Topic: STOPAs you sit, staring out of the bus window, you think back over the day. How slow time had seem to go,How, no matter what you did, everything today was just so boring. Suddenly, awakening you from yourdreams, someone smacks you over the back of the head. "Stop it" you mumble. Of coarse, they hit you again. You turn around. "Stop it", you say forcefully. Before you even get a chance to turn around again, you get another smack over the head. "STOP!" you scream at the kid behind you. Instantly, he freezes. The bus goes silent. Nobody moves. "Thankyou" you say, and go back to looking through the window. But the bus isn't moving. You look around, infact, nothing is. Trying to make sense of it in your head, you tap the person in front of you on the shoulder.

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  They don't move, so you push their head forwards. It stays there. "Oh my god", you realise. You stopped time. "Awesome as!" you yell, and jump out of your seat. You run to the dor of the bus, but cant get it open. Something is jamming it shut. "Awww shit" you groan, and return to your seat. Just as you are about to try to restart time, an idea comes to you. Sitting in front of you, is a very pretty girl, only about one year younger than you. You scratch your head, wondering if it is possible. Yes, it is, you decide, and get up. As you walk around the seat,m you handsare shaking with anticipation. You stroke her hair from her face, and get up close to her. You notice really how prettyShe actually is.

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   Slowly, you kiss her on the lips. Lightly at first, then passionately as you realise theres nothing anyone can do. You begin to undo the buttons on her white school dress. Then, standing her upright, you slide the dress off of her. She stands clad in nothing but her frilly cotton bra and baby blue cotton panties. Shaking, you take them slowly take them both off. Nude, she looks even better with large breasts and a trimmed pussy. You are a guy, so you don't know heaps about bra sizes, but you guess a C-cup. Impressed, you think what to do next. Looking down at her crotch, an idea springs to mind. You arn't a virgin. Sure, you don't get laid every night, but you've beenthere. But never like this, never been allowed to do whatever you want. You grin, then get to work. Carefully, you work her over to the edge ofthe seat.


   Then, you lift one of her legs onto the seat itself, with the other on the floor. Now, you've spread her legs. You undo the fly on your black school pants, and slide them down to your ankles. Then down with your underwear. Finally, stipped down to nothing but an undone tshirt, you try to penetrate her. You find her pussy is too dry, so you spit on your hands then rub her pussy a little bit. But just to be sure, you get down on one knee and begin to lick her out. You thrust your tounge deep inside of her, when lick all around her labia and clit. After you feel like that enough, you stand backup again, and stroke your dick to bring it back to peak. Whilst not HUGE, your quiet happy with your seven and a half inch dong. And you havn't had any complaints either. . . Ready, preped and rearing to go, you slowly push at the opening of her pussy. After a bit of sliding an maneuvering, you eventually feel the head of you dick slide in.

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  You start thrusting repeatedly, hard and fast into her. It feels so good, so warm and tight. You can feel every little ridge or bump inside her pussy. Moaning, you keep slidingin and out of her. You feel an orgasm building. That feeling around the base of your dick grows, and your balls get tight. As you get very close to cumming, your dick slides out. Coming to your senses for a moment, you think about the repocussions of getting her pregnant. So instead of sliding back into her pussy, you slowly push into her ass, and resume thrusting. After only a few minute, you are ready to cum again, and this time do. You feel to good, not wearing a condom and not worring. Your cum surges into her ass, oozing out over the head of your dick. You stay still for a few moments, then pull out. You go and wipe your dick over the face of the guy who hit you, then redress the girl. You get dressed again, then thinking as hard as you can, you yell "START".

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  Time resumes, they guy behind you wipes her face and looks at his hand then at the roof. The girl ahead of you gives a short, sharp groan and adjusts herself in the seat, and adjusts her clothing. You sit there smiling, humming a little tune to yourself. And no-one knows why. . . .