The Time Shifter Chapter 18


Jim spent Friday night with me and Saturday afternoon, we invitedFrank, Bobby and Nick over for an early dinner after the members ofmy band had gone home following our latest rehearsal. Jim and I wentout and bought a shit load of alcohol (a lot of which was put asideso that I could use it for cooking sometime down the road) andbartending supplies plus a book of drink recipes. While the boyswatched the last half of a college football game, I grilled steaksand sweet potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and steamed some cauliflowerand topped it off with slices of a marble cake I bought at the storeI added a scoop of vanilla ice cream to for dessert. Really simplestuff, but manna from heaven for the meat and potatoes baby boomerbiker male. Nick brought some more weed and they smoked it (Ipassed) as I brought them a new mixed drink every hour in betweenthe beers they were downing. I drove everybody home (except Jim, whostayed with me) since they were all pretty blitzed and I didn't wantthem getting sussed by the police.

When I circled home a little while later, Jim laid the major wood onme (or should I say in me) and pretty much passed out as soon as hecame. When I woke up the next morning, I had some major clean up todo before I felt like making breakfast. My band subsequently had adress rehearsal for Monday. "Seeing you play guitar like that Melodymakes me so horny for you," Jim burbled. That cracked everybody up. "Yeah, it would be cool if there were more chicks who could do whatMelody can," John complimented. "It would definitely make watching aband more fun. "

After everyone split, I gave Jim a blowjob and he went home to get achange of clothes. He returned and, after showering together, wespent the rest of the night laying in bed naked and watching tv. Icouldn't resist and sucked him again.

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   I swallowed his cum and heswaddled me in his arms and we went to sleep. I had to get up at4:30 a. m. for our 6 a. m. load in at school. At five, our roadies andsoundman showed up to heft our gear into a rental truck and left. Ifried a couple eggs and made some toast for Jim and then his 18 yearold quasi-girlfriend (me) saw his 33 year old self off to work whileshe headed to school. Incongruous scene to be sure. I was wearing mywhite satin trousers with a dragon on each leg and an open satin topdecorated with another dragon on the back taped to me to keep itfrom completely exposing my knockers. I capped the ensemble off withred platform heels (which matched the color of the dragons), a whitetop hat and mirrored shades.

I got to school and the band members helped hook everything up. By7:30, we had already soundchecked and tested our flash pots. We wentout to the parking lot to my car, where we each did a couple shotsof Southern Comfort (I had it in a thermos to hide what it was) torelax and warm ourselves up in a somewhat misty early morning. Justbefore eight, the buses arrived carrying students who needed to usethem.

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   Right at eight, Joe, Pete and I strapped on our instrumentsand walked out to the ends of the top of the walls on either side ofthe steps that fronted the stage but  far enough away from the flashpots to not burn ourselves while John and Cliff took their positionsbehind their's. Danny did an imitation of the phrase, "good morningcampers" from Tommy and we launched into "Born to be Wild" as flamesjetted out of the flash pots in front of us. I looked out over thecrowd and smiled as I riffed away, Joe and I punctuating our playingwith big gestures and generally hot dogging it. We did a poundingversion of "I'm Eighteen" and then I spent the entirety of "All theYoung Dudes out on the left wall mugging and preening during theintro. I flipped my top hat out into the audience and then did abend over backward pose that Ted Nugent would soon be known forwhile I picked out an achingly melodic solo that I ended with a hailof circular 32nd notes.

"Well, gluttons for punishment are we? Back for another year areya?" Danny intoned in a fake British accent. "Would a bit of Tullmake it go down easier?" Cliff counted us in and we slammed into"Locomotive Breath," with Joe exploring what might happen if hisidol Jimmy Page was in Ian Anderson's outfit during his solo. I wasback on the regular stage in  preparation for the next tune so thatI could click on a uni-vibe effect plus some delay for "Day of theEagle" before walking back out near the end of the wall. After I didthe intro riff, the flash pots ignited again as we slipped into thefirst verse.

