Avatar: Chronicles of the lost tribe, Tsahaylu-Fnuetsikxä kurakxyu (Neural Bond Vagina/Pussy driver)


Avatar: Chronicles of the lost tribe, Tsahaylu-Fnuetsikxä kurakxyu (Neural Bond Vagina/Pussy driver)

The story takes place in present day Earth 150 years or so before the events in the movie.


20 of our years ago they arrived to our world and befriended some Amazonian tribes, over time they weaved themselves into the folklore of the native people’s themselves and became the protective spirits of the forest known as the Tunchy but in reality they are stranded Aliens from a race known as the Na’vi from a yet to be discovered Earth like moon in Alpha Centauri.

This stranded group consisted of about 20 mostly youths when the incident that brought them to Earth occurred. Now about 18 or so of the original group and they have scattered across the jungle since their most adult and experienced leader passed away. The female Na’vi whom was accidentally responsible for marooning the group on Earth is now desperately lonely and the fact that she was always a lesbian from since she was a child made things only worse stranded on an alien world,.

The Na’vi unlike humans they need to find a mate or risk going insane even homicidally so, that’s why Neytiri told Jake that he must choose a mate not that he should. So stranded in this alien world they had to adapt and even learn to mate with humans in a primitive form of bonding that involved tapping into the areas that have the largest cluster of nerves or the most sensitive. In humans especially women this would be their vagina or more specifically their clit specially when aroused. This Also sadly had other side effects and consequences but none of that mattered to Zaodani, she needed to find a mate or risk insanity possibly homicidal insanity so she settled on a target to be her mate, scouted her out and finally made her move by driving her off the road and carrying her unconscious form back to her lair deep in the jungle atop a hole in a huge Kapok tree.

Chapter 1: Awakening

Dr Rebecca Andrews slowly awoke from her forced slumber. Her vision was still blurry but she heard a distinctive husky female voice speaking in a tongue she could just not understand. “mawey aynga lu nìltsan” as her vision finally came into focus she found herself staring at a huge blue feline like face. Her shock was such that she fell of the bed-like hole she was in, it was quite high about 4 feet above the floor of wherever she was so she bumper her ass hard on the wooden surface. “Who… What are you? Where Am I” she asked in pain and panic and then she realized she was in her birthday suit. “Where are my clothes?” she asked now with a hint anger in her voice as she covered her private parts with her hands.

The giant humanoid female creature that stood before her was intimidating and intriguing at the same time her feline like face denoted a mixture of melancholy, longing and lust.

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   “aynga lu sevin sì som” the female creature spoke once again as her huge finger rubbed Rebecca’s cheek. “OK…” Rebecca said unsure of what to even think.

“Lu metsefya pxasul” the creature once again said in her strange tongue as she gently grabbed Rebecca’s free hanging boobs with her huge index finger and thumb. Rebecca instinctively slapped her fingers away “What the… Stop that!” she cried out.

Zaodani knew that Rebecca could not understand a word she was saying. She felt sorry for her but a Na’vi could not go on indefinitely without a mate and mates of her own kind were in extremely short supply in this alien world they had crash landed so long ago heck even back home it would have been hard for her given her inclination toward her same gender. She loathed the idea that she had to forcibly abduct another sentient no matter what the species but at the same time she knew she would just become insane without a mate and an insane Na’vi roaming the jungle would not be good for anyone particularly in this alien world.

Zaodani had no other choice; she could not go and ask Rebecca or any desirable human female for that matter on a date. She knew that at best her intended date would just run the other way screaming and at worst she would end being dissected at some lab. No there was no other choice other than to force the issue by forcibly mating with her target of interest and hoping against hope that one day she would forgive her and that she would be forgiven for her sins.

Rebecca tried to sneak away from her, she ran to the entrance only to stop abruptly as she realized just how high they were. The hole was 150 feet above ground on the huge trunk of a Kapok tree.

"Ftang! Tsakem tspang aynga" the creature named Zaodani once again spoke. She made a hand gesture of something falling to ground to get the point across. .

