The huntress


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“Have her initiate contact. ” Instructed the first man in a white lab coat.

The blonde female technician sitting in front of a bank of consoles nodded, turned to the console, and began typing commands into the keyboard in front of her.

“Initiating contact. ” She said.

“Here we go, gentlemen. Now we’ll see if it can be done naturally rather than surgically. ” Said Lab Coat 1 to a second and third man who were also wearing lab coats.

“If what you’re about to do can even be called ‘natural’. ” Replied Lab Coat 2, with a hint of amusement.

Lab Coat 1 glanced at him, but didn’t bother to answer.

“What do you hope to achieve with this experiment?” asked Lab Coat 3.

“As I’ve said before, she is special. It’s already been established that her genetic structure is unique. She has bonded with the T-Virus at a cellular level, adapted it, changed it. ” Answered Lab Coat 1, his voice taking on a note of awe.

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   “Now what if she was to have a child? Would that child be able to do the same? Would that child be more impressive than the mother? And what if it could, and that child was female too? Could it reproduce more of these amazing women? And what if we could one day supply buyers with whole teams of these women? That gentlemen, is what I want to find out. And it all starts with her. ” He ended by gesturing toward Alice, who stood completely naked in the containment room behind the observation window below them.

“But why with this creature? Why with the Omega?” pressed Lab Coat 2.

“I think I can answer that, since I work more closely with the Omegas. ” Cut in Lab Coat 3. “We’ve come a long way since the initial experiment done at the Raccoon facility. The Omega Hunters are the culmination of the things that have gone right with all the failed experiments before it. It is intelligent, strong, a relentless hunter and killer, and its ability to mutate at will is amazing. Taking out what was wrong with the prior species, and infusing more of the right elements have culminated in that magnificent creature before you. ”

“Magnificent? It’s grotesque!” Sneered Lab Coat 2. “You want to see magnificent, come down to the pens and see my Pinshcers. Now THEY are magnificent! So graceful… so deadly… so…”

“…DUMB?” Interrupted Lab Coat 3, sarcastically. “Too bad they couldn’t fetch a brain. ”

“Look here, monkey-boy…” Lab Coat 2 looked about to explode but was cut short by Lab Coat 1.

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“Gentlemen!” he said, forcefully. “We are forgetting what we are here for. ”

The blonde technician looked at another female technician beside her, a petite brunette, and they smirked knowingly at each other. They knew that Lab Coat 2 and 3 were only arguing because both scientists were jealous that 1 was in charge of Project Alice. It was the project only the best were assigned to. And everyone knew that 2 and 3 just didn’t cut it.

“See?” he said, turning his attention to the scene below him. “She has made contact. ”


In the containment room below the observation window

Alice knew what she was instructed to do, and she knew she had to do it now. Nothing felt wrong about it. It was a command that she never even thought of disobeying. Even as she began her approach toward the huge manlike creature lounging on the slab of concrete before her, Alice began to feel the surge of arousal caused by the electronic device implanted into her brain.

She felt the wetness between her legs as she walked cautiously toward the Licker. It watched her closely but gave no sign of feeling threatened or suspicious.

But as her eyes roved over its body - the greenish-black pebbly skin, the greatly defined and delineated musculature, the over large reptilian head with oily black eyes, slits for nasal passages, and a long, serpentine tongue that flicked in and out of its heavy, powerful jaws, that also sported a double row of 2 inch long pointed shark-like teeth – her need for sexual satiation escalated and then focused on the Licker.

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And as it caught the scent of her arousal, another monstrous appendage made its appearance from between folds of loose, spongy flesh at the apex of its massively muscled thighs.

Its penis was a pulsing jet black with threads of white, gelatinous secretions that streaked the head and sides of it. Drawn to it like a moth to a flame, Alice threw caution to the wind and dropped to her knees beside the concrete slab, taking the monstrous penis in her seemingly tiny hand.

Growling at her sudden action, the Licker sent her tumbling across the padded floor with a powerful backhanded slap. Before she’d even come to a stop the Licker launched itself from the slab, flying toward her.

Pulses jumped and all breathing ceased in the observation room above, more than one of the fascinated viewers expected to see the woman torn to pieces. Everyone, especially Lab Coat 1, breathed a sigh of relief as the huge licker landed atop her with all four legs surrounding her, but it didn’t crush her. The green pallor in his skin didn’t start to recede until the Licker began to sniff Alice.

“She moved too fast. ” Murmured Lab Coat 3. “She has to remember that he’s Alpha Omega. He’s the boss. ”

“Fine. Relay that instruction. ” Lab Coat 1 snapped at the techs.

