How I would describe my life now, wonderful I would say. I don’t miss of anything, money, power, popularity and women. I got everything that a man would dream of. That’s right, if I want something, it’s given to me right now, even today, people who knew from before ask me how did it all happen, what is the secret to my transformation, I simply tell them “I just be myself”, it leaves my friends confused and sometimes, I think that they don’t even deserve hanging out with me…. Why would I say that, simply, before all this fun, I was the donkey of the group, the one you would never want to be like, and I’m not kidding either. Why, maybe it’s best if I tell u how I went from loser to idol.
I never had a girlfriend before, I was too shy even to speak up to a girl, many women teased me because of this, easily getting things from me, only by smiling or putting their hand on me for a second. Only this would make me happy, like finally a girl interested in me enough, but back to reality, I was just being used but I kept on saying to myself that this girl isn’t like the others, they all seem so nice at first…a shame I was wrong all this time. As for my friends, I knew they weren’t really my friends but since I was so good in electronics and I got sick gadgets from my parents, they would hang out with me but I was always left behind when women showed up, probably because I would make them look so bad. This, everyone, goes on for a few years, and I did get sued to it, especially at school, where I would be the computer room during lunch, fixing up computers or helping other with their project on computer. I was gifted for electronics and I thought that was the only gift I ever that, man was I wrong.
It all changed at an exhibition at a museum with the classroom with the sex educator, being in grade 10, it is said that it’s around that time for teenager to be having sex a lot, and well that wasn’t my case. Already on the way there, my friend started teasing me a bit about me never getting laid and I could find something there that would actually help in my case, I just smile, pretending I didn’t need that kind of stuff, and as usual I’m thinking the opposite. The teasing becomes almost unbearable when it’s the entire classroom that looks at me, some pointing also at the statue, commenting on how men in statue get it on a lot more often. At this moment, I felt like killing myself, hating for myself for being such loser.
Finally, we all get a break, and I start looking around the monuments, wondering what was their secrets, to me, it seems I knew there was something being all this, and for some reason I felt like something was calling me.

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   I come across an artifact, really old, and that we were allowed to touch, some men are standing besides it, security I presume and I read the description: ONCE BELONG TO A GREAT MAN, IT SAID THAT HE GAVE TOTAL POWER OVER EVERYTHING. I found it kind of funny that something like a small ball with a red jewel would grant some guy anything he desires. When I touch it, I feel like something like a hand touch mine and I put down the artifact down really fast and look around me. Man is it embarrassing with everyone looking at me freaking out for no reason at all, and I just walk away really fast, in a corner and look at my still trembling, and now I’m hearing voice and when I look at the painting, the woman holding vase comes to life, she smiles back at me and ask me my name, I tell her my name and she says she is pleased to make my acquaintance. I ask her what she is, she giggles and answers that she’s a spirit and she was imprisoned in that orb for a while now by a cruel man who used her powers for his own goals. I smile thinking that history was change again and ask her what is she going to do now, she thinks for a few seconds and comes out of the painting, walks through people without any problem, like she is a ghost and in front of me, she puts her hand on my chest and moves her head closer, only to whisper to my ear that I’m much more special then I think and kisses me on lips surprised, I close my eyes and when I open my eyes, she had disappeared.
I wonder what she meant by special, maybe being a loser, and I get mad that even spirits make fun of me. When I pass by a woman, a pack of images appears in front of me, and it keeps going on until the guys find me, and I try to keep it cool, wondering if what is going is real. I could feel women’s emotions, hear their thoughts, and see what they were thinking. For me it was too much to be real and it starts again when a few girls come by also to meet up with us. As usual, one of these bitches had to say something funny about them, but this time, as she speaks, it seems like things looked clearer as I do a come back, saying that her thong shows up really nicely when bends over to pick up her book a bit before. Man did she turn red, so red, she couldn’t say anything back at me. I cross my arms as a sign of satisfied victory, people are looking at me, not believing I just this, and one of my friends asks me if I’m alright, I simply nod and start walking away, saying that I’m going to check on something, and sensing something coming out from another girl, I whisper to her ear to come to see me if she’s looking for a fuck friend, she freezes, probably wondering how I knew about this.
I walk and start listening on the hot girls’ thoughts, getting things more interesting, realizing that girls aren’t at all what they pretend to me. I felt like everything is going to get better for me from now on and stops in my tracks when I come across an interesting case, a older woman, where a black skirt going below her knees, a beige shirt with the top opened that let show her tits a bit, wears glasses, brown hair in a ponytail and walks with high heels.