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  In a move as quick as lightning she grabbed Rebecca by the arms and carried her to the inner bowels of the lair pinned her and began to tie her up. Rebecca tried to squirm away but it was all but impossible for her. In a moment she was not only naked but tied up horizontally with her legs and arms spread eagled.

"Oeri tsap'aluteyu zene yom ngeyä Fnuetsikxä si ngenga za'u nìtxan txur" were the last words Zaodani uttered to her captive before she dove in and began to lick Rebecca’s pussy, Rebecca helplessly strained against her bonds as she pleaded with a mixture of fear and anger in her voice “Stop, let me go, oh you blue freaking bitch!” Soon Zaodani’s ministrations to Rebecca’s pussy were doing their magic. Regardless of how she felt about the whole thing, her vagina gorged up being mercilessly stimulated.

Chapter 2: The Bonding

Rebecca finally had no choice but to give to the sensations racking her body instead of curses and insults only moans came out of her mouth as her breathing became shallower. At this moment Zaodani looked at her work satisfied as she knew in a moment she would be hers. She wrapped her que around Rebecca’s engorged clit and continued liking and even inserting her tail into Rebecca’s pussy until she exploded in a humongous orgasm. At that moment the que managed to send a massive signal through the over sensitized nerve endings of Rebecca’s clit and formed a neural imprint on her brain.

Rebecca noticed something strange she suddenly felt she wasn’t alone in her own body. Then she heard the voice of the female humanoid only this time in her own brain. “You are mine now!”the voice rang aloud. “Get out of my head you bitch!” Rebecca screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Sorry can’t do that we’ve bonded you and I and you are now my mate whether you like it or not. ” Zaodani replied.

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“Your mate? In your dreams, wait a minute how it comes I can understand you now?” Rebecca asked.

“Because we are now neurally linked, you have acquired some knowledge of my language and me of yours. ”

“Neurally linked as in what I felt in my brain?”

“Yes that was a neural imprint that bonds you to me”

“Bonds me to you? For how long?”

“For as long as you live, we Na’vi mate for life”

“For life? What are you Na’vi some kind of Alien sex slave traders or something like that?”

“You are not a sex slave Rebecca you are my mate”

“Yeah because I had anything to say in the matter, oh wait! I didn’t! Face it blue bitch I’m your slave”

“Is not like I could ask you to mate with me in a bar”

“Yeah right and what’s with the mating thing, can’t you guys whatever you are just enjoy casual sex?”

“I told you we mate for life, as you figured out I am as you call it an Alien and on our world mating is not a matter of choice but a biological necessity, we end going insane if we do not and as you may have noticed there just not that many eligible bachelors or in my case bachelorettes.

“And just what made me eligible by your standards, you kidnapped me you place some kind of neural bond in my brain all against my will and you expect me to believe you have any standards other than which woman is the most tempting target?”

“Actually I scouted you out for days Rebecca, I know you are mostly a loner that you have no living relatives and that you like me also likes girls”

“Hold on a minute didn’t you say you did not know my language before? If so how it comes you know all that? You blue bitch stinking liar! I ought too! Untie me so I can teach you a lesson!” Rebecca snarled as she strained helplessly to free herself from her bonds.

“Oooh I’m shaking in my tail, you are what 5. 8? Look at me I’m an over 12 feet alien and the gravity of this world of yours has made my bones and muscles stronger than they ever where. You would not last a second and I have no desire to see you hurt and yes I knew your language but really would it have mattered if I had spoken it or not before I mated with you?”

“It would have made clear what a lying bitch you are and since we are at a first name basis do you even have one or should I just call you blue bitch?”

“My name is Zaodani and is a name you ought not too forget dear because unfortunately for your kind there is a downside to neurally bonding with a Na’vi”

“Oh you mean other than being forcibly abducted and for all accounts raped by a giant blue alien like you?”

“I did what was necessary for my survival and for the sake of this jungle and your own kind, believe me you would not want an insane Na’vi around I’m sorry you got what you would call the short end of the stick but is not as bad as you think Rebecca. ”

“Oh is it now didn’t you just said there is an unfortunate downside to humans bonding with you aliens? I really doubt you meant zits by that. ” Rebecca replied sarcastically

“Yes there is, in my species we have this que” Zaodani showed Rebecca her neural que sticking out of her ponytail “With he can link with just about everything in our world. In this world no such neural connectivity exists so if your species bonds with one of us…”

“Don’t you mean forced to bond with one of you?”

