Car Crash 4


Mark hated the Rachni. They always went for him in his sleep, and this time had been no different. What had caught him even more off guard than the attack, however, was that Samantha had been able to see the creature – and that it had gone for her instead of him. Up until now, he'd always thought he was the only person in the world who was able to even as much as notice the Rachni, but Samantha had been able to see this one, too, otherwise she wouldn't have had a chance in hell of dodging those attacks. Mark was also surprised that she'd been able to react quickly enough to dodge, though she would've been done for if he hadn't helped her out with a telekinetic nudge that one time. In moments like those, he liked the fact that he had his powers, even though he usually despised them.

After having escaped from the Rachnos, Mark now found himself in another pickle entirely. He was flying in the sky with a woman in her underwear who had her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck - probably the way the women in the Superman films would have liked to be carried. Aside from this being a huge turn-on for him, which Samantha probably couldn't help but realize in her position, this presented other problems. Mark had never told anyone about his psychic powers, but now it seemed like that was inevitable. He pondered for a moment before he opened his mouth. He thought about lying to Samantha at first, but there would be no point in that. She'd seen him fly and she'd also seen a Rachnos. There really wasn’t anything besides those things that he had any reason for hiding, even though he didn't like the thought of telling somebody else at all. Mark had grown used to lying to people, and that was a hard habit to break.

When he didn't react to her question right away, Samantha spoke up again.

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   "I won't let you give me the silent treatment, Mark, I want answers. What was that thing just now and why the hell are we flying?"

Mark sighed. No other option now, the woman was in a position that made him unable to refuse. His hard cock was pushing against the fabric of his pants and against Samantha’s panties, which she pretended not to notice.

"And don't tell me you're from planet Krypton, either!" she added.

"Alright, alright, I'll tell you!" Mark said. "But it's not that easy. You're the first person who ever found out about me. I don't really know where to start. "

"Well, start with the flying thing then. How do you do it? It feels as if something is pushing us both from below. " Samantha said.

"I'm a psychic. I can move things with my mind, bend them, break them, make them explode. You know, that sort of thing.

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  " Mark said. He brought the two of them up a bit higher above the ground. He knew that the Rachnos hatchling was still following them on foot - those things didn't give up quickly. Mark didn't have the power to fight it right now – not enough sleep and therefore not enough energy - so they'd have to get away. Water would do the trick. The Rachni didn't like it, at least the ones Mark had met and escaped from. He decided to fly over from Manhattan to Brooklyn, that was about all he would be able to manage with his mental energy still spent after the car crash. It was somewhat dark outside, so the danger of being spotted was low enough to risk such a flight. Worst case, someone would take a picture of him and Samantha on a bad cell phone camera and somehow make it into the UFO tabloids.

"A psychic. Does that mean you read minds?" Samantha said. What struck Mark was that she didn't seem at all flustered. No, she was probably just in shock and didn't realize what had happened or what he was saying to her.

"No, I can't do that. I mean, I can project my own thoughts outwards, but there's nobody out there who'd know how to pick them up.

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   And same goes the other way around, nobody else knows how to send their thoughts out. I'm the only psychic out there as far as I know. " Mark still felt his erect penis push at Samantha's mons. It was extremely frustrating not to be able to do anything about that, seeing as she even had her arms around his neck and was pushed up against him. He could feel her breasts and the warmth of her body against his, and he was becoming light-headed. Not good. If he wanted to get them to Brooklyn, he'd have to stay focused. They'd just arrived at the coast, so from now on there'd be no opportunity to land. There would only be water below them.

"So you're the only one then. You know, I've been thinking about it before in the hotel room, and I think I really did hit something with my car. You weren't able to jump out of the way, were you?" Samantha said. She wiggled a bit and got into even closer contact with him, if that was at all possible.

"No, I wasn't. It took all my concentration to just keep up my defenses.

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   You know, sort of mental shields around my body. They keep me from getting hurt too bad," he said. He decided not to tell her about his psychic version of first aid - he was dropping enough bombs on her as it was, even though he thought she was taking it all in remarkably well.

"So you are like superman, neat!" Samantha said. Mark didn't know if she was being sarcastic or if what he heard was genuine enthusiasm.

"I wish. Even with psychic shields, getting hit by a car hurts like hell. After one hit like that, my energy is gone for the night and I have to hit the sack. Couldn't take two of those in one day, so don't get any ideas. "

"Like what?" Samantha asked.

"Like smashing cars into me just for fun. "

"I wasn't thinking about something like that" she said amused.

"Oh yes you were," he said smiling.

"I am now that you put the idea in my head. " she laughed.

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   "So, where are you taking me? The North Pole?"

"It's a bit cold up there this season, I was thinking Brooklyn. Don't think I could go much farther anyway" Mark said.

"Brooklyn? And why's that?" Samantha said.

"Because of the Rachnos hatchling – the spider thing. Remember the spider thing?" Mark gave Samantha a concerned look. He didn't really want to remind her, but he'd have to tell her about the Rachnos sooner or later.

"Yes, I remember the spider thing," Samantha said and squeezed him with her legs as if to reprimand him for his stupid quip. Mark didn't mind being reprimanded. He resolved to poke more fun at Samantha on occasion.

