One wish part three


“I guess you weren’t joking,” says Jake, backing a little away.
“Oh shit,” exclaims David. “Not here. I can’t do this here. ” With a shaking hand he pulls out his wish card.
Mellissa cries out, bending double as her pussy spasms mercilessly.

A long horses tail flickers from under her skirt.
David’s dick throbs, and he forgets completely about the card, the school, and everyone around him. Throwing down the card he grabs Mellissa around her waist, rears back, and slips his raging horse cock up her skirt. It slides neatly around Mellissa’s small panties, pushing the thin fabric aside, and in one swift motion is completely up inside Mellissa from behind, his dick hiking up the back of her skirt for the rest of the world to see.
David starts fucking her wild, right then and there, pulling out a foot of his enormous horse’s cock and sliding back into his enormous balls.

Mellissa’s soft coochie is stretched tight around his thick horse cock, and her clit is being dragged back and forth with each stroke. On top of that, from this position David is hitting her right on her g-spot, making her scream and beg to slow down as he practically lifts heroff the ground with each stroke.

She screams like an animal as her orgasm hits her, but David isn’t nearly finished.

Mellissa doesn’t have a chance to recover before she’s on the verge of a second orgasm, right after her first one, and screams again as her pussy clenches on his cock, jetting out his pre-cum onto the floor. David, with his arms around her waist, can feel his cock inside of her, and presses hard on her tummy right below her belly button, knowing from several sex films that that’s where the g-spot is, and pressing there would cause an exponential increase in stimulus.

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He wanted to punish Mellissa, make her cum so much that it would leave her gibbering, and as he puts pressure on her g-spot she nearly blacks out. Nearly.
Mellissa lets outs a sobbing scream as her pussy clenches like never before and she orgasms so hard that she is now entire supported by David’s cock in her cunt.
“Please David, I don’t think I can take any mooorOh MY FUCKING GOD MAKE IT STOP!” wails Mellissa as she orgasms again. The ground is slick with hers and David’s juices.

Mellissa’s breasts pop free of her bra, and swing loosely in her sweat drenched shirt. Her tail is matted with her own cum.
Finally, David cannot hold back any longer and starts going faster and faster, Mellissa punctuating each thrust with a gasp/sob. She orgasms one last time, right as David plants himself as deep into her as he can go. His balls constrict, drawing up in his scrotum a little as they pump his seed down his dick.

Both Dave and Mellissa scream out as David explodes like a cannon inside of her, the force of his ejaculations spraying some of his seed out from the tight junction of their sexes. His dick unloads his cum for a good half minute, every five seconds the flow of his seed slowing down only to be speed back up by the contractions of David’s dick, his balls, and some mysterious organ in his lower belly.

The both stand there, relaxing and sighing, as David unloads himself.
Finally its over, and Dave’s limpid, cum soaked cock falls out of Mellissa, affording her a sigh of relief. Cum flows from her pussy as it tries to shrink back down the gaping hole Dave had left.

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She presses lightly on her belly and even more cum hits the ground with a plop. Tears fill her eyes as she looks around, and realizes that people are standing all around her, looking at her and Dave, some of them her friends, all of them in shock. Something in the seat of Davids jeans twitches, and it looks as though he has a horse tail of his own in there. His dick finally has retreated enough for him to zip up, but the head of his dick still sticks above his pant’s line. Mellissa runs off, and Dave looks helplessly at Jake and Jennifer. Jennifer is touching herself, and Jake isn’t even trying to hide an 18 inch boner.

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