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   She can’t stop complaining that men don’t seem to check her out and she would go crazy if she didn’t get laid any time soon, it’s been a few months since she didn’t get anything, not since her divorce with her ex-husband, and she is starting to think about going back to him, not wanting to be left alone. Right now, she’s besides a painting of man, bowing down his hat to a woman, and I decide to try her out, feeling confident I will get something out of her. I act like I’m interested in the painting and start asking her questions about it, she seems to know her stuff, and its time now to get going.
I ask her what she thought about men being so rough towards women these days, unlike in this painting, she is surprised by my comment and she is thinking that I must be player trying to show off. I look at her and smile, she answers that it could be true, and I stop her with asking her if her boyfriend does it to her. She blushes and says she is single. I say then that I’m sorry for the guy for leaving her like this; a beauty like her will soon find a man. Her thoughts start to change, as she thinks I’m now a nice guy and it’s really a shame that I’m too young for her. I read her mind a bit more and continue my discussion with her telling many girls at my school don’t even realize how lucky they are to have so many men looking after them, just like in this painting. I look back at her and she’s looking away from me, and she’s thinking about the times she had with her ex, whishing another man would taker her in his arms. I ask her if she’s alright, she looks at me, blushing a lot, and I let her know that her cheeks are all red. She’s looking away from me, embarrassed and wondering why she is feeling that way, especially for a young boy like me, I could feel her interest in me grow by the seconds that passes by. I walk to her and move head closer to her and she turns her head, her face is really close to mind and asks me what I’m doing, I reply that I just wanted to know if she was alright, I feel hesitation in her mind. I then ask her if she wanted to meet for coffee, she couldn’t believe I would ask her out, she looks down, not knowing what to do. I take her hand and kiss it gently, I can feel she is lost in her thought, not able to do decide on what to do, I let go a little laugh and make the remark that I just did the same thing as in the painting.

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   She giggles a bit and starts to feel more relaxed as she accepts to meet me again, writes down her number and her hours of work, letting me know she’s available as soon as she is done with her shift here. What follows is a kiss on the lips, something that surprises her and doesn’t fight it, in her mind, it felt like heavens, been so long since a guy would kiss her like I do. I let go of her, to think of it, it’s my first kiss too, I tell her it’s my first kiss I had with a woman as beautiful as her. She tells me she can’t wait for my call and I walk away from her, waving back at her at one point, walking around, thinking about what happened with the a little grin on my face, and join in the with class, which is about to leave the building. The same girl I talked back before, looks at me when I’m not looking, and turns her head the other way when I look at her, I know she likes to play these cat and mouse games, so I decide to keep an eye on her for the time being. In the bus, people are talking about what happened with the girl, and she gets teased a bit for behind talked back by a loser, I lay back on my seat and enjoying going in girls’ mind to find some dirty secrets they hide deep inside their minds.
Back at school, there is still another hour before students can leave the school, which is not a problem, only because I have something to do, I take my school bag and get going This has to do with two female students, who leave the big crowd, in direction of the empty classrooms upstairs, where they are supposed to meet with teachers.
    See, they both have a dirty secret: they aren’t geniuses, like it would show in grades, but rather desperate girls that are ready to do about anything to get perfect grades, simply because of their parents putting so much pressure on them. I keep a relative long distance between me and them and am discrete so they don’t see me following them. They stop in front of the classroom and the door opens, I hear 4 men’s voices coming form the room, and with luck, I take out my camera from my bag that I had with me, put my bag down, and get really close to the door. I read the girls’ minds and when I realized they are getting fucked by the teachers, I verify that my flash is off and peek in the room, making sure I have good shots and start taking pictures. One is enjoying this, feeling like she is in heaven, but not her friend, on the contrary, she’s asking god to forgive her for what she does for doing this, but she doesn’t seem to find another solution in getting good grades and she knows she can’t escape this situation she put herself into. From what I could get out of them, it’s been going on for 2 years now, from one teacher to now four of them. When I see I got enough, even thought they are still at it, I check the pictures I got and smile, they were perfect and I would be sure to blackmail them tonight. I put my camera back in my bag and walk away quietly with a huge smile on my face.

