Charged with a burden, (part 2)


I woke up the following day to that same feeling. I looked over and thirteen year old-looking Mira was sleeping soundly next to me. I smiled and got out of bed. I went over to my dresser and looked at the puzzle box. I smiled and put it on top of my bookshelf. I then got on some boxers and headed downstairs. I went and grabbed a bowl of cereal.

“Master, why didn’t you wake me, if you don’t mind me asking that is. ” I looked up and smiled.
“Because little girls need their beauty sleep. ” She came over to me smiling. “I’m not a little girl Master. ”
“Ha, good one Mira, got any other jokes?” I was sarcastic but I don’t think she understood sarcasm in today’s society yet.
“How do you want me to prove it to you?” She said sternly, crossing her arms. I looked to her and raised an eyebrow. I don’t know where I got the confidence from but I said it anyways.

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“In that little girl body can you take my cock?” her eyes widened, then her head lowered.
“I am still a little girl, Master. ” I nodded.
“Until you reach your final stage you will be a little girl, correct?” she nodded. “How do we do that again?” I asked. she perked up.
“You mean you will help Master?” I nodded. She clapped her hands rapidly and made a squealing sound.
“we first need a sacrificial alter, which you need to bless, then you need to bring me three girl sacrifices. ” I raised the eyebrow again.
“Bring you three girl sacrifices, like so you can devour their souls?” I was skeptical, though I didn’t know if I had it I me to help this demon murder three young girls.
“Yes, well something like that. ” I nodded and sat back against the chair.
“Lets get on with building an alter then. ” She squealed and clapped her hands rapidly again.

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We decided that the room should be a secret room so I had her use her powers to make a giant chamber beneath the house. Besides, why have a small secret room when it could be so big and grand? I went down their and it was creepy looking. In the middle was a pile of stones that looked like they didn’t belong. I pointed to them.
“Those are for you to build an Sacrificial altar. ” She said while standing next to me. I nodded.
I had them. I went to work right away. I didn’t exactly know how to do it but it was pretty simple. Make a trapezoid and call it an altar. I laughed to myself on my own joke.

I was finished by the end of the day and called Mira down to take a look at it. She smiled and told me it would be just perfect.

We went upstairs and I pulled a number out of my little black book that a guy from school gave me.

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   it was a prostitutes number and I thought that women like that must be bad people so I called her over. I had money that my parents left me, and I thought everything would work out.

The girl whom came to the door looked about thirty, and she was dressed up like a slut. I invited her in and paid her half, she followed me downstairs. Then walking though the secret passage way she was slightly suspicious but still followed me.
    when she got through she screamed because child like hands picked her up with superhuman strength. She was brought to the altar kicking and screaming. I was down there holding her legs when the naked succubus’s wings pinned the prostitutes shoulders down Mira gave me the signal to let go. I watched as her tail’s tip became razor sharp and she cut off the prostitutes jeans. Her tail dulled again but it became bigger, and soon I recognized the tails head was in the shape of a penis. Mira’s tail wrapped around the prostitutes leg and lifted it up so Mira could hold on to it. Mira then pulled down the panties of the whore and her phallus rammed into the whores pussy.

    I don’t know how I could stand it. I was watching the whore getting rapped by a demon who I was falling for and I was doing nothing. I watched Mira let out a none-child-roar and her phallus came inside of the whore.

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       The whore didn’t die, but instead thanked the succubus and got up and left. Before she went she looked to me and paid me my money back.

    “What was that about?” I asked Mira. She landed on the ground and folded her wings in. She grinned.
    “I needed her fucking essence. She wont be a prostitute anymore from now on. She has no will to fuck. ”
    I smiled with relief. One down, two more to go.



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