This Isnt A Finished Story, But If You All Like It, I Shall Continue This StoryChapter 1It Was A Cold Windy November Afternoon and Melissa Just Got Home From Working Around The City Cleaning The Gardens, She Was Exausted From Work And Needed To Relax, She Put Some Music On, Got Out Of Her Work Clothes And Ran A Hot Bath And Pour Herself A Glass Of Red Wine, She Had Put the Glass On The Bench Next To The Bath And Got In, Melissa Had Needed To Relax, Her Work Had Got Her Stress All Week Because Of The "Save The Trees Parade" And All The Gardens And Roads Had To Be Nice And Clean, But A Job Is A Job And She Needs The Money. As The Minutes Past, Melissa Got Out Of The Bath, Put Her Purple Silk Robe On That She Bought From The Shop Out Of Town, Melissa seemed to Always Feel Good In It Some Reason, She Went To The Lounge Room And Grabbed One Of Her Vampire Books "House Of Night, She Loved Vampires, They Were A Turn On For Her, Just Thinking Of Teeth Seething Over Her Neck Gave Her Pleasure, Just As She Was About To Start Reading, The Phone Rings, "Hey Melissa Its Kurt, We Need Someone To Fill In For Jane Cause She Is Sick" She Knew Jane Wasnt Sick, But She Wasnt Going To Work Either, "No Sorry, Ive Worked 42 Hours This Week" Melissa Told Kurt, She Hung Up And Put The Phone Down And Went Back To Reading My Book, Shortly After That, She Fell Asleep. Hours Later A Storm Comes And Melissa Woke Up To The Sounds Of Thunder And Rain Coming Down Hard, She Got Up And Grabbed The Candles And Torches, Then The Power Goes Out, Fucking Great She Whispered, As She Turned To Get The Torch, A Dark Figure Appeared in the lounge room, She Stumbled Back In Shock And Dropped The Torch, She Picked It Up And Shined The Light Where The Dark Figure Was standing, But No One Was In Sight, "Did I Have To Much To Drink?" Melissa Asked Herself as she looked at her glass, Then The Power Came Back On, melissa Looked At The Time And It Was 10:52 Pm, melissa had enough of reading so she Decided To Head Off To BedChapter 2Melissa Wakes Up To The Noise Of The Door Knocking, She Looked At The Clock Realising It Was 11am, She Got Up Put Her Robe On And Heads To Her Front Door And Looks Into The Eye Hole, It Was The Milk Man, Just A Second, She Grabs Her Wallet To Pay The Milkman, Opens The Door And The Milkman Was Gone, But The Case Of Milk Was There Along With A Note "I Will Come Back This Afternoon To Get The Money" So She Picked The Case Up And Took The Old Case Out, She Heads To The Kitchen And Puts Away The Milk, Later On During The Day, She Wondered About The Dark Figure Last Night, Was He Real? Or Had I Drank Too Much Wine Last Night, She Checked The The Wine Bottle And Realised It Was Pretty Full, She Also Wondered How He. . Or How She Got In The House, She Looked Around The Doors And Windows, Nothing Broken, She Went To The Lounge Room Where She Saw Him Standing, There She Noticed Something A Small Puddle Of Water, She Thought To Herself If The Roof Was Leakin Or This Was From The Dark Figure. She Sat Down And Decided To Ignore It And Continue Reading Her Book, Once Again The Phone Rings And Its Kurt And Asked Melissa To Come And Work Today, As Soon As She Heard What He Had To Say, She Hung Up, She Didnt Care If She Was Fired, They Over Worked Her And She Knew She Could Get A Better Job, So She Went Back To Reading Her Book, Later On In The Day, She Decided Take A Shower And Wash Her Self With This Knew Honey Milk Body Lotion She Bought, She Got Undressed, And Let The Hot Water Run In The Shower, Her Almost Pale Skin Covered In Water Runnin Right Off Her Arms And Breasts, She Put Down Her Long Brunette Hair Wetting It And Massaging Her Head And Body, Now Came Out The Body Wash, It Ran Smoothly Across Her Breast And Stomach As She Rubbed It In And Around Her Body, Her Nipples Perked Up From Rubbing The Milky Smooth Body Wash Across Her Body And Arms. She Washed It Off And Finished Herself In The Shower, She Got Out And Wiped Herself Down Dry, She Moved Her Fingertips Across Her