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The Licker stared eye to eye with Alice, as it began to settle its weight down onto her, slowly crushing her. It gnashed its teeth in ire, and she could see its serpentine tongue thrashing around in its mouth, as a low steady growl vibrated in its chest, making her body shake with the power of it.

Suddenly, Alice’s body went limp and she broke eye contact with the Licker, the chip in her brain relaying further instructions. She brought up one trembling hand and stroked its lower jaw. The growling and the downward pressure instantly stopped. She brought up her other hand and began to rub the underside of both sides of its jaw. It began to slowly ease up until she could breathe again.

It then snaked out its long tongue and licked Alice from navel to neck. Making her gasp in renewed desire. It then began to lick whatever body part it could reach. It paid special attention to her breasts, rubbing its rough tongue back and forth over her large, distended nipples. It then worked its slimy black tongue down between her legs and delved into her now sopping wet slit.

Alice moaned with pleasure, as its tongue worked its way deep inside her, wiggling about to taste every inch of her depths.

Just then, the spiny cartilage along the creatures spine rustled and then stood straight up. It pulled its tongue out of her so fast, it left a burning sensation behind, and Alice groaned at the pain, but liked it nonetheless, her lust had been tweaked to maximum levels by the morbidly fascinated techs that were watching from above.

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The creature roughly flipped her onto her stomach, and began to walk around her, eying her as if in appreciation.

“Okay! She’s got him!” crowed Lab Coat 3. “I hope your girl is as tough as you say she is, man. ”

“Why do you say that?” asked Lab Coat 1.

“You’ve heard the term ‘getting your brains fucked out’? Well, that’s exactly what’s about to happen to her. ”

Alice’s cunt was now sopping wet, her body eagerly anticipating the Hunter.

Coming up behind her, it gripped the back of her head in its powerful jaws, as it lowered itself onto her body.

Its pebbled, oily skin rubbed along her backside, leaving smears of its skin oil behind to soak into her skin.

“What is it doing? Why doesn’t it just mount her?” asked Lab Coat 1.

“Holy shit. ” Whispered Lab Coat 2, glancing worriedly at Lab Coat 3.

“What?!” demanded 1 and 3.

“He’s claiming her… he’s claiming her as his mate! This is no longer just a mating, man. Hunters will mate with any available female but it only claims a female when it believes it has found it LIFEmate. You’ll never be able to get her away from him unless you kill him, because he’s making her his! He’ll kill anyone and anything that gets near her.

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“Aaahhooohhh!” Alice’s pained moan came through the speakers, and everyone’s eyes shot back to the scene below.

Holding her upper body in its massively muscled arms, the creature was slowly shoving its huge, oily black cock into her sopping wet cunt. Even with all the lubrication, Alice was being immensely stretched. The two lady technicians moaned in fascinated horror as interior cameras showed how much Alice was being stretched.

They all gasped as they saw how Alice’s pussy lips seemed to wriggle and then slurp at the huge cock invading it. Like a mouth sucking a lollipop.

“What the fuck kind of pussy does she have?!” exclaimed Lab Coat 3.

Lab Coat 2 looked nauseous, and the brunette technician cried out and fled the room. “This is disgusting!” gulped 2, fighting the urge to throw up.

“She’s adapting. ” Said 1, in a tone of pleased awe.

“Adapting to what? A monster cock?! I may not look it, man. But I’ve had many pussies in my day, and pussies just don’t do that! Aaagh Ugggh!” groaned 3, as Alice’s pussy slurped the huge cock the rest of the way in.

“Her entire innards must be adapting to fit him inside. I had my suspicions about her, but never thought this could ever be.

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   She’s magnificent!” cried 1.

“Ugh! You’re sick, man! I’m outta here!” cried 3, before fleeing out the same door the brunette had taken.

1 looked down at the blonde technician and saw how she was licking her lips, as she watched the pair in the room below.

“Is this turning you on?” he asked her, amused.

The tech blushed furiously, then looked up at 1 meekly. “A little. I mean, who ever says size doesn’t matter is lying, and that’s the biggest damn cock I’ve ever seen. ”

Lab Coat 1 laughed, going along with her joke. But in his mind, he was mentally making plans to have her included in the next mating experiment. Without Alice’s special abilities it may kill her, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to see what would happen.

“Aaaaagghh!” screamed Alice, pleasure and pain threaded in the tone of her voice, as the beast began to pump her pussy.

The creature’s prickly-haired ball sac had come out of the folds of protective flesh and was now slapping wetly against Alice’s stomach every time it brutally slammed its cock into her.

Even with all the screams, Alice was smiling ecstatically, and pushing back towards her beastly lover, matching it stroke for stroke. Their movements made the stone slab grind across the metal floor, but Alice looked to be relishing the pounding her pussy was getting.

