Seek the wolf in thyself


This is a part of a story I was writing, changed it a bit from the original story. . . tell me what yall think
Wolferick felt the change begin.
As before, it started with a pulling sensation in his mind as it grew to the predatory mind of the beast. Then came the pressure in his bone, much like when pulling out a tooth, as they warped and contorted into the time perfected frame of the wolf. His mouth itched, his ears itched, and his skin crawled as vicious teeth grew and fine tuned ears morphed and ultra sensitive fur sprouted all over his changing body. The change was over in minutes, and with it came the flooding of senses and the true mean of feeling good.
He looked at himself in the calm creek, and icy blue fire looked back at him. His fur was light gray and black radiating over his crown and along his back and most of his flanks. His collar was a stripe of black in a sea of snow white chest and underbelly. He was massive by wolf standards, over a meter and a half at the shoulder and about a two hundred and fifty pounds. He could easily fit a large mans head in his jaws and crush it even easier. He could nearly see the trails of scent in the air, along the ground, in the water, and he could see the slightest ant creeping across the bark of a tree. He could hear the minute flapping of a sparrow’s wings as it flew above the treetops. He felt the coiled power in his muscles, the ability to spring half a spears throw, and the balance to walk along a taut wire.

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He smelled…deer, a wounded one, and the hunt was on. He loped off easily, filled with excitement of knowing he was to eat well. He came out into a meadow and saw it, limping badly from a poorly shot crossbow bolt in it’s hip. He guessed that it had been shot and ran and that the hunters had likely given up. He was yet inexperienced in the ways of the wolf.
He coiled and released, in several bounds and a final leap, he took the stag in the throat. He whipped around with the deer in a iron jaw grip with enough force to snap its neck and bring it to the ground. Before he could feast upon his kill, he heard a yell and a snap followed by a searing pain in his left shoulder. He yelped and scrambled for the cover of the forest. He glanced back once he was safe and saw a young boy and his father walk out to the carcass, the father laughing and patting the boy on the shoulder, and the boy grinning with the crossbow in his hands.
His shoulder hurt bad, he held his left leg off the ground and limped on three legs. A very small clearing broken by a flowing creek appeared through the trees and he laid down to lick his wound. That only made it worse, he lay his head down, closed his eyes and whined as he tried to fight off the pain. Then his ear caught a shift in a fern ten yards downwind, but he couldn’t catch a scent.
He made another mistake of playing it off as a small animal.

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  A moment later a young woman with eyes as black as a new moon and hair vixen red stepped into the clearing. He growled a warning, though it was empty as it would have taken him a lot longer to get up than it would for her to kill him. A look of shock crossed her face, first as she saw his size, then again as his fiery blue eyes met hers.
“Oh my. ” she gasped.
She crouched down, making herself less intimidating, and crawled toward him speaking calmly to him. As she near him she tried to make contact and her hand brushed his gray fur on his flank. He lashed out at her
Don’t touch me! he snarled, revealing his long fangs.
Though she couldn’t understand his words the meaning was clear. She waited for him to rest his head back down before trying something different.
She slowly lower her face down to his and lifted her chin, exposing her throat. The wolf instincts told him to take her in his jaws, and he squeezed gently but she did not pull away, she trusted him. It somehow calmed him so that when she laid her small hand on his flank he barely twitched. She ran her hand gently along his flank, feeling the solid muscle, then twined her fingers through his thick fur.
“You are a truly magnificent animal.

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  ” she whispered in awe.
Though he dwarfed her in size and power, he sensed no fear on her. She moved her hands slowly to the blood soaked fur surrounding the bolt in his shoulder, and he growled quietly.
“Shh, your going to have to trust me. ” she whispered softly.
He sighed and closed his eyes, much to the surprise of the woman, and she wrapped her hand around the shaft.
“Are you ready?” she asked him, more to calm him than to get an answer.
Again he surprised her, giving a flick of his tail in reply. “Ok here goes. ” she said, and ripped the bolt out quick. He lashed out, not at her, but at anything he could. She jerked back out of the way just in time to avoid his snapping jaws. She waited a moment before moving back in to calm him, which she did fairly easily.
“It’s ok, this will make it better. ” she said as she pulled out three glass vials, one with a pale blue-green liquid, the other a thin red, and the last was empty.