Body Feeling How Smooth Her Body Is, She Looks Up At The Mirror And Falls Back With Shock, She Runs Around The House Naked Locking The Doors And Closing The Windows And Runs Into The Kitchen Grabbing A Knife, Thinkin Of What She Saw On The Mirror "I See You Like To Read" In BloodChapter 3She Sat There In The Corner Of The Kitchen Scared, Shaking And Shocked At What She Saw, She Thought It Was It All A Dream, So Many Thoughts Running In Her Mind, Melissa Decided To Look Around, She Got Up And Held Her Knife Firmly Ready To Strike At Anything, She Looked Around Slowly Praying No One Was In The House, She Checked The Whole House From Top To Bottom, Nothing, She Was To Scared To Call The Police Or Her Friends For Help, She Didnt Know What To Do. As She Walked Into The Bathroom She Noticed The Blood Was Gone, But The Words Were Still There, She Looked Around Scared For Her Life, Then. . The Door Knocks, She Jumps Screaming Fuck, She Yells Out Who Is It? "The Milkman" He Replies, She Yells Out "Oh Shit, Let Me Get You The Money", She Puts A Towel On And Gets The Money For The Man, "Here You Go Sorry Bout This Morning" She Tells Him "Its Alright" He Tells Melissa, She Hands Over The Money "You Can Keep The Change" "Oh Thank You" He Tells Her, She Closes The Door She Lays Her Back On The Door As The Milkman Leaves. Still Shaking Scared, She Locks Every Door And Window In Her House And Puts A Knife In Her Bedside Table, Later That Evening, She Sat On Her Lounge Still Scared, But She Was Trying To Forget What She Saw Eariler In The Bathroom, But Even In The Back Of Her Mind She Couldnt Forget That Dark Figure. . Was She Being Stalked? She Thought To Herself About It For Hours, She Tryed To Get It Off Her Mind By Reading Her Books And Having A Glass Of Wine, But She Still Asked Herself, Who Is This Dark FigureChapter 4Melissa Had Fallen Asleep Until She Heard A Whisper, She Looked Around Her Lounge Room To See Anyone, Nothing, She Got Up And Searched The House Just To Make Sure, Nothing She Didnt See Anything Unuseal, She Heard Another Whisper Calling Her Name, The Sound Of It Made Her Body Shiver Cold, She Looked Around Her And Nothing, She Went To Her Bedroom And Layed Down Under The Silk Blankets Hoping It Was Just The Cold Wind. She Tried To Sleep But She Was Couldnt Until She Knew Whatever Was Happening Was Gone, She Turned Her Lamp On Sat There Brushing Her Hair Back Trying To Get Her Mind Off Of Things, It Wasnt Working, So She Tried Her Books, As Much As Melissa Loved Reading Them She Always Fell Asleep To Them, So She Grabbed Her Book And Sat There Reading For Hours Until She Heard Something, She Got Up And Took Her Torch Just Incase. Melissa Got Out Of The Bedroom And Forgot About Her Knife, She Turned Around And She Tripped Backwards, A Pale White Man With White Slicked Hair, Black And Red Leather Vest With Black And Red Striped Pants Had Appeared Behind Her, She Got Up And Tried To Run Away, But The Man Got Infront Of Were With Such Speed And Grabbed Her, She Had No Idea What To Do, Melissa Struggled To Get Out Of The Mans Grasp, But He Was Just To Strong, The Man Picked Her Up And Took Her Into The Bedroom And Threw Her On The Bed And Closed The Door Behind Him. Chapter 5
Melissa Was Frightened On Her Bed, She Threw What Ever She Could But He Kepts Dodging Them, He Walks Up Nexted To And Grabs Her Hand And Sits Down Next To Her, Melissa Tried Move Away But She Couldnt Get Far, The Firm Yet Cold Grasp Of The Man Was To Strong, The Man Whispered Her Name And It Gave Her A Cold Feel Down Her Spine, He Whispered Her Name Again "Melissa" The Cold Whisper Felt So Cold But She Found Strangly Arousing, Once Again He Whispered To Her "Lay Down Melissa" She Couldnt Control Herself, She Felt Possessed As She Layed Down Next To Him At His Command, The Man Brushed Her Hair Back Behind Her Neck, While Running His Fingertips Along Her Stomach, "Melissa, I See How You Read Those Books, It Gives You Such Pleasure Thinkin Of What Happens In Those Books Doesnt