The Time Shifter Chapter 2


One Monday morning after the medallion dropped me into 1988, I wentto a Spinnin' Wax Records shop about 18 minutes from my house andfilled out an application. Spinnin' Wax was probably the mostprominent record chain in the country at the time, though it didn'thave anywhere near the most stores. It even had outlets in Europeand Japan. I wanted to work there for only one reason: to help abuddy out. Here are the details:

I worked for that chain under my true male identity. The shippingclerk, Dave Randolph, was this smart, funny and bespectacledapproximately 5'8" skinny dude. He had also  been bullied at schoolbecause he was somewhat tightly wound (though not to the point ofmental illness or anything like that) and he had no success withwomen. In his early 20's when I first met him, he was still avirgin. It certainly didn't help that he was a trekkie. It justamazes me some of the guys that women pass up to go out withdouchebags and Dave was one of the unfortunate who had been left onthe sidelines. I wanted to revise his personal history a bit forhim. I'm bisexual, so turning myself into a girl and sleeping with aguy wasn't a psychological hurdle for me.

Anyway, a few days later, the manager of the store, Phil Murray,called to inform me that they had an opening. We scheduled aninterview for Monday of the ensuing week. He also asked me to bringone of my guitars, generally a rather odd request. I knew that hewanted to test the skills I claimed on the application.

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   I woodshededlike a motherfucker learning tunes to blow him away with.

The day of the interview, I took my white Fender Strat and dressedin a white leather midriff top, white leather mini skirt, whitethigh stockings and white ankle boots. I looked fucking killer and Iwent into the store with my axe and guitar cable and asked for Phil. Pretty much all the guys who were there were eyeballing me. Phil,who also played guitar quite well, took me into the backroom andinto his office and shut the door. We chit chatted a bit. I liedabout also having a translation business on the side, too, and heseemed pretty impressed by my resume. Then he asked me to plug intoa Fender Twin Reverb combo amp he had brought with him that morning,apparently just for the interview with me. I had warmed up before Ileft, so I started out playing some basic blues licks and thenripped off a bunch of Yngwie Malmsteen stuff, including the firsthalf of "Far Beyond the Sun. " To get that tone, I had to crank theamp up a lot (and Twin Reverbs can be REALLY loud) and the  businessnext door probably didn't appreciate it, but tough shit. I couldalso feel Phil's eyes on my body and I'm sure he wanted to fuck me. He hired me pretty much on the spot and told me to come back thenext day to start work.

When I was introduced to Dave on that first day as a store employee,I gave him a soft handshake and smiled up at him. Everyone waspleased at how quickly I picked everything up (gee, I wonder why itwas so easy? *snicker). Over the next few days, I reacquaintedmyself with colleagues I loved or hated back when I was a dude.

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   Itook my time before going for it in order to allow Dave to warm upto me in a natural way.

The third week I was there, I went up to one of the morning shiftmanagers, Diana Covington, who, by the way, was half-Japaneseherself with a big rack. "Hey Diana, does Dave have a girlfriend?" Iearnestly inquired. She chuckled and said she didn't think he everhad one. "Oh come on, yes he has!" I fake huffed. "He's one of myroommates, Misa, and I can't recall him ever having one. " "That'shard to believe," I asserted. "He's really cute and seems like anice guy!" "He's a nice guy, Misa, but I don't know about cute," shecountered. I walked away

The following day, I went up to another employee who had been therea while and asked him if he thought that Dave liked me. "You likeDave?" he reacted. I giggled and with my best shy expression,retorted, "kinda. " A little later, I was sitting on the back counternear the front of the store (it was dead at that moment) and Davecame and stood in front of me to have a brief word with one of thehelp. I reached out and began massaging his neck. "You like thatsweety?" I interrogated coquettishly. "Oh yeah, don't stop," heurged.

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While working the register, I got asked out ten times a day bycustomers, but diplomatically rebuffed their overtures. It did,though, reaffirm how attractive I thought I was.

