Fate Happens

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So I’m out with friends when I hear this old familiar voice say my name. I turn around to see you standing there with that sweet smile and gleaming dark eyes. I was so shocked, you have always been the one to sneak into my dreams straight to my heart; no man could compare. I take a quick look around and see a couple of your boys with you, but not her; naturally my eye drops to your left hand. I can’t believe it, no ring. I reach out my arms and give you a friendly hug; but decide to place a soft lingering kiss on your cheek as well. “I’ve been thinking about you,” I hear you say; “we really should catch up. ”I feel just like that school girl again, nervous butterflies and gitters cause the boy of my dreams has me in his eye again. “I’d like that,” I respond easily; trying not to sound overly excited. “I heard about your divorce. Sorry you two couldn’t make things work. Mine fell apart a couple months ago. Weren’t you always saying something about fate?”You seem so cool; but I can see the desire in your eyes. Such a strange relationship we had. High school sweethearts that never quite got over each other. Wild college days only to marry people we didn’t really connect with but tried so hard to keep our marriages straight.

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  A while back I decided to find you and through the internet I did. We had spent a year emailing each other back and forth; trying to help each other get through tough spots in our marriages. Then it hit me one day; I have always loved you and would always love you. You were a distraction and neither one of us could move on this way. So I just stopped emailing you. Finally time passed and it seemed things were back to normal, but I never could get you out of my head. I realized that he would never be you; so I just moved on and left him. Now here you were; in front of me; single. “Yes, and apparently I was right. You can’t stop fate. So when are you taking me out?”I smile coyly. “I’ll pick you up tomorrow; I don’t want to waste another minute with out you. I think I’ve learned my lesson. ”You say to me as you give me another hug. “Have fun with your girls tonight.

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I can hear your truck pull into the drive; the pipes give it away instantly. As I walk outside I hear Jake Owens blaring out the open window, “8 seconds” I think. Tossing down that cigarette, you climb out, smoke wafting from your lips. You give me a nod; and walk to the passenger door. As you open the door you take notice of my low cut tight, blue jeans and a short white tank top. Just a sneak of the blue sapphire belly ring peaks out. I ask where we’re headed. “Just gonna ride around, maybe head for the old dirt roads down by the river,” is your response. I’m seated beside you; one of the little straps from my top has slipped off my shoulder. We ride in silence for a while, then you turn up the radio, every song’s reminding me of the past. We pull off the paved road. Of course there’s gotta be mud, so we take our time getting through, just listening to a little country. I’ve brought my homebrew, but I know you’ve got your Beam in the back. You ask me about my day, trying to make small talk. Both of us know exactly where this will be heading.

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  We finally reach the river, park right on the bank. I joke, “I didn’t bring a swim suit. ”You give me that easy smile. It’s a clear night; you can see the stars and half moon, soft breeze; and no sounds except us and the radio. The other world is another planet away. You brought a blanket that you through down in the bed, we sit on the tailgate…quiet, just enjoying the evening air and drinking our poisons. I finally slide close and run my finger nails across your neck and then up through your hair, pulling your head in close to me. I close my eyes, feel your lips…and begin to get that queasy feeling again…just loosing myself in your lingering kiss. You slip you hands around my waist and kiss me a little harder. We stop, there’s of course, that slightly awkward moment, cause we’ve been here before, buts it’s fairly new to us again. I swing my leg over you, seated facing you on your lap, and start to kiss your neck…nibble your ear…my warm breath floating over you, a soft sigh escapes my lips. I reach down and pull up on your shirt, bringing it over your head…exposing you muscular chest and arms. I bend down and kiss your chest as you lean back running your hands over my back and through my long hair, pulling slightly. I lean over you begging for more kisses…loosing myself in your taste. You make quick with pulling my top off, caressing my breasts, and sucking each nipple….

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Grabbing my hips you pull me closer to you…I grind slowly against your pelvis…I can feel you though my tight jeans. . . i push harder against you, moaning softly as you kiss my neck and massage each breast in you hands. Sliding back slightly I undo your pants, my hand slipping inside…I grab your hard cock, I hear you moan in my ear and you arch your hips to give me easier access. I climb off you as both of us take off our jeans…our clothes crumpled on the ground beside our boots. You lay me down on my back, kissing my inner thigh…goose-bumps from your touch, and a quiver in all the right places tell you I’m in ecstasy. You tongue slips over my clit, down each lip, and then into my soft sex. I arch my back, moan, and start to cum…which you gladly accept. I feel you slip a finger deep into me as you move your kisses up my slender body, pausing in all the right areas. You kiss me deeply, and I can taste my sweet nectar on your lips. My hand grips around your shaft and I softly stroke you, your hips moving with my motion, so close to my spread legs…I let go as you slip into my wet pussy…deep. I look into your eyes, smile and then kiss you hard as you thrust in and out…my legs wrapped tight around your waist…our bodies pressed together, each thrust begs for me to cum. You pull away from my kiss, sit up and push deeper and harder, lifting my waist up and bringing it in to you higher. My moans become louder…mixed with heavy sighs as you release your hold lowering me back down to the bed of the truck.

