The Time Shifter Chapter 13


At school Friday, I showed Rush's "Working Man" to Joe and thenSaturday to the rest of the band. It's' not hard to play, so theyall picked up on it pretty quickly. I also told them that I wasgoing to see Van Halen at Gazzari's, a nightclub on the SunsetStrip, on April 5th, which would be their debut club performance. Cal Jam was coming up the day after that, but I decided to give it amiss even though Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, the Eagles and BlackOak Arkansas were playing. I just didn't feel like hassling with themiles long traffic jam and the heat. Plus the Van Halen show was offar more historical importance to me. I urged everybody to be there,but only Pete would go with me.

I was so excited the day of that show. I dressed up in a whiteleather draw string bustier, a white leather mini skirt, white thighhigh stockings and white four inch heels. It was a Friday night andI hoped it wouldn't sell out and leave me on the outside looking in. Fortunately for me, the place wasn't close to full. Back then, VanHalen did a lot of covers in their set in addition to theiroriginals and Eddie often turned his back to the audience so as tonot reveal how he did his tapping thing. . I decided to try to have alittle fun with that. There was no backstage security at all, soPete and I basically just walked into their dressing room unimpededand I bubbled over how great they were and shit. Dave's eyes wereburning holes through my outfit while Pete tried to act cool andaloof like he'd seen it all before at age 18 I picked up one ofEddie's guitars, which is a big no no, plugged it into a practiceamp  that was sitting on a table, wacked it up full and did a notefor note perfect rendition of "Eruption.

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  " "Holy shit!" Alexexclaimed. "Little girl what else can you do with those fingers?"Dave leered. Eddie didn't have a tech yet, so there was nobody otherthan them to try to take the guitar off of me and they seemed to beparalyzed by the combination of my beauty and chutpah to do so. ThenI did "Light Up the Sky," including the solo Eddie had played for itthat night before I put the guitar down and said goodbye, their jawsseemingly nailed to the floor. It probably freaked the shit out ofEddie.

"So what did you think?" I asked Pete? "Well, that solo thing youdid was fucking amazing!" "Thanks, honey. But what did you think ofthe band?" "They were okay. Too many covers for a Sunset Strip band,I think, and the guy's turning his back to the audience is prettyfucking rude. Who does he think he is? Richie Blackmore?" "Who heis, Pete, is one of the 20th century's greatest guitar gods. You'regoing to tell your grandchildren about this night, you watch," Iwarned him. "Eh, I've seen better," he claimed. I chuckleddismissively. .

I never did the tapping thing or any of Van Halen's material againuntil their first album came out later in the decade out of respect. Of course, with the ability that Vishnu gave me it was tough notbeing able to show that part of it off, but oh well.

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   I didn't getinto this to hurt people.

On the way home in the car, I was listening to the descriptions ofthe traffic trying to get into the Ontario Motor Speedway on KLOS,which was one of the big two rock stations in L. A. at the time (theother was KMET). God, what a nightmare. In my real life, I went toCal Jam II a few years later, but got there a full day before itbegan to avoid the traffic and even then a lot of the parking placeswere already full. That is what happens when you try to get 300,000people in one place.

I was totally high, and therefore totally horny, from the undercoverhistoric event I had just witnessed and the little practical joke Ihad played on the band. When we got to my house, I sucked Pete offwith the intention of having him fuck me again, but he had to gethome or his parents would get mad at him, he said. He apologizedprofusely. It was so cute. Nonetheless, that left me with a wetpussy and the need for seed. I drove over to a local bar, where itwas just about closing time by then and nobody seemed to care that a16 year old was there waaaaay past what should have been the bedtimefor someone my age. "Hey hot mama (yes, we actually called girls andwomen that back then), why don't you come over here and sit on mylap and let me buy you a drink?" this tall, wiry biker dude, who wasprobably in his mid-30's and clad in the typical get up of bluejeans, t-shirt and Levis vest with Harley and other motorcylcerelated patches on the back, asked me. I smiled and said, "surebaby.

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  " I then asked who he was affiliated with. "Nobody princess. I'm into bikes but I don't ride with anyone other than my buddyhere," he said, nodding toward his friend, who was sitting on thestool across the table from him. His pal, who was either hispanic orNative American, was stocky and shorter, but his biceps looked likeiron clubs as if he was used to lifting heavy objects all day long. I waved "hi" to his friend. "So how old are you hon?" he inquired. "16, but I'll be 18 in five months, I insisted. "Woah, you sure area cute little thing. But what are doing in a bar at almost two inthe morning?" "I just got back from seeing a band in L. A. , but I'mstill pretty restless," I propounded.

"I'm Bobby and my friend here is named Nick. You wanna come homewith us and maybe we can help you get rid of some of that excessenergy?" I giggled. "Okay!" I smiled. I got in  my car and followedthem as they rode their choppers to whoever's house it was they weregoing to.

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   It only took about five minutes. It was an olderneighborhood near some warehouses and railroad tracks. I ended uppulling up in front of a bungalow that had probably been built inthe 1920's, judging by the architecture.

