DBZ the making of trunks and goten


Topic: episode 1, horny bulmaVegeta was recovering in a recovery chamber in capsule corp a month after he landed on earth after the big fight against frieza. Bulma had always liked the badboy type of guys they really turned her on, but what turned her on even more was vegetas hot naked body resting in the chamber. She couldnt help notice how big his saiyan cock was, her tight pussy was cringing at the thought of his big cock ramming up her pussy. She had only been fucked by three other people (four if you count when master roshi fucked her while she was sleeping) by goku once, a few times when she was going out with yamcha and she was once rapped by piccolo. Bulma didnt have much experience but her pussy was craving for some action. She locked the doors so noone could enter and she lay down on a leather sofa were she could have a perfect view of vegetas naked body, she was only wearing a short pink skirt and a very revealing blue top, she had raised her top with her soft, left hand slowly so that she could play with her nice, perky tits. With her right hand she sllid up her skirt and slowy started rubbing her shaved camel-toe pussy through her leapord skin thong. She was slowly rubbing her thong and was getting hornier and hornier by the second,
"mmmmmmm" she slowly started to moan. She kicked of her sandels and was fantasising about vegeta fucking her hard, her clenched up soft toes and long, sexy legs would make any man beg for mercy. She placed her index finger into her pussy and slowly placed it all the way in her juicy, pink pussy
"mmmmmmmm" she was getting loader, she took off her wet thong down her legs quickly and with her sexy toes took them off and cucked them to the floor, revealing all of her beutifully tanned legs. with her index finger she started to slowly finger herself, pushing in her index finger all the way inside her pussy, noises of pleasure were getting louder while and she looked at vegeta everytime she let out a sound hopeing not to wake him, but deep down inside her she wanted him to wake up so he could see how horny she was at the thought of him.

Faster & faster bulma was fingering her wet pussy getting louder and louder each time she inserted it, she placed another finger in to add to the pleaure fingering herself fast, she was squeezing her tits harder
"Oh God, Oh God" she screamed, "OOH YES" she was unaware of how loud she had been, her pussy was getting wetter and she was fingering herself faster and faster. Vegetas eyes were slowly rolling up, but after he saw the amazing sight infront of him his eyes burst wide open, there was Bulma, the hot girl who had looked after him fingering herself to his naked body, the saiyan prince was arroused and his cock grew into a 12 inch wonder, bulma noticed by the corner of her eye and knew he was awake, she knew he was horny at the sight of her so she turned her pink, tight, wet pussy into his view and said
"if you want some come get some" vegeta without hesitence broke through the glass of the chamber and walked right up to the horny minx. As one of the last survivers of his planet, forced to travel different worlds Vegeta didnt get much action, and never had he seen another race that looked the same as his. The last time the prince remembers a fuck was when he was a little boy in his home planet, and he fucked one of his teachers afer class.
Bulma got to her knees and started to suck of the prince.

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   Vegeta was haiste and said
"yes suck me Bitch, suck me harder" Bulma enjoyed being treated like dirt, it arroused her. From then onwards she knew she was going to have the Fuck of her life