Car Crash 2


Usually, Samantha was more careful when handling strange men, but right now she was feeling too tired to be suspicious; she just wanted a bed to rest and to sleep through the rest of the night. And hey, if this particular stranger decided to take advantage of her, she might even decide to play along. He didn't look half bad with his well trained arms, abs, and especially that valiant expression of concern for her on his face. It wasn't every day she met a guy whom she almost ran over and who then went on to care about her to the extent of pulling her out of the wrecked car and getting her a hotel room. Even without her car going up in flames at the time of her rescue, it was a nice image, and so she decided to play the part of damsel in distress just a bit longer. Who knew, maybe the rewards would be worth it.

After getting the keys to the hotel room – to Samantha's surprise it was one with separate beds – Mark went up the stairs first and she followed after. It was very ungentleman-like of him, but Samantha liked it, because this way she got to take in the sights. His firm buttocks were moving just the right way for her to feel that familiar sensation going through her body - a sensation she'd been ignoring for far too long because she'd been concentrating on her work and education instead of boys. Samantha was growing more and more certain that this was a good time to give in to the urges again for once. She'd almost forgotten that she was tired at all, probably a side effect of the adrenaline after the car crash in combination with her pent-up hormones being released.

When they arrived at their hotel room, Mark opened the door and they both went inside. It wasn't a very special room, but it would do for the night. Two bare beds in the corner, a bathroom with a shower, a TV and some cupboards. Samantha noticed Mark spying out of the room's single window, so she went up to him and deliberately touched him with her hips when she also peered outside. To her surprise, she felt him draw back, but she didn't think much of it.

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   A guy like him probably didn't need to have a mind for approaches like this one because women were throwing themselves at him left and right. The thought gave her a little jolt of pleasure. Samantha always liked a challenge. In fact, most men bored her with their obvious come-ons. They were so easy to get that all the fun went out of it.

"What are you looking at out there?" she said.

"Your car. Don't you think you should call the police? You might get in trouble if you don't," he said. He didn't look at her as he spoke, his gaze going far off into the distance. Samantha followed his lazy blue eyes, but she didn't find what he was looking at, so she went back to just looking at his eyes.

"Oh, right," she said. "I almost forgot about that. I'll call them right now. "

Mark nodded. "I'll go take a shower while you do, that okay?"

"Sure, you do that.

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Mark went into the bathroom and left Samantha pondering what she'd say to the police. She'd never had to report a car crash before, but this was probably serious enough that she wouldn't be getting around it. She grabbed for the cell phone in her pocket and tried to turn it on, but it was broken. Great, now that was just the icing on the cake. The car had been a heap of junk to begin with, but the cell phone - now that hurt. The thought made her smile a black-humoured smile and she went and sat down on the bed to use the phone on the bedside table.

Samantha was just about to grab the receiver when she heard the shower in the bathroom being turned on and her mind began to wander. She'd have loved to be in there with Mark right now, but while she wasn't above touching a guy to get his attention, surprising him while in the shower just wasn't her style. Maybe not getting physical with this one was the best option anyway. She did feel as if she was losing control, her instincts pushing her to mate with this strong man who'd just rescued her. In the morning, she probably wouldn't be attracted to him at all and they'd go their separate ways. Yes, that was it. She'd just stop thinking about him, call the police, and in the morning everything would be as it used to be the day before. If only those thoughts of Mark naked under the shower weren't so damn appealing.

Ruefully, Samantha pushed away the pictures of Mark cleaning his muscly legs and his hot body, and picked up the receiver.

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   Images of her caressing his sensitive parts tried to make their way into her consciousness while she was dialing, but she ignored them as best as she could. When she heard the voice of the police officer, she sobered up a little and gave a report of the accident, which didn't take long. When she was done, she was asked to leave her contact information. Samantha just hoped that her insurance would take care of the damage she'd done to that building. She didn't have a lot of money left after paying her tuitions. She didn't have enough money to buy another car, either, so she'd be taking the overcrowded bus and the subway to work from now on. How much would a bus pass for a year cost, anyway? With the gas prices these days she'd probably even come out on top like this.

