The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 23


I woke up the next morning and Guy was snoring away. I pulled thecovers off of him and darted my tongue at the head of his semi-hardcock. I nudged his balls with the index finger of my lefthand as thetip of my tongue slithered against the skin of his shaft. Itgradually began to come to life and I opened my mouth and enclosedit around the soft cockhead. I sucked on it and didn't stop. He letout a long moan. "Ooooh fuck," he gasped as he recovered hisconsciousness. "Good morning Master!" I grinned wickedly. "Hi Miwa. Don't stop," he begged. "Yes Master," I obeyed. I slid my mouth downhis shaft and I could feel it firming up and lengthening, which isalways a hot sensation. I parked it in my thoat and held it thereuntil just before I would have turned blue . Three minutes later, herocketed his cum into my piehole and I slurped it down. "I guess Idon't need breakfast now," I cracked. "Oh my God Miwa, did you justsay that?" he laughed hysterically.

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"So what do you want to do today (which was a Saturday) Master?" Iinquired after breakfast. "God, I don't know. To tell you the truthI just wanna kick back and watch some tv and read," he confessed. "Master, would you like to take your cockslave's dogs out with her?""Sure! Hey puppies! Walkies!" he said in a fay imitation englishfemale voice. They started jumping all over him in excitement and weleashed them up and moved them out. He likes to baby talk the dogsand play with them, so we were gone for quite a while and by thetime we got back they were panting up a storm and went at theirwater bowl with abandon. Guy gave them hugs and scratches and I fedthem each a treat. "Master, your cockslave loves the way you treather dogs," I said. "I'm glad cockslave. I love these little guys. "

He sat back down on the couch and I asked him if I could bring oneof my guitars down. He said yes and asked me to bring one for him,too. I did and we relaxed with my head laying against his right legwhile he sat upright, both of us just noodling around on our sixstrings while we watched Book Notes on C-Span. Heoccasionally fiddled with my nipples and rubbed my breasts orbrushed one of my temples. This suited me just fine.

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   I wasn't goingto be one of those chicks who demands that their man be their 24/7entertainer. I got permission from Guy to bring my laptop down and Iread the news for a couple of hours and then watched some You Tube. Watching those videos with Guy was fun because of the interestingand often wacky way he would analogize what we just saw.

He gave me some time off from serving him so that I could go backupstairs and jam. I made dinner later and then we had sex beforetaking a shower and calling it a night. Not very exciting, but anice mellow day.

During the weekdays, we got up together and I made him rice balls,which he would then eat when he got to work. He was a pretty simple person  in that he could eat the same thing day after day, though Iwould change up the contents of them for variety's sake so hewouldn't get sick of them. After he came home, I made dinner. Heinsisted on doing the dishes even though I was his slave. I think hewanted to show he wasn't taking me for granted. Sometimes we wentout to eat at my insistence, but I could tell he wasn'tentirely comfortable with that.

The weeks passed and it became the day before it was my time toleave for Japan. He would fly in two days later. I took my dogs tothe kennel, which, again, I felt super guilty about.

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   And it didn'thelp that being the chronic worrier I am, I would be wondering ifthey were be okay the whole two weeks I was in Asia. I came home,cried about my dogs (Guy comforted me, but I just felt so bad) andgot all my luggage arranged. The following morning at 3 a. m, I had alimo pick me up and take me to the airport, where I boarded a LearJet and it took off for Tokyo.

I'm one of those annoying, "I want to be there yesterday" kind ofpeople and the thought of being trapped in a jet powered aluminumtube for 12 hours drives me nuts. The jet, though, had one of thosefold out beds in the passenger cabin and I laid on that and read abunch of magazines I brought with me before falling asleep. Layingprone in an aircraft? Brilliant! I slept until the flight attendantwoke me up an hour before landing. We arrived at Narita at 18 a. m. JST  I hopped on a limousine bus to my hotel in Shinjuku Ward,checked in, left my luggage to be picked up when the room would beready, and headed for the nearest department store, where I went upto the top floor, where there are usually restaurants, ate a killermeal for not that much money by Japanese standards and then hit a local big ass bookstore,loaded up on books, magazines and the daily paper and returned to myhotel, where I got the key to my room. I offloaded everything andnow it was time to hit the guitar shops.

First, though, I phoned Guy. It was midnight, PST, but he was stillup. I told him where I was and we agreed to meet at Tokyo Station atthe Marunouchi exit. Once I talked to him, I hit the bricks and thesubway system and made the rounds of a lot of the guitar stores.

