A night at home

Short Sex

Another night home with pete my darling husband. I really wished he was working nights, I detest the man. He's got that look in his eye again, I think its time I went into the kitchen out of his way. Why does he have to follow me, I came in here to get out of his way, he's standing right behind me now, pushing me up against the sink, I knew I shouldn't have worn a skirt. Oh God I can feel his erection, he's got one arm round me now trapping my arms the other hand between my legs rubbing my pussy. I hate this I can feel myself getting wet already, he knows he's got me now. My arms are free now but its too late, I'm to far gone. His fingers are deep inside me, the other hand squeezing and pinching my nipples. Pulling me away from the sink now, Christ I feel so horny, he's turned me round so I'm facing him, hands on my shoulders pushing me to my knees. I'm freeing his cock from his shorts, he's so hard, he's yanking on my hair to make me hurry, thrusting his hard cock into my mouth. I can feel him beginning to spasm now, he's going to cum, his cocks out of my mouth and he's cumming in my face. I know if I try to wipe it he'll just slap my hands away. he's wiped his cock in my hair, he knows I hate that, but I won't say anything otherwise he'll just leave me frustrated.

He's pushing me onto the table now, pulling my legs apart and pushing them against my body, I can feel the tip of his cock against my pussy, Christ I want it inside me so much, my pussy is leaking,wetness running out of it all the time. He's inside me now, it feels so good, I really wish it didn't so I could fuck him off, oh sweet lord his finger as just slid up my ass, I feel as though I'm in a continuous orgasm. The tempo as increased now, he's jerking, filling me with hot sticky cum, it feels so good.

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   Sat astride me now pinning me down, hands pressing my thighs down as he starts to lick me. I,m squealing and trying to thrust upwards but he's far too strong, just getting the tip of his tongue on my pussy lips, its driving me wild, I want his tongue deep inside me licking my clit, but i know he won't do it. He's got off now leaving m gasping on the kitchen table, smirking at me, knowing how much I hate him. Leaning forward now just to tell me its time for a rest but he'll be fucking my arse later. .