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    I go straight to my next target, a woman that has always looked at me down with contempt, the school president. Yes, I felt like with this power of mind that I just discovered, it was time for me to get in gear and show these bitches it never pays to piss me off for so long. I know that she is the office right now, working with other students, and actually I’m supposed to bring her 2 laptops fixed. I take them out of my locker and walk with them to the office, I knock at the door, and a man opens up the door and says I can come in. Inside, he closes the behind me and I go install the laptops back and reinstall all the software they need to work with, only a better for me to keep an eye on her the chief and wait for her to start using her vibrator. Coincidently, I finish up when she takes out her toy discreetly from her bag and slides it under her short skirt, now I know why she only wears these. I walk to her desk and tell her I’m done with the laptop, she looks away from me, not wanting to show she’s blushing right now, and when I ask her what is that smell, she freeze, her vibrator making her wet already and asks me what I’m talking about and when I move around her desk, getting closer to her, she gets even more scared that I may find out her secret and asks me to move back. When I read her thoughts, she wouldn’t be to hold back after a while, so I just stand there and ask her if there is anything else she needs help with, she simply shakes her head, unable to speak up anymore and lets out a moan. She knows I heard it and keep on looking down on her desk, I whisper to her that I know that she’s has a vibrator on and it would fun to let others know about her secret. She begs me not to and is ready to do whatever it takes so I won’t tell anyone; I nod and say that I will contact her later when I will need a favor from her. As we are speaking, she doesn’t see me pull out my camera and taking pictures under her desk, proof her affair, she only realizes what I’ve done when I show her the pictures I’ve taken, showing the toy inside her cunt. She starts to freak out because people may want to see them by the way I showing off the camera around. I put the camera back in my pocket and walk away, with a smile on my face; she was asking herself too how I found out that she was doing this.
    As I’m walking down to hallway, I’m thinking about all the chaos I can cause here and all the women I could have to myself. Thinking about how my friends would be begging me in the future to help them to get any woman just made me feel like a real man.

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       Time is finally up when I plan my next move, this time it wouldn’t be with a girl from my school, but I wanted to play more with that woman from the museum and as I dial her number, my friend surprises me from behind, I got time to hide the paper and close my cell. I act cool and ask him what did he want from and he says that he needs me to do something for him back home, he wanted to get access to some other girl’s cam without her noticing and he knows he can count on me to help him out. I shake my head and tell him I don’t feel like it, he smiles promising he will present me to this hot chick, Briana that had a crush on for so long now. I shake my head saying I’m over her and I had other plans for tonight, which would be working early on the project. He laughs a bit at me, saying I should try to be less serious and have more fun, like he does. I walk away, smiling back at him, thinking I’m going to get the last laugh.
     open my phone and dial the woman’s number, she picks up at third tone and jokes saying that she was wondering if I was going to call her, I ask her if she wants to go out tonight, she answers yes the next second and asks me where are going to go, the movies I say. We plan the time and decide she would pick me up at home since she has the car. I hang up because I know I’m going to busy before this…. time for vengeance had started and leave school, going straight for home.



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