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  I can see sweat glistening off you body, the spring air is warm and thick.

I pull away from you, come to my knees…face to face we kiss and embrace, our hands just running over each other. . . the kiss is soft, simple, almost sweet…not the hard passionate kiss of only a few moments ago. I give you that twisted smile and push you onto your back, sliding up your legs I take your dick into my hands and kiss softly at first…my tongue running over the shaft and then the head. I take the whole thing into my mouth and suck while stroking the base…your moans excite me and I suck harder while moving my hand faster. Your hand moves to the back of my head, gripping hair you begin to move my head to YOUR rhythm, pushing your hard cock deeper into my mouth. , down my throat…I open up to take ALL of you. Cum drips down my thigh, I am soaking wet and I want you in me. I pull away, straddle you and grind over your hips for a moment, just letting your dick move between my lips, with a motion of my hips you slip into my hot sex and feel all the cum that has been building up inside me. I rock back and forth moving slowly at first…your hands on my hips trying to make me go faster, I just shake my head no and flash you that wicked little smile. I am enjoying this to much. I rise up slowly, your dick almost coming completely out me, and then back down again; sooo slowly…deliberately, each time cum flows down your dick. Your eyes are pleading, I pick up the pace, and thrust harder, each time coming down faster and harder…my moans become heated cries echoing in the woods…my hands clamp down on your chest, nails cutting into your skin as I climb closer to orgasm…I can see you smiling, enjoying my climax…I squeeze tight with my thighs against you…my muscles contracting around your dick…almost milking you….

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  I slow down, leaning down over you…my breaths shallow. You wrap you arms around me, kissing my neck and shoulders as I catch my breath.

Flipping me over you lean down and whisper in my ear, “I’m not finished with you. ”You slip your tongue into my mouth…kissing me deeply. My chest still heaves up and down from my pleasure earlier. I feel you enter me…spreading my thighs wide for you, legs straight into the air in a V. My hands move across your back…my nails scratching down the muscles occasionally. I feel you twinge. I’m almost numb from my last orgasm…in a fog, but I can feel the ecstasy building in me…I can see the fire in your eyes, your own orgasm building. Your cock moves easily in my wet, tight pussy…its thick shaft urging for one more orgasm from me. Our bodies glisten in the night light; our moans and cries drown out the music from the radio. I can feel you in me throbbing…I can see your muscles in your right arm ripple under the weight of holding yourself up, your left hand behind my head, fingers wrapped in my hair. Your tongue moving over my nipples…I place my hand behind your head, pushing you against my chest. You begin to suck harder, biting gently at first and then harder, marking my breast. The biting excites me…I move you to the other breast, reveling in every moment.

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  I tighten my legs around you; pulling your body down tight to mine…I want to feel every inch of you against me, in me. I kiss your neck and ear; whisper into your ear something you can’t quite make out. Changing my thought I say louder, “Cum with me. ”You begin to push against me harder, faster…each thrust moving me further into the bed of the truck…my head is right against the back of the truck. I feel every muscle inside me clenching down, I feel you pulsing. I lift up against you moaning, screaming with the orgasm. You push hard against me, groaning…I feel the head of your cock swelling…your hot cum filling me. You collapse onto me; leaving your dick in me…I continue to grind my hips as my orgasm still pulses through me. You slide down beside me, running your hand over my breasts…down my belly…inside my thighs, kissing my lips softly. I look up at you smiling, consumed by the fire that is slowly fading from us. You move onto you back, left arm behind your head…using your right to wrap around me. I lay there, with my head on your chest, one leg wrapped around you listening to the still of the night. I can almost hear the water moving, and somewhere an owl bellows; the night air has a sweet smell of honeysuckle. Your heart pounds in rhythm with mine, our breaths slow and shallow. I can’t help but think that though the embers are smoldering, I want to make love to you again.

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  I rise up onto my arm, kiss your cheek, and give you that coy smile, “Wanna go again?”You grin at me, saying nothing…I know the answer.