after an odd day

Short Sex

it starts with us in each others arms, we had just spent the day together, doing all sorts of odd stuff just to pass the day away. as twilight appears we head inside, we race up the stairs, i stay behind just so i can watch your ass shake while you run. I catch you in the bedroom and we fall on the bed together laughing, our bodies are so close we can feel each others heat, i turn to you and stroke your face, you lean in to my hand and kiss my palm. i move closer and wrap my arms around you. we kiss, savouring each others lips, your tongue makes its way into my mouth and i suck on it, and play with it with mine. we take our time, no need to rush. we sit up and slowly i begin to undress you, your top goes first, leaving you in your bra. you take my shirt off and stroke my chest with feather light fingers. its wonderfully distracting. i get up and you rise with me, i pull your pants and you mine. slowly i pull yours down kneeling as i do so. I lean forward and put my face into your crotch, inhaling your intoxicating fragrance. i take your pants off completely, leaving you only in your bra and panties. I rise to stand infront of you. "you are beautiful" i say, you smile and kiss me, take my pants off, but instead of just my pants, you pull my boxers with it. Out flies my 8 inch hard black cock, you look up at me and smile, i smile back at you and take my legs out of my pants, your hands encircle my cock.

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   you kiss it on the head then lick it. you lick it along the length to the base, then up again. i moan, you move your mouth closer and open it. i watch you and witness as my cock begins to disappear into your open mouth. it feels glorious and i close my eyes and groan. you start sucking in it bobbing your head back and forth, all the while using your longue to make miracles happen to me. your hand is moving wanking me back and forth, faster and faster increasing speed and your mouth does. After a while, i feel my balls begin to tighten, my cock begining to swell more. I moan "i'm cumming baby. " you keep on sucking, i look at you, and you look me straight in my eyes as i explode in your mouth. i watch as you struggle to keep it all in. spurt after spurt, erupting from my cock. you close your eyes and slowly take my cock from your mouth. making sure to keep all the cum inside. i watch you as you swallow it all.

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   i help you to your feet and kiss you, tasting the residue of my cum in your mouth. (i'll be sending you this part first, keep you awake for the rest)Continue.
i unstrap your bra and take it off. i lay you on the bed and kiss you again, i get on top of you resting my weight on my arms, i begin to kiss your neck slowly, finding that main vein, licking and sucking on it. i move lower to your collar and kiss you there, your shoulders each in turn, your chest, your clevage, i bury my face between your breasts and inhale, i begin to lick your left one, leaving a trail with my tongue from between your breast to the other side of the left. i use my right hand to hold your right breast, i squeeze, lightly, gaining a little moan from you, "harder" you say, so i do it harder, you moan louder. i continue to put little kisses on your left breast then i find my hardening treasure. i take your nipple in my mouth and suck on it and bite down a little. you moan out loud and wrap your arms around me, i suck on it, flick it with my tongue, nibble on it, twist it till its hard and straining. i move my attention to your right breast, repeating my action till its just as hard and peaking as your left. leaving both hands fondling on them i kiss lower, and lower and lower, reaching your navel, i make a circle around it with my tongue, then i stick my tongue in making it wet. i move lower, i can feel your muscles contract as your body anticipates my arrival. i move between your legs and find your lips there, with my hands i hold both legs apart, and then i kiss your lips, lightly. i start to kiss around it, hedging, not going in for the feast just yet, i tease you each time by getting really close and then moving away. soon you start to move your hips and i can tell that you are ready for me.

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   i use my right index and thumb to open your lips and i find you wet. i lick along the inside of your lips, tasting your juices. i love it. your clit has started to show it and i lick around it. moving in close i take my time and slowly and lightly lick it, i hear your sharp intake of breath and know that you liked it. i started to lick and suck on it constantly, vigourously yet gently, i feel you start to buck your hips against me and i can tell youare getting close to cumming. with my left index i enter you slowly. your moaning has become constant, your breathing short and sharp. i then enter my left middle finger and turn them up towards my face. slowly i use them to dive in and out of you, gradually picking up the pace. i am still licking on you. you start to cum and i can feel it. your walls are contracting against my fingers squeezing them. you are so tight. after you returned from your high, i start to search along your roof searching for your g-spot, eventually i find it, your sudden intake of breath confirms it.

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   i start to rub on it hard and fast. still i keep on licking your clit, often moving to your hole but always returning to it. my right hand is no longer needed as your clit has swollen so big, i move my right middle finger beneath the left ones and insert it too, with it i keep thrusting harder and harder,while the other two are rubbing your g-spot harder and faster.
This time you scream "oh shit, it cumming, its cumming!!!!!" you cum all over my hands and i move my face lower to collect. licking and sucking on your juices makes me fell great and brings a smile to my face. you take my fingers that were in you and lick them off drying them. i move up and kiss you. your eyes are misty, you are still on a cloud. my cock is now hard again and is waiting for its chance, i rub it along you pussy and watch you and you smile and rock your hips with each of my movements. i stick the head in, slowly. you arch you back and try to push against me to take me in quicky, but i pull it out. i stick it back in, and pull it out again teasing you. you wrap your legs around me. i smile and trust all 8 hard and fast into you. you scream.

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   you wrap your arms around me and start to rock your hips. i pull back and trust hard again, you close your eyes. you want more. i start to pick up the pace, fucking you hard and fast. you are thrashing against me, you cum twice before i stop. you get on yourknees and turn your ass to me. i insert my cock into your pussy again holding your hips as i do so. i start going hard. "YES YES YES!!!!" you scream. "Fuck my brains out. " i slap your ass and you scream again. i reach around and hold your breasts. squeezing them as i fuck you. we are moaning so loud that i'm sure the neighbours are listening. the bed is rocking to and fro.

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   i feel my balls starting to tighten again and tell you i'm about to cum. you jump off me and spin around. you grab my cock and start giving me a hand job. then you put it in your mouth, and start sucking. they pleasure is too much and i roar as i squirt my load into your mouth again. i collapse beside you. you swallow and lay beside me. we cuddle and lay together like that for a long time. regaining our breaths. after a while i kiss you, stroke your hair, look you deep in the eyes and say "wanna go again?"