The Time Shifter Chapter 43


The next day,, Kevin came over to my house again. We exchanged hugsat the door and we went into my music room. He put his guitar downand I invited him to sit  next to me on the couch I had in the room. I brushed my hand against his cheek a few times and then leaned in. He recognized the cue right away and we were soon lost inenthusiastically embracing each other and making out. I undid hispants and began gliding my hand up and down his length. Hisrighthand immediately went up my shirt in response and he attemptedto undo my bra. I pulled my shirt off and showed him how todisconnect the straps, which resulted in the twins jiggling out inall their glory. "Suck my nipples baby," I cooed and he did as hewas told while I resumed rubbing his dick. We both moaned and gaspedas our particular pleasurable sensations mounted. He notified methat he was going to shoot and I instantly shoved his prong into mymouth and, when he commenced firehosing it, I lapped up all of hiscream, gave him an up close and personal view of what was in mypiehole and swallowed.

I giggled as I dispatched his jizz into my stomach and then askedhim if he had ever eaten pussy before. He replied in the negative. Istood up in front of him and directed him to pull my jeans off andthen my panties, giving him a panoramic view of my hair free twatand leaving me in just a pair of white socks. I turned and ploppedback on the couch and told him to get on his knees in front of me. Islid my body down so that my pussy was right on the edge of the sofaand pointed out what was what.

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   I could see him trying not to droolas he gazed at my sopping pink folds. I placed my righthand on theback of his head and ushered his mouth to my vulva. I felt a joltwhen his tongue slapped my clit. I instructed him in the art ofcunnilingus. Following a long suck on my nubbin, I felt a detonatingsensation inside me and an orgasm that rumbled through my entirebody. "Don't stop baby," I pleaded, my body incurring moreconvulsions at the behest of Kevin's tongue.

I pushed his head away from my crotch. "Do you want to fuck mesweety?" I asked. I knew that he would be hard now and want to venthis balls again. He chuckled at my question in a nonplussed way asif he wasn't sure he was supposed to say he had a desire to drillme. "Yeah," he confessed. "I want it, too," I explained to him. Hestood up and I reached for his pole and showed him where my openingwas. He leaned forward and pushed it into me. "Mmmm, that feels sonice," I sighed.

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   He began to pump it in and out of me and wasenjoying his first pussy. My ardor climbed precipitously and Ibegged him to ram it into me faster and he did, the friction myvaginal walls created with his rhythm stick ramping my passionupward. "Oh fuck Kevin, oh God!" I whimpered as he stabbed my cuntwith his flesh spear, giving me two hot orgasms until he flashmobbed my womb with his sperm.

I reached out and pulled him over next to me on the couch. I smiledand kissed him and then told him I would be right back. I went tothe bathroom and wiped his cum from my inner thighs and vulva. Hewas still naked, as I had hoped, when I was back by his side. Iwrapped my arms around him and placed my head on his shoulder. Hedidn't say anything after he came because he didn't know how tohandle  the afterplay. I therefore lent him some advice on that andhe relaxed while he peppered me with questions about how sex felt togirls, among other things.

With my nude body next to his during the whole conversation, he wasbecoming hard. "Okay sweety, we better start your guitar lesson. Ifyou do good I'll give you a bj before you go home. He smiled,laughed, grabbed his guitar and worked on the things I directed himto until it was almost time for him to go home for dinner. I leanedover with my head in his lap and circled my tongue all over hisrigid rascal for a couple minutes before sequestering it in mymouth.

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   Within ten minutes, he fed me more of his cum and I sent himback to his peeps with a kiss.

I didn't see Kevin again until Saturday. We went over what I hadtaught him guitarwise the previous two times. Once we hadsuccessfully recapitulated that material, he requested that I shsowhim how to do a Killswitch Engage song. "You're a long way frombeing ready for that," I had to honestly state. "Tthe more youpractice, the faster you'll get to that level," I advocated. He was,of course, disappointed. I explained to him that learning guitar wasa very gradual process and he had to be patient and let thingshappen in their own time. I offered to teach him Green Day's "BasketCase" because it was really easy. Nonetheless, I had to get mylaptop and watch a You Tube video of it to make sure I knew how todo it correctly. . Over the next couple of hours, he largely got thefirst verse down (at least knowing the part; the actual executionwas a different matter). I explained, though, that he would looklike a total douche if he decided to whip it out on somebody beforehe totally had it nailed down. He also had to realize that the guysin Green Day were pretty rudimentary in their musicianship and so hewasn't doing anything technically difficult, so just treat it assomething you like to do for fun and no big deal or he would getlaughed at by the real guitar jocks on campus. Chicks, though, willthink he's totally awesome because they don't care about technique,only that guys can do songs they like.