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   Ibought an ESP Kiko Loureiro (the onetime guitarist for the Brazilianneo-classical power metal band Angra)  signature guitar at theirCraft House in Shibuya. The thing, with the decline of the value ofthe dollar, was almost $9,000 new. But it was an exceedingly wellmade guitar and I now had something to do with my hands while Iwaited for Guy to step on Japanese shores.

The following day, I was in Akihabara, the electronics district ofTokyo, and checked out all the latest gadgets. I didn't buyanything, though. I then just wandered around the city, gettingreacquainted with the lay of the land since I hadn't been theresince my trip with John. The thing was, though, that I had forgottenwho I looked like. People who were fans of Suki Hakamada keptwalking up to me wanting my autograph or to take pictures with me. Fortunately, I had my U. S. passport with me in my purse to provethat I wasn't who they thought. Well, actually, in a sense, I wasexactly who they thought, but only superficially. The first instancewhen I was confronted with this was when I went into this one guitarshop just after getting off the train. There was this huge commotionand I wondered what the fuck was going on. The manager approachedme, calling me "Hakamada-sama" and stated that he didn't know I/sheplayed guitar.

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   I had to let him down easy and tell him I wasn't her,which only made him more flustered. I said thanks for the complimentand, after looking at their wares, I left.

Finally, the fated day arrived. At 5 p. m. , I took the train to TokyoStation from my hotel and went to the Marunouchi exit (which, btw,is where you leave it to visit the imperial palace). They were goingto take the Narita Express into Tokyo. Someone from Guy's companypicked him up at the airport and then they disembarked at thestation where I was waiting. He told his handler, who was namedMike, that he had someone waiting for him at the agreed upon exit. So right about when I expected them, Guy appeared and I threw myarms around him and gave him a big kiss. He introduced me to Mikeand then we all boarded a train for Shinjuku Station, the busiesttrain station in the world, from where we transferred to theShinjuku private subway for Yotsuya. On the train, Mike asked mewhat I did for a living and all that shit while I held on to Guy'sarm. When we exited near Yotsuya, we walked a couple of blocksto the hotel they had made a reservation for him at and where hewould spend the night before he would be collected in the morningand taken to his new workplace.

Guy and I agreed to meet at 7 a. m.

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   in the lobby of his hotel. It wasnow Monday Japan Time. I got there and we had breakfast in thehotel's restaurant. Can you say "highway robbery"? At around 8:30,Mike came and got Guy and he checked out of the hotel and, with hisluggage, we boarded the subway for Ikebukuro and, instead of takingGuy to where he would be living, they instead took him to hisworkplace. Because it was a retail business, I was able to go in, too, though not into the employees area. I told him I would walkaround the store and then wait for him outside the front door.

While I was looking around, the store's floor manager walked up tome and thanked me for shopping at her company's store and then askedme when my next record was coming out. I wearily pulled my passportout of my purse and showed it to her. "Eh? Nikkeijin desu ka (what?You're a Japanese-American?)" to show her I wasn't who she thought Iwas. I apologized for causing a disturbance and then continuedshopping. I bought a couple of cute outfits. Of course, I got aweird stare from the cashier when she saw the name on my creditcard.

After a couple of hours, Mike and Guy finally emerged and wereboarded the train for what would be Guy's apartment. I followedthem through the usual rabbit warren of streets that characterizesTokyo. We were in a corner of Shibuya, that much was certain.

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   Wearrived at the building where his flat was. He got his keys and wewent up to what was a small studio apartment. I had stayed in onelike it quite a number of years back in another part of the city. Itold him it will be comfortable enough to get the job done. Ireconfirmed the train route to Guy's work and asked about gettinghim a daily train pass (called a "teiki") to his job. That wouldhappen after he reported to work the next day. I then told Mike Iwould take over from there and show Guy the ropes. Mike then left. Itold Guy about the incidents of mistaken identity. "So I'm fuckingsomeone famous, huh?" he snarked. "Everybody's a star baby," Isnapped back tongue in cheek. "Okay Sly (Stone)," he chuckled.

I told him the best thing he can do now is just relax because Tokyocan be kinda confusing at first. So he lay down on the bed and Ijumped on top of him, straddling him. He told me to take my clothesoff, which, of course, I did.


   We began kissing and then he rolled meover on to my back. "So did cockslave miss her Master?' he teased. "Yes Master," I smiled. When I said "master," I shuddered a littleand felt wet in my pussy. "Your Master really missed his cute littleslave girl. " "I bet you did," I retorted. I extended my righthand andbegan rubbing his cock through his pants. "Oh yeah, that'll get it,"he sighed as he felt the pressure on his lickin' stick. "WouldMaster do his cockslave the honor of fucking her with his beautifulcock?" I pleaded. "Cockslave just wants to be fucked without anyforeplay?" "Yes Master. And she hopes Master will fuck her hard andrough. " "Oh yeah, your Master can definitely do that," he leered. Hegot up, undressed and scooted between my legs. I placed my ankleson his hips as he slipped his penis into me. "Oh God Master, it'sso great having your dick inside me again," I moaned.