It" He Tells Melissa, Yes She Replies Back To Him, "Well Melissa Tonight, Those Books Come To Life" He Says To Her While Smelling Around Her NeckMelissa Lays Back Feeling The Pleasure Of His Voice Talk To Her So Softly, It Felt Like Pure Ectasy, Melissa Asks The Man Before Everything Happens "What Is Your Name" She Whispered, But He Didnt Reply, He Just Looked Into Her Eyes And Said Nothing, He Starts To Kiss Her Soft Smooth Neck, The Feel Of It Gave Her Pleasure That She Never Felt Before, He Pulled Off Her Robe Leaving Melissa In Her Bra And UndErwear, He Slowly Kissed Down Her Chest Towards Her Stomach While Softly Running His Fingers Along Melissas Neck.

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   "Close Yours Eyes" He Says To Melissa, She Looked At Him Once More Then Closed Her Eyes, He Moved Back Up To Her Neck Brushing The Hair Away From Her Neck, He Took One Last Smell Of Her Beauty, Then She Screamed In PainChapter 6Melissa Layed There Screamin In Pain But Pleasure At The Same Time, The Man Was Biting Her Neck Hard, But Also Sucking The Blood Out Of Neck, She Soon Realised What He Ment By "Those Books Come To Life" Now She Didnt Know If She Wanted It Or Not, But It Seemed Like She Didnt Have A Choice As He Was Sucking The Blood Out Of Her Body, He Soon Stopped And Licked The Blood Of Her Lips, But The Sexual Pleasure Of Sucking Her Blood Didnt Stop, He Rubbed His Hands Down Her Chest, Massaging Her Breasts Softly, Melissas Nipples Had Harden From The Pain And PleasureHe Slid Down Her Bra, Slowly Kissing Her Nipples While Rubbing Her Stomach Smoothly, A Short Moan Of Pleasure Shot Down Melissas Spine As His Lips Were Wrapped Around Her Breasts While moving his hands around her body and legs, the extremely incredible pleasure she was recieving was nothing she had either felt before, she didnt even think about the two bite holes in her neckThe More He Sucked On Her Breasts, The Further Down His Hand Went, Slowly Reaching Down To Melissas Panties And slowly pulling them off, leaving melissa completly naked, the pleasure she was making her nipples hard and her pussy wet and she didnt want him to stop, she felt like she was in heaven, her eyelids open and she sat up, she sat there alone she got up and looked around the house for "the vampire", she couldnt find him, she went back to her room, and found her book on the bed, she looked up and closed her eyes, realising it was all a dream, she went to the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror, she turned the hot water on and washed her face, she looked back and wiped her face dry, she then noticed something on her neck, two bite holesChapter 7What melissa thought was a dream was actally reality, she ran back into her bedroom looking around hoping it there was anything left behind, she found a note in her book saying "the more you read the better it feels" melissa was speechless, didnt know what to think or feel about on what just happened, all she knew was that she was biten by what she knew to be a vampire, but not a vicious one, but somewhat romantic, scary yet romantic, she remembered the soft touch of his fingertips running along her body, the massaging of her breasts, his pale skin and white hair. melissa couldnt sleep at all that night, all she could think of is what happened, and what else would happen if she kept on reading her books, she read plenty of vampire books, but was this one differnt she thought to herself. the one thing she was most concern of was the bite, she knew it was there and was feeling it, melissa didnt know if she was going to become a vampire or not, did he suck enough blood to make her become a vampire as well. she got out of bed and walked out to her bookcase where her collection of vampire and romance books were stored, she knew in each vampire book she girl got bitten and turned to a vampire, melissa decided continue reading her books and wait for the vampire to come back, so she got her back to her bedroom, picked her book up