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Every time the slab moved the beast had to scramble forward to stay lodged in Alice’s grasping pussy. Roaring in frustration, it lifted her off the slab, while still imbedded deep within her, and held her in midair as its hips bucked furiously up into her.

Alice screamed in staccato bursts as she madly fucked by the massive black cock. Suddenly, its long garishly red tongue slipped out of its mouth, trailed down her body and buried itself into her pussy too, as if eager to taste her as it fucked her.

This seemed to drive Alice crazy, she ripped its arms from around her and turned herself, while still impaled, to face him. The beast’s legs seemed to give in and it fell heavily onto its back, Alice, screaming and moaning still riding its cock.

Perched atop it, Alice strongly fucked the beast, its black flesh in great contrast to her pale, creamy skin, her medium-length wavy red hair flaring out behind her as she joyfully rode the mammoth cock. The creature below her grunting in bestial ecstasy.

Its thick, red tongue now ran down her back and dove between the globes of her perfect ass; finding her tight asshole, it drilled its ruthlessly into her.

Alice screamed as both her nether holes were stuffed to the brim, she began to ride the monster harder. Suddenly, she froze and screamed.

Her orgasm seeming to take her by surprise. She shook madly in the throes of her orgasm, and then came again when the beast roared and ejaculated deep within her.

The two remaining observers watched, fascinated, as Alice’s pussy, which was still stuffed with the huge black cock, rippled a bit wider and allowed a vast amount of the Hunter’s semen to trickled down the shaft and onto the beast itself.

“It was too much cum.

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  ” Murmured the tech, her eyes slightly glazed.

“Yeah. ” Agreed Lab Coat 1, feeling numb.

He frowned, and then quickly began to smile. “That was a lot of cum, yes, but nowhere near the actual amount a Hunter can ejaculate. She didn’t let it all out. ”

By then, Alice had collapsed onto the floor beside the Hunter. The Hunter, looking refreshed in a way, began licking Alice clean, before cleaning itself.

Alice lay with a dreamy smile, letting her lover clean her.

A single musical tone rent the air, as Lab Coat 1 spoke over the intercom.

“That was good work, Alice. You may now leave the room and report to the lab for examination. ”

“Doctor!” exclaimed the tech, as she pointed at a video screen to her left. “Look at that!”

They had an unobstructed view of Alice’s unnaturally distended pussy. And even as they watched, they could see the inner muscles tightening up, working its way outwards until her genitalia was returned to normal, healthy looking size.

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“Holy shit!” was all Lab Coat 1 could say.

“That is so weird!” exclaimed the tech.

“Alice, why haven’t you vacated the room, yet? Do as I say, right now!” snapped Lab Coat 1, over the intercom.

Alice looked up at the window, and flicked him the bird.

The Doctor and the tech just gaped down at her.

The Hunter then picked Alice up in one arm and began climbing the observation room wall heading for the monitor room in which the doctor and the tech were sitting. It broke the glass effortlessly, and deposited Alice gently on her feet inside.

The doctor and the tech had fallen to the floor behind the chairs, and they stared fearfully up the Hunter that had stopped just inside the window. But their terrified gazes switched to Alice as she squatted down in front of them. A strong, musky odor drifted off from her, making the doctor’s cock twitch.

The Hunter in the window growled, sensing another randy male near his mate.

Alice silenced it with a glance, and then looked back at the doctor contemptuously.

“How are you doing this? You can’t negate your programming, and you can’t disobey orders!” he shouted, nervously.

Alice just smiled patiently at the doctor, as she idly toyed with the cuff of his pants. The Hunter growled again, but this time at her, and she stopped what she was doing.



Her playful expression vanished, and she looked with deadly intent into his eyes.

“Instead of getting your little cheap thrills watching me and beloved here. You should’ve been paying attention to the other instrument panels. Namely, the temperature gauges. ”


“Our little romp…” she gestured toward the Hunter perched in the window. “…spiked our temperatures really high, and I’m sorry, but your precious little programming chip got fried. You can sue me if you want. But you just need to remember one thing…”

Turning, she looked up at a nearby camera she knew was taping away, and spoke directly into it.

“You no longer control me, or him. Get over it. ”

She then got up and walked out of the room, ignoring the screams that rose up behind her.

The brunette tech, having decided to return to her post, came around the corner and froze as she caught sight of the naked, smiling Alice.

Then the screams coming from behind the closed door registered.

“What the hell is going on?!” she exclaimed.

“Oh nothing.

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   Just a lil after-sex snacking. ” Answered Alice, nonchalantly. She then stepped to the side as her Hunter crashed through the door and dragged down the brunette.

Alice smile again as thoughts of revenge ran through her mind.

||The End||



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