The Time Shifter Chapter 19


"So what did everybody think about us (meaning the band)?' I askedJim over breakfast the next morning. "Your band was really good,Melody. The guys in the crowd couldn't stop talking about you. A lotof them would definitely like to sleep with you," he chuckled. "Men," I giggled. I then said that after the exertion of Saturdaythat all I wanted to do was just lay around and veg all day. "Yeah,I can't blame you," Jim sympathized. "I wish it wasn't so fuckinghot yesterday. I must have drunk a gallon of water trying to fendoff heat stroke. " "I feel sorry for my dry cleaner," I stated. "She's going to REALLY hate what I'll bring to her Monday. . When I'mwilling to walk through thousands of men in just my underwear sothat I don't have to wear that sweaty outfit you know it was bad. And I had to continue wearing it during the break, too. Ugh!"

As was my intent, I spent the day mostly laying in bed reading withmy bedroom door closed while Jim watched football in the livingroom. I didn't make dinner that day, either.

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   Instead, we relied on fastfood for a cohesive meal. Jim later expressed concern that I wasn'tacting like myself. I just explained that the the combination ofplaying over 100 decibels, putting out so much physical energy toentertain the audience, having to concentrate on what I was doingfor such a sustained period plus the heat and the smog had justtaken a lot out of me. I would be fine Monday, I insisted. "Remembersweety, I'm only about 105 pounds. I'm not as strong as guys are. Also, my nerves are kind of jangly, which is why I really need quietright now," I instructed. 'Do you want me to go home?" "No, havingyou here actually makes me feel better. I don't want you to be boredor feel like you have to walk on tip toes, though. So if you want tocontinue watching tv in the livingroom then go for it. "

"There isn't really anything on anyway," he observed. "Well, if Ican make a really selfish request, I would love for you to hold me,but quietly," I smiled. He slid into bed next to me, propped apillow behind his head and slipped his right arm underneath myshoulders and gently moved my head on to his chest. "Thanks baby. That was definitely what I was looking for," I informed him.

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   "If youget bored it would be okay for you to go do something else. I won'tget mad," I elaborated. He kissed the top of my head and laid therewith me while holding my righthand in his. After a little whilepassed, I got bored with the book and turned on my side and lookedinto his eyes while caressing his left cheek. He stroked the back ofmy head as he looked down on me, his gorgeous eyes riveting me. Herolled me on to my back and planted several soft, lingering kisseson my lips. I smiled at him and he let out a little chuckle. I feltmy pussy becoming wet and my heart beating just a tad more rapidly. He kissed me again and again, spurring my ardor upward. I wanted somuch to surrender to him. "Honey?" I began. "Yes my little Koreanpearl?" "Make love to me," I  begged.   He smiled and put a hot,passionate kiss on my lips as he swallowed my body up with his arms. He broke the kiss and stroked my right cheek with his lefthand andresumed kissing me, only this time tenderly manipulating my boobs. "I love you, Jim," I said, my voice having a little bit of a sigh init.

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   "I love you, too, Melody. You're the most intriguing girl I'veever met in my life. I really want you to be my wife. " "You rock myworld, Jim. I'm way too young to be making a decision like that,though. But it's so great to know someone I admire as much as youwants me like that. It really makes me happy. " "The admiration ismutual baby. There are so many things about you that turn me on. ""There's no doubt, Jim, that you have things about you I need in mylife. That's why I derive so much pleasure in being with you anddoing things for you. "

Being under Jim's spell was definitely better than experiencing thetorpor I had experienced since the gig. I was feeling somewhateuphoric and my hand seemed to move all by itself under his shortsand surround his erect meat stick. I felt happy that I waspleasuring him. He kissed me again, but in a firmer manner.

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   I wassubconsciously smiling at him as my hand traveled up and down thelength of his manhood. "God baby, you have such soft hands," heextolled. He went for my nipples and as I continued to stimulate hisprong he elicited moans from me with the suction on my milk ducts. Ifelt his rough hand rubbing my vulva . Fuck, I wanted him so much. Ifelt his fingers trespass my state line as I increased the pace withwhich my hand glided up and down his pole. Jim's fingertips dancingon my g spot ignited intense heat inside me and my breathing wasreduced to little squeaks and squeals as my orgasm approached. "Ooooohhhh fuckkkkk baby, ohhh God, I'm going to cum!" I warned andmy hips involuntarily bucked against his hand as a massive undertowof pleasure resulted in a tsunami of heat that melted me in hisarms.

He withdrew his fingers from my pussy and climbed on top of me. Iguided his thick tool into me and his not so little soldier laidwaste to my interior. His scent, his muscles, his weight, histhrusting all provoking my senses simultaneously and reminding meyet again of why I loved being with him. His piston rod revved me tothe heights of pleasure and I gasped and groaned into his ear whilehe continued to pound it lustfully into me. His innate masculinityturned me on so much and I felt a desperate need to keep receivinghis penis. In between orgasms, I thought about how much I wanted himto impregnate me as his injector eased in and out of my wam, moistchannel, each passage of which provoked his balls to become filledwith more and more semen until it reached a point at which he couldno longer contain it and gushed it against my cervix.

I was so high from our bout of coitus that it ran through my mindhow much I would like to be his wife.

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   But the truth was I would wantto be his wife only to keep him in my life and take his cockregularly. I didn't want to be a housewife by any means. As usualafter sex, he was soon off to dreamland. I laid there playing withhis fingers as he slept, kissing them and running my digits overthem before I too closed my eyes for the ensuing eight hours.