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She pulled the stopper on the three and pour some of each into the empty vial, replaced the stopper and shook it to mix it up.
“This will hurt at first, then you should feel good. ” she said, more out of habit than to him.
She poured the mixture into the wound, and it felt like being shot again. He clenched his jaws and it was over in a moment, then it started to feel nice. A tingling like a sleeping limb spread outward from the wound and after a few moments of enjoying the feel, his eyelids grew heavy and the last thing he saw was the woman sitting next to him softly rubbing his head.
“A little too strong…” she muttered
Canine eyes opened to find a wooded world spinning. Wolferick lifted his paws to cover his wolf face, trying in vain to stop the whirling.
“Aren’t you cute. ” came the voice of the woman “I know, I’ve felt it too. ”
He peeked over his paws to find the spinning was slowing and he saw her sitting against a tree. He flicked his ears in thought, he didn’t know how to deal with this. She would surely discover his terrible secret, but he liked feeling like he was wanted. He went to sit up, putting weight on his bad leg and feeling the shooting pains, he winced and pulled in up to his chest.
She shook her head “Really is a shame hunters would do such a thing to so beautiful a creature.

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  ” she mumbled to herself.
He cocked his head and gazed at her, making her giggle “Yes you are beautiful. ” she told him.
Then a funny look came over her face “Listen at you Roxina, talking to a wolf. Your losing it!” she said to herself.
So Roxina it was, he thought as he gazed at her, she was more beautiful than she was making him out to be. Her skin was light bronze and her eyes were black and her hair fox red but for the tips which, like a fox, were white. She wasn’t tall, just over five foot but curving seductively with a fearless spark in her eyes at all times.
“Why are you staring at me like that?” she asked, nearly blushing.
She found it impossible to break his icy blue gaze, they held her as tight as his jaws may. She glanced up at the darkening sky
“I must get back to my cabin before the storms come. ” she said and stood up “I wish you well, wild friend. ” she waved to him before setting off into the forest.
He stood and limped after her, feeling compelled to go with her, though he found it hard to keep up with only three legs and other one throbbing. She stopped as she heard him, then saw him break the foliage, limping pitifully after her.

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“You are something else. ” she said and shook her head, and slowed her pace for him.
After a bit of a walk they came upon her cabin, nestled beside a clear cove on the river. He scented the air and ground and found no scent other than her and a few woodland critters, she lived alone. She opened the door and invited him in. he was cautious, his wild instincts showing, and he scented and looked around before stepping through the doorway. It was a cozy little cabin, a good sized river stone fire pit, a willow bed with a straw mattress. A pile of blankets and furs were stacked by the bed and she hurried to them. She grabbed a few and folded them to make a soft mat not too near the hearth.
“There you are, you may relax. ” she told him and patted the mat.
He moved over to it, turned around a few times on it, then settled with a content sigh. She was crouched next to him and reached out to run a hand down his flank again. He jumped as she touched him
“Shh, its ok, I’m not going to hurt you. ” she assured him.

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He glanced sideways at her to find her drawn into running her hands through his fur and in her eyes was a look he could not understand. He knew he had an effect on her, but he did not know why or what it was she felt.
A few days went by and they grew more comfortable together. Wolferick was healing quickly, with the help of Roxina, every night she would work his hurt leg around to fight off stiffness and lameness. One night after she worked his leg and lay down for bed, she felt three paws land lightly on the bed. A moment later she felt his heavy weight settle in against her and his muzzle lay on the side of her neck between her shoulder and ear. She smiled as she heard him sigh contentedly and fall into the darkness of sleep. This was the beginning of a relationship unrivaled in its strength.
She woke up with the sun to find the massive wolf wrapped protectively around her. She silently thanked the good Lord for guiding her to this creature in its time of need. She got out of bed and walk over to a water barrel to splash water on her face. Wolferick awoke and stretched, his shoulder now only hurting if he jarred it hard, and hopped down off the bed. He walked up behind her and nosed the back of her thigh and sat down. She turned around and greeted him with a smile.
“Better watch out, your starting to show your sweet side.

