Sanctuary safari


It was an early African morning, only 5:45 and already 80 degrees. The tent flap flew back and out Stepped Dr. Helen Magnus the head of the Sanctuary network follwed by Kate Freelander. Both women laughing as Magnus told a story about a previous hunt. They joined the Henry and Will at the fire, but there was an unfamilar figure standing in the rising sunlight. His name is Logan Grim - Magnus, the adopted son of Helen and brother to her late daughter Ashley. Kate sipping her coffee watched him as he stared down at the planes coming to life and couldn't help but think how much she would like to see if he was any good in the sack. Being that he was a abnormal human in that his physical and sensory attributes were superhuman she was sure he could give her a good ride! Continuing to drink she fantasized about him fucking her brains out until she was beginning to feel her juices run down her butt. Magnus pouring her coffee and talking tech with Henry and trying to concentrate as he rambled on about some new E. M. pulse stunner he built; she began to think about how much Logan had grown up since he left 5 years ago to learn more about his people, then a gangly, string bean nerd, and now a fully grown muscularly built hunter with shoulder length hair and a broodish demeaner. Though she could still see the young man she had raised from infancy. But oddly enough she began to feel a sorta of attraction to him; something about him made her slightly crave his touch. When she had first seen him after getting off the plane and him hugging her it was as though her heart and breath were on fire. All of a sudden she was shocked back to reality at the sound of a shrill cry that came from the tree line; all of them grabbed their weapons and moved fast over to take up positions in the direction from the cries. But not Logan, he walked casually over to where they were and just stood there with no weapons or even a fighting stance! Not saying anything, he just stood there, watching and looking over the grass at the tree line.


   Then like a rocket he jumped straight up in the air just in time to intercept a pounching abnormal and bring it back down to the ground to wrestle it. Growling and howling, moaning and scratching the two went round and round Logan holding his own against what Magnus had now identified as a African Sand Dog. Then with a great "CRACK!!!!!" Logan broke the creatures neck and damn near decapitated it as well. Standing to his feet he was dusty but some how he still glistened in the morning sun, his hair blowing slightly and his breathing ever slowing, with muscles still in full flex he had this look of achievement and distayne for what had just happened.


The rest of the day had been spent in the examination of the Sand Dog and why it was so far from the desert and why it had attacked them being that it was primary weary of humans. The sun had set and the team had all gone to bed with the exception of Logan who sat next to the fire cleaning his custom made high caliber revolver that would break the arm of a lesser man; when Kate walked out of the tent trying not to wake Helen made her way over to him.

He had this grave look on his face most of the day and even now. She wondered why so she summond the courage and asked him " why do you look so sad?", he looked up and she could see where a few tears had gone down his face and he relpied " I was sad because the creature need not have been killed, but, now I am angry because I know that some human made it attack us and all the others. " She was taken a back from the response, she hadn't known him but two days and she had made her mind up that he was a rock hard hunter or as the Sanctuary calls him an "eliminator". Now he was showing that he actually cared for the creatures, this added to her lust for him because even though he would kill when neccesary he did not take pleasure in it. No longer able to resist her firey passion for him, she stratled him and slowly lowered herself into his lap and began to kiss him seductively on the lips while flicking her tounge in and out of his mouth. All the while her pussy was becoming more wet and engourged by the second until it ached to feel his prick deap within her. She had on a long t-shirt that came to her knees, Logan pushed it up to her waist as Kate bagan to undo his belt and trousers releasing his large hard cock that was every bit of 8 inches long and 3 inches wide. She nor he could resist any longer he lifted her up with one arm and no effort at all and placed her pussy mouth on the head of his dick and let go of her; as she dropped he filled he to the maximum. Feeling him in her stomach she quivered because at the very moment she hit his hips and the base of his cock an orgasm erupted from so deap inside her she couldn't even move as it coursed through her entire body.

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   Once the pleasure had subsided Logan lifted her up with both hands as though she were made of paper and slammed his cock into her as he let go and she fell once more, again she was blasted with an orgasm of seismic magnitude. How she had kept from waking the others she didn't know until she finally realized that in all this time he had not stopped kissing her, containing her screams of exstacy with his own mouth which this realzation just made her even hotter. Lifting the both from the ground with one arm while holding her with the other and never leaving the inside of her, he walked them to his tent where upon he laid her on the bed and removed her t-shirt exposing her large C sized breasts and whipping off his own shirt as well that began to move with each other, Kate whispering in his ear " your so big and hard I have never had a cock like this!". As such he gave her a good pound and exploded in pleasure again and just as she was beginning to settle he repeated this sending her back over the top, 6 more times he did this pounding and settling, pounding and settling each time stronger than the last until the last time she had not one but two orgrasms at the same time. He looked at her entently while holding her and as he slowly but firmly FUCKED! her on his lap sitting up making her quiver even than much more and then said in his gravely voice with a slightly southern accent, "are you ready?" To which Kate relpied " for what?" Logan said " For this!" He was cumming inside her, the jets of cum were so hard and heavy that the shear force sent her into orgasm, as he complely filled her pussy until it was flowing out of her and running down her legs. They both then callasped on to the cott exausted and so very very happy.


The next morning Kate had returned to her tent before the others had awoken to find that Magnus was getting dressed in the tent having just put on panties and finishing her bra. Kate began to search for clothes when Helen turned to her and said " How was your night?" Kate replied "incredible!" Helen grew a big smile on her face as she watched Kate dress. Suddenly seeing the cum on her legs Helen asked " did he cum inside you?" Kate looking a bit embarassed " Why do you ask?" "Oh! sorry, not for any other reason than to tell you that you won't get pregent. " Helen quickly stated in attempt to regain her composer. Curious Kate inquired as to the reason and how she knew this? Magnus then began to explain that Logan belonged to an abnormal group though human in almost every sense could not impregnate ordinary humans without the use of a special herb, usally in a tea. " This news illeviated some of Kate's concerns and made her feel at easy. By the time everyone was at the fire Logan had already left to go talk to a shaman at a near by village. Sparatically through out the day Helen and Kate talked about last nights exploits. Until Logan returned with news that last night there had been no attacks so they must have contained the rouge abnormal.

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   So they packed up and all including Logan returned to the Sanctuary manor to continue their research into what had happened to the Sand Dog.  




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