I wanted Jan but got her mum.

Short Sex

I was 18 and I had a girlfriend who was 16.

We started out just to be friends but after a while things got a bit more interesting and we started to feel each other up and gradually I got to get her undressed and we both played about in the nude looking and feeling each other sex spots.

She said she would not let me have sex with her –until she was 18 if we were still friends - but we had already begun to play sex games by fingering each other and masturbating.

She eventually said she would let me give her oral sex but not use my cock in her.

After a couple of times when I licked and sucked her out I asked when she would do it for me.

She didn’t want to put my cock in her mouth but I said if she didn’t I wouldn’t slick her – fair was fair.

After a few attempts she finally got my cock in her mouth and began to suck me.

We did it a few times but she wouldn’t let me cum in her mouth and when I was ready she would finish me off with her hand.

One day I was a bit late getting my cock out and I started to spurt a moment after I got it out.

My cum went over her sweatshirt and she got a bit dirty with me for leaving it so late.

I wiped it off with my handkerchief and she went home.

The next day I went to her place and her mother was there and said to me – before you see Jan I want to talk to you.

Then she gave me a lecture about doing things with Jane that were not allowed.

She said I saw what was on Janes clothing when she came home and I know exactly what it is.

She told me what happened and I think it best if you don’t see her for a while until you both cool off.

I was shattered – I had lost my best friend and we wouldn’t be doing sex games for a while if ever.

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It was two weeks later I got a phone call from her mother – I could come over if I wished. She would be there and Jan and I would have to remain in the house where she could monitor us.
When I got there her mother met me. She said Jan is not here- I want to talk to you.

She took me inside and we sat down. Then she started to tell me all about what Jan had told her what we had done.

I said I thought you already knew that.

She said I only knew half of it.

Then she said Jan said you have never slept with her – is that true.

I said yes but not because I didn’t try – she always refused to go that far.

Then her mother said you would go that far if you could would you.

I said yes.

She said have you done it before.

I said yes.

How many girls she asked.

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Two – I replied.

Did you take precautions.

With one yes the other no because she was using oral contraception already. She had been caught by her parents and given them to prevent her getting pregnant.

Then you understand about contraception.

I said yes.

If you were allowed to do it how do you know if the girl is safe.

I dont – if I had a doubt I would use a condom.

If you were going to do it to Jan what would you do.

Use a condom because I don’t think you would let her use oral contraception.

And if I said it was ok to do it with Jan you would.

Yes – if she agreed.

She said well then come with me, and took me to the back of the house to what I knew to be a spare bedroom. She took me inside and then turned and locked the door. From what I could see there was only her and me there.

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I said what is going on.

She said nothing – its all coming off. You and I are going to make love or whatever you want to call it. If you are prepared to sleep with Jan you have to sleep with me first. I want to know that you are capable. Now take your clothes off and I will do the same.

She started to undress and I was very hesitant, was this a trap or something.

When she was totally nakedI had not done anything. She said are you scarred.

I said yes a bit – are you sure this is ok.

She said I don’t normally make love to 18yo boys but I am making an exception for you.

Then she came to where I was and began to undress me and between the two of us I managed to be naked like her.

Now she said lets get started.

I had seen her naked now for a few minutes and she looked good, for a woman of about 40 she was still firm and not fat. She had good tits too.


   Her cunt was shaved to a strip of hair above her slit. I had got hard in the process of looking at her and seeing her nude.

She came to me and held me to her and pressed her body to mine and I could feel her breast against my chest and my cock between us as she rubbed her crutch against mine and got me even harder. She didn’t kiss me but I don’t think she would have stopped me if I had tried to kiss her. I was tempted but decided not to.

Then she led me to the bed and said this is the test – pass it and you might be allowed to enjoy yourself some more.

I could not imagine that she was going to test me on my sex performance before she let me sleep with Jan. I hoped she wasn’t going to give us lessons in lovemaking while Jan and I did it and she would be there too.

I got up o the bed and she opened her legs and pulled them back. I got ready and she told me what I had to do. I thought do I have to tell her this is not my first time I have done it before, but I said nothing. Another thing was she had reasonable well shaped legs and they were not thick like some women. As I got close to her she let them rest against my shoulders.