When first period started Monday, my teacher asked, morerhetorically than anything else, how our weekend was. I blurted out,"pretty fucking fabulous Mr. Braden. My band played in front ofabout 3,000 people Saturday and we killed!" I brightly enthused. "The heat just about did me in, though. " 'Where was this?" heinquired. "At a big biker rally in Riverside," I reported. "Maybeyou can tell me about it for Friday's free writing exercise," hegrinned wickedly. "You're a bad, bad man Mr. Braden," I kidded. Hereacted with a feigned evil laugh, which cracked everybody up.

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During lunch, I asked Pete if he wanted to have sex after school. Iknow Pete had been feeling neglected lately because of the buildingrelationship between Jim and me. Plus we were pretty close. So afterschool, Pete and I adjourned to my house and we showered together,,where I gave him head and he blessed me with a tasty load of semen,before we moved to my bed and he worshipped my body with his mouth,bringing me off a couple of times before I squatted over his groin,impaled myself on his cock and rocked and rolled my hips while hegot to enjoy the sight of my breasts jiggling in front of him aswell as the caress of my vaginal muscles on his penis. Of course, Iwas getting a nice internal rub out of it, too, and had an orgasmwith a sweet edge to it and a few more besides until he shot hiscreamy freight up into me.

As we both lay in our birthday suits with Pete's cum graduallyleaking out of me, I asked him what he thought we should play forthe Halloween dance at a local junior high we were going to be theband for. The understanding with the school we had was that we woulddo two 75 minutes sets with a half hour break. Thus, Pete and Idecided that what we should do is play a normal first set and then Iwould make Danny up ala Bowie  and we would do David's songsexclusively for the second set.

We would open with "Ballroom Blitz" and segue into "Rock and RollHoochie Koo. " Donny would then greet the dancers and we would gointo "Gimme Three Steps" and follow it with "Smoke on the Water. "After that, we would do "Locomotive Breath," "Train Kept A-Rollin',""China Grove," "Paranoid," "Funk 49," "Whole Lotta Love," "FreeRide/Frankenstein," "Black Diamond," "Ridin' the Storm Out," "RockyMountain Way," which we would turn into a 18 minute long jam,"Highway Star" and "Doctor Doctor. "

Then we would commence our second set with "Changes" and succeed itwith "Diamond Dogs," "The Jean Genie," "Rebel Rebel," "Hang on toYourself," "Suffragette City," "1984," "Moonage Daydream," "WhiteLight/White Heat (a cover of a Velvet Underground song Bowie did),""All the Young Dudes," "Oh You Pretty Things!" "See Emily Play" (acover Bowie did of a Pink Floyd song), "Panic in Detroit" and"Time. "

We would have to learn a few songs,  but that helps keep everybodyloose and prevents us from becoming stale. So we anticipated itwould be a fun gig.

We had four rehearsals over the next week, but the most memorableaspect of it was when Jim washed his Harley in my driveway in thelate morning Saturday and then around noon took a bunch of polaroidsof me in a white bikini posing in front of and on the bike.

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   We hadfun doing that and he sent a few of the pics to Easy Ridersmagazine. It got me to thinking that the band needed to have a photosession done for it so that we could create a proper publicity kitto try to get more gigs and also to just put in our personal photoalbums.

The following Monday after school, I talked to the photography clubadvisor and offered to pay $100 to any the club members who could doprofessional shots of us. I would not pay, though, if the snaps wereuseless. If I had to choose shots from different photographers, themoney would get proportionately divided up. They were going to bedone in both color and black and white. The advisor, Mr. Easley,thought it would be a good experience for the club's kids in how toorganize and execute a shoot. We would do both individual and groupphotos. Also, part of the shoot would be done at night at a localrec hall with our full stage set up and outfits, including pyro, sothat they could capture the atmosphere of our act.  

Jim also told me that Bobby had a girlfriend now, a blonde namedSharon. He and I went over to Bobby and Nick's the following weekendand got high with them. The three guys tried to goad Sharon and Iinto making out, which I was totally up for, but all she would allowwas a quick peck on the lips. Sharon wasn't a knockout, but she wascute enough. She had a little sassiness in her but was basically anice girl.

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The Wednesday after that, we had the photo shoot at one of the rechalls we had played at. It was overseen by Mr. Easley and the hallmanager let us skate on a fee because the purpose of the shoot wasostensibly educational. Our road crew loaded in and since nothingneeded to be hooked up other than the lights and pyro, it didn'ttake long for them to finish arranging everything. The band memberswere in our stage outfits, with me wearing the white satin outfitwith the dragons going up the legs and the open top with a dragon onthe back. I brought a dozen guitars of various makes and colors topose with and put makeup on the other band members to hide anyfacial blemishes or just so they would seem more luminous under thelights.

I gave some preliminary instructions as to the purpose of the shootand what we needed. It commenced with the photographers doing blackand white shots against similarly colored backgrounds, first headshots and then full length ones. Mr. Easley coached each studentthrough it, which initially took a fair amount of time, but thingsspeeded up as they became more familiar with how to photograph us.

Once we were done with that, we turned the house lights (what therewas of them) off and illuminated the stage with our own. The kidssnapped us all together and separately,  taking hundreds of shotsunder various lighting configurations of us posing and playing(albeit with our amps off, obviously). All together, it took aboutsix hours to complete the shoot. In addition, this was before theadvent of even one hour photo places, so it was going to be severaldays before we would have a chance to view proofs and choose whichphotos we wanted. Just another experience in the life of a rockstarwannabe.

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