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   I wrapped myarms around his back and accepted his turgid dangler overand over, every passage through my opening building friction andmaking my cunt steamier. "Oh oh God yes Master, oh yes," I mewled. "Fuck cockslave, your pussy is so silky it's amazing," he praised ashe continued to rifle his throbbing love muscle into my cookie. After just a few minutes of this, I felt warm and then my pubicmuscles buckled and a hot river of pleasure surged through me,making me pant and gasp.

"God Master, oh fuck yes, God, fuck me baby," I implored as herammed me like his life depended on it. He didn't really sayanything other than emitting grunts and moans while he plowed mypink furrow. The more I gasped and moaned. , the harder he fucked meand five minutes later, I began to feel the pubic convulsions thataccompany multiple orgasms. I had to really work to suppress myscreams as one orgasm after another conquered me before he finallypoured the contents of his balls into me. He held me and thanked mefor coming to Japan to help him out and that the sex was a good wayfor him to work off some of his nervousness about the situation hehad put himself in.

I went to the bathroom, cleaned the leaking cum out of my crotchand then helped him unpack. Once his clothes and other effects wereput away, I raised my hand and he recognized me. "Master, may yourcockslave have the honor of showing you around Tokyo?" "Yes you may,cockslave," he agreed. I took him to the nearest train station andtold him how to read the maps. Then some squealing girls came up tous wanting my autograph.

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   I told them I was just an American ofJapanese extraction and not a celebrity. I pulled out my passportagain and let them peer at it. They apologized and walked away. Thatcracked Guy up, but as it happened again and again while I took himon a tour of some of the cooler spots, he began to get irritated. The thing was I saw Suki Hakamada on tv a couple days later and herhairstyle was completely different, even a different color, than mine. Oh well.

The hotel room I had reserved was for two, so I took him there and hespent the night with me. I was afraid that I would get mistaken for Sukiagain, so we just got some bento and bottled tea and spent the rest ofthe day and all night in the hotel. We woke up at 5 a. m. so Guy couldshower before we headed to his apartment and change clothes. I went tohis work with him just to make sure he was getting the hang of the trainsystem. He received his train pass later that day. I went to pick himagain and I explained how to use it. He pronounced himself nowcomfortable with getting around the city, so I told him he was going tohave to get to and from work himself because I was going to go guitarshopping again Wednesday.


   After he fucked the shit out of me, I returnedto my hotel room.

Wednesday, I bought a Jackson Stars guitar just to have one more thananything else since they were made only in Japan. I also snagged anothermade in Japan Stratocaster because, well, I wanted another one.

I called him after he got home from work and told him I had a hot littlesurprise for him, but he was going to need to shower and dress in hissuit to look respectable since we weren't members at where we weregoing. I put on a black leather skirt, white blouse, black bra, pantiesand thigh high stockings and four inch black heels as well as bright redlipstick. We got into a taxi and traveled to another corner of Shibuyawhere there was what is known as a "couple kissa," or "coffee shop forcouples. " However, the "kissa" was a euphemism for basically a series ofrooms where heterosexual couples could engage in exhibitionistic sexwith each other.

Fortunately for us, because of the bad Japanese economy, many such clubswere allowing more foreigners in. In fact, the process to get in for usturned out to be fairly painless. They liked the fact that I had aJapanese name, could speak it fluently and even presented them with mycard for my non-existent translation business. I also agreed to act asGuy's guarantor, which means if he did any damage to the place theYakuza goons who managed the place would shake me down for money. andmaybe even worse. We filled out the membership forms, I paid theequivalent  of about $215 U. S. and they let us in.

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   Since it was aweeknight, it was almost all Japanese who were there. In fact, I decidedto go during a weekday for that reason. We walked in and on the firstfloor was a very nicely designed snack bar. For the sake of courtesy tothe establishment's owners, Guy and I both had a bite to eat. Weschmoozed some of the other patrons  while we consumed our meal and thenwe went upstairs, where there were a series of booths like you wouldsee in a restaurant. Some of the couples were already getting it on amidthe loud Japanese dance music. On the other side of one of the wallswas a two way mirror where people could kick back and watch other peoplescrewing.