It was now getting around that I was warm for Dave's form because acouple of my coworkers asked me about it out of the blue. When Davewould walk by, I occasionally grabbed his sides to give him atickle. Then at some point he would return the favor. He startedspending more time talking to me but not making any sort of realmove other than a hug every now and then. So I went to Diana andacted a little put out in indicating that I was running out ofpatience for Dave to bust a move on me.

Finally, that Thursday, he called me during the evening shift whileI was working the back register. "Hi Misa, this is Dave. " "Hisweety!"  "Hi. Uh, well, you want to go have dinner with me Saturdaynight?" I paused for a second to collect my thoughts. "Dave, honey,the thing is that when people think 'date' they get all stiff andformal and it ends up not being very much fun. Instead, why don'tyou come over Saturday afternoon, we can hang out together, I'llcook you dinner and we can get to know each other. That way, youwon't have to spend any money, there's no pressure and we can justrelax. " "Oh, okay! That sounds like a nice idea!" "Great! So you'llcome over?" "Yes I will.

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  " "Fantastic. I'll give you directions whenI see you here tomorrow. It's not that far. " "Cool!" "Okay baby, Ihave to go now. Have a good night. " "You too. "

When I came into work Friday afternoon, Dave was in a good mood. Hegave me a big hug and I squeezed his body as hard as I could inreturn. I wrote out directions to my place and gave them to him. Thank God Mari's handwriting was far better than my chicken scratchas a male! At the end of his shift, he hugged me again and thenleft.

I woke up early Saturday, went to the supermarket and stocked up onfood. Dave arrived at just after one in the afternoon. I was wearinga simple sundress with just white panties and bra underneath. Ipopped some popcorn, brought out a couple of cokes and, whilekicking it on the couch in my livingroom. we watched a tape ofPolice Academy 4 that I'd rented  During the film, I sat right nextto him and leaned my head on his shoulder a couple times when Ilaughed.

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   We talked about other movies we'd seen as well, though itwas hard for me to remember what came out when. I didn't want torecommend something like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which isone of my favorite flicks ever, since that was released during the1990's, for example.

Then we hashed over what we liked musically . All this time, hehadn't made a single move on me. I didn't want to be aggressive withhim because I didn't want to scare him off. From music, the subjectsomehow moved on to my interest in the U. S. space program from whenI was a kid (though pretending I was mainly familiar with the spaceshuttle program), which allowed him to steer things toward Star Trekand other science fiction subjects. "God Brian, you're reallysmart!" I complimented. "That's hot!" That put a big shit eatinggrin on his face. I smiled at him and held that expression beforeslipping my hand around his elbow.

I went to fix dinner and grilled a steak and made some french friesand green beans. Nothing fancy but still just good regular peoplefood. He loved it. I cleaned up and then remembered I hadn't shownhim around my house.

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   So I gave him the tour, including my musicroom. I had a Hamer Explorer plugged into a Marshall Vintage Modernalready and blazed through a bunch of riffs and leads for a fewminutes, his jaw hitting the ground since,  back then, not manygirls played virtuosic heavy rock guitar like that. Then we moved onto my bedroom, which I had renovated in a Japanese style. He tookoff his shoes and socks and I dropped myself on to the bed andpatted it to invite him to join me. When he slipped in next to me, Iput my head on his shoulder and intertwined my hand with his. If hewasn't hard already I'm sure he was after I did that. "Hey looksweety," I uttered, "in case it's important, I can't have kids. I'msterile," I revealed. "That's okay," he tolerated. "You're reallybeautiful, Misa. " "Thanks Dave. You're quite handsome yourself," Iannounced. I moved my head toward his and he fortunately wasn't toodumb with girls to pass that message by and I felt his lips on mine. I caressed his right cheek with my righthand as we had a meeting ofthe mouths. He instinctively understood how to kiss even with hislack of experience and I was becoming quite wet because of it.

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   Whenwe broke, I  offered verbal approval of his kissing ability and toldhim I wanted some more. His confidence soared and he went after mewith gusto. I was moaning into his mouth and my nipples were alreadyerect as the make out session heated up.

I totally wanted to suck his cock, but I stopped short of doinganything more than deep kissing because I wasn't sure in just whatway the rigid side of his personality would deal with my sexualaggression. It might turn him off since this was only a first date. He also had mother issues (they didn't get along) and I didn't wantto give him any excuse for that reflexive suspicion of women his mominadvertently fostered to manifest itself.

