My little siren.... Intro


I opened my eyes to another wonderful morning in Miami. Not just Miami. Miami beach. Home of a nearby colledge, a bikini store, and a beachfront view right outside my window. It was a pretty nice day to be a colledge graduate. I just graduated, moved here, and now I just have to wait for all those job applications to file in.

But screw that.

I'm right next to a beach, got plenty of money, single, and nothin but time. At least until those applications get approved.

Yay. But I quit worrying about that, and got up to take a shower. I'm not bad looking, and a quick glance in the mirror said that. About 6' 5', warm blue eyes, curly brown hair, muscular build. And being a lifegard definiantly helps with the muscle-build. I got into the shower and got ready for work. This was harder than it loks because I have to get my I.

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  D. , my buoy, towel, my sunglasses, sunscreen, sandals, anything I even might need. . .

A clap of thunder told me to ditch that. For some reason we had been having a hell of a lot of these random thunderstorms that just come in a downpour. Just this year. Just out of the blue! I put up my sunny stuff and instead opted for a t-shirt, bermudas, and tennis shoes so I wouldn't fall on my ass in the wet sand or lose a flip-flop in mud. Because that sucks. I brought the towel just in case though.

A quick drive in my jeep and I was down at the lifeguard station. This bitch rain made it hard to see even a few inches in front of your face. Luckily with the station being painted red and blue it was easy to spot. I made my way inside and the wind slammed the door shut behind me.

"Ay, Jesse!" The man behind the counter waved.

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   "Wanna take first watch?" He teased. His name is Jethero, and he looks like Santa on vacation. "I suppose. " I replied. Watches were done on patrol boat, and personally I liked them. Little did I know this patrol would change my life. . .

To be continued. . . . .