The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 9


After Brian and I came downstairs, I could see the jealousy writtenall over Jason's face. I remember that feeling and it sucks. "So didyou fuck Brian?" "Yeah. Twice in fact," I told him. Hey, if you'regonna fess up might as well do it big. "So is he your boyfriendnow?" "No. He wants me to be but I told him I didn't want to have arelationship at the moment. " "So you're still available then?' "Yeah, Iguess you could say that," I giggled. "Hey look," he began," I havetickets to a New Year's Eve show. . . . " and then he said it was aconcert with a couple of alternative bands I don't care for. Shit. "Sorry Jason, but you know the music I play. I don't really likethat stuff.

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   I'm one of those people who probably should have been akid in the 1970's or 1980's. " "So will you ever go out with me or amI wasting my time?" Shit. "Time for a heart to heart talk, Jason," Ithought.

I took him out to my car and had him get in the backseat with me andI laid in his lap. "Jason, sweety, I do like you. I think you're agood guy. . . . " I started, but then lectured him about how he wasapproaching this all wrong and how his hurt tone was a total turnoffto women. I also emphasized that if I didn't  think he was worth theeffort I wouldn't be telling him a lot of the stuff I had been thusfar nor would I have let him hold me when he was in my music roomearlier in the week. "Look Jason, I said, taking his hand andrubbing my cheek against it, "I'm more than willing to go on dateswith you. But I also don't want to waste your money. If you want todo something low key and cheap like going to the zoo or a laser showor something I'm good with that. I'm just not a high maintenancegirl.

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   Those New Year's tickets probably cost you an arm and a legand you should go with somebody who would actually enjoy the show,even if it is another guy," I advised.

"Alright," he begrudged. I got up and told him to kiss me. I heldhim tightly and kissed him back passionately. "So are we cool baby?"I asked. "Yeah," he replied, apparently mollified. "I'm glad," Isaid, kissing him again.

Before we got in the car to go home, Jason said he wanted to talk tome again. I dropped Dylan's party off and then got Justin and Jason. I took Justin home and then pulled over near my house to talk toJason. "So what did you want to say?" I interrogated. "Well, yousaid that you were a low maintenance girl and everything. Does thatmean you're not going to your school's prom?" "I think prom is ascam, Jason. So I'm going to avoid it. Why? What did you have inmind?" 'So what are you going to do?" he rejoindered.

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   "I don't know. Probably just play guitar at home or something. " "What if I askedyou to go to my junior prom?" "I'd say no because they're a hugewaste of time and money. The music is going to suck besides. If youwant to take me out that night and do something fun then I woulddefinitely go for it. " "Really?" "Yeah, as long as you don't go offthe deep end mentally or something before that. " "Sweet!" "ListenJason, don't put all your eggs in one basket. If you find anothergirl then I'll understand. "

"Hey look, I don't know if you can swing it, but my parents aregoing to spend New Year's in Las Vegas and they'll be gone startingon the 28th. If you want to spend the night with me somewhere inthere it will be nice having a man in the house while they're gone. What do you think?" "I'll ask my parents. " "If you can't do it, wecan just spend the day together and I can make dinner. I'm a reallygood cook. " "Sweet!" "So get back to me and let me know. " Thatbuoyed his spirits and I took him home in a much happier mood.

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So then the next morning, John rings me and invites me to hiscompany's New Year's Eve party and, like last year, he wants me tobe his date. Shit. I respectfully decline, saying that I haveanother offer. God, I hate the holidays. As impolitic as this is tosay, sometimes friends are a pain in the ass. I've just never beenvery socially needy. , so I don't understand people who feel thatthey have to have a shitload of folks around them all the time orthey get depressed. I guess it's the herd instinct again. The morefriends you have the more obligations. I decide I want to just spendthe day hiding from everybody.

Sunday, the rain finally cleared up and I was able to take my dogsout to the park for the first time in three days. I stayed out withthem for a couple of hours even with the cold just because the skiesdidn't look very promising and I didn't know when the next time theywould have a chance to get some exercise would be. On the way back,I ran into Jason and invited him over. When we got there I had himcome up to my bedroom. I stripped to my underwear and told him to dothe same.

