Charged with a burden, (part 7)


I invited Katie over to dinner, she showed. I had Mira stay hidden though. We talked and I let her lead the conversation, I was a completely and courteous gentle man. Told her nobody would be home for days and she smiled devilishly.
“I never knew you to be so cunning Max. I always saw you as a handsome nerd who was a no-it-all. But now that your parents aren’t home. . . ” She walked over to my side of the table and sat on my lap.
“Do you want me to suck your cock, Max?” her tits were in my face, how could I decline?
“Not here though, in the basement. ” She smiled and said it was a good idea. I led her down to the secret room where again she was picked up from above by Mira. Mira took her over to the alter where she proceeded to force fuck her with her tail. I was starting to like being forceful and commanding. So watching her turnedme on.

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   Once she was done Katie came up to me and hugged me tightly.
“Thank you Max!” she kissed my cheek and left. I was going to have to figure out sooner or later why they did that after they were practically raped.

Next was Lora. I invited hr over but she wasn’t as pleasant. So I just outright said during our meal, “Lora, do you want a massive cock tonight?” she almost choked on her food but I could tell she was turned on. She didn’t say anything so I walked over to her and started to massage her shoulders, and once I felt her relax I massaged her tits. Eventually she spun out of her chair and knelt on the ground. I told her not here and carried her downstairs. It was a repeat of yesterday.

“Now what?” I asked and went down to Mira who was sitting o the Altar. She blushed, “well, you have to rape me like I did those girls. Then I will ascend to the second to last stage. ” She spread her legs. “Would you like to rape me?” I laughed but stopped.


“First you told me bringing you three girls will get you to the last stage? And now you willingly want me to rape you? It doesn’t work like that. ” She bit her lip.
“Well I misspoke before. Actually the three girls brings me to thelast stage, but then the second part of that stage is going through developments. Until I reach the ascended level. ” I nodded and added a ,
“uh-huh. So how do I rape you?” she looked down.
“You have to put it in all of my holes. ”
“How is that bad?” I asked.
“Because us succubae hate it in the butt. It is to close to our tail and our tail is a very stimulating fuck organ that we have. Fucking my ass would stimulate me so much I couldn’t be able to stop you, defend either of us, grant wishes, or even think. ” I nodded.

“On your knees whore. ” She dropped to her knees.

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   Her little girl height was perfect for blowjobs. She wrapped her lips around my cock head. It was semi hard so she got it in her mouth. As it got harder she tried putting it down her throat but it grew to quickly and it hurt me even. My cock was now wider then her mouth. I pulled out fast but it left red-marks on my dick.
“Does that count for your first hole?” she shook her head. “No, I need your cum. ” She licked my head forever but nothing was happening. It wasn’t stimulating enough.

“Slave, stop pussy-footing around and make me cum!” she winced and worked hard to make me cum. She licked up and down my shaft and even caressed my balls with her hands and her tongue. I picked her up and sat her on the low altar.

“Master I have to-“
“Shut the fuck up. ” She put a hand between her legs then.

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   It made her hornier when I was forceful. I laid my dick on her chest. I started to move it up and down. She realized what I was doing and liked my head every time it came to her mouth. I was going faster and faster and I made sure my cock was in her mouth at that very moment I came.
She didn’t let a drop escape her mouth.

I pushed her onto her on her back forcefully, but not forcefully enough to hurt her. I pointed my cock at her pussy and slammed it in. She yelled but I paid no heed. I rammed it into her again and again. I still only got six inches in though. By the time I was done and had cum in her she had orgasmed twice. I waited a full minute and pulled out. I didn’t waste any time and flipped her over.

“Max wait!” she said.

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   I paused. Before you start I want you to know I love you but I’m going to try to stop you. It will be involuntary because us succubae act only to protect themselves. I wont realize what I did until it will be too late. ” I nodded and slowly moved my cock towards her ass. Her tail was razor sharp and tried to cut my throat. I backed up in time so that it just grazed my cheek. Mira flipped up into the air and landed on the ceiling.