"This next song portrays me perfectly," Danny laughed as Joe and Iput our Strats on and walked about three steps down from the stagewhile Cliff counted us in again. Joe and I traded off the first twolines and then did a unison part before Danny walked out toward theedge of the wall and sang Ian Gillan's lyrics about experiencing ageneral unwillingness to work for a living. Joe and I walked out tothe other wall and he faced front while I leaned into his backbefore we all scampered back next to John so he could do a solo nhis B-3. Joe and I then skipped back up on  top of both walls as Ihammered out the double stops of "Burn," which was punctuated bymore columns of flame while we shifted into the main rhythm pattern. For the solo, Joe and I did it in harmony which made it sound moremelodic and much cooler. Plus it underlined how tight our band was.

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  Danny shouted, "anyone have any plans this weekend?" and we wentheadlong into "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting. " John tore itup on his electric piano as we drove it perhaps harder than Eltonwould have liked.

"You know, the more you cheer for us the longer this assembly willlast1" Danny teased while Joe picked up his Les Paul and he and Iwalked about halfway out on the walls and as soon as Joe, Pete's andmy picks struck the first note of "Wishin' Well," the flash potswent off once more and, after the second chorus, I replicated GaryMoore's solo on his cover of the tune, doing little whammy tricks onmy Strat and even a quick little tapping thing or two before we tookit home. Joe and I retreated back to the main stage so Danny couldget all the attention while he strutted around on "Can't GetEnough. "

Donny introduced the band members and John introduced Danny, whosaid, "this is our last song of the morning, people. Feels weird tosay that since we usually play at night, but this is by UFO. Melody,gimme some mama!" he nattered as I stood out near the end of the topof the left wall with my white Flying V and, with John doing a quicklittle intro, I stepped up and slowly plucked out the wonderfullymelodic and expressive Michael Schenker guitar line before the flashbombs went off on the last section of the intro where the full bandcame in to build it up further. As soon as we transitioned into therhythm pattern, the flash pots went off repeatedly before the vocal,covering the front of the audience in a mild but pleasantly sulfuricsmelling cloud. Then they went off again at the "livin', lovin', outon the run," bits in the song before Danny finished the last line. Idid the solo while Danny playfully held the mic stand against myneck and then strutted off to do the last part of the vocal, thesong concluding with another hail of pyro.

The students had been behind us, though not exactly rabidly (it wasway too early in the day for that) and shouted for an encore. Weactually still had about five minutes left since we had chargedthrough the tunes at slightly higher tempos than we anticipated. Wewere thus permitted to come back on for "Freebird. " I had duct tapedmy slide to the top of one of my amps and pulled if off after I haddonned my white Explorer, and flipped the wadded tape away as Johndid a little piano line. I.

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  strode back out to the top of the walland kicked off the intro guitar part and both Joe and I held ourguitars up as we did the circular lead fills toward the end beforethe final end solo that closed amid more flaming volleys from ourflash pots. We played a phenomenal set and walked into the rearstaging area feeling exhuberant.

The morning was cool and misty, but all of us worked up a prettygood sweat and Joe, Pete and I went into the gym to shower andchange while Cliff and Danny headed to their schools and John wenthome. Since it was going to be nearly 90 degrees, I emerged wearingjust jean shorts, a halter top, a bra, no panties and flip flops. Weall missed most of the last part of the assembly while we cleanedourselves up. Then I paid off our road crew as they started loadout.

The first three periods were shortened by 30 minutes to allow forthe time the assembly took. When I walked into my first class of theday, one of two English classes I had that semester, a couple of myfellow students told me I looked amazing and the band cooked. Havingto shift from the excitement of playing in front of more than 2,000people to the routine boredom of the classroom initially took alittle getting used to.

A couple days later, a student I didn't know came up to me and saidhe wanted the band to play a backyard party he was having thatweekend. Not a lot of warning there. I told him it would cost him$150 up front for two hours exclusive of set up and breakdown timeand if the cops break it up before we've finished our set, no matterif it's one second after we start or one second before we finish, westill keep all the money. I thought that would drive him off, but itdidn't. A lot of kids want to look like big shots and I guess themoney was worth it to him. We would break even on the deal.

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   Jimagreed to work security for us, but was under strict instructions tonot intervene in anything, even fights, that didn't involve the bandor its equipment. I didn't ask Bobby and Nick to do this one becauseI didn't want them going to jail for hitting on underage girls. As Iexpected, when we did the gig, the constabulary turned up a littleover half an hour in and told us to shut it down for the night,which, of course, we did. Our crew had things torn down in no timeand we left. Jim and I showered together and he fucked me frombehind as the water spray washed over us while I braced myself onone wall of the shower stall. When we got to bed, I gave him amassage and a blowjob and we went to sleep.