“Are you going to let me finish? And if you must know a long time ago I befriended and mated with a beautiful Native girl”

“I take it that didn’t go well since she is not here!”

“That’s when we began to learn about the danger that bonding with us pose to humans but is a danger that can be kept on check, she was quite happy with me until miners went to her village and massacred it, killing her as well”

“I’ve read about that massacre but that took place 18 years ago, just how long have you been here?”

“20 of your years, too long…”

“I’m sorry for your loss, but it does not excuse what you have done to me!”

“No it doesn’t but as I said it was a survival matter, anyway as I was explaining what we found is that since you humans do not have a neural bond connection or a que, when a Na’vi places a neural imprint in any of you, the imprint begins to look for just that! A que but there isn’t one so it keeps making new connections in your brain trying to find a que up till if unchecked it grows into a tumor like growth and kills you”

“Oh that’s nice so I’m now condemned to die of a brain tumor thanks to you?”

“No! As I said if it’s kept in check that won’t happen and you could go on living a long healthy life. ”

“Why do I feel a but coming up?” Rebecca said in her now typical sarcasm.

“Yes the but would be that it can only happen if you bond with me regularly”

“And how regularly would that be?”

“If I don’t bond with you for longer than 3 days you can die, the more we bond the safer you are”

“Ah, and off course by bonding you mean…”

“Yes that’s what it means, that I have to make you cum as much and as hard as possible, is the only way to ensure the strongest link possible. ”

“How does it even work? It shouldn’t”

“Not really, your clit is the closest thing to a que anyway in your whole body but it only makes a connection when you are experiencing an orgasm apparently that’s the only time the neural pathways are properly arranged for the bond to take place”

“How it comes you know so much about biology?”

“You tell me, much of what I just said came from your own brain”

“You uploaded my knowledge into your brain?”

“Part of it” Zaodani replied.

“Not fair, you can take my memories, my knowledge out of my brain and I get nothing in return!”

“That’s not true, it works both ways that’s why you understand some of my language now, not to mention you get to cum a lot and I haven’t met a woman that doesn’t like having orgasms yet!”

“Having the occasional orgasm is great, having to depend on them for your life is quite another!”

“There are people out there that depend on so called Dialysis or transfusions Rebecca, there are far worse things your continued existence could depend too. ”

“You are using my knowledge against me again, I hate you!”

“I understand how you feel Rebecca I really do If I were in your shoes I’d feel the same way, I am truly sorry but as I said it was a matter of survival, but you will see is not as bad as you think, Oh the wonders I can show when we bond, wonders from my world you would not believe!”

“Wonders such as?”

“I’d much rather just show than talk about them you would not comprehend most of it anyway unless you see it for yourself”
“See it for myself? So if you bond with me I will be able to see what you are talking about?”

“See it, smell it, touch it is a complete sensory memory experience!”

“And all I have to do is…”

“Just close your eyes and keep them shut or you’ll see double when it happens and let me work my magic on you.

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  , you are not going to ask me what I mean by that are you honey, you already know, so relax and let it happen”

With that Zaodani again lusciously ate Rebecca’s pussy “By the way I love the taste of your pussy. ”

Rebecca’s breathing once again became labored and she began to moan unintelligibly. Zaodani thoroughly enjoyed Rebecca’s reactions to her ministries, how her relatively small by comparison but gorgeous body tensed,how her head arched backwards and her back arched and lifted and strained involuntarily at her bonds.

Rebecca’s whole body tensed like a bow as a huge impending orgasm approached Zaodani knowing this once again wrapped her que around Rebecca’s super engorged clit and continued licking it and ramming her tail into Rebecca’s swollen pussy. For a second Rebecca stopped breathing and then exploded in wave after wave of orgasm.