"Do you want to come over tomorrow, too?" I asked after breaking thekiss. "That would be great, Misa," he said, kissing me again. Iclapped my hands like a little girl and we then resumed our lipwrestling. By the time we came up for air, it was almost nine. "It'sgetting late Dave. I want to make a dessert for when you come overtomorrow, so let's call it a night," I demanded and, after I walkedhim out to his car and kissed him goodbye, I went back in and gotgoing on whipping up a killer tiramiisu.

Sunday, he was over at the same time he was Saturday and we wentstraight to my bedroom and took up where we left off the nightbefore. This time, I was wearing a pink cropped t-shirt, bra, jeanskirt, white panties and pink ankle socks. I must have looked 18 Toencourage him to move things along, I grabbed his righthand, whichwas around my back, and placed it on my left breast, though over myt-shirt.

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   We kissed some more as he rubbed that breast over my shirt. I grasped his stiff cock through his pants and began gentlysqueezing it. That lent him more courage and he snaked his handunder the shirt and fumbled around with my bra. I stopped him,removed my shirt and then turned my back to him while explaining howto unhook my brassiere. He had a look on his face like he was justthis side of drooling when he saw the girls pop out. My nipples werealready hard and it felt so good to have him pressing his handagainst them. "Try sucking my nipples, babe," I whispered. He wasall over that and I gave him directions on how hard I wanted him tosuckle them. My pussy and panties were drenched. I undid the buttonon his jeans and pulled his zipper down. He was wearing tidywhities. Yuck! I pushed them down and played with his precum leakingweapon and, within five minutes, he spurted his spunk on to hist-shirt and dripped some of it on my hand. I got up and snagged sometissues and cleaned us both up.

I suggested he lose the shirt. He did and I laid there with my headon his chest, my breasts and his cock still hanging out.

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   "What areyou feeling right now?' I asked. "I'm feeling really relaxed andhappy," he posited. "Me, too, Dave. You're such a great guy. ""Thanks Misa. I'm glad you feel that way about me. I can't believe abeautiful girl such as you is interested in me. " "Not all of us fallfor jerks, Dave," I blandly riposted. "I guess not," he hastilyagreed.

"Look, about the terms of our relationship," I interjected. "Just beclean, keep your face clean shaven, don't wear shorts unless they'reswim trunks or running shorts, be nice, relax and love me with allyour heart. " "I think I can do that," he chuckled. "I'm super lowmaintenance, sweety. Don't take me for granted, but I'm also notgoing to emotionally blackmail you for presents, either. I just needto know you care about me.

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With that, I went down on him, engulfing his flaccid shooter with mymouth. "Oh fuck, that feels incredible!" he extolled as he receivedthe first blowjob of his life. When I got him as hard as he wouldbecome, he was a solid six inches. I pulled my mouth off of his cockand drew his pants and underwear off of him. I licked upward fromthe base of his balls and up his turgid schlong, sucking hiscockhead between my lips and sipping the precum out of it. Hisbreathing became noticeably raspy very quickly and I bobbed my headup and down faster and faster, my lips mowing the skin of his shaft. His breaths were now more like intermittent croaks and grunts as thesensations I was giving him reached their apogee. I fondled hisballs with my lefthand and sucked HARD! on each outstroke, causinghim to explosively bazooka fusillades of semen into my yapper. WhenI had elicited it all out of him, I raised my head and showed it tohim and swallowed it. "Mmmm, yummy baby!" I praised. He smiledbrightly

I stood up and unbuttoned my skirt and chased it to the floor withmy panties, leaving me naked and my hairless pussy right before hiseyes. "Okay baby, it's you're turn," I proclaimed and jumped back inbed and spread my legs. "I don't know how," he hesitantly confessed. "No big deal, honey, I'll teach you!" I cheerfully insisted. I hadhim get on his stomach between my legs and I showed him whereeverything was.


