because her parents were afraid she would use thecar to neck with boys in it or worse. So Janice would drive over inher car and then they would use what would become Mary's to go dothings together until she had to take Mary home. Then Janice wouldcome to pick her own wheels up.

After the first of the year, Mary started taking small things out ofher house in her book bag and deposited them at my domicile,including some of her stuffed animals, pictures of her and Missy andother mementos.

On February 18th, Mary turned 18. At the 3 a. m. the followingmorning, after writing out a note to her parents confessing that shewas gay and could no longer bear living in such a repressivehousehold, she snuck out of the house, where Denise, who was now acollege freshman, picked her up and carried her to her new abode. The morning of the 19th, a female lawyer I had hired went into theadministration office and warned them that if they revealed toanyone Mary's whereabouts they would be sued for millions of dollarsfor violating her privacy.

Later that morning, Mary, accompanied by me and all of our friends,arrived on our campus dressed in very cute clothes for probably thefirst time since elementary school.

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   She was tired as hell from thestress and was very frightened about what might transpire after shestepped on to the grounds. Janice let her have her cellphone so shecould call me if either of their parents turned up in her classes. Her folks did go to the office looking for her, but were thenescorted off of campus by the police and told not to come back. Iwas late to all of our classes because I had to hustle over to hersto act as her bodyguard in case something happened. At lunch, shecried while thanking everybody for their support and we basicallymade sure nobody could talk to her without one of us intervening.

After school, we hustled her off of campus in Janice's car, droveher about four miles out of the way, transferred her to a taxi cab(with me riding shotgun) that then took us to my home. Janice spentthe rest of the day with her. Mary was emotionally exhausted andwent to sleep shortly after entering my place. I felt like I wasrunning an underground railroad.

The following morning, Denise, who had rented a minivan the nightbefore, came over and picked the whole entourage up. She drove usinto an alley behind the side of the school that was completelyopposite the main street entrance and, with Ryan and Lisa in front,we walked through a hole in the brick wall separating the alley fromthe school. After they determined that the coast was clear, webrought Mary with us. This time, Dave acted as her bodyguard and heconfronted some of the school's evangelical contingent on thevirtues and benefits of not being a narc. Dave didn't name Mary asthe person they were trying to protect, so the religious nuts werereally confused. I did the same thing to the girls in that group.

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AFAIK, they never found out about Mary. I guess her parents were soashamed about their daughter being a lesbian that they didn't wantto tell anyone due to the Christian obsession with being perfect.

After school, we took Mary to a beauty salon, where she had her haircut off and dyed black. She wanted a Joan Jett type style and thatwas what they gave her. She was just about unrecognizable nowcompared to how she looked before. We took her home and had a properwelcome party for her. "This is the best dinner I have ever eaten!"Mary enthused before breaking down in tears again. I uncorked abottle of wine to drink with the meal, which we toasted to her. Forthe first time in her life, she was now in a household that lovedher for what she was, not what she was supposed to be as decided bysomeone else.

The following Monday, Mary missed school so she could go to the DMVto obtain her learner's permit. Janice took  her out in what wouldsoon be her car so she could practice and Denise did so as well. That weekend, Denise took her to a gay dance club (Janice wasn't 18yet). Mary was really feeling like she was able to stretch her wingsnow and be an actual part of the regular society. I bought her cds,a cellphone, an IPOD and a new laptop. I forbade her, though, fromusing Facebook because that would have made it easier for herparents to find her.

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In late March, there was a heatwave and we all went to the beachtogether, where Mary wore a bikini out in public for the first timein her life. She was coming out of her shell and I felt like a proudmom. Janice turned 18 that same week and they went from the beachthat day to a gay dance club that night, where they reportedly had ablast.

In early April, she got her license and Janice signed the car overto her and I paid for the insurance.

Janice could now stay overnight with her regularly and Mary lookedforward to college, where she would go to a nearby UC school, so sheand Janice could hook up with more gay and lesbian young people. Andwhen she wasn't socializing like she hadn't been able to before, shewas also going through books she was barred from checking out, too,without having to sneak around about it. I warned her, though, thatshe had to either kick ass in college or get a job to keep livingwith me. If she didn't do at least one of those things she would beout on the street.

Because so much was going on that school year, time seemed to justzip by. Sexually, it was the same thing. When Dave wasn't porkingme, either Lyle would booty call me or I would sleep with one of thelesbians unbeknownst to their girlfriends. Prom week, everybody hada blast during our weekend in Laguna Beach. We also used it as achance to start in on our summer tans.