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   He was pretty tentative at first because I don't think hewas believing what he was hearing after, I  think, he got themessage that I was trying to fend him off. Well, in a way I was, buthe had that kind of little lost dog quality about him and I justcouldn't resist. Fuck, I really am a chick now!

So I had him cuddle me and, to be honest, it was nice being in aman's arms again. Well, or a boy's in this case. Jason was stillpretty immature, even at 18 I held his hands in mine while wetalked mainly about how men and women relate to one another and hegot a chance to vent his frustrations with dating high school girls. I rolled over and faced him and put my arms around his neck andkissed him. We started making out pretty hardcore and then I felthim trying to open my bra. I got up and showed him how to do it thenhad him practice it. I could have sworn I had shown him before howto do it, but maybe not. Once he was able to do it smoothly, I lethim fondle my breasts and suck on my nipples. I unzipped his pantsand undid his belt and the button to open his jeans. I reached intohis boxers and stroked his cock, which made me wet. I was hot enoughthat I asked him to get naked for me. He had an okay body. It wasjust a touch doughy, but kinda cute and he had a nice ass, too.

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He slid his hand into my panties and I felt it on my vulva. Ireached my hand in there and showed him what I wanted rubbed andfive minutes later, he made me cum and, after ten minutes, I wasclimaxing in multiples, my body quivering and my breathing a seriesof airy pants as he got me off one time after another. Then I felthis cock spasm and he shot a copius wad all over my hand, stomachand on to his abdomen. I brought my fingers to my lips and lickedthem off. "Mmmm. . . yummy!" I teased. That made him instantly hardagain, which had to be a new world record for going from hard toflaccid to hard again.

He scooted to the edge of the bed, pulled my panties off and bentdown between my legs and then I felt his tongue on my clit andpussy. I described to him how I like it and I soon was in the throesof another soul wrenching orgasm. "Don't stop baby," I implored andhe kept at it and I was  caught in an orgasm traffic jam, my neuralsuperhighway crammed with so much sensation time seemed to warp. Heclimbed on top of me and I guided his cock into my pussy. I told himto relax, empty his brain out and then just pump away. He  was seveninches and it felt heavenly with each excursion in and out of mylove tunnel.

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   I wrapped my legs around his back and he fucked mesilly for god only knows how long before I heard him announce thathe was going to detonate his payload. He let out a bunch of gruntswhile he spattered my insides with his spunk. I caught him as hecollapsed on top of me. I kissed him and held him close, but he washosed energywise. "Do you want to sleep sweety?" I cooed. "Yeah, ifyou don't mind," he begged. "As long as you hold me while you doit," I bargained. I turned on to my side and he wrapped hisrighthand around my breasts and dozed off.

When he rolled over in the course of his slumber, I got out of bedand went down to the kitchen and made us a couple of grilled cheesesandwiches. This excited the crap out of my dogs, who wanted theirshare, and they jumped back into bed with me and woke him up. Well,that surprise was a little more inelegantly done than I wanted, butoh well. Jason scarfed down the sandwich and we laid in bed watchingtv for a while with me in his arms. "God Miwa, you're so pretty," hestated. "Thanks baby. You're a cutie yourself," I rejoindered.

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   "Ilove you," he suddenly blurted. "Shit," I thought. But the truth wasI was falling in love with him, too. "I love you, too, Jason. "Sowill you please be my girlfriend?' "God, Jason, that's so tempting. When I said I loved you I meant it. You're really a sweetheart of aguy. The problem is that there is so much stuff that accompanies arelationship I'm just not sure I want that right now. But I wouldlike to see more of you if  that's okay," I offered. I was startingto get horny again because I was really starting to feel itemotionally for him. "That sounds sweet to me!" he brightened. "Jason, make love to me again!" I begged. He didn't reply, he justrolled on top of me and started kissing me passionately.

After a few minutes of that, I broke away and started sucking hiscock. "Oooohhhh God Miwa, that is the best feeling in the world!" heposited, as my mouth glided both north and south on his newlyhardened shaft.

