The Time Shifter Chapter 58


Sunday, in case his parents mosied on in early, me and Ryan wentover to his house. Also, in the event they put in an unexpectedlyquick appearance, I dressed in just shorts, an Iron Maiden t-shirtand flip flops. They didn't though. Ryan, his buddies and Dustin'sneighbor Jackson, who straddled the hipster and metal crowds atschool, hung out and we basically did what we did the previousSunday. Ryan held me and Dustin massaged my feet as we sat on thefloor. I told hm to make sure he washed his hands before he ate after he handled my tootsies.

We went over to my house at four so that I could make everybody anearly dinner. "Seriously, Dawn, you gotta teach my mom to cook,"Ronnie flattered. I laughed that off as hyperbole, but it was a niceego stroke. Jackson joked that he was going to start hanging aroundus more for the free food. "Don't you get that at home?" I snarkedback.

Monday, I decided to have some fun with Mr. Keltner. When the fiveminute bell rang before first period, I went into the bathroomnearest the classroom and removed my bra. I was wearing a whiteblouse that I had tied off just above my navel. I knew that he earlymorning bright sunlight that shone through the windows would make myblouse a little bit transparent.

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   Pretty much all the boys had theireyes riveted on my chest, so I knew they were getting an eyeful ofsomething. Mr. Keltner roamed up and down my aisle a few times overthe course of my class to get a peek and there was an obviousprotrusion in his trousers because of it. It also didn't help himthat my nipples had become erect from rubbing against the materialof my top.

When class was over, I went up to him with my notebook in hand andtouched him with my left arm as I feigned attempting to make sure Ihad the right information for the homework assignment. He lookedright into my top and couldn't keep a straight train of thought. Islowly swung my hips as I ambled out of the room and went back tothe bathroom to put my bra back on.

Monday, I went food shopping and got picked up by this guy in his40's barely before I had a chance to pick anything up. He said hisname was Lyle. When he asked me what I did, I just said I was astudent, which was at least a half truth. He was cute, even with theobvious signs of age, including gray in his hair, smart and had agood sense of humor. I figured it would be a nice time. So I gotinto his car and we went back to his place a few blocks away,probably a mile from my house or thereabouts. We sat on his couch inhis livingroom and then he began making his move, gradually movinghis head closer to my face. There was a moment when we locked eyesand then I closed mine and he kissed me.

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   He untied and unbuttoned myblouse, unhooked my bra and his eyes widened as the girls madethemselves known. He resumed kissing me while he had himself a goodgrope of my mammaries. He requested that we go to bed and I assentedto that. We undressed. "Fuck Dawn, you have one amazing body!" heevaluated. I thanked him and we dropped ourselves into bed. Not abad body for his vintage. His mouth jumped to my nipples and hisrighthand did a nice job rubbing my clit while I stroked his thick7. 5 inch dick, putting me very much in the mood to get banged.

He initially straddled me after grabbing a condom. He rolled it oneven though I asked him to not use one. He grasped his pole andaimed it at my hole, scoring one shot, one kill, as I felt hissheathed battering ram invade me. My feet were on the bed but withmy knees up and wide open as he started thrusting it in and out ofme. "Fuck Lyle, your cock feels great!" I praised because, well, itdid! He got up a head of steam and my vagina was enjoying what hewas dishing out a lot! "Oh fuck Lyle, God, don't stop baby, shit!"I sighed as his fuck stick guided me up the mountainside ofpleasure. "Oh shit,  oh shit,  oh my God!" I yelped and then I feltan avalanche of sensations as I came as hard as I ever had in anytransformation as a girl  When my orgasm subsided, he backed off to aslow, steady pace.

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   "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself," he chuckled. I giggled, but then he began pushing my ardor upward again and, notlong after that, I was cumming intensely again, leaving longscratches in Lyle's back. He pulled out of me and had me get on myhands and knees. I rested my head on the bed as I felt his manhoodconnecting with my sex again and then a deeper penetration while herammed me. I urgently begged him  to go harder and faster and I wassoon there again, my nails clutching the bed sheets. The orgasmsafter that came in bunches, no pun intended, and fuck he lasted awhile! By the time he had soiled his rubber, I was exhausted fromhow the orgasms had sapped my energy.