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  ” she said in mock warning, then scratched his chin.
He gave her hand a lick she giggled “Are you hungry? I guess it would be a good idea to feed the wolf before I turn up on the menu. ” she said and got bag of dried deer meat from a cabinet.
She sat down at a chair and he put his huge paw on her knee. She laughed and gave him his breakfast piece by piece. Afterwards they walked out into the crisp cool morning down to the cove. Roxina slipped out off her clothes and waded into the clear water. Her hips swayed with each step and her firm breast perked with the cool air, even as a wolf he was aroused.
He ran around the edge of the water until he was in the deeper side, then dove in as she swam by. She laughed as he came swimming by her and she wrapped an arm around his shoulder, and he carried her out into the water. She sank into the feeling of her wet fur rubbing her skin. They swam back to the shore and laid down together.
“I think I’m falling in love with you. ” she said and gazed into his eyes.
He could help but feel his member growing, this beautiful woman was lying next to him nude, gazing at him.

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“Oh my. ” she said and blushed, noticing his horniness.
She stood up “You’re a dirty boy. ” she giggled and slipped her clothes back on.
They spent the day just enjoying each others company, she would hide and he would find her, or tracking critters, until later in the evening storm clouds rolled in. It started raining a short ways from the cabin, and when they entered the home they were soaked. She wiped him down with a sheet before stripping down herself and hanging her wet garments in front of the fire. She grabbed a brush and knelt in front of him and ran it gently through his coat. knelt down he was over a head taller than she was and nearly twice as broad.
She felt as vulnerable as a mouse to a lion, but she trusted him. She could feel the rock solid muscle pulled tight beneath his skin and as she lay a hand on his wide chest she glanced up at him. His icy gaze seemed to bore into her soul, and once again she could not break his gaze. Her mind seemed to fill with fog, she couldn’t think straight, so she sat the brush down and went to get up and step outside.
As she began to rise, the wolf put a huge paw on her shoulder, and she sat back down, confused. He moved forward, easily laying her on the floor, and stood overtop of her.

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   He leaned down and licked her face, focusing around her lips, before moving down to her neck. He ran his tongue over every inch of skin, her chest, each breast, until she started squirming in anticipation. Then she glanced between his legs and saw a sure sign he was thinking what she was. His huge organ was sticking several inches out of its sheath and thick as three of her fingers across.
She began to scoot out from beneath him when he slipped a tongue across her slit, she shivered. He buried his long wolf tongue in her mound with each stroke, bringing her closer and closer to climax. But as soon as it started to break on her, he stopped. She tried pulling him into her but he resisted. She reached back and pulled herself up on the bed, thinking a better angle would entice him, she was right in a way.
He lifted himself lightly onto her chest and wrapped his strong arms around her waist, and the wolf began taking over. He thrust gently at first then deeper, harder, and faster. He pounded into her with a wild passion and she screamed in pleasure, all but drowned out by crashing thunder. Every thrust seemed to take her higher and higher into her ecstasy until finally, in the silence between the crashing he locked his over fist sized knot in her and blew his load deep in her.
He let out a long primeval howl at the peak of sexual pleasure, the wild wolf came to the fore. She was his now, his Alpha female, and the thought of it gave her a dark pleasure.


  It was a beautiful and terrifying sight to behold, this massive wolf above her, muzzle to the sky and fur bristling. He let the howl go and turned his head down to lock eyes with her. In that moment she knew that she was his, but also that he would not harm her, and a sense of safety came over her. And with that, she drew his huge head down into a deep kiss, exploring each others very different mouths.

Thunder drowned all other sounds.




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