We claimed one of the booths. ""This is one hell of surprise,cockslave," he said. "Yes Master. Your cockslave thought you would get akick out of it. " He smiled and began kissing me. As the moans of othercouples wafted into our ears underneath what was pouring out of thehouse sound system, Guy's kisses were becoming more heated and I wasgetting wetter and wetter. He unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my brawhile I undid the buttons on his dress shirt and untied his tie. Heremoved his jacket and folded it neatly before depositing it next tohim.

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   I ran my hand up and down his chest as he he continued to kiss meand fondle my breasts, my erect nipples jutting out under his hand. Everytime his hand rolled my nipples, I let out a little moan. I pushedhim off and separated the clasp of his suit pants and pulled the zipperaway from it. I yanked both his pants and shorts down to his ankles andleaned over into his lap and darted my tongue at his cock. Then I lickedit up and down like a lollipop  I looked across the room and saw thisreally hot mid-20's Japanese woman and her boyfriend/date watching us. They were both naked and judging by the shape of her hair and makeup shehad just been vigorously drilled. I looked her right in the eye andsmiled and then returned to teasing Guy's dick.

I used my lefthand to molest his balls as my mouth slid over hissoldiers' helmet and at a very even tempo I bobbed my head up and downwhile my eyes flitted in their sockets trying to see if I could captureany other interesting sights. Guy was moaning dreamily while my tonguetenaciously comforted his manhood. When his breathing  became veryirregular, I upped the tempo of my sucking markedly and he soon litteredmy mouth with his hot, thick semen. I raised my head and showed it tohim. I then displayed it to the couple across the way from us andpropelled the mess into my stomach.

"Oh shit cockslave, you sure know how to please your Master," heapproved. "Getting Master off gets me wet," I whispered huskily into hisear. He smiled wickedly and kissed me.

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   While we were swapping spit, heunzipped my skirt and pulled it off, leaving me in just my black pantiesand stockings. He ran his hands over my stockings enjoying the look andtexture of them. He stared at me hungrily as if he was going to have mefor lunch. He deprived me of the panties, grabbed my legs, and pulledme to the edge of the booth while he dropped to his knees on the floor. Then while couched in the low light, I felt his tongue lashing my clitand I moaned as his warm saliva coated the hood of my love button, whichwas succeeded by alternate sucking and licking. I didn't care whatanyone around us thought and I was loudly praising the pleasure Guy wasproviding me, topped off by a jerking, spasming orgasm, my cry of, "ohfuck, I'm cumming! Iku (I'm cumming)! Iku! informing everyone of howgood I was feeling. His tongue and lips weren't done yet and I hit themultiple orgasm sequence of my passion and no doubt made him look likethe champion pussy eater of all time.

When he tired of that, he had me stand up. The Japanese couple acrossfrom us were still watching and so were at least two other boy-girlcombinations. I told him that I brought a few lengths of rope if hewanted to tie me up during the evening. He bound my hands and then hadme kneel in front of him. He tied my ankles together and anchored thehand tie to the ankle rope. He positioned his cock in front of my mouthand made me take it. He grabbed the sides of my head and began toskullfuck me. He was soon fully hard.

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   He untied my hands, spun me aroundand bent me over the table. Then I felt his now resurrected Little Guybeing pistoned in and out of me, burrowing into my slick hole like agopher on crack. The heat from the friction he was causing had mepanting and moaning. He gave me several hard slaps on my ass while heinvaded me for his own pleasure. "Oh God Master, fuck me hard, give yourcockslave what she needs!" I whimpered without a care about anyoneoverhearing. "Oh yeah bitch,  you're going to get it real good," hesnarled and started reaming the bejesus out of my love pit and Ishuddered and screamed that I was cumming in both english and Japanese,as the sensations erupted volcanically throughout my body. Guy's gruntswere very audible as he cored the center of my body relentlessly,driving me into a state of temporary insanity that convulsed my pubicand vaginal muscles over and over until the assault finally ended withhim draining his balls into me.

He turned me around to face him and he dipped his body and picked me uplike I was a sack of potatoes and carried me around that part of thefloor so that everybody could get a gander at my naked body and the cumrunning down my legs. He brought us back to our table and he untied theankle ropes. I got some tissues out of my purse and wiped Guy's fluidoff of myself. We dressed and headed down to the basement, where therewere lockers and showers. We rented one of those lockers and then spentthe better part of half an hour cleaning each other up under the sprayof the water, which was fun in and of itself. Guy told me to stand forinspection while the water sprayed me from above so that he could admirehow my body looked wet, especially my tits. We held each other tightlyfor a couple minutes and then toweled off and made ourselves decentbefore exiting the building.

We went to my hotel and he spent the night, his arms cuddling me as I nodded off into a supremely refreshing slumber.

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