"Jesus Dawn, you're really orgasmic!" he chirped brightly. "FuckLyle, not too many guys last as long as you did. Usually, I blow theguy before he fucks me so that it dulls his sensitivity. But youheld off even without that," I observed. "Well, I try," he saidmodestly. "Hey, you want to spend the night?" he wondered. "Sorryhoney, but I have to go to school in the morning. "What college areyou going to?" "I go to Newport Peninsula High. I'm a freshman.

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  " Hewent white. "You're 18 or 15?" he asked. "14, yeah. " "Fuck, I'msorry. I thought you were like 22 or something. "Lyle, don't worryabout it. You're not going to have cops breaking down your dooranytime soon. If anyone  asks me about you, I'll just deny it. ""What about your parents?" "I'm emancipated. Relax honey!"

"However, there is something you could do for me if you wouldn'tmind. " "What's that? "Well, one of my hobbies is gourmet cooking. However, a lot of recipes require alcohol and I'm frustrated that Ican't buy it. Could you do that for me? I'll give you the money. Hell, I'll make you a whiskey barbecue chicken that will make yoursenses go wacky," I claimed. I think he believed that he had betterdo what I wanted so that I didn't get mad at him.

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   "Okay, what do youneed?" I got up, still naked, just to keep his male brain shortcircuited. "I found a piece of paper and a pen. The list was:  twocases of Heinekin in bottles, a case each of good red and whitewines, two quarts of Jack Daniels, two fifths each of Stoly vodkaand Bacardi rum, three fifths of Jose Cuervo tequila, a large bottleof kaluha, grenadine, a fifth of Courvoisier, half a dozen magnumsof champagne, a large bottle of sake. "

"Shit, that's a lot of booze. Are you sure this isn't for you andyour friends to drink?" "I don't really drink, Lyle. Besides, if Igive this stuff to my friends and something  happened, then I'm justas liable as you are. Somehow, being sued for millions of dollarsand being jailed for negligent homicide or worse has no appeal forme. " "Okay, but please don't do anything stupid with it," hepleaded. "Don 't worry, sweety. Now can I see you again sometime?""I'll get you the liquor, Dawn, but I don't know about us having sexagain. " "Well, do what's right for you sweety, but if you're ever inthe mood to see me again, here's my number," I scribbled my numberfor him as well as my address and directions to my house. I gave himmoney for the alcohol. He took me home and then he dropped the beer,wine and spirits off at my house later that night.

What I told Lyle was only a half truth. I wasn't going to give theliquor to my friends other than as part of a meal.

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   The beer and wineI would mostly use for either making meals or to accompany them. ButI wasn't going to be staging parties. Too much could go wrong.

Oh, and Lyle? He phoned me a few days later. We did the wild thingagain, this time at my house and yes, I made him that whiskeybarbecue chicken. He loved it. The sex was fabulous and he ate mypussy real good, too. I guess he just couldn't resist good pussy

Over the next few weeks, except for the last coupledays of September and four or five days into October, when I was onmy period, I was hanging out with Ryan and his friends during andafter school or being booty called by Lyle. However, as people gotto know me and realized that I wasn't stuck up, I began to get askedout to dances. I turned them down, saying that I sucked at dancing. But if they wanted to ask me out on more conventional dates I wouldcertainly entertain the idea. The only trouble was that 18 year oldsdon't have cars or  money.

In mid-October, in my gym class, we switched sports from basketball tovolleyball. Of course, I overpowered everybody. The very first time Ispiked the ball, it struck a girl flush in the face and broke her nose.

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  After a couple days, as soon as I cocked my arm to hammer the ball, thegirls on the other side would run for cover. They also couldn't handlemy jump serves. Monday of the following week, I got called into theathletics office and was asked to workout with my school's volleyballteam, which was floundering. , having split their first four matches. Again, my first spike during my initial practice with them caused a girlon the other side some pain when she tried to set it. It was prettyevident that this team just wasn't very good from the standpoint ofathletic ability, even for teenage females. In fact, coach ShirleyMontalvo sidelined me only about half an hour into the workout becauseshe was afraid I would injure the rest of the players. So I was told Iwas on the team at the end of the practice, but I still needed to learnour plays, such as they were. Unfortunately, that meant somebody was cutfrom the squad to make room for me, which made me feel a little guilty.