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I took his guitar from him and decided to lecture him about howwomen operate and why she shouldn't take anything that happens inhigh school too seriously. While I opiined, I had my head resting ona pillow that I had placed on his left leg and held his hands inmine. "Shit, chicks are a pain in the ass," he appraised. "Yeah sadbut true, sweety," I echoed. "Be a man and don't put up with it. They'll respect you a lot more if you don't," I pointed out. "So howcome you're so cool about this?" he quizzed. I couldn't reveal tohim that I was a man in a girl's body, of course. "Because that'sjust me, baby. But girls like me are as rare as hen's teeth, sodon't expect to find someone like me anytime soon. " "So you want tobe my girlfriend, then?" he grinned. "God Kevin, you're such a cutiethat it's really tempting. We can still have sex and stuff, but Idon't think that you're ready for a relationship and I'm not sure Iam, either. When you see me at school you can give me a hug and akiss if you want, to. " "Sweet!" he blurted.

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   I gave him a quicksmooch and reminded him that he needed to get home.

I went to make dinner and saw how bare my pantry and fridge werebecoming. That necessitated a trip to the supermarket to restockeverything. I was just dressed in a pair of jeans, a long sleevebutton down shirt and tennis shoes, so it wasn't like I was tryingvery hard to be sexy. Anyway, I was in the bakery section and thiscop, still in his uniform, comes up to me, showers me withcompliments and then asks me out. He was tall and cute and still inshape, so the doughnuts hadn't affected his physique yet or heworked out enough to keep t he pounds off. I agreed to go out withhim because I kind of have a thing for police officers (I'd nevermarry one, though; too much to put up with) and gave him my numberand address. He said his name was Jeff. He called me a couple ofdays later and we made a date for the following Friday.

I was kind of curious about what documentation Vishnu had providedfor me. As a 18 year old, I didn't really carry any ID on me. However, finally taking a look at EVERYTHING I had in my walk incloset, there was a grey box on an upper shelf I hadn't noticedbefore. I opened it and there was the title to my house, myhomeowner's insurance policy and then, most important of all, abirth certificate and a U. S. passport.

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   I looked at the birth dateand yes, it said I was 18 years old. I stuffed it into my purse justin case.

Jeff picked me up at seven and we went to a pretty nice restaurant,though not super fancy. We spent the first few minutes kind offeeling each other out before we ordered. I didn't stick it to himon the entree because I don't really roll like that, getting one ofthe cheaper things on the menu. I asked for iced tea to drink aswell, so I was a pretty cheap date, I guess. He asked me what I didand I averred that I was a student and a musician. He wanted to knowmy major and I said I didn't have one, just doing the mandatorystuff. He obviously thought I was in college and it helped that Icould talk like a university coed. I nonetheless acted like therewere gaps in my knowledge just to see how he would react to it. Ithink he just figured, "dumb blonde. "

When we finished, he asked me if I would like to go back to hisplace for after dinner drinks. I accepted and 18 minutes later, wepulled into his driveway. He lived in a typical tract house in apretty decent, if not exactly wealthy area. He let me in and I satdown on the love seat in the living room.

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   He inquired as to what Iwanted and I answered a glass of red wine would be fine. He broughtout two glasses of that libation and sat down next to me. Since hewas double my age, I asked him what he listened to when he was inhigh school not because I cared (I didn't), but just to keep theconversation rolling. Eventually, his left arm snaked around myshoulders and his lips found mine and the heat of our kissinggradually escalated. Because of the cold weather, I was wearing asweater over a long sleeve shirt. He slipped his hand under thesweater and felt me up over my shirt and bra. He kissed and nibbledon my neck and ear lobes. I let him peel my sweater off of me and heresumed kissing me while he undid the buttons on my shirt. Hereached in under the now open top and unclasped my bra and commencedmanhandling my tits. He was pretty rough, but it didn't hurt. I wasstill pretty aroused and my nipples were definitely erect. "Come onbabe, let's go to bed," he suggested. "Okay," I consented in apacified voice.

We went into his bedroom, which was decently neat for a guy's room,and we both shed our clothes. He walked up to me and kissed me againwhile playing with my boobs.

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   "Fuck, you are one hot little chick,"he growled hungrily. I giggled and thanked him. I finally lookeddown at his cock, which was a stiff seven inches and quite thick. Irolled it around in my righthand while I looked up into his blueeyes. He lightly pushed down on my shoulder indicating he wanted meto suck him.
    I was going to do it anyway. I was super wet now andvery much in the mood. I lined his dick up with my lips and coveredit with my mouth, my lips fastening around his swollen shaft. Heemitted a loud moan as I commenced bobbing my head up and down onit. His precum began to flow, the faint salty taste of it onlyraising my ardor. My lefthand teased his hairy balls while my nosetouched his abdominal wall when his cock sunk all the way into mythroat. When he felt my esophagus around his cockhead, he let out abig grunt and then a gasp as it exited. Grunt, gasp, grunt gasp,grunt, gasp, I boosted the pace of my head nodding and I tripped histrigger, causing him to spew his load into my yapper. I amassed hiseffluent on to my tongue and stood up to exhibit it for him before Igulped it all into my tummy. "Fuck,  that was some of the best headI've ever had," he sighed.

