Charged with a burden, (part 4)


Mira rolled on top of me and took off her white shirt slowly. Button by button. I watched with anticipation, my cock got hard in my boxers. I lifted up so her tail could pull off my jeans. I pulled off my T-shirt and looked at her as her tail took off the white shirt. I pulled down my boxers and kicked them away. She spread her wings again, but only a little bit.
My dick was resting full 12 inches long, and two inches wide against her belly. Her wings pushed against the floor, making her seem to levitate. She rose above my cock and slowly lowered herself down. Her pussy touched the tip of my cock and I let out a soft gasp along with her.

She lowered herself more but there wasn’t enough pressure for my cock to fit in that tiny hold she I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down. She moaned and opened her mouth slightly, showing me her fangs. I pulled down harder but my mammoth cock just would not fit in her bottle-cap-sized hole.

“Don’t hate me. ” I said softly.

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   She opened her eyes and looked at me with confusion on her face. Only then did she realize what I was about to do. “Max No-!” I pulled her hips down as hard as I could and my head went in her pussy. She moaned and screamed loudly. I waited for another second until she got adjusted. She looked at me and was about to tell me to either stop or keep going but I didn’t wait. I pulled her down again and a little bit past my head was in her. So about an inch and a half. I waited then pulled her down again, getting two inches in her. She screamed. I pulled her down harder and harder each time. It got harder for me to go in her so I was really outing muscle into thrusting my cock into her.

At about six inches I stopped. I looked and her belly was out a little,
“Am I past your cunt?” I asked smiling. She was breathing heavy and grabbing my chest.

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   Her nails dug into my skin.
“Max, tell me to have a deeper pussy. ” She said while still trying to catch her breath.
“Mira, have a deeper pussy. ” She shook her head.
“I am a succubus. Sex-Command spells only work with the word Slave. ”
“Slave, make your pussy deeper, but not wider. ”
“Max, are you sure, it would be-“ I cut her off by pressing my cock hard into her pussy.
“Slave, now you will make your pussy deeper and tighter. ”
“Now. ” I said sternly.
“Yes Master. ” I didn’t feel anything happen but then her pussy clamped down hard onto my cock. I gasped then came in her.

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   She gasped as I came in her, her pussy clamped down even harder and she came, though nothing got out because my cock was massive and I was stretching her farther then humans are supposed to be stretched.

I slowly pulled out of her and we both moaned again. She collapsed on top of me with torrents of my cum mixed with hers flooding out of her. She whispered in my ear. “I liked that, lets do it again tomorrow. ”

We fell asleep right there, though no real fucking occurred the good experience was enough to put us into a deep sleep.



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