At that moment the neural link was formed again and she went from being overwhelmed by her climax to find herself in strange and strikingly beautiful surroundings she was looking at mountains that somehow floated in the air and giant flying creatures flew around.

“It is called Iknimaya, the thundering rocks or highway to heaven by my people, astonishing is it not?” She heard Zaodani and looked back and sure enough there she was standing behind her,Rebecca noticed they were both standing on a small “floating mountain” themselves she looked at herself in this vision she was still naked.

“Can’t I have some modesty at least in my visions?”She asked.

“Well this is actually my memories so they are my visions which I am sharing with you, besides why do you need clothes? Why hide your attributes behind layers of clothing but I could make you a nice loin clothif you want”

A loin cloth now that you mention why is it that you wear such primitive clothing are you not supposed to be an Alien that crashed here? For someone like that you do not seem technologically advanced at all.

“We hitched an accidental ride in what we first thought was a creature of some kind but it turned out to be what you would call a spaceship”

“So you were brought here by a ship from another Alien race, that’s messed up”

“It’s more messed up than that; I think it came from our own species long distant future. ”

“How do you figure that?”

“The command and control area of the ship was specifically designed for our kind down right to que connectors to drive the thing”

“Wow that a bit too much Buck Rogers and Back to the future for me. Funny I should be just out of control I mean I still feel my body climaxing but it feels distant. ”
“That is because I’m absorbing most of that right now so you can take your time to enjoy this. ”

“For how long does this connection last?”

“About 2 or 3 minutes but can be re linked non stop sort of, you basically have to keep on cumming”

“Sounds tiring in fact I’m beginning to feel tired”

“Yes I’ve been keeping you having orgasm after orgasm for the past 8 minutes. ”

“Really? Just how many times I’ve cummed in those 8 minutes?”

“At least 18 times in the space of that time if double orgasms are included, you are just a little cumming machine right now” Zaodani replied smiling at her smaller companion in her shared vision of a long distant memory.

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“You are really enjoying this aren’t you? Making me your little cumming machine?” Rebecca asked.

“I already told you that I was what you call a lesbian back home so yes I enjoy the company of another female even if it is tiny by comparison, I love to pleasure their bodies and share memories and experiences”

“Ah you are the dominating type then, figures!”

“Dominating type?” Zaodani asked perplexed.

“Yes the kind that loves to be in control at all times” Rebecca replied.

“Well I admit that I’ve always loved to be the one leading not the one following and not only when it comes to relationships, I’ve always tried to be a step ahead; it is what got me and my group into this mess in the first place. ”

“Yes your ego got you stranded here; you explained that already, it hasn’t served you that well have it?”

“When it comes to that, no it certainly did not! But what does it have to do with…”Zaodani replied but was cut off in mid sentence as she realized Rebecca was pushing into her mind trying to pry her secrets for herself.

“Oh I’m impressed! For a Human you have a very keen and focused mind I’ll give you that, you really want to play this game of who gets to be on top little one? Do you?” Zaodani asked with a sly smile in her face.

The vision cut off that moment and Rebecca found herself back in her own self again feeling the full effect of the orgasm-fest she was being subjected too now being somehow amplified 2 fold. She lost complete control of her faculties at that moment completely lost in the sensations while she heard Zaodani in her mind “You have guts and a really keen mind girl but what you do not have is a prayer trying to dominate me!Just as I can absorb and diminish your sensory barrage I can increase it as well. ”

“P… Please… S… Stop it!” Rebecca managed to utter panting breathlessly and almost to the point of losing consciousness

“Shhh, is almost over, I need you drained, I want to go to sleep and I don’t want you trying to escape”

Rebecca exploded once more and one final time into orgasm with such intensity that she felt every fiber of her body as if it was exploding, the pleasure barrage was too much and she slipped into unconsciousness. “Sorry about that honey, but as I said I need my rest just as much as you do”

She untied Rebecca and toyed with her limp extremities to make sure she was indeed out and could not escape.
Satisfied she kissed her senseless captive in the forehead and suckled her boobs, Rebecca responded faintly “Good night sweetheart” Zaodani said as she climbed to her hammock. Leaving Rebecca senseless, on the lair’s floor. .