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       "I'm glad you enjoyed it," I giggled.

    I crawled into bed and he was on top of me in a flash. He kissed mehard and passionately and then grabbed handfuls of each tit andsucked on each nipple over and over, rekindling my horniness. "Fuckbaby, that feels so good. Keep that up for a bit," I begged. He didand my marshy channel was now inundated with moisture. He retreatedtoward the end of the bed and dove face first into my pussy, lickingand sucking my slit and my clit vigorously, unceasingly nudging myheat upward toward my melting point. My feet descended on to hisback while his ears were pinned by my inner thighs as I squirmed andpanted, semi-screaming when I attained liftoff. "Oh shit, oh God,yes yes yes," I puffed. He munched my carpet like a hippie would abag of Fritos after a major blunt of Chronic, his tongue flappingagainst my clit and adding hard suction with it to keep me writhingand twisting in ecstasy. On and on it went, the orgasms coming likeso many ten pins being knocked down in slow motion.

    I was just about out of breath by the time he finally jerked hishead out of my vulva and he rose up on me and began knocking at myfront door with his whammer jammer. I wanted it so much when hefinally forced it into me and I tightly gripped his shoulders withmy legs to receive it as deeply as I could manage. His hips becamethe little engine that could and repeatedly at that, pistoning hisstout rod into me and warming my wet, sloppy vaginal walls with thefriction he generated. The pleasure bounced up the temperature scaleinside me while he put me in a bear hug for more leverage.

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       Icouldn't stop him if I wanted to. He was dominating me and tacitlysending the message that I wasn't getting off this ride until hefinished doing his thing and that thing at the moment was me. I feltthe surge of electricity pierce my senses and my body jumped, jerkedand convulsed with every orgasm his overpowering attack deigned togive me. My brain was in a different universe at that juncture, mycomprehension of reality hindered by the gush of endorphins I wasincurring like a rapid IV drip. After a good bit of this, I heardthat growl again and I knew he was about to blow. He plowed mereally hard at that point seeking to unburden himself, which onlymade me want more of his jackhammering. He let out a strangled gaspand then the loudest growl of the evening, shooting everything hehad toward my cervix.

    Even in my other incarnations, I don't think I had been manhandledquite that comprehensively. The guy was an animal in bed andwhatever frustrations his job may have imbued him with he apparentlyendeavored to exorcise them through me. He remained on top of me fora couple of minutes before rolling off. "Shit," he sighed, "I don'tthink I've ever had a girl who came as much as you did," he noted. "Yeah, I'm really orgasmic," I confirmed. "You're on birth control,right?" "No, I don't need it, sweety," I rejoindered. "I have somedefect that won't let me conceive. " "That's really a problem if youend up with someone who wants kids," he commented.


       "I'm a musician,honey. We're not exactly the most stable people when it comes tolifestyle anyway. " "Yeah, I guess that's one way of looking at it. "

    Now I was wondering what gambit he was going to use to kick me outof the house. It was just after midnight. "Hey look," he uttered, "Igotta get up in just a few hours, so I better take you home. ": "Okaysweety," I assented. We both got up to get dressed and then justbefore he reached my driveway, I pulled out the lulz card. "By theway, Jeff, you never asked me how old I was. " He stopped his car inthe middle of the street and looked at me with wide eyes becausewhen a girl says that it usually isn't going to be good news. "H-howold are you?" he stammered. "I'm 14," I stated. "No you're not. You're fucking with me," he insisted. I reached for my purse andpulled my birth certificate out and flipped the dome light on toshow it to him.

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       When he saw the birth date,  he went white as asheet. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, I'm really sorry, I didn't know. I thoughtyou were in college," he stuttered. "No honey, I go to Melton," Icorrected. "Look Jeff, I'm not going to make an issue of thisbecause I liked the way you fucked me and it would just create a bigmedia shitstorm I don't want to be in the middle of anyway. But fromhere on in, when you stop kids holding weed, if you just seize theweed and let them go without giving them a ticket or taking them inor whatever I would be a very happy girl," I warned. "Uh, okay, Iunderstand what you're driving at. But you look and act a lot olderthan you are," he tried to justify. "Jeff, if you popped a guy forfucking me it wouldn't matter to you how old I looked, only myfactual age, right? Think about that. " "Yeah, alright," hetremulously answered. "Bye honey," I giggled before exiting his car.



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