My cock was hard and looking down at her cunt she didn’t look like she had had a kid, her cunt looked firm and tight it didn’t have her cunt lips sticking out or anything it looked good.
I imagined her lips would be puffy and fat but they were nice and didn’t stick out too far.

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She saw me looking and said well do you like it.

I said yes but I thought you would look more like a woman than a girl. It looks just like Jans, only she has more hair around it.

She said you know how to flatter a girl – you like Jans do you.

I said yes but I would like to know what it feels like with me inside her.

She said well get it into me and you will know.

I then got my cock and guided it into her. As it went in I was in raptures. She was warm and wet and surprisingly quite firm. I imagined she would be a bit loose but as my cock went up into her I could feel the walls of her cunt almost gripping my cock, the sensation as it slid in was fantastic. I even let out a soft murmur as I enjoyed the sensation. It was even better than the two girls I had already fucked.

Ahhh she said you like that.

I said yes – its magnificent.

What did you expect she asked.

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I said I don’t really know I didn’t have much time to think about it but I didn’t think it would be a tight as it is. It feels great my cock loves it.

Ok she said now lets see how good a lover you are – you have to impress me before it goes anywhere else in this house.

I began to slowly fuck her and enjoy the feeling of being up inside her and the sensation of the walls of her cunt rubbing along my cock. It was nice and warm inside her and I had no problems fucking her. I went slowly for a while enjoying the sensation. She was laying there not doing or saying anything, I think she was liking what we were doing too. She wiggled her ass a bit and got me in a slightly different position and said that’s better I can feel you better now, that is not a bad cock. How big is it.

I said its almost 7 inches long and five inches thick.

She said if feels bigger than that.

I said do you think it will fit Jan.

She said it fits me perfectly – I am not complaining. I rather like it.
I said what happened to Jans dad she has never mentioned him.

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She said he was two timing me and was having an affair with one of the women in his office so I threw him out. That was about 18 years ago, Jan was only a little girl, she would have hardly known him.

I said you never remarried.

She said no – nobody was good enough. They all wanted sex and nothing else and after a few of them I gave men away. I have had a couple of guys when we have been away on holiday – sort of a fling. I had to be careful that Jan never knew she would have hated to think I was having sex with another man. She could not imagine me living with another man.

By now we had been fucking for about 7 or 8 minutes and I said how m I going an I passing the test.

She said you have a long way to go yet, this is not some sort of quickie test. This is a test of stamina.

I didn’t say any more but just kept fucking.

She went for a few more minutes and then said ok its time for a change. You are lasting longer than I thought – I imagined you would cum in a few minutes you are better than I imagined.

Lets try it doggy.

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I pulled out and she got up and onto her knees, I got behind her and got ready to go into her from behind. I looked at her ass and I was impressed again, she had a nice round bottom and firm flesh on it – it wasn’t soft and flabby. I rubbed my hands over each cheek and then opened them to let me see her cunt and her ass hole. I had read somewhere women like to have something put up their ass when masturbating or fucking from behind. Her ass was a tiny dark pink brown hole. It looked tight as it was all crinkled around it.

I wiped some wetness off my cock over her cunt lips and her ass hole. She said nothing but I thought she liked me doing that. Then I got my cock and once more slid it into her and this time she murmured as it went in.

You like that do you I said.

More than you imagine she said this is my favourite position.

I began to fuck her again and I leaned over her and put my hands around and held both her breasts. They felt wonderful. Soft and just perfect.

Now now she said don’t take too many liberties and I took my hands away.

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Its ok, I don’t mind, I wasn’t expecting it she said. Are they better than Jans.

I said there is no comparison. Hers are smaller and firmer that yours. Yours are bigger and softer, I like them both.

Have you sucked her titties she asked.

A few times I said she sort of likes it.

Have you ever kissed her vagina she asked.

No she wont let me get near her there. I have managed to finger her a couple of times but she doesn’t like it or doesn’t trust herself to be able to stop if we get all hot and stuff.