They ushered me through the screen door and into the house, whichhad the tell tale signs of guys living there: no decorating sense,kinda unkempt and copies of girly magazines and Easy Rider strewncarelessly on what passed for their dining room table. "Fuck, I loveAsian broads," I heard one of them say to the other in a voice thatwasn't low enough as I sat on the couch. 'So what can I get you todrink?" Bobby asked. "A beer would be great!" I chirped. "You got ithon," he affirmed. He handed me a bottle of Heineken after he hadpopped the cap off of it. I took a swig of it. Truth to tell, Idon't like alcohol, especially beer. I just wondered what routethese guys were going to take to the inside of my panties. "God, inbetter light, you sure are gorgeous," Bobby said. "What are you,Chinese?" Nick, who flopped down on a chair that was to my right, interrogated. "No, Korean.

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  " "Yeah, I knew you weren't Vietnamese. Iserved over there for two tours. You're definitely better lookingthan any Vietnamese girl I've seen. "Thanks," I said, but inside Iwas thinking, "patronizing ass. " I took another draw on  my bottle. Bobby sat next to me. Nick got up and disappeared for a couple ofminutes and then returned with a baggy of pot. It looked like a twofinger can just eyeballing it real quick. He took some Zig Zagpapers out of the pocket of his Levis jacket and started rolling ajoint. Bobby and I  began conversing and I asked what they did for aliving. Bobby sad he was a machinist and Nick was a heavy equipmentoperator. I complimented him on his biceps. He had me feel them,which made me even wetter than I already was.

"So are you still in school?" Bobby wondered. "Yeah," I replied justas Nick fired the doobie up.

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   He took a huge drag off of it andpassed it to me. I did likewise. Now in my ordinary life, I hadn'tsmoked it in over 30 years. I didn't know, though, how havingsomeone elses' anatomy now was going to make me react. The good newswas that the pot of the early 70's wasn't that powerful. "What doyou do when you aren't at school?" Bobby continued after he hadgotten his hit of weed. "I'm a musician. " "No kidding! What do youplay?" "I play guitar," I averred. Just then, I took the blunt fromNick and sucked in some more THC. I also slugged down more of mybeer. "What kind of music?" Bobby asked. "Hard rock mostly," Ibragged. "I play in a cover band. " "That's killer, babe," Nickburbled. I could now see Nick ripping my outfit off with his eyes.

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  That led to discussion of what bands we liked and they gave meanother beer and, once we had all finished off the joint, anotherone was rolled and sparked up. I knew that Asians often had a ratherlow resistance to alcohol, so I wondered when the beer would make metipsy. I was, though, beginning to feel some minor rushes coming onand I let out a long sigh when one coursed through me, seeming totickle me from the inside.

I still had enough presence of mind to know that I was becoming morehelpless. Despite my martial arts background, I was already too donein to fend these guys off if I had a mind to. By the end of thesecond joint and the second beer, I was feeling no pain already. "Sodo you have a boyfriend?" Bobby asked. My response to the questionwas slow, but I couldn't help it. "No, not right now," I giggled. Iknew that any minute now I was going to be fucked and my heart wasbeating 10,000 miles an hour and my pussy was practically gushingwetness. Bobby, who sat on my left, put his arm on my right shoulderand gently eased me toward him. He began to kiss me and the surgingrushes from the combination of pot and beer plus our kissing----mymouth was wide open to take his tongue as deep as it wouldgo---almost like my mouth was a pussy and his tongue was acock---was making me sigh and moan reflexively. My pussy felt hotand my nipples were already hard. His pushing my bustier up off ofmy breasts hardly registered,  but his hand manipulating my jugs didand I couldn't help but let out another moan. I then watcheddreamily as Bobby pulled his hand away, undid his pants, stood up infront of me and shoved them down to his knees.

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   "Here baby," he saidin a low voice, gently pulling my head toward his full thick eightinch extension. I had raging cottonmouth, but I went for it anywayand was soon getting doses of his precum as my lips slid up and downhis pole. The saltiness of his precum, when coupled with theaftertaste of pot and beer on my tongue, was delicious to me at thatmoment. It made me suck more intensely on him and he eventuallyejected the contents of his balls into my mouth. I looked up at himwith heavily lidded eyes and swallowed it.

"Fuck man, she's pretty far gone," Nick evaluated. "Now it's myturn, man. " Nick replaced Bobby in front of me and unzipped myskirt. "Fuck dude, she's got to be one of the hottest chicks I'veever done. " "Thank you," I said in a way like my senses had beendulled by a club over the head. They both laughed. Nick pulled meforward so that my legs were on either side of him and resting onthe coffee table and my head just about off the back of the couch. He pulled my panties off, displaying my hairless crotch. I felt hisvery thick, six inch instrument being forced into me. I emitted ahappy moan.