"What about it?" she asked.

"It's afraid of water," Mark said. "So it won't follow us. Unless it finds a way over Brooklyn bridge that is, and the Rachni don't usually like bridges, either. "

"So we'll be safe? That's great! This means that Rachnos is what those things are called?"

"It's what I call them. The plural is Rachni, for the record.

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   I never met anyone who was able to see them too. "

"Able to see them? That thing was enormous. It smashed through a wall for god's sake!" Samantha said. As if to emphasize her point, she squeezed again. Mark's penis was happier than it had been in a long time, but he had to control himself. He couldn't think about having sex with this woman, it was too dangerous. He'd have to tell her about that too or else she was going to jump him and make him do it sooner or later. Mark wouldn't be able to put up much resistance - he'd been hard pressed to keep his hands off her gorgeous body in the hotel room. He'd managed to avoid her in the end by pretending to be asleep when she came out of the shower, but he didn't know what he would've done if he'd had to talk to her more that night. She'd been coming on to him all the time and he'd had to turn her away again and again. It broke his heart, and more to the point, it was frustrating as hell.

Having as much physical contact as they were having now might break him too, but he had to get them both to Brooklyn. In the end, how hard could it be to control himself?

"Yes, they're big," Mark said, trying not to stare at Samantha's breasts that were still constricted only by her torn bra. They were pushed up against him, and they would've given him a very nice view if only he looked down. Don't look down, Mark.

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   He hadn't had to tell himself that since he'd been twenty years old and had flown a lap around the block for the first time, afraid he'd fall down as soon as he looked. "But to normal people the Rachnos are invisible, and they leave them in peace too. I think they've been hunting me because of my powers. Maybe they want to get at my brain energy or something, I'm not really sure. I only know I've been fighting them for a long time," Mark said.

"So they come after you and you fight them?" Samantha said. She looked shocked for the first time.

"That's the gist of it," Mark said. Finally she was going to crack. He had always thought this would happen if he told anybody about himself, but Samantha didn't crack, she just went on asking questions.

"And you've been doing that all alone? That must've been hell!"

"I guess you could call it that," Mark said. "But I'm used to it. Getting hit by a car is worse than fighting one of those things, or at least escaping them. "

Samantha's cheeks became rosy. "Sorry," she said.

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"That's alright," Mark said. "It was my fault, actually. I got caught up in the thrill of the hunt and didn't watch out for cars when crossing the street, I was moving so fast you couldn't have seen me soon enough. "

"No, it wasn't your fault, it was me. I was so stupid, I saw this shadow thing on the street and I just had to turn around to look. If I hadn't done that, I'd have seen you in time," she said.

"That must've been the Rachnos hatchling I was hunting. I still don't know why you could see it too. I always thought it was only me," he said.

"I've never seen anything like it before, so your guess is as good as mine. You know, there's something else that's bugging me now. " Samantha said.

"Go on," Mark said. She seemed to have control over herself again, what an impressive woman. He began to realize that this one wasn't going to crack under all the pressure of crazy new things invading her world.

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"You called this creature tonight a hatchling. What do you mean by that?" she said. Mark should've known this was coming.

"Oh, this one's just a baby. The grown-up ones are a bit bigger," he said.

"And how big would that be?" Samantha asked. He felt her shiver against him, though she kept her brave face.

"I'd say about as big as a small house. You can spot them around the city if you're able to see them, though they're usually asleep. They're almost never awake, but when they do wake up, they go for me. "

"As big as a house," Samantha repeated. "And nobody but you can see them. That's really messed up!"

"Well, you can probably see them too now. Look over there, at the side of that building," Mark said. He took an arm away from Samantha's back and pointed.

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   She noticed it immediately. There was a huge body with extremely long legs propped up against the side of a skyscraper they were flying towards.

"Okay, I see it too," Samantha said. Not even a quiver this time. Mark was starting to think that this woman was not just brave, she might be insane. Too bad this was the kind of insanity that turned him on all the more. Couldn't she lay off the wiggling against his crotch for a little? Not that he was complaining, but it was driving him nuts.

"Why are we flying towards it, then?" Samantha asked. "That seems like a really stupid idea. "

"I told you, it's sleeping. It sometimes takes years for them to wake up again. You don't have to worry, we'll be safe," Mark said. Truth be told, he wasn't so sure about that. His powers were drained and the thing about the Rachni just sleeping for years was a bit of a white lie, but he really didn't want to scare Samantha any more. They did sleep for weeks sometimes, so there was a good chance that this one wasn't going to wake up anytime soon.



"Well, I still don't like it," Samantha said. "But you know more about these things than I do. Where exactly are you taking me anyway?"

"I've got a house there all to myself. It should be okay for us to stay there for a while until we figure out what to do. " Mark said.

"Figure out what to do about what?" Samantha asked.

"I don't want to freak you out more than I already have, Samantha, but I have a hunch that you might have powers like mine. They've probably only just awoken, but they're there, I can trust my hunches on things like that," Mark said. Samantha finally broke and gaped at him without saying a single word. He smiled inwardly. He knew he was more impressive than she'd led him to think he was.