Good girl she said. Maybe I can encourage her to do a bit more after I know you will treat her right and do it well for her.

I was still fucking her and while I did I noticed she had a wardrobe with a mirror door and I could see myself fucking her and see her tits swinging under her as I fucked her.

I said we look good together as she looked over and saw me looking at us in the mirror.

She said I wondered when you would notice that, it is not bad looking at yourself getting fucked or doing it.

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I continued to fuck her for another few minutes I wasn’t getting aroused any more than I was already and I didn’t look like cumming for a while, I was having too much fun just fucking. I was also enjoying watching her tits swing as we fucked.

Then I looked down and once more noticed her button hole ass. I licked my finger and just touched her at the opening. She moaned quite loudly this time as I pushed my finger in a little bit and she tightened her ass around my finger and moaned again. Shit she said I never realised how good that feels. I slid a bit more in and she said that’s far enough. I had the first section of my finger inside her now. Then I began to finger fuck her ass as I cock fucked her cunt.

Shit she said that is brilliant – I have never done anything like this ever before. Where did you learn to do that.

I said I havent – it’s the first time I have ever done it. I saw kids at school do it a few times to one another. They were the poofters we called them, cock suckers and ass lickers.

I never got mixed up with them – I preferred to wank off on my own.



How often do you masturbate she asked me.

A few times a week.

You admit you do.

I said doesn’t everybody – I don’t know anybody who hasent done it. Jan does I know I have seen her and she admits it too.

Are you sure you have never fucked her.

I said positive – she wont let me near it. I have managed to get a finger just into her a couple of times but she wont let me go any further and it doesn’t last long, I have never made her cum.

Good girl she said – she does what her mother tells her.

I said I hope her mother tell her we can fuck together and pretty soon – how is my test going.

She said you have a long way to go yet I havnt had an orgasm yet.

Do you want one I asked.

Not so soon young man we have other things to do first.

I was still finger fucking her ass hole and she said right oh, lets try something else.

I pulled my finger out and then my cock and she said oh hell I am missing it already and laughed.

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She told me to lay down and I did. Then she got up on the bed again and straddled me. Then she started to sit on my cock and I had to hold it up for her to sit on it.

As she went down on it, it felt great again. Now she was fucking me. She had her knees either side of me and was beginning to rock and roll on top of me. She did that for a while then started to bounce up and down on me. Whatever she did felt awesome and she was doing it to make herself feel good, I could tell from the look on her face she was in seventh heaven.

I said you like that don’t you.

She said how did you guess – this is how I cum most times, get ready if we can work it right we can both cum together. I know how to bring men off like this as well as myself.

I looked up and saw her moving her body over mine and her tits moving and I put both hands up and held one in each hand and squeezed them. She said pinch my nipples and I did, she began to work her cunt harder on my cock and I was beginning to feel it and then she said squeeze than harder and then she did the same to me, she played with my nipples and immediately I began to work up to my orgasm

She could ready the signs on my face and said you are getting close eh.

I grunted as I could feel it beginning to cum and she let out a moan that could be heard all over the house and she came at the same time. The two of us bucked and bounced as I pumped rope after rope of hot cum into her hot body and she worked her cunt on my cock to get as much pleasure from it as she could.

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   We were both fucking like mad having our orgasm.

After a minute or two she stopped and said holy cow that was good. I don’t know if I should let you loose on Jan – I think she needs more lessons before she can appreciate that.

She rolled off me and we lay together panting from the exertions of us cumming together. It was fantastic. I have never cum like that when I fucked the other girls. They lay there and let me, she was right into it and made me cum as well as herself. She was really great.

In between breaths I said that was the best time of my life – I have never enjoyed anything like that ever before.

I put my hand over and touched her breasts.

That’s nice she said, I like that and put her hand down and played with my soft soggy cum covered cock. We had go so hot I could smell the smell of her cunt and our cum in the room.
Then she put her fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean. All our jism covering my cock she was licking off her fingers. Then she put her hand down and onto her cunt and got them all wet again and this time she put them in my mouth.