“Max don’t try this anymore. Please, lets forget about me growing to the next level. I love you and don’t want to hurt you. ” A tear was in her eye. I hated when she cried, but it turned me on somewhere deep inside.

“Too late Slave, come down here nice and easy and all I will do is cum in your ass-“
“Never!” She shrieked and flew down to me. She knocked me back across the floor to the center of the room.

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“Max?” She asked crying. I wasn’t moving on the ground. “Max?” She flew down next to me and knelt. She pushed me but I didn’t respond. She was crying now and her tail was lying on the ground not moving. It looked sympathetic.

I jumped up before she could respond and grabbed her tail. I moved my hand to its base where I could control it. She was defenseless. Her tail could do nothing and from here I was behind her she couldn’t reach me with those fangs or hands of hers. She cried as I pushed her small nude body onto the stone cold stone floor. Her nipples were probably stiffer then my dick because they were the hardest things pressed against the floor. Her wings disappeared.

“Master please let me go!” She pleaded as I inched my cock slowly to her ass. I didn’t want anything to go wrong because I wouldn’t get this chance again.

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   “I will do anything you ask Master! I will tell you where lost cities are, where secret treasures are! I can make you wealthier then any man in the world that has lived or ever will!” she was promising me everything a man could want and half of it was probably bullshit. I let her rant and plead for another four or five minutes until she fell silent. “Master?” she asked after I was silent for a couple minutes. I was looking at how slutty she looked. Her hands were on the ground trying to push up but they looked like they lost all strength. Her face was to one side on the cold ground and her tits were also. I was holding her tail so her ass was raised about six inches off the ground.
“Master?” she asked again. Then I slammed my dick in her ass.

Most of the time I heard lube was required, but for some reason I never needed it with her after I fucked her pussy. Her pussy juice must be magical or something. I had let go of her tail after slamming my dick into her. I only had the head in but her tail was right against my cock and if I remembered correctly that was stimulating it.
She was moaning louder then I had heard her, or any other girl on TV,online, in stories I had read, in porno movies and any where else that came to mind. She was even working her ass back against my dick, it was a very erotic sight to say the least.

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   Eventually after a long time of both of us working at getting my mammoth cock deeper insider her I had gotten over eight inches.
How was that possible? I had no clue but I think it had to with her doing everything she could to get it deeper. Even after eight inches she was still trying as hard as she could. Putting more energy into it then I had. I grabbed her by the hips and laid on my back, bringing her up so she was riding my cock. He was lifting up then slamming down again, up, then down. Up, then down. It was ten inches when I felt something inside of her grab the head of my dick. It felt like a suction cup and it was weird. I was about to pull out but I told myself it probably had to do with the process of her transforming.

It sucked so hard I came right there, but once I came I kept cumming until I could feel a constant stream from my balls to the inside of her ass. I gasped and once my balls were drained of every ounce of cum her tail pulled my cock out of her ass. She came at that moment soaking my body from my belly-button to my knees in her cum.

She fell next to me and looked into my eyes. “Max I’m going to sleep.

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  ” I nodded and kissed her forehead. “For a long time I mean, like in a cocoon. ”
“Why? For the process?” She nodded. “Before you go to sleep I have a wish and request to make. ”
“Anything. ” She said and rubbed a finger along my jaw line.
“First Uh, Slave,” I felt weird saying that after that moment, though she smiled and nodded. “I want my parents to remember sending you away to boarding camp for the summer, thinking it would do you some good. ” She smiled and said,
“Done. ”
“Next I request that you stay with me forever. ” She kissed my lips softly.
“Forever and Today. Help me up, Max. ” I did, but didn’t really understand why. “Throw me.

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  ” I mustered all the strength I could and tossed her up. Her wings then struggled to make it to the ceiling but they did. She planted her feet on the ceiling and wrapped her wings around her. “I love you Max. ” I didn’t get the chance to say it back. Her wings were closed tight and she had stopped moving.

“I love you Mira. ” I sat there the rest of the day, and most of the summer too.



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