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   "Look at that Bobby, she's loving this!" he remarked. Ilaid there like a rag doll while my system attempted to registerthat there was a dick being rammed into it. The more he fucked me,the better it felt and with the rushes still coming, I was swimmingin a stupor. "Oh God, ohhhhh," I moaned. "Do you like this, Melody?"Bobby asked as he watched me get screwed. "Oh yes," I whimpered. "Doyou want more?" he followed up. "Oh yes, don't stop," I begged. Icould tell that Nick was thrusting harder and I was hit with asudden, intense orgasm. "Oh God, oh yes, God, I love your cock," Iscreamed out almost drunkenly. He continued the consensual rape, thepot dulling the sensitivity of his schvanz, as he seemed to slowdown and I experienced orgasm after orgasm. He finally pulled out. Ididn't feel any cum inside me at the time, but that may have beenbecause  my senses were somewhat numbed.

Bobby pulled me up off the couch and very slowly had me get on allfours on the coffee table. "Do you think it will hold her?" Nickworried.

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   "Yeah, she can't be anymore than a hundred pounds," healmost correctly guessed. My fingers desperately grasped the edge ofthe table while I felt Bobby's cock surfing into my opening. "OhhhGod yessss, I groaned. Then I felt hands on my hips and theincreasing friction again as he jackhammered his manhood in and outof me repeatedly, his grunts becoming a kind of oddly pleasant musicas I felt my ardor rising again. I almost fell off the table when myfirst orgasm rippled through me. I subconsciously pumped my hipsback on to his member in a quest to keep the endorphins coming. Myhead just about hit the floor on my second climax, it was thatelectric. Nick was now in front of me and grasped my chin betweenhis thumb and four other fingers to steer my lips back on to hismeat stick. I then felt pressure on the back of my head from both ofhis hands as he skullfucked me. It diverted my attention somewhatfrom what Bobby was doing, but then I heard him yell, "oh fuck!" Ididn't feel the cum inside me again, but I knew he had shot a wad inthere. Nick pulled out of my mouth and circled around the tablebehind me and entered me again. "Fuck, this bitch has such a velvetypussy," he extolled. I was still lost in my own little world and theonly thing that was leaving an impression on me was when I feltanother orgasm surge like electric heat through me.

After another couple of orgasms, I noticed that nobody was inside menow. "Can I get you anything Melody?" Bobby solicited.


   "Waterplease," I rasped. I climbed down off the table and fell against theback of the couch. Bobby brought me a big glass of it. Nick, though,had rolled another joint and lit it up. Then he told me to take adeep breath as he shotgunned the pot smoke into my face. Ireflexively complied and that dose rekindled the waves of rushes Ihad previously felt. "Dude, we should take her into the bedroom. She's going to get cum all over everything the way it's dripping outof her. " "Yeah," Bobby simply assented and I felt Bobby hook hishands under my armpits and pull me up. He slowly led me to abedroom. I don't know whose it was. I just know that the bed wasn'tmade up. Typical guys. Bobby pushed me on to it and had me lay on myleft side. Then I felt my right leg being lifted up and then theimpact of Bobby's dick through my sacred gate.

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   Nick nudged my headtoward the edge of the bed and he leaned the head of his cockbetween my lips. He pumped his hips to run it in and out of mymouth. Bobby's fuck seemed to last forever. I had orgasm afterorgasm for God only knows how long. It was long enough that by thetime Nick had rolled me over on to my stomach to penetrate me againthat I was beginning to wake up. God, his cock was so thick, though. It just felt amazing. "Oh yes. Fuck Nick, that feels so good," Imoaned. "God oh fuck oh fuck oh yesssssssss," I hissed as he usedhis spear like it was a battering ram taking a building down. "Harder baby1" I demanded and he pumped it into me ferociously,provoking another soul searing climax. He kept at it for quite awhile, too, and the orgasms were countless before he spooged hisfinal shot of the now early morning against my cervix. The sun wasbeginning to rise, we were at it that long.

"Fuck man, I'm done," Nick notified. "Yeah, me too," Bobby conceded.

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  How about you Melody?" "Yeah, God I'm going to be sore after Ifinally get some sleep," I observed. I then turned over and dozedoff. A number of hours later, I woke up. I had to shake the cobwebsout of my head and my mouth tasted of dried beer, pot and cum. Itwas nasty. I also noticed I was completely naked. I went to thebathroom and then went out into the livingroom to retrieve myclothes. "Hey sleeping beauty1" Bobby needled. "Where are myclothes? I asked. They were hanging over a chair next to the diningroom table, I was told. "How do you feel?" Bobby wondered. "Once Itake a shower and brush my teeth and hair I'll feel a lot better," Ireplied as I dressed. "Do you remember what happened last night?"Bobby grinned. "Yeah, it's coming back to me in bits and pieces," Ianswered with a smirk. "Are you mad?" I laughed at that.

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   "Hell no!II knew exactly what you guys were doing the whole time and it wasexactly what I needed," I grinned. They laughed at that, perhaps inrelief, and Bobby and Nicky slapped fives. "You're damned hot,Melody. Come over anytime you need something," Bobby encouraged. "Idefinitely will," I giggled. "Anyway, I feel gross, so I'm goinghome. Bye boys. " "Bye hon. "



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