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  It tasted pretty aweful but I did it and made it sound like I liked it. She did it again and this time it wasn’t as bad.

You like that don’t you.

I wasnt game to say it was awful and without a word she got up and bent over my cock and put it in her mouth and cleaned all the jism off it, I could feel her licking and sucking it all off me. I loved the feeling as my cock stayed soft.

Then she did something that horrified me. She got up and got over me and put her cunt down on my mouth and I was expected to do to her what she had just done to me. I had to suck her cunt full of her sex juice and my cum. It smelled and tasted awful. I nearly gagged on it at first but after a few second the taste all tasted the same and I couldn’t smell her any more, the mix of her taste and smell all became one and I just sucked and licked her till she got off me. I wont say I enjoyed it but once I got used to the smell and taste it didn’t bother me. I had never tasted cum before let alone my own and it was all mixed in with her cum and cunt juice.

She got off me and said ok its time for a shower and she took me to the bathroom and we had a piss and then we had a shower together and we soaped each other all over and paid particular attention to where we had just fucked each other and I played with her tits, I loved them.

After that she said its time for a coffee and we both went to the kitchen naked and had coffee and she asked me a bit about how I liked doing it with her and mostly about the sex we had.

To be perfectly honest I loved doing it all with her.


   She didn’t treat me like a kid.

After coffee she said well lets get back to it – I don’t know about you but I am having fun.

I said I could never imagine me doing what I am with you. I love it. I have never had so much pleasure with a woman before.

She said how many women have you enjoyed.

I said I am in the middle of my first one – the others were girls and they couldn’t hold a candle to you. I have never even thought about doing what we have done today with anybody – not even Jan. I would have been happy just to do what I did with the other girls with her but this is 100% better.

I am glad you are appreciating it she said. I must admit you are far better than I imagined, I thought you would say no, or if you did say yes, it would be all over in ten minutes. I could not believe it when I went down on you and had you lick me out. I thought you would never go near me. I was pretty ripe after all that fucking and cumming.

I said I have never done anything like it before and I must admit it was pretty smelly until I got used to it.

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   But it all worked out in the end and I have now done some of the most depraved stuff I could ever imagine. Drinking my own cum out of your cunt – how many guys have done that I wonder.

She said more than you could ever imagine. I look at the porn shows and most of them do that including girls. They take a cock into their mouth straight out of their cunt and some even out of their ass. That’s where I got the idea from – I never ever thought I would do that but when you were just laying there I couldn’t help myself and I just did it. It was the same when I got down on you. I have seen it done and thought how gross but I was so high on the afterwards of you fucking me I just did it. Was it that bad.

I said at first, I thought I would chuck but I held my breath and did it – I didn’t want to upset you, I want to be happy and enjoy what we are doing and I am sure I could never do that with Jan. I have to pass this test.

I didn’t know it but she had no intention of letting me get anywhere near Jan after what we had just done. She was going to use me herself – and she did. , but that is jumping ahead of the story.

We went back into the bedroom and she locked the door again.

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   I said I don’t think I want to escape now.

She said I don’t want anybody to know what I am doing with an 18 year old boy. I am really cradle snatching but you are better than a couple of men I have done it with. I should tell you this but you are the best fuck I have ever had – including my short dicked husband. He was only a bit over 5 inches but he could use it and I was reasonably happy. Long dicks don’t do much for me except make me sore inside when they pound it into me and bruise my cervix.

I said what is that.

She said well here is another lesson for you. She goy onto the bed and lay back and said ok get your finger into me and push it well up and you will hit something a bit boney but with skin or flesh covering it.

I did what she told me and found it all wet and slippery and I ran my finger over it and she said now that’s nice, when somebody is fucking you and his cock is going bang bang bang against it, it makes it sore.

I said do I do that.

She said not yet and if you do I will tell you, I don’t like walking around for a day with a bruised cervix, its sore and uncomfortable.

I said let me know if I do and I will stop.

She said I will believe me.

I still had my finger in her and I was looking at her cunt and how she had shaved it.

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   I don’t know why I did it but I got down and kissed her cunt and she moaned, and I said you like that don’t you.