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   I licked all around his cockhead, sucking gently onit as well before deep throating it and engendering another loadfrom his baby maker. I jumped on top of him and basically attackedhim and he was hard again in very short order. I straddled him andplaced the tip of his love gun at my heat chamber and dropped myhips and impaled myself on his fuck stick. I rocked my hips up anddown while he felt my tits up, me leaning forward so that he couldsuck the nipples while I bucked my hips back and forth on theengorged flesh hammer. I felt the heat build inside me and thenexplode into a technicolor rainbow of sensation, my pussy a blastfurnace as I panted off the heat from the orgasm. "I love youJason!" I declared while my body bounced and rocked and rolled ontop of him. He pushed me off and had me get on all fours and then hejammed his spear into me and drilled me into next week, resulting inme cumming like a freight train before he disposed of another packetof sperm in me.

"So how do you feel right now baby?" I inquired. "Sweet!" heexhalted. "You have such a cute body," I praised. "Thanks!" hesmiled. I straddled him as he lay against the pillow and leaned overhim and framed his face in my hands and kissed him oh so softly. "Come on sweety, let's get dressed and go for a walk," I proposed. He agreed with that and we strolled  around for a while while I held onto Jason's arm. He seemed to be in a really happy frame of mind.

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   Iwanted the walk because I thought that the cool air would kinda slapme upside the head since I was feeling too mellow and lovey doveyfor my own good. But my attachment to Jason was only gettingstronger. Shit.

"Hey sweety, can we go to your house?" I suggested. "Now?" hepuzzled. "Yes. My parents are going to be home in a little while, ifnot sooner. Or if you know some other place we can be alone. . . . " Ihinted. "Unfortunately, my parents are home, too," he said. "Damnit! All I want right now is to just spend some private time withyou," I advocated. "Want to just park somewhere and hang out?""Okay," he agreed.


   We went back to my garage and got my car and wewent to a large park. I parked at the far end of it. It was justabout deserted because of the suspect weather. I went around to hisside and straddled his lap, holding on to his shoulders. We startedmaking out and then he put his hands up my sweater and unhooked mybra so he could feel me up. I tousled his hair while he did that. Iflashed him a couple times, too, giggling when I did that.

We eventually migrated to the back seat, where he held me andcontinued to sporadically kiss me and feel me up. "So will I get tosee you tomorrow?" I asked him. "If you want," he rather passivelyresponded. "I want to sweety. My parents don't get home until aftersix, so we can spend at least a little time together. I don't wantto nag you, though. " "No, that would be great!" he bubbled. "Are yousure you don't want to be my girlfriend? You're acting kindagirlfriend-ish.

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  " "Yeah, I am, aren't I?" I echoed. "I just feel alot of love for you right now," I admitted. "Do you want me to pickyou up from school?" I asked. "If you want. What time do you leaveyour school?" About 2:30. It'll take me a little bit to get to yourschool, too. Or do you just want to come to my house yourself?""Yeah, that might be the best way," he decided. "Okay, I'll bewaiting . Don't stand me up, okay?" "Don't worry about that," heclaimed.

Monday, he was at my door right at 3 p. m. and I answered the doordressed in a white blouse, a checkered skirt, white knee socks andtennis shoes looking for all the world like a Catholic high schoolstudent. We hugged and kissed and went upstairs. Now I was trying tokeep in mind how I looked to him and thought I probably seemed rathercute. When we entered my bedroom, I turned to him and put my hands onhis shoulders and we began kissing.

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   I could feel myself subconsciouslysmiling, a sign that I had the love bug biting me full stop. Shit.

He tried to unbutton my blouse and I stopped him. I told him to sit onthe edge of the bed and I started to do a lap dance for him. He had abig shit eating grin on his face as, after removing my blouse, I turnedmy back to him and pulled my skirt up while wiggling my panty coveredtush right in front of him. I invited him to smack it, which he did. Iput one leg up on the bed and rolled down the sock on it and did thesame with the other one. I twirled around and around and undid my skirtand threw it in his face. I straddled him now clad in just a bra andpanties and swung and undulated my hips and then leaned over and gavehim a quick peck on the lips. I reached behind me and unhooked my braand kept it on,  but flashed him a couple of times before I invited himto pull it off, shaking my breasts in front of him. I pulled his headdown between my tits and rubbed his mouth into my sternum. I jumped onto the bed and straddled him and pulled his head into my panties. I heldmy groin there and proceeded to slowly push my panties down in front ofhm. He yanked them off of me and I rubbed his face in my hairlesspussy. He lapped at it and I felt his tongue striking my clit.

