CHarged with a burden, (part 11)


I went to school talking to Mira about the social cliques and different teachers. I arranged for her to be an exchange student from brazil whom was majoring in history, just like me.
We talked about nothing and everything, politics, religion and the like, with a couple sexual jokes under the whole conversation.
We reached school and we walked with an arm around each-other’s waist, drawing stares from boys and girls alike, especially the most popular boys and girls. Though some of the girls were looking at Mira with jealousy because the story of the bathroom incident had spread quite fast, leaving out no detail especially the bump in my jeans where my semi-hard dick was, or so I heard at lunch time later.

We were together in most classes, well, all but two or else it might look a little suspicious and someone might do a little digging. It was fun most of the day until the end, where I walked in the boy’s locker room and caught Mira in another boys pants.

I caught Mira in another guys pants.

I don’t know what overtook me. She looked at me with a face of pure ecstasy and I swear her intentions were good, but her actions were bad.
I grabbed her by the hair and drug her off of him. She squealed a little bit. I looked at the guy with burning eyes and he stood up. He was a jock, but I slammed him back into the lockers with strength I didn’t know I had. He looked scared, and left.

Mira looked up at me with confused eyes.

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“ Max I just-“ she started but I interjected.
“My name is Master, Slave. ” She looked shocked. “Slave, I wish us home now. ”

We were back home. I grabbed her by her horns and dragged her to the middle of my living room floor. She looked at me again with a confused face. I pulled out my dick and held it to her mouth. It was pressed up against her lips and she barely opened them. Her eyes were looking down now.
“How do you like that Slave? Does it taste better then that boy’s dick back there?” I grabbed her hair and pushed her back onto the floor, I went up to my room and slammed the door.

Thinking about it now I acted too rash with no afterthought of consequence. I fell asleep on the edge of my bed and woke up in the idle of the night with troubled dreams.
I sat up and looked around. I didn’t see Mira.


   I opened my door and went downstairs. Mira was still kneeling on the floor of my living room, it was dark out and it probably was about 8:00 or 9:00 at night.


“Mira,” I began, but she didn’t move her head or even recognize that I was there. I knelt in front of her and was silent for a minute before trying to begin. “Mira, I am not going to reprimand you over and over again, because I know being a succubus is your nature, but I love you and seeing you with another guy made me angry. ” She kept silent. “Say something, please. ”

“Why, I guess I’m just a slave, huh Master?” her voice was darker then I have ever heard it before, with a malicious undertone.

“Because couples get into fights-“

“Were a couple now, Master?” she looked up at me with complete dark red eyes. “I thought I was your whore. ”

I breathed in sharply and almost had a tear come to my eye, though I needed to try to make things right between us.
“Mira, I need to explain the situation, before you completely make me the bad guy. ”

“No, Master, you never do anything wrong. ” She told me as a matter of fact but was completely sarcastic.

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“Mira, stop it. ” I said I reached an arm up to grab her shoulder softly. Her tail came up and cut my arm. I pulled it back and held it as it bled. Mira looked at my blood hungrily.

“What do you want from me Max?” she screamed. “I am always trying to please you and yet you treat me bad! I have gotten treated far worse before, but you claim to love me!”

“You cheated on me!” I screamed back and went nearer, my face was two inches from hers with both tails razor sharp and touching my throat.
I saw a little bit of anger fall from her face then, but her walls were still up.

“I wanted to excite you more Max, I didn’t know you were the jealous type. ” One tail pulled back and went into a lazy defensive swing in front of her, though still ready to kill me if her other tail didn’t do it first.

“Well I am. ” I looked at her sternly with my eyes. “I went to far with you sure, but ever since we’ve been together I have been feeling more an more forceful and it is an internal change brought upon by an external force, you. ”

“Then why not put me back in the box?” she asked with a choked up voice.

“Cause I love you, Mira.

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    “Bullshit-“ she started but I moved forward. Her tail dug into my neck but as I suspected she had at least a little control over it. I reached up a hand and her other tail wrapped itself around it, I reached up my other hand and her eyes darted to it and my face, “What are-“ I used it and pressed it to her mouth, making a shh action. I moved in with her tail drawing blood and cutting off my circulation to my hand and planted a soft kiss on her lips. Her tails dropped then and laid on the ground, I felt her walls fall and she gave up and let her emotions overtake her.

    I kept giving her smallkisses on her neck and I pushed her back slowly to the ground and her hands worked themselves on my bare chest. My jeans disappeared and so did her clothes, along with all of her malice, though her anger didn’t disappear.

    “You promise not to do that again?” she asked between kisses.
    “No, you like it. ” I joked and kissed down her chin with love. She pushed me back forcefully and looked at me with stern eyes. “Yeah I-“
    “Max, I need to know something right now, before we go any further. ” She looked serious. “I will always be your succubus, no matter what. But Ineed to know if you will love me always and forever, no matter what.

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      ” I didn’t notice until now but her wings were folded back and arched, as if ready for flight or fight. Her tails were not doing the usual aimless lazing around but instead were both hidden behind her back as if in fright of my reply.

    “That’s easy Mira, of course. ”She didn’t smile but instead stood up nude and walked into the kitchen. I heard her washing dishes.
    I walked into the kitchen and stood at the door. “What are you doing love?”
    “Washing dishes, it cools my mind and helps me think strait. ” I nodded as she continued washing.
    “Should I leave you time to think?” My tone was sincere and understanding towards her.
    “Please. ”

    I went up to my room and pulled out my map. It was a map that I had been drawing since I was little. It was a mythical fantasy world that Imade up and it passed the time to add each and every little and minute detail. It was over ten feet by ten feet of tapped together paper and several different shades of black pen because I had used many to work on it.
    It cooled my mind.

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