   I explained what a g spot was and how to know he wasstimulating it. "Okay Dave, first, let all the muscles in your face,especially in your jaw, go limp," I recommended. "Okay, now lick myclit," I directed. "Keep using your tongue on it and suck on itevery now and again and listen to my reactions. My reponses willtell you all you need to know," I inculcated. He did as I suggestedand he walked his tongue over my clit over and over. I also felt theoccasional pull on it from suction. I felt envious of him in that hewas able to get his mouth on what was effectively Mari Hamada'snubbin. As time passed, the way he was flicking my clit was feelingbetter and better. I had him suck it some more and I could feel theheat beginning to rise inside me. "Oh fuck Dave, oh yes, God, moreof that," I wanted. I could sense my breathing becoming more andmore jumpy. Something seemed to pile up inside me and then it justall shattered and flowed through me, sending me into paroxysms ofecstasy.

"Here baby, get on top of me," I begged. He did and I took his cockin my hand and ushered it to my opening.

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   He leaned his hips forward,pushing it in. "Oh yessssss, shove it in to the hilt baby," Isighed. "God, that feels unreal," he moaned as he began to thrusthis dick in and out of my love tunnel. I clutched his ass cheeks anddemonstrated what rhythm I wanted him to use. My ardor quicklyescalated. "Oh yes baby, God, yessssss," I hissed, as the divinefriction slowly pushed me further along on the continuum ofpleasure. Oh yes oh God, yessssss oh yes, don't stop baby," Ipleaded while he dealt with the thrill of his first feel of pussysandwiching his baloney pony. "Oh fuck oh fuck, oh God oh yesssss,"I continued to moan,  my brain sopping up each pulsation from mygroin like a biscuit does gravy. "Oh fuck oh God," I whimpered. Iheard his breathing speeding up, though, and then he shot his cuminto me before I could climax. I can't say I didn't expect it. Ihugged him tight and then kissed him because I knew he was going tofeel bad about not making me cum with his penis.

"Sorry about that," he apologized. "Sweety, don't worry about it. You gave me an orgasm during oral sex, so that made it okay.

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  Besides, sex is a learned skill like anything else. Give yourselfsome time to learn and don't be hard on yourself. " "Thanks Misa, I'mglad you're so understanding. " "Sweety, we have all been there. Nowgive me a kiss," I asked and he did.

Being a 22 year old virgin, I think, was now something he was ableto get over. "I enjoyed the sensation of your cock inside me, Dave. I hope I get to experience it a lot," I informed him. I meant it,too.

"Okay  baby, now comes another important part of sex, the afterglow. Cuddle me," I told him. I explained to him why it was so importantto see cuddling following coitus as "afterplay" while I emphasizedthat this is something else that has to be learned and just takesexperience.

I got up to wipe his cum from my vulva and inner thighs and returnedto bed. "So are you going to respect me in the morning?" I asked ina flirty manner. "It depends on how well you make breakfast," hejoked.

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We watched some tv after that and then I got dressed and madedinner. I cleaned up and told him I was going to jam for a while tokeep my chops sharp since I didn't play at all the previous day. After a couple of hours of hot licks and tremolo tricks, I returnedto his side and he held me as we watched some more television untilI basically kicked him out at 18 He didn't have a change of clotheswith him and thus couldn't stay overnight since he had to workMonday morning.

Diana needled David in front of everybody at the shop about his timeat my house over the weekend. I think she was jealous since shedidn't have anyone at the time. So when I arrived at work, everybodyknew and asked me about what Dave and I did. "It was fun," I saidwith a smile, but didn't give details. Of course, this was after Ihad given Dave a big hug and a kiss when I entered the backroom.

We traded occasional hugs and kisses before it was time for him togo home every day until Saturday. , when he came over with a couplechanges of clothes so he could spend the entire two days. We wentout to eat Saturday, which was our first what someone would considera "date" I guess. It was nice having him there during the nightholding me. Of course, we had sex, too. I didn't want to keeplooking at him from a teacher's point of view because that wouldonly promote performance anxiety. So the main thing was getting himto relax and to just have fun and not look at it as some kind ofcontest or exam.

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   I assured him that I would give him lots of time toget up to speed because, and I told him this, I was already in lovewith him and that wasn't going to change soon unless he didsomething really heinous.


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