In a work yes she said so I just kept going. It tasted much better after we had washed and showered, I could detect she still had some of my cum left in her but not much so I just kept going and began to enjoy what I was doing and hoped she was enjoying it too.

I remembered what she said about her clit and I used my tongue on it and slipped two fingers into her cunt and after a while she was relaxed and enjoying me licking and sucking her and also rubbing my finger into her. Then I did what I did before and slipped my finger into her ass. She grabbed it with her bum hole squeezing my finger. I knew she was enjoying it and said nothing but began to rub her cunt and bum with my fingers and concentrate on her clit with my mouth.

I had only been going a couple of minutes and she began to make noises and wriggle about obviously enjoying what I was doing. I increased the speed and pressure and the more I increased it, the more she moaned and wriggled. She was in seventh heaven I could tell.
I concentrated on her clit with my mouth and got her clit between my lips and squeezed it and then licked it with my tongue. She went crazy and immediately she went into orgasm mode and I could tell she was really having a good one. I just kept going and going even after I knew she had finished her orgasm, but then she started again and she came within a few seconds of her first one, I was just about to stop when she locked my head between her thighs so I kept going. Then she screamed and sang out stop stop oh please stop it.

I immediately stopped and her legs released me and she rolled over on her tummy and brought her knees up into the foetal position.

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   I thought shit what have I done, I must have hurt her but she seemed to be enjoying it.

I got up and hugged her and said are you ok. She just nodded and sort of said I will be ok in a minute – I am fine.

I held her and she was shaking, I thought shit what happened.

After a few minutes she relaxed and flopped down on the bed and said that was the most intense thing I have ever experienced. It was almost as bad as childbirth, but it was pleasure not pain - sort of.

I said what happened.

She said I had a multiple orgasm, I came once then again a few seconds after and then the third time when you licked my clit I thought I was going to faint. The sensation had me cramping in my stomach. I had to get my legs up, I couldn’t bear it any longer. I am sorry if I frightened you.

I said shit I didn’t have a clue what was going on – one minute you were having a ball the next you were screaming for me to stop. When you grabbed my head with your legs I thought you wanted more so I really got to work on your clit.

She said I did – in a way - but my legs went into a spasm and locked you in. I couldn’t help it.

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   It wasn’t until I was cumming a third time I could do anything. All I could do was scream for you to stop.

That was the most intense thing I have ever done in my life. I cant remember ever having a multiple orgasm before let alone three in a row. That will have to be the first and last time I do that.

I said thank heaven I didn’t hurt you.

We lay there for a few more minutes and then she said its your turn now and she goy up and began to wank me to get me hard and then she started to suck it.
I lay back and let her do what she wanted to. She was enjoying it and trying to make up for frightening me. I was just a lying there and letting her. She played with my balls and stroked me as she sucked me. I was in seventh heaven myself now. I had never had my cock sucked before and now I have had it a few times. I loved it.

She kept it going for about 8 or 18 minutes and I said are you ready – I am, its going to be a flood.

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   I came and spurted my hot cum into her mouth and she swallowed each mouthful and never spilled a drop. I enjoyed that better than ever before.

Now she said lets fuck, Jan will be home soon and I don’t want her to find me fucking her boyfriend.

She lay back and we fucked missionary and I came about 18 minutes later having played with her beautiful tits and sucked them while I fucked her.

After I came we both went to the bathroom and showered and washed each other and then towelled each other off. Her tits got special attention as did her cunt. My cock was well dried as well.

We got dressed and I said I don’t know what to say – that was the most amazing experience of my life.

She said its only just beginning – there are more tests to pass yet.

I said I have never enjoyed an examination like this ever – bring it on.

She said there will be more believe me. You will earn a university degree in fucking before we are finished.

We kissed the kiss of passion, it was with feeling as well as passion – she and I were beginning an adventure I didn’t want to end.

I left her and as much as I didn’t want to or her either, I had to. Jan was due home any minute and she had to clean up the back room – it reeked of sex and the sheets were covered in cum.



I got Jan but it was a month or so later - more if you are interested.