Samantha got pulled out of her budget musings when Mark came out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel around his waist covering his naked body. It was all she could do not to stare at him in amazement. Instead she procured an awkward smile from the depths of her poker face repertoire; it was the one that had never managed to fool anyone into thinking it was real. Only now she realized that what Mark's body had looked like in her imagination was the actual, real deal. This guy had been to the gym, no kidding. His arms were strong and he had muscles at all the right places. Nothing disproportional like the guys who ate drugs for breakfast, but a strong, healthy looking man. Very healthy.

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   Maybe healthy enough to go on for hours and hours and. . . No, she wouldn't go there, she'd promised herself. Just instincts, remember? She was above that sort of thing. Her education, that was more important, even if it didn't feel like that at the moment. She'd be a TV announcer one day, no time for boys.

When she noticed that neither of them was saying anything, Samantha finally managed to open her mouth. "So, what's the shower like?" Good going, Samantha, great question!

"It ain’t much to look at. I cleaned it up after myself in case you want a go. "

"Thanks, I think I'll do just that. "

A shower was exactly what she needed. A cold one. She always took particularly cold showers when thoughts of men plagued her, but she hadn't had to do that in a long time. Her vibrator had taken better care of her than any man ever could - or that's what she'd told herself, anyway.

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   Looking at Mark, she was seriously starting to doubt that little theory of hers. Before any more of these thoughts could start to crop up, she vanished in the bathroom, giving one last glance to Mark's gorgeous backside as he was making his way towards the bed closer to the window.

Samantha was surprised when she stepped into the shower and turned on the water. It was cold, just as she liked it. She'd never had a boyfriend who enjoyed taking showers with her, because even if she wasn't trying to turn herself off sex, she preferred to have the water cool rather than hot. The way most men preferred it, she always felt as if she was being scalded, and so she'd never had a partner with whom she could comfortably share a shower, something that had always irked her just that tiny little bit. She didn't believe in signs, but to the superstitious parts of her, this sort of shower compatibility was something that made the thought of having Mark as a boyfriend a very appealing idea.

Then another thought hit her. What if Mark had used cold water to shower for the same reason that she was doing it now? But why would he? He hadn't given her any signs of being interested in her whatsoever, and any subtle advances that she'd made had seemed to be completely lost on him. Why on earth would he not make a pass at her if he was horny enough that he needed a cold shower to calm him down? He wasn't the shy type, was he? Maybe he was just chivalrous, not wanting to take advantage of the woman he'd just rescued, but Samantha didn't believe that - nobody was that chivalrous. And if Mark was, it wasn't romantic, just stupid. There had to be something else, and now that she had reason to believe that Mark had the hots for her, she was going to find out what it was.

First up was the shower, though. Strangely enough, it didn't turn Samantha's thoughts away from Mark. She sighed and shook her head as she stepped out of the stall.


   She was a hopeless case. It was probably because of the fact that she was more tired than she'd thought she was and didn’t have the energy to fight against those kinds of sex thoughts. When she entered the hotel room again, she found Mark sleeping on the bed next to the window.

Samantha looked at him for a while. Her very own hero. She felt the urge to climb into the bed with him, but thought the better of it. He must be tired too after the shock of almost being hit by a car. He'd hidden it well, but it was better if she left him alone for now and asked him questions about his behavior the next day. If she still felt attracted to him by then, that was. She doubted it. An attraction this strong couldn't be natural, it just had to be part of the whole car accident thing. She'd sober up soon enough and then it was goodbye Mark, hello tired old life. With a final sigh, Samantha stripped down to her underwear and let herself fall onto the bed. Only a few minutes later, she was off to dream land.

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