Two weeks later, we did the junior high gig, which was really,really lame. Bunch of awkward kids not sure enough of themselves togenerate any real energy.

We had a much better time the following day, which was a Saturday,at the biker rally. There were thousands of people there from allover the western U. S. , most of the people seemingly unaffiliated. There was only one major motorcycle gang that showed up and that wasbecause the rally was on their turf. The stage setup was much betterthan I expected. It was really well thought out and our road crewhad little trouble getting things ready.

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While the road crew was doing their thing, Jim, who was in fulldenim and leather regalia, and I, who was in the black version ofthe stage outfit I wore the first day of school, were hanging out inthe small backstage area with a lot of other people around when hetold me to give him a blowjob. I went right to my knees, pulled hiscock out and gave it a righteous licking and sucking until hespooged a major load down my throat. It was pretty obvious that hewas doing two things: showing who wore the pants in our relationshipand marking his territory. It was kinda weird but sort of hot at thesame time. The other band members saw this, though they never saidanything to me about it. I guess they figured it was just rock androll in the 1970's.

We went on at 1 p. m. with "Born to be Wild," which was followed byBlue Oyster Cult's "Hot Rails to Hell. " Danny greeted the audienceand then we went into "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers" andpiggybacked "Gimme Three Steps" on it. After another of Danny'sstage raps, we did "We're an American Band," "Saturday Night'sAlright for Fighting" and "Search and Destroy. "

Riverside County is hot and smoggy a lot of the year and I had twofull water bottles next to the drum riser just to get through thefirst of our pair of two hour sets and the rest of the band didlikewise. We slowed things down with "Keep Yourself Alive" and "Allthe Way from Memphis," which we paired with "All the Young Dudes. "From there we went uptempo with "Lazy" and "Speed King" and that isbasically how we would structure it, clusters offast-slow/midtempo-fast so that we could pace ourselves. By the endof the first set, we were all drenched in sweat.

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   I had Jim throw abucket of water over me when I got off stage. I had gone throughmost of the contents of the two water bottles. Now there would be atwo hour break, during which I continued to hydrate myself and eatto try to replace the electrolytes I lost.

I was especially concerned about Cliff, though all he wore duringthe set was a pair of shorts. He even drummed barefoot, so the heatwas able to escape his body better than me or Joe, who had most ofour bodies covered. I made sure he hydrated and ate. Jim persuadedhim to also get splashed with buckets of water. He had downed twofull bottles of water and took three with him up on stage when wecame back on at five. Thankfully, it was cooling off. We opened withthe four song acoustic set and followed that with "Ballroom Blitz,""Rock and Roll" and "Highway Star. " After Danny dazzled (?) thecrowd with more of his banter, it was into "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath,""Rebel Rebel" and "Cross Eyed Mary. "

We weren't allowed to use any pyro due to the threat of brush fires,unfortunately. By now, it was getting to be dusk and the marinelayer that rolled in across Southern California felt amazing on ourbodies. We steamed through the rest of the set, wrapping it up with"La Grange," "Burn" and, after Danny introduced us  (I got a rousingcheer, btw), we ended our day with "Freebird. "

Even with the air temperature cooling, it was still in the high 70'sand I needed to be drenched again at the end of it.

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   My outfit feltdisgusting on me and I stripped down to just my bra and pantiesbecause of it. Jim walked me out to my car past God only knows howmany people and that was how I drove home.

When I finally got there about 45 minutes later, I put the check inmy purse (which I had left behind, taking only my driver's license,my Visa card and about $50) and gulped down a couple glasses ofwater and ate a banana for the potassium before I took a real longshower. I dried myself off, threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt(no underwear) and went to Del Taco because I was too tired to wantto make anything. Then after I removed my clothes again, I chasedthat meal with some ice cream and went to bed. I woke up two hourslater to the sound of the road crew moving our gear into the house. Jim came over about an hour after that while I was replacing all thestrings on the guitars I used and lavishing some additional tlc onthem. He was as spent as I was because he had been at the venuesince early in the morning. He took a shower and we slept nakedtogether (as was our custom) as peacefully as we ever had.