It felt like a dream that Samantha wasn't waking up from, and she couldn't decide if it was a good one or a bad one. On one hand there was the attack by a giant spider that she'd barely survived – and Samantha hated spiders – but on the other she was being held in her torn underwear by a hunky Superman who was without a doubt just aching for some sexual relief. That coupled with the possibility that she might have amazing superpowers like his almost made up for the fact that she'd been living in a city infected with invisible house-sized spiders for all her life. She'd been paralyzed by fear when she'd seen that thing clinging to the wall of that skyscraper, and she'd almost let go of Mark at that point, but the feeling of his muscular arms around her gave her strength.

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All the other thing's he'd told her during the flight were still making their way into her brain. This was a whole other world she'd been thrust into. One day she'd been working at a cute little flower shop to pay for college tuitions, the next she was clinging with all her might to a handsome stranger with superpowers, trying to escape from the evil Rachnos. Or Rachni, whatever. She didn't really care for Mark's naming sense, but she cared a whole lot for everything else there was to him.

The way he pretended not to notice his aching erection pressing against her skimpy panties would've usually made her laugh, but things being as they were, Samantha played along with the charade. She'd needed to hear all those things he'd told her, and talk of sex didn't mix well with that at all. She'd get him alone in a dark, safe bedroom soon enough, and then she'd let loose, no questions asked. He wanted her too, she could see that in his eyes, even though he still valiantly controlled himself. Samantha was really starting to wonder what it would be like to be with a man like this one, and soon she might find out, as the coast of Brooklyn drew closer.

When they landed, Mark gave his best effort to unwrap himself from Samantha's embrace with some amount of dignity, but Samantha wouldn't let him off as easy as that. She pretended to trip backwards and pulled Mark after her. She noted with a smile that while Mark might easily deal with being hit by a car, he had no chance at all to withstand the power that she had over him. Samantha landed on her back and Mark followed soon after, though he managed to catch himself with his hands without squashing her. Another tick for the gallant hero checklist.

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"Sorry about that," Samantha said, not feeling sorry at all

"That's okay," Mark said. He got up on his feet and stretched out his hand for Samantha to grab on to. She took it and before she knew it she was standing face to face with him. Even though he must be tired by now, he still had enough power to swipe her onto her feet. And to swipe her off of them as well, but she'd already known that the moment she'd opened her eyes to see him bent over her with tears of relief in his face after she'd crashed the car.

"Let's go before someone sees us. You're basically naked right now and people shouldn't see you like this. My safe house is close-by," Mark said after an awkward few seconds of him and Samantha standing face to face holding hands.

"Why shouldn't people see me?" Samantha asked with false bravado, "Do you think I'm not nice to look at?" Of course she was happy that she'd have a roof over her head again soon. Even though it was summer it was still cold out, especially when one was dressed in nothing but their underwear. But Samantha just couldn't help teasing Mark. She loved the look on his face when he realized what she'd just said.

"No, that's not what I mean, you're beautiful, but. . .

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  " he stuttered.

"But what?" Samantha asked. Mark paused. "Wait, are you trying to turn me on?" he then said.

"And what if I was?" Samantha said, her blood rushing to her face. What was she doing? She was throwing herself at this guy, and she never did that! It wasn't decent, it wasn't. . . But then, she guessed she could allow herself some indecency after all the things she'd just experienced. Her instincts were kicking in now and she wanted to bonk this guy, nothing wrong about that!

"I guess I knew that was coming," Mark said in a resigned voice.

"Knew what was coming?" Samantha asked.

"You making a move on me. You weren't exactly subtle before, you know," he said. So he knew. Of course he knew, she almost had to smack herself for thinking that he hadn't noticed, no guy on earth could ignore all the physical clues she'd given him.

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   But wait, there was something else wrong with what he'd just said.

"So why're you so unhappy about it?" Samantha asked and made a grumpy face.

"It's not you, it's me," Mark said.

"There's no way you just said that," Samantha said.

"No, really. Let's go to my house, I'll explain once we can both warm up. I'm starting to get cold, and looking at you I think so are you. "

Samantha followed his gaze to her torn bra and jumped at what she saw. As fast as she could she covered herself up with her arms; maybe wearing nothing but a torn bra in public wasn't such a great idea after all. She followed Mark wordlessly to the house. There was no way in hell she was going to tell him the truth; that she was only a little cold and that her nipples had been erect for entirely different reasons. Mark-related reasons to be exact.

Just being close to him with her hand in his made her forget all about the world surrounding her and think of entirely different things, but she let go of his hand once she noticed she was still holding on to it. Probably a bad idea to hold the hand of a guy who'd just as much as told her that he didn't want to start anything with her. But then, his erect penis during the flight had spoken an entirely different language.

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   What was going through that man's head? While Samantha thought she probably wouldn't be America's Next Top Model, she did know that most men would've considered her quite the prize.

After only about a hundred meters of walking, they'd reached a small shack – calling it a house would've been an exaggeration – and Mark opened the door for her, biding her inside. Now that she knew he didn't want her he was being a gentleman; how nice!



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