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   I jumpedoff the bed, bent over and shook my bare ass encouraging him to slap itrepeatedly, which earned me five hard ones on it.

I was beginning to get hot now and the slit between my legs was slickand warm. I turned around to face him, thrust my hips out, and insertedmy middle and ring fingers into myself.   I extracted them and shovedthem in his mouth. I pulled them out and then pushed my boobies togetherwhile bending over toward him. I crawled into his lap and had him suckon my right nipple and then kissed him. I pulled his shirt off and didthe same with his pants and boxers. I took his hand and dragged him intothe shower and lathered him up and then rubbed my body against his. Ihad him do the same to me. I got some pre-shave lotion and smeared itall over his pubic hair and then picked up a fresh razor i had put onthe little shelf in the shower earlier. "What are you doing?" he asked. "I'm going to shave your pubic hair off so I won't get any hair in mymouth when I suck you," I revealed. "Plus it will make your cock lookbigger," I insisted. I took my time and in a few minutes his dick lookedyummier than ever. As the water cascaded over me, I drew his prick intomy mouth and he was moaning right from that point, the smell of thesoap providing a nice background note to what I had on my lips.

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   Hismoans continued to resound around the hard tiled shower stall and hegrabbed my head and held it on his flesh bazooka as it fired cum rocketsdown my throat. I told him I was fine with him doing that to me, butthat any other girls would probably be angry with him for pulling thatstunt since most women don't deep throat.

We dried off and I sent him back to my bed while I went to blow dry myhair and put some lipstick on. I eventually joined him and we made outfor a few minutes. When I was a man, my favorite smell in the world was awoman who had just showered. Now I was loving the scent of a man whohad done the same thing. I asked him to go down on me and he eagerlycommenced darting and rolling his tongue against my clit and I also feltit lapping up and down my slit. Then there was some suction, the clitbeing distended, and then the hot sensation of blood rushing into it andthe first little fragments of pleasure scattering through me. I canonly imagine how good I tasted to him while he worked my miniature lovestick over and brought me to a huffing, puffing summit of pleasure, myhands wedging his head between my thighs. I felt his fingers invading mysnatch and the initial impulse to urinate that accompanies my g spotbeing stroked. "Ooooh shitttt," I moaned in a trembling voice, groaningand twisting and sighing and writhing before his tongue caused my clitto go off like an IED, chunks of heat exploding all over my body overand over and over and over. God, I wanted him to fuck me so bad now. That empty ache deep inside my sperm catcher was speaking loudly evenwith all the orgasms I was incurring.

I pushed his head away and rolled over on to my stomach. He moved up ontop of my ass and pierced my opening with his ramrod as he thrusteddownward not far from my g spot.

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   He laid down on top of me, moved hishands underneath my breasts and fondled them while he slammed his meatinto my cunt. I just closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensationshe gave me. I can only imagine how he was responding visually to lookingat my naked ass and back as his hips continued to snap to drive hisspike into my pita pocket with gusto and he would steer me to wave afterwave of electric body jarring climaxes until he loosed his thick,steaming liquid against my cervix.

He rolled off of me and I moved my head on to his shoulder and rubbedhis chest as his cum quietly dripped out of me. "I love you Jason," Ireflexively said. "I love you too Miwa," he answered, sounding verysatisfied. We cuddled for a while. Shit. I really wanted to be hisgirlfriend really badly, but I knew that I just couldn't do it for  awhole raft of reasons.

"So did you ask your parents if you can stay overnight with me?" Iwondered. "Not yet. I don't know what kind of excuse I can use forthat," he riposted. "Can't you just say that you're staying with Dylanor Justin or something?" "The problem is that my dad will actually checkwith their parents before letting me do it, so I don't think that'llwork. " "That sucks. " "Yeah.

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