Fortunately for us, our next match was against the worst team in ourconference and we skunked them 18-0 18-0. The league was mostlypopulated by white and hispanic girls. The following Tuesday, weencountered the team that was in second place in our conference and theyjust couldn't handle me, as I rang up kill after kill, and we creamedthem 18-4 and 18-6. Then we faced off against the first place team andthey couldn't stop me, either, and we won going away. However, again,none of these teams were very athletic by national, let alone world,standards and the better female athletes at our school tended togravitate to basketball and softball. I suspected that was the case withthe rest of the clubs in our league.

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That win put us in a tie for first and one of the girls decided tocelebrate by holding a sleepover. At first, it was a dreadful bore,especially since I could have been in Ryan's bed getting fucked or atleast cuddled. We mostly sat around listening to shit like Taylor Swift,Justin Bieber (which just about made me homicidal), Katy Perry (ditto)and Coldplay (ditto to the third power). "Don't you have anythingheavier?" I grumbled. "No offense, but you're playing music to vacuumby," I asserted. "No wonder you guys often play so ponderously," Ichided. "We don't really like heavy metal, Dawn," my teammate RachelDorowski, advocated. "When you're in the middle of a match, do youreally have Katy Perry in your head? I have Children of Bodom, IronMaiden and Accept going through mine and it gets me jacked to kill onthe court. I don't just want to dominate, I want to destroy. " "I'venever heard of any of those bands," Tracy Filippo revealed. I asked thegirl who was throwing the sleepover, Sue Valle, to bring me her laptop. She fetched it and  handed it to me. I went to You Tube and played CoB's"We're Not Gonna Fall" and then Accept's "Fast as a Shark," "JudasPriest's "Hell Bent for Leather" and Metallica's "Seek and Destroy. ""Now THAT is music to get you up!" I celebrated. They had expressions ontheir faces like they had just seen a shit sandwich on their dinnertable.

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   "Here is how I feel when I step on to the court," I declared,treating them to Anthrax' "I am the Law. " "Sorry, Dawn, I don't thinkwe're going to agree here," Tracy posited. "Okay Tracy, but you're onlygoing to go so far with such a passive outlook. "

The conversation moved on and the rest of the girls wanted to see mybreasts. I complied, unbuttoning my pajama top and bra and bringing thetwins out to play. "Okay girls, you have to show me yours, now," Ineedled. They all giggled as they pulled their shirts or tops up. Theirtits ran the gamut from AA cups all the way to one D. "How can you jumplike you do with such huge boobs?" Stacy Cardin queried. I laughed andattributed it to having well developed leg muscles. "You're so lucky,Dawn. All the guys in school want to be with you," Rachel complimented. "That's only because they haven't met me yet," I giggled. "Seriously,you guys are better for most of those boys because I'm a lot to handle,"I modestly played off. "Have you slept with any of the guys you hangout with?" Donna Slaughter interrogated.

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   "Yeah, all three of them. " "Noway!" a couple of my teammates echoed. "How were they?" "Oh, they're allreally good. They all have nice cocks, too," I lasciviously informedthem. "Ryan's so cute," Lisa James blurted. "Do you think he would likeme?" "I don't know, Lisa. It's  hard to say for sure. Do you want me totell him for you?" She giggled and, in a little voice, pleaded, "canyou?" "The only thing is, Lisa, he has kind of a low tolerance forbullshit. If you're going to go into it with the mindset that you'regoing to change him or improve him he'll just tell you to get lost. He'salso a stone metalhead.   The best way to handle him is to just be hisfriend and give him some space rather than getting into the whole powerstruggle thing too many relationships degenerate into. He doesn't likehis mom telling him what to do and he definitely won't take it from you. " "Great!" she smiled.

I asked her how many guys she slept with and that led to a discussionwithin the group of their sexual experiences. Half the squad claimedthey were virgins and I would later find out why that is for one ofthem.


   Most of them, though, had given blowjobs and handjobs and theydidn't like the taste of cum very much.