The Chronicles of Magic and Licentiononia Part I


"…And so we were dismissed for the two hour break. We had toiled in nakedness along the farm, preparing for the end of summer and so we were all very muddy, covered almost head to toe. So, my fellow serfs and I went to the river to bathe. Upon reaching the cool, transparent waters, we discovered a number of young centaurs, which were playing with some nymphs. We admired the graceful nude forms of the young nymphs, with their stunning faces, perfect, medium sized breasts, full areolas, long nipples that the cool breeze was just beginning to harden, and a slight shadow right where the thighs meet. Then we gazed upon the centaurs, with their powerful torsos, masculine faces, long hair, powerful horse form, and massive dangling phalluses, which the nymphs were just beginning to stroke. The water was refreshing, and after each of us felt clean enough, we swam to the orgy, which was now starting to get into full swing. Two nymphs were suckling upon their centaur lover's fully erect penises, both of which were well over twenty magnificent inches long, and fingering themselves erotically. All of our mouth's watered and cock's hardened at the sensual sight unfolding before us, and so, without words, we each walked over to a pair of the lovers and began to play with them. I came to the leaders of the two parties, whom were taking turns giving each other oral sex. It was the centaur's turn at the moment, so I began to entertain the beautiful, darkened breasts, first with my slow hands, then with my very wet tongue. The centaur looked up and met my eyes as I went to change from one severely hardened nipple to another, and he smiled a great sexual smile, letting me know exactly from the start what was expected of me to come in this situation. The sounds of lust filled with air without reprieve, with the moaning of man, centaur, and nymph combing into a whirlpool of erotic music, with us at its very vortex. The nymph, while I had been distracted by the sound around me, had taken the chance to pick herself up, and playfully tackle me, much to my surprise. I now found my painfully erect penis between the silk lips of a nymph, and the immense centaur cock in front of mine. I took a deep breath and went to work, mimicking what the nymph was doing to me, albeit a second or two behind.

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   She licked my ridge; I licked his ridge. She began to deep throat me, and so I tried my best (I failed miserably) to deep throat the powerful centaur that was moaning in pleasure. I do not know how long we spent in that position, but all of the sudden I felt the telltale boiling in my deepest regions, and my fire was let loose into the warm, wet lips. At the same instant I felt the giant cock in my own mouth start throbbing, and then nothing short of the hottest brew to exist shot itself into every portion of my mouth and down my throat. I kept sucking, and it took him a full minute to stop. I shared what I had left with the nymph who had looked at me so jealously the entire time he had cum…" As you can see, these times were much more pleasant than my own are now. Those days are now a full century ago. Sometime right before now, a group of dark beasts, evil monsters, black wizards and witches came from beyond our island. They subjugated young lovers, first tying them up and whipping them, then fucking them in the rear for hours at a time. Once harmless sexual beings were made into slaves, wearing nothing but leather, and having nothing but abusive sex. The nymphs took it hardest. Upon the finishing of the ass raping, some of them sank into a catatonic state wherein they formed themselves into rapists, sporting huge black penises that were, on average, two feet long and a full ten inches in girth, and having a vagina that could trap a penis of any size for days before letting go. They were known to seduce anything that came upon them, and in the middle of having normal sex, would reveal the massive muscular member, close the trap, and then fuck the poor soul for six hours at a time. Needless to say, few of those raped by these rare creatures lives to tell any kind of story. The armies of darkness swept down the north part of the island, taking over every little town, every meadow, piece by piece, until now, a full four decades after they first started their invasion, what remains of our original island inhabitants have formed an army to defend the small percentage of the island that we have left.

