Erika and the headmaster part 2


     Erika was keeping her nose clean, for now. The remembrance of the pain of her caning was still fresh, and even though it provided her great mastubatory fodder, to run it over in her mind how the headmaster had caned her and than fucked her, she wasn't too eager for a return engagement.

     One afternoon, a rumor ran through the classes that Bethany Crisster had been caught smoking marijuana. Talk about breaking the rules, Erika could just imagine the caning she was going to get. Thinking about it got her going, and she wondered if she could sneak into the headmaster's offices, and secretly watch Beth getting her ass caned? The outer administration office would be deserted, as Mr. Smith's punishments were always handed out after classes.

     When the final dismissal bell rang, Erika quickly ducked into the ladies room, and waited until she heard the clamor of departing students die away. Erika cautiously peeked out, saw the hallways deserted, and started quickly towards the headmaster's office. If any late departing teachers were around, it would not look suspicious, she was merely a late departing student. Coming around the corner, she screeched to a stop, she could see right into the administartion office, and she could see Mr. Smith escorting Bethany inside his private office. With the close of the door, she quickly made her way inside. Mr. Smith was using his very private office, the one with no windows, damn, she wouldn't be able to see anything. But she could listen. She put her ear to the door, and was able to hear quite well.

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     "Miss Crister, you've already been in here once for being caught with marijuana, now you have been seen actually smoking it. I guess one round of punishment wasn't enough, looks like I have to administer more. You know how it goes, drop your panties, bend over and grab your ankles Miss Crister".

     Erika's cunt was starting to heat up fast, she knew what Bethany looked like, she had seen Bethany's naked body in the showers, her ass was magnificent, and that gorgeous ass was about to be whipped. Erika's fingers found their way into her panties, and she found her slick, swollen hole, pratically gushing with juices. She imagined the headmaster unzipping his pants, taking the cane.

     "Brace yourself Miss Crister. "

     She heard what sounded like a whistle, then the resounding smack of the cane, and the howl of pain Bethany let loose. Fuck, her cunt gave a jolt, and Erika knew she was virtually just one finger stroke away. She didn't want to blow off just as it was starting, so she slid two fingers up her soaking cunt, keeping her fingers away from her twitching clit. Another resounding crack, and another howl. Erika found herself counting, after "six of the best" were delivered, he kept going, Bethany's howls of pain and the crack of the cane against her ass not letting up, as Mr. Smith delivered a second set of "six of the best".

     "Keep gripping your ankles Miss Crister, you know what comes next.


     Bethany let out a loud grunt of pain, Erika could imagine the headmaster shoving his rock hard 9 inches deep into Bethany's cunt, slamming against Bethany's fiery, stinging ass.

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   She listened, could hear Bethany's grunts of discomfort as Mr. Smith plowed her furrow. Erika quickly started to finger her clit, and her orgasm slammed into her,  immediate and almost savage in its intensity, she had to clamp her mouth tightly as she wanted to scream with the pleasure. She heard the headmaster let out grunts of pleasure, as he gushed his juicy load deep inside Bethany's tight well.

     A minute or so later, she heard the headmaster admonish Bethany to correct her mistakes, or she would suffer more punishment. Knowing that he was about to take her to the nurse's office for some cooling down of her burning ass, Erika quickly retreated, and she was in her room in just a few minutes.

     Her cunt was still buzzing, she needed more. On her belly, ass up, she imagined that the caning of Bethany's sexy ass became the caning of her ass, Mr. Smith was delivering twelve hard stokes of the cane to her, making her ass a throbbing, stinging crimson, making her ass as red as her face had been from the humiliation. She buried her fingers in her sopping cunt, and her imagination felt his cock fucking her, her cunt exploded when she remembered the feel of his load pouring hotly into her. This time, she was able to let loose the howl of pleasure, as she felt her cunt wrenching and spasming wildly, her body shaking wildly as her orgasm blasted though her body.     


     Erika found it very easy to hang around after class, just waiting and hoping to catch the headmaster with another misbehaving student. A week later, and she struck paydirt. Peering in at the administration office after classes, she saw the headmaster taking Brittany Hodges into his office. Erika was quickly through the door of the administration office, and she saw that Mr.

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   Smith and Brittany were in his less private office, it had windows that looked out at the administration area, and Erika realized she would be able to watch Brittany getting caned. Her cunt started to juice wildly, and she crept up, and peered over the bottom of the window, hoping like hell that she didn't get seen. Good luck was with her, as she saw the headmaster lecturing Brittany, and she could hear the familiar sound of his voice through the door, ordering her to drop her panties, bend over and grab her ankles, telling her that she was going to get caned. Brittany seemed to tense up, and then it looked like she resigned herself to her fate. Her hands under her skirt, she pulled down her panties, Erika could see the flame redness of shame and humiliation on her face.
    Turning, she bent down and grabbed her ankles, the position she was in put her ass cheeks in full view of Erika's eyes, she couldn't have planned it out any better. Nice, heart shaped cheeks, so white, but not for much longer. Erika quickly buried her fingers deep up her soaking cleft, and started to stroke her burning center.

         The headmaster swiftly opened his trousers, to let his cock grow unrestricted. He picked up the cane, and told Brittany to brace herself. He swung his arm back, and whipped the cane forward. The cane make a solid sound as it connected with those smooth wite cheeks, and Brittany's howl of pain filled the office. Mr. Smith drew back again, and let her have it again. Watching the whipping was wildly exciting, and as Brittany got her ass caned hard, Erika was masturbating furiously.

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       Watching her ass turn crimson, and seeing the long stokes of the cane outlined on her ass cheeks, Erika was ready to explode! As he administered the 5th stroke, Erika's cunt wrenced wildly and started to spasm crazily, and she watched the sixth stroke find its mark, and Brittany's cry of pain, through lust glazed eyes as her orgasm violently crashed into her, leaving her a bit weak and giddy in the aftermath. She saw the headmaster step forward, with his back to the window, Erika couldn't watch the penetration, but Brittany's cry of pain as he thrust his hips forward, smacking againt her burning ass and burying his 9 inches up Brittany's tight teen cunt, let her know that Brittany was getting the full discipline treatment. She watched Brittany getting fucked, getting her bearings back, feeling her cunt start to juice up again. As Mr. Smith grunted, and shot his hot load into Brittany's tight furrow, Erika knew that the headmaster would soon be taking Brittany to the nursing station to cool the burning sting of her well whipped ass. She quickly made her way out, and wasted no time in heading for the nearest exit.

         Back in her room, she stripped naked, and belly down on her rumpled sheets, two fluffy pillows propping her ass up, her fingers wasted no time, and she masturbated wildly, reliving the sight she had just seen, and again, her orgasm slammed into her with force! She gasped and writhed in its grip, her cunt quivering wildly with the strong pulses of the tsunami likle force that pummeled her. She sprawled back, her eyelids heavy, her face a study in pleasure, and just before she drifted into a nap, her last thought was that she wanted her ass caned again.




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