In The Flesh


Like the Jimmy Buffet song, Marcus had painfully realized, over many margaritas, that it had been his own damn fault for the demise of their relationship. He shouldn’t have freaked out when she told him that she was bisexual. Shit, he should have gone with it. He’d have been having threesome sex by now or something. Tears welled up in his eyes as he stared in the mirror. “You are a stupid asshole,” he began lecturing to himself, “That was over two years ago. Get fucking over it!”Marcus glanced down at his body. It wasn’t 18 anymore, but he was still good looking. At 31 he was still pretty firm. Or he would be if he lay off the margaritas for a while. He left the bathroom to call his buddy and see if he was available to go out for a few beers. It would do him a world of good to get out there and see if he couldn’t find himself at least one intelligent cunt to fuck. Hell, he didn’t even want to fuck. He wanted to listen to a woman talk and hold her. Leaving the bathroom with his head hanging in shame, he sat back down in his office at the computer. LuvYa69 had continued her sexual banter while he had been away.

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  LuvYa69: And then I would suck your cock and lick your balls. MMMM baby, you taste so good, I want you to cum on my face. . . PM99: Honey, sorry, hate to interrupt, it all sounds nice, but I have got to go. LuvYa69: R U serious? Noooooo!PM99: Sorry tootsie. I’ll c ya later, k?LuvYa69: Ok babe. I should go make dinner anyhow. Bye bye. PM99: Bye!Marcus quickly logged off messenger and turned off his computer. He was sick of the hum of the goddamn machine anyhow. He reached for the phone, but in a fit of sadness, he laid his head down on his desk and began to cry. A few moments later he felt a cold breeze hit his bare back. He shivered and looked up at his window. The curtains were blowing in the wind.

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   Marcus’s gaze fell back onto his monitor. He nearly screamed. Staring at him was a woman. It was if he was watching his own reflection in the dark monitor, but it wasn’t him at all. A very perplexed and pretty lady stared at him with wide eyes behind her round glasses. She ran her hand through her short china girl hairdo and moved closer to the screen. She reached her hand up and touched what would be the back of his screen. “Imfuckingpossible!” shouted Marcus. He quickly reached down and pulled the plug of the computer out of the wall. This had to be a fluke, someone’s web cam, and his computer hadn’t shut off properly or something. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He straightened himself up in his chair and peered through his long lashes at the screen. She was still there. She shook her head and held up a cord. She had unplugged her computer too.

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  The woman reached out and touched the computer screen again, this time leaving her hand up against it. Marcus could see the fine lines on her palm. He pressed his hand up against his monitor. The both jolted back with the surge of energy they felt pulse through their bodies. Marcus felt his cock twinge and shift. He was getting hard again. She put her fingers up to her mouth and rested her chin on her thumb. She kept tapping her nose with her index finger; as if this was something she did in deep thought. Smiling she picked up her keyboard and began to type. “Can you read this?” Marcus jumped out of his skin at the voice her heard behind him. He must of looked ill. “Are you OK?” the voice asked him again. It was a nice voice, a bit raspy as if she had a cold. Marcus let out a sigh and picked up his keyboard. He typed faster than he knew he could.

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  “Not read, hear. I can hear you!” From the looks of her face, Marcus knew that she heard him too. “Well fuck,” she typed, “this doesn’t happen everyday, now does it?”Again she ran her fingers through her dark hair. Marcus noticed that she was only wearing a dark lacy bra. And that she wasn’t traditionally the type of woman he would go for, but she was hot. Marcus closed his eyes again and made a wish. Opening his eyes, he saw that she had both of her hands up on the computer screen now. He reached his up again and felt the energy before he touched it. She shook her head at him and typed, “Keep your hands down!”“Yes sir!” he typed with a smile on his face. She laughed. Once again she put her hands up to the screen. It almost looked as if she were pushing against it. Marcus looked closer. His monitor began to fill out where she was pressing. She put her hands back down to the keyboard.

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  “I don’t think my hips would fit! Ha-Ha!” Marcus heard her voice and laugh. Marcus looked down at his hips and legs. “But mine will,” he had to take this chance. He pushed his hands up on the computer screen and felt it move forward. It felt like cold jelly. He pushed harder and closed his eyes again and imagined himself in this stranger’s arms, feeling her breasts, licking her stomach, and kissing her toes. He pressed his head to the screen; it caved inward with him. He thrust his arms out and pushed his body up onto his desk. “This is impossible,” said Marcus. “No it’s not. Hold onto my hands. ” He felt himself being pulled forward. It felt like a hundred tongues were licking his naked body, propelling him forward with great power. His blood raced with the feeling. He felt like he had been here before! The gentle rocking of the hundred tongues on his skin made him hornier than he had ever been.

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   The glutinous compound around him was warm and smooth.
    He felt his dick spew forth a load of cum. He grunted with delight. “Almost there!” she cried and with a swooshy noise he landed naked and wet on his head in a quivering lump. Marcus looked up and there she was. She had on a soft flowing wrap- around skirt and a red bra. Her hair was jet black, except for her fire engine red roots. She wore no makeup. And no panties. She straddled his naked quivering body and began to rub herself all over him, getting her body and skirt wet with the gelatinous ooze that was covering Marcus. His dick stood up as she nestled her head down into the crook of his neck. She playfully bit his shoulder. Arching her back, she moaned deeply. She crept up on her hands and knees and placed her pussy on his face. Marcus didn’t know what to do but lick what he was offered.

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       His tongue reached up inside of her and she sat down on him. Her thickish thighs were smothering him. She grinded her cunt into his face and he swore to God he heard her say: Is this cunt intelligent enough for you?“Mmmhfuuwha?” Marcus managed to ask from under her pussy. “Hum hon? I didn’t say anything. Now be a love and lick my cunt!”He turned his attentions back to her pretty peach and lapped at it like a thirsty dog. Marcus had just begun to hold her ass in his hands and nibble on her clit when she moved off of him and sat herself down on his cock. This time Marcus moaned with her as she began to bounce up and down along his shaft, making farty noises out of her vagina, very loud ones, due to all the ooze on him he supposed. They both began to laugh. Marcus gently rose up so he was sitting and she was straddled across him. He held her tight as they rocked back and forth and he felt a gigantic wave come over him as he tried hard not to cum. . . . “Ahhhhhh baby, I am cumming!” Marcus whispered into her now wet hair, matted with sweat and slime. “MMMMHUMMM hon,” she groaned back at him, holding him tight in her arms.

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      The remained in this position long after Marcus had came. She wouldn’t let go. And he was just plain afraid to let go. Finally she released her grip and smiled at him. “I was just about to go make dinner. Let’s get cleaned up and you can stay a while? I, uh, don’t think you are going to get back the way you came. ” She motioned her head over to her computer screen. There was a big gaping hole where the glass should have been and the thick colorless ooze was still leaking down on to her desk. “Where am I anyway? Who are you?” “There is plenty of time for questions later. And PM99, I am surprised you don’t recognize me. ” She looked upset. “Oh My Gawd! LuvYa69?”She bit her lips and smiled, “In the flesh. ”.