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   All in all, in forty years, we lost 4/5 of our total island. Now though, we shall fight. I am Erotorian, one of the first to take up arms against the hordes that march against us. I led a small army against them, making them fight for every inch of land. Every victory we had was, at best, enough to buy time for a few more unarmed citizens to flee. That was ten years ago when the fight was first taken up. I was fifteen when the attack ended and the war began. I am twenty-five now. Many a youth has longed after me, but I have had no time for love or sex in these dark days. I have a handsome, aristocratic face, with multicolored eyes that have fascinated more than one young nymph, a chiseled chest, lean muscular arms, and a cock that has put most of my fellow man to shame. When you are ten inches long and have girth of nine inches, even the centaurs look upon you with some respect. Ha! To think that in some other time I might be some great sexual being and I am cursed to live a life of death and pain! A great battle had just been lost, and I was unsure of my whereabouts. With the hordes came great black storms, which they used as a weapon, and potent it is, raining a musky rain to distract the mind of my men just before a huge phallic tentacle is shoved into each orifice and they are rendered a casualty of battle, or a flying beast grabs an unsuspecting centaur with her powerful vaginal lips, drawing it in with the powerful muscles and having the tiny finger-like muscles stimulate the centaur to orgasm, at which point the live young consume the semen and then begin to feast upon the weakened centaur. I needed to move onward to the south, but all around me is the sound of the stampeding hordes, raping everything civilized. I gripped my great steel sword as tightly as possible and erected my penis.

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   One must never approach any enemy with a flaccid penis, or else that one is lost almost automatically.
    A crashing through the underbrush made me freeze still, my member throbbing between my legs and my sword ready for anything. I crouched slowly, my eyes searching for anything. Then, first one, then two tentacles slithered around in my direction, seeking something that the blind predator thought he'd heard. The long, veined phalluses got just within the range of my sword, when they froze. I heard the creature growl, and so I slammed my sword into the one closest to me, slicing it off cleanly. A shriek from the beast erupted out, and then the tentacle closest to me grabbed the sword, yanking it right out of my hands. Three more tentacles shot out after me, and I bore my penis in my right hand, smacking the first two tentacles away from getting behind my and anally penetrating me. The third curled itself round my neck, and forced my mouth open, shoving itself all the way down my throat. I realized that I was doomed when I noticed the position I was in was down on all fours. The two remaining tentacles grabbed my struggling arms, and I felt the long, slippery tongue of the panting beast up against my asshole. I tightened up all the muscles in my body to make the rape as difficult as possible for the beast, that is, until the tentacle around my neck that was mouth fucking me tightened its grip so that I began to find it very difficult to breathe. I moaned in great pain as the beast's huge cock head began to push my ass apart. With one huge thrust he ripped my asshole's futile defense apart, and then began to thrust eagerly. I felt the tentacle in my throat throbbing harder and harder, and then it exploded, filling my stomach with heavy semen.

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       The beast's tentacle pulled out of my mouth, but kept its hold on my neck, and I felt the first effects of the semen on me, most notably sleepiness. Only my powerful libido kept me from falling prey to its ill effects. The ass raping continued, and I resisted the powerful thrusts as much I could. If the beast made me cum, all was lost. If I made it cum, all was lost. I screamed as loud as I could, hoping to gain attention of any surviving allies that might be close. I knew I had lost; the desire to sleep was beginning to kill my strength, and the constant pressure on my prostate was overwhelming. I knew that any minute I was going to cum, but still I tried. Just as my eyes began to close and I began to cum, I heard a great cry: "Foul, terrible, ruinous beast, get off of him and face your doom. " I looked and saw a stunningly beautiful witch standing there, with fire in her eyes, erect nipples, and her pussy lubrication actually creating a puddle by her feet. The beast was so startled he let go of me, just as I was cumming, which was his first mistake since he'd started fucking me. I turned around and immediately thrust inside his ass. The witch leapt upon his ugly face and the last I saw of it was it entering into her stretched pussy. She orgasmed almost immediately, and I heard the beast scream in pain. My own semen filled the foul ass in which my cock lay, and that was the last of the terrible beast.

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       There was no head left, but upon seeing the moonlight on its corpse, it was clear that this was a major in the great horde, certainly one of the leaders of the very battle we had lost that night. Without warning, I collapsed, and the last thing I remember was the long, thin tongue of the witch sliding into my asshole, soothing the aching pain. .



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