and continued reading each page, waiting for him to come back, even if she fell asleep dreamt about it again, melissa didnt mind, she had to see him again, to feel his touch, hear his voiceChapter 8Melissa Did End Up Sleeping That Night, When She Woke Up, She Didnt Wanna Go Outside or be in any part of the sun light, just incase she did become one, so melissa got up and carefully closed all the curtains and windows, she went into the bathroom and turned the hot water on for a shower, she took off her silk robe and got in, wetting her body and hair down, the water running down her body so smooth, her nipples were still hard from the night as the water dripped from themshe turned the shower off and wiped herself dry and walked out to her bedroom and got dressed into her tight jeans and white top, she walked out to the lounge room to make herself some coffee, as she walked pass the bathroom door, Melissa looked at the mirror and noticed the writing saying "I See You Like To Read" it didnt bother her though, she had something else on her mind, the vampireMelissa Was desperate to see him again, she didnt care how long it took to feel his touch again, she walked into the kitchen and turned the kettle on, melissa knew she had alot of reading to do and didnt want fall asleep, so she knew was going to need some coffee, keep her awake and ready, she checked her mobile to see if she had any messages while waiting for the kettle, "hey mel, par-tay at my house, you gotta come :-P, love tina" melissa wasnt really interested in a party, she was more focused on her book, "Nah sorry, i got work the next day, next wkend" she replied back, melissa leaned back on the cupboard, lookin at her book, thinking of what could happen tonightChapter 9Hours had passed when she started to read the book, melissa had gone through mostly every chapter until the final chapter of the book, and no one appeared, cept for the mail man but he just slipped the mail into the slot then left, he was so weird, he didnt where the useal work clothes, he would go around in the brightest clothes he could buy, along with the weirdest wigs, i guess he was a lonely guy, oh well, thats his problem she thought. it was getting close to midnight, she stopped reading the book for an hour so she could fantasize about the vampire, everytime melissa thought about him, her nipples would go hard. she cleaned up around the house for a bit and had dinner, then went to her bedroom and turned the lamp on, melissa got undressed and into her purple silk robe again but decided to have no bra or panties, she got her book and layed down in bed and continued to read the final chapter of the book, melissa was so turned on from the book, she started to twist her nipples softly while reading. she had just about finished the book when she got a phone call, she rushed out to get it but it stopped ringing, so she walked back into bedroom and closed the door, she turned around and stood there frozen, the vampire had returned, melissa wasnt scared though, she was waiting for him to appear, she moved towards him slowly, melissa reached out to his hand and softly grabbed it while the other hand was on his chest, his steel blue eyes looked into her eyes, he slowly pulled towards the bed and laid her down softlyChapter 10he took of his vest and stood next to melissa, her hands moved her hands up rubbing his stomach and chest as he slowly unbuckled his belt, she sat up and took her robe off and threw it to the side of the room, melissa looked into his eyes and asked again "what is your name? " he breathed into and whispered to her " my name is Nachtfeuer" melissa asks him what does it mean, he replies "it means nightfire"she laid there naked, her nipples were harder then ever and she was so horny, she pulled him down and kissed him passionatly, tounges slid in and out of each others mouth, rubbing each others chest smoothly, lips massaged and bodys rubbed, He slowly slid down her body kissing down her chest towards to stomach