The Meeting

Short Sex

We had been talking for months and finally, felt comfortable enough to plan to meet. A date, a location and a 20 hour flight had been negotiated.

As I sit in the coffee shop, impatiently waiting for you to arrive, I begin to wonder if we can keep to the proposed plan. There was a lot of laughter when the plan was negotiated but I have every intention of making you wait. Today is about meeting, the liaison can wait.

Finally, you arrive. I sit and watch you scan the room looking for me. You had only seen an old photograph of me so not sure if you would recognise me. Naturally, this was all intentional and I see you pause momentarily when you see me, a look of appreciation flickers through your eyes, but you keep looking. You come back to me and I smile. Your face lights up, I’m not sure if it’s because you realise it’s me or if because you are appreciating a beautiful woman.

You walk over to me, your stride indicates you are used to having your own way and are confident in your skin. “Hey Oli, glad you can make it and only 18 minutes late”. . . your smile wavers “Jenn?”I knew you didn’t realise it was me!I smile and nod as you lean in for a hug, I kiss your cheek and by the time we finish hugging, you are back to your fully confident self.

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We sit in the booth, opposite each other and you order for both of us. I let you take control, it’s just easier that way and it makes you happy. Idle chit chat ensues as we wait for our order to arrive. You ask about the flight, I ask about work, meaningless nonsensical conversation.

As we sit though, I start to take you in. The effect you have on me in person is ten-fold that you have on me over the phone and skype. Eventually we just stop talking and just look. The waitress interrupts the silence and I whisper “this is gonna be harder than I thought”. This was said so softly but you heard and quickly glance at me and grin.

The waitress leaves and you pounce on my comment “what is gonna be harder, Jenn”. My blush gives me away and so I respond “denying you”. You get up out of the booth and come around to my side and sit next to me. Your right hand grabs my left and we sit there hand in hand, not a word being spoken but a million thoughts racing through our heads.

You lean into my neck and kiss it gently, giving me goosebumps, whispering too me, “where’s your hotel? “I awaken from the trance and go no no, we can’t go, we haven’t drunk our coffee and we made the plan. Until meeting you, I had never seen a real wicked evil grin, which you use on me at that moment as you agree to abide by the plan.

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  Suspicions were aroused but pleased that you agreed, I took a sip of my coffee as you moved your hand to my thigh.

In preparation for the meet and to stick to the plan I decided on a full length dress, the idea being you were likely to do less damage through a long skirt. How wrong can a person be?As I was on the inside of the booth, there was limited vision by outsiders, so after stroking my leg for a while, you slowly but surely started to hike the skirt up.

At this point, I was still sticking to the plan but I thought “what the hell, if he’s going to tease, two can play at this game”. My hand on your inner thigh, slowly stroking with my nails, lightly grazing your crotch, seemed to up the ante and you went further.

Skirt hitched up, hand on my pussy, yes. . . no panties, you feel how damp I am. Again you push, “where are you staying?”In response, my hand moves to over your crotch and I purposely start to rub you, feeling you get harder and you breathing a little heavier. “I can’t remember” is my response and with that you lean in and kiss me. As you kiss you blatantly start to grope my breast. A little moan escapes and my plan to not take you back to the hotel fades as the waitress comes back and suggests we leave as we are starting to disturb the other patrons.

Making our apologies, we move out of the cafe and walk towards my hotel. Luckily, a part of me knew that I had no will power when it comes to you and I am staying close by.

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  At the hotel, you usher me straight to the lift, push my number and then push me against the wall. Kissing me with such passion the only thing keeping me standing is that wall. Harder and harder, feeling you getting bigger and bigger, I’m starting to wonder if we will still be dressed by the time we get to my floor. Luckily, no one else gets on and we are at my floor in no time.

Naively, I hoped our first time would be sweet and gentle. The reality that we both knew all along was animalistic. Thrown on the bed, dress just lifted up, you unzip your jeans and slide in. Gasping as you fill me, my hips rising wanting more and more. “Oh god Jenn, I’ve wanted you so much” as you pound into me. Both of us, just getting what we need, moving and twisting, harder and harder, needing to feel that release. It hits me so quick, it catches me by surprise but everyone on that floor can hear me cumming and screaming your name “Ollllliiiiiiii”. You keep pushing me, pushing for the second one that you know is just there. Turning me over and fucking me doggy style, pushing in faster and faster. My whole body shaking and then it hits, pussy pulsing all over you, pushing you over the edge, we are cumming in unison. You fill me so much I’m leaking, you scoop some while cumming and make me eat it, I lick hungrily at your hand, wanting more and you don’t disappoint as you scoop more for me.

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