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“Oh my god!” Samantha wanted to say, but her mouth wasn’t opening. Instead, her body stayed as if frozen below Mark, his cock still buried deep inside her pleasure hole. She felt every nerve of her body, every surge of sensation passing through her all at the same time, but nothing was moving. She wasn’t, and neither was Mark. She felt as if she was about to lose consciousness and drift away. Having a climax was exhausting enough, but staying at its highest point for what seemed like forever was simply indescribable. Samantha was drifting away, but something still held her back. She knew what it was; it was Mark who was with her, who’d experienced everything that she had. It was as if he was part of her, and she noticed his thoughts when she looked for them.

“Samantha, we need to hold on!” she heard him say inside her head.

“Mark, what’s happening?” Samantha said.

“We’re having an orgasm, I’d thought you’d noticed,” he said.

“Yes I have,” Samantha said, trying with all her might not to lose herself in the infinite ecstasy of it all.

“This is it, the energy I was talking about. We’re about to release it,” Mark said, his thoughts filled with the same struggle against pleasure she was fighting.

“What are we gonna do with it?” Samantha asked.

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   She understood those things now. She didn’t know if it was intuitive or if it was because she knew what Mark knew at this moment, but the knowledge was there.

“I think for a start we should get rid of that Rachnos that’s making its way into the house right now, wouldn’t you say?” Mark said.

“Agreed,” Samantha said.

“Agreed,” Mark said. “Let’s go”

Samantha concentrated as hard as she could on what they’d said they’d do. It wasn’t hard to focus all the energy now inside of them onto the Rachnos above their heads. She could see it clearly in her mind, that horrible body and those hairy legs looking in, as if about to devour them, but still unmoving. The world would be a better place once it was gone.

Slowly, time began moving again and Samantha was back in control of her body. Her mind and Mark’s were drifting apart and the waves of pleasure from their shared orgasm were fading - almost a relief, though Lara knew she’d soon miss the feeling. They slowly floated back onto the bed again and poor, exhausted Mark rolled away from Samantha, panting hard, his sweaty body glistening in the first glimpses of sunlight that shone through the ripped-open roof.

Then there was the sound of an incredibly fierce explosion just above their heads. There was a resulting shockwave from it, but neither Mark nor Samantha were surprised - after all, they had orchestrated the event. The Rachnos that had been just about to rudely interrupt their lovemaking was thrust into the air and fell down dead a few blocks away from the little shack.

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Samantha looked at Mark, who was panting in the bed beside her. His hair was sweaty like his body, but he still looked like the sexiest man alive. She cupped his face in her hands and kissed him softly, slipping him just a little bit of tongue, then lay on her back and concentrated on slowing down her own breathing. Wow, what a ride. She was afraid that she might wake up from this dream any second now, but then she felt Mark’s arms wrapping around her and the warmth of his body. It was something so wonderful she couldn’t have dreamed - couldn’t have imagined it.

“You’re pretty good in bed,” Samantha said after they’d lain there silently for a while.

“You’re not bad yourself,” he said. They laughed - no bad jokes about explosive orgasms necessary.

“Want to know what I’m thinking?” Mark said.

“Oh, I know what you’re thinking,” she said. And she did. When their minds had touched, she had gotten to know him on such an intimate level that she almost took it for granted.

    “Want to hear me say it?” he said.

    “Yes,” Samantha said, her eyes now intently on his.

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    “I love you, Samantha,” he said without the slightest tremor.

    “I love you too,” she said, even though Mark already knew that.

    “We’ve only known each other for a night, you know,”

    “But we know each other better than any couple ever will,” Samantha said.

    “Lots of couples think that,” Mark said.

    “But with us it’s actually true,” she said. And it was. Again they lay silently next to each other for a while in each other’s arms. Samantha felt safe knowing that Mark was here, and she didn’t want this moment to end, so she stayed silent.

    “You know, I’ve been thinking,” Mark said after a long time.

    “You don’t say,” Samantha said. Mark gave her ass cheeks a gentle squeeze.

    “I mean, it’s probably going to be like this every time we have sex,” he said.

    “I know. Ain’t it great?” she said.

    “I’m not saying it isn’t.

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       I just think that we should do something with all that energy,” he said.

    “Like what, save the world?” Samantha said, almost bursting out laughing.

    “Well, maybe not as big as that,” Mark said, cracking up himself.

    “So, what else then?” Samantha said.

    “Well, for a start, there’s still plenty of Rachni out there. I’m sure the city would be a better place without them. ”

    “You’re so selfless, Mark,” Samantha said. “So you’re saying we should have sex a lot to make New York a better place?”

    “Yes, that’s what I’m saying,” Mark said.

    “I’m fine with that,” she said. “How about we start right now?”

    “Woman, you’re reading my mind,” he said, going in for a kiss and moving slowly into a position where it would be easier for him to caress her.

    “No I’m not, but I’m about to,” Samantha said, and pulled him in towards her. .



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