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**********As I stripped down to my boxers for bed, I cant help but think of my day. Why in the world had my ex-girlfriend been staring at me so strangely in class today? And why had she looked so content, as if realeased of a great burden? Dismissing these thoughts from my head I slip into bed and drift off to sleep, hugging my pillow tightly. A noise at the foot of my bed brought me awake; at least I thought I was awake. That is untill I saw Steph standing at the foot of my bed naked and pale in the moonlight. Her body looked just as I remembered it did, both from lovemaking sessions we had and my dream the night before. It was firm and smooth, with just the right padding in all the right places. Her breasts just right to cup, her nipples swollen and extended in the chill air.

She slipped into bed beside me, her fingers on her left hand burrowing into the hair on my chest. Traceing my nipple with her fingertips. Her right hand carressing my shaven head, then resting lightly on the back of my neck and pulling me close. I let my hands roam over her soft ivory skin. It is cool beneath my touch. I rake my fingers through her long dyed red hair as I lean foreward to kiss her, out tounges danceing inside each others mouths in a kiss that seems ot last forever. Breaking the kiss she leans down and I once again feel her hot breath on my neck, her biting hard into it. I feel her fangs push deep into my shoulder, and I stiffen in the painful pleasure of her milking the blood from my neck. With one last lick she starts to kiss down my body, her skin now as hot as coals.

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   Kneeling between my legs and stroking my hard dick she smiles at me, as if to say "I got mine, now for yours. " before slowly lowering her head and takeing my head between her soft lips and into her hot moist mouth. With slow strokes she moves her head up and down over my shaft, her tounge swirling around it inside her mouth. My mind starts to reel and I quickly push her off as I feel myself about to come. She looks up at me, as if to ask what is wrong. I now have a hunger of my own that wont be denied. Lowering my head I kiss her stomache, and then down to her smoothly shaven pussy. I blow a soft warm stream of air lightly over her pussy lips, watching as they moisten. Slowly stretching my tounge out I lick her entire slit, bottom to top, and find it wet and inviteing. Licking in slow strokes I alternate between her clit and her now gushing hole. I become lost in her sweet taste, her intoxicateing scent, the feel of her soft thighs brushing my shaved head as she thrashes softly beneath my capable tounge. Suddenly I feel her stiffen, her whole body quivers and I know shes came. She slowly sits up and looks at me, her eyes shineing wickedly and impishly. Knocking me onto my back she stradles me and quite quickly and unceramoniously impales herself onto my entire 7 inch dick. Moaning I start to raise my hips a little as she starts to rock and bounce on top of me.

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   She bounces harder and harder, plungeing my throbbing dick deeper and deeper into her moist innermost depths. Nearing climax myself, my balls swelling I flip her over and onto her knees. Kneeling behind her I plunge my dick into her from behind. She reaches back and alternates between strokeing my balls and slapping against her thighs and strokeing her own clit. As I feel her stiffen beneath me I feel my own orgasm brink and I pull out, spraying my semen all over her perfect ass. It feels as if a bomb has gone off inside my head and I collapse on my side, seeing nothing but black. **********Waking up the next day I go into my bathroom and wash the sleep from my eyes. As I look into the mirror I notice two small puncture wounds on my neck. Shakeing and a little giddy, I walk back to my room. "Fang wounds. . . . . .

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  could it have been real?" I wonder. Then I spy a piece of folded paper on my nightstand. Picking it up I read the following note. "My dearest apple of blood, I shall see you at school tomorrow, and love you that night. "Smiling I put the note in my locked desk drawer. Whistleing a low criptic tune I quickly dress, grab my bag, and head to my car for school. School and the love of my days, and the lover of my nights. Okay, this is a rough draft. Please let me know what ya'll think. I might extend it out more if I get enough positive response. Thanks you all. .