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Hello,well today I thought I would share a story about me and a lady I work with. I am Tim a bi (nobody knows I am bi), 20 years old, 5'11'', 162 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, 8'' cut, clean cut normal white dude. I got a job working in a busy call center when I was 19 and they promoted me to customer service just like 2 weeks ago. I have to admit upfront that I have always gotten horny and I use to jack off thinking about fucking older women but I never acted on it until now. There is this older lady that I am not sure for whatever reason grabbed my attention in the new department. She sits up 2 cubicles from me, her name is Beverly, she is an attractive, well spoken, BBW. I know she is married and has grown kids, I would guess her age at 50-52. Me, I have been with the same girl (she is 21) now for 18 months, we have an apartment together we got about a year ago when I got the job in the call center. I don't have any kids yet myself. I have never cheated on my girlfriend the entire 18 months we'have been together. I started working in this department and there was this dude who trained me who is the next cubicle over between Beverly and myself. For the last 2 weeks I ve been flirting with her telling her how lucky her husband was, and checking her out (getting hard looking at her big tits), she would always smile and laugh. Once she told me I wasn't bad myself, she said since your young I know you have the girls after you like crazy. Anyways enough on the background onto the story.

One day my girlfriend called me, and when I was on lunch, I called her back, she told me that when she got to work she noticed the one tire was almost flat on our car (we have a car together and she drops me off at work everyday on her way to work). She said that she had her Dad take the car to the garage to get it fixed but they have a tire sale and wanted to know if while the sale is going on we should get them all replaced.


  I agreed since we had the money and needed new ones to go ahead, she said to call her on my afternoon break so she can update me on the car. I went back to work and at my afternoon break I called her at work and she told me the car won't be done until after 6pm today. She also told me that she talked to her friend Mary and she was going to take her for the car after work to go to the garage to pick it up, and that they wanted to go out to the clubs tonight so she was hoping I could find a ride home, and she could ask her Dad to pick me up if not, I said no I will call my friend Alex to pick me up. By the end of the conversation I realized that my break was over, and quick ran back out to work and forgot all about calling my friend Alex for a ride. My work is VERY strict about not being 1 minute over on your break, if you do this more then 3 times they fire you period. Anyways, my work day ended and I quick ran outside to light up a cig and realized that I didn't have a rid home. I called Alex a few times while smoking and it kept going to voice-mail, I kept trying to think of someone else that I could call for a ride, and I certainly didn't want her Dad picking me up, he always lectures me about doing good and taking care of his daughter and going to church, yada yada. So I sat down on the bench outside, I texted my girl and she said she was on her way almost at the garage, and that Alex said he would pick you up, that she knew I would forget to call. So I tried him again and it went to voice-mail again. So I figured I would wait a few more minutes before calling her Dad for a ride. Then Bev (Beverly, everyone calls her Bev) came out and said you know you shouldn't be smoking it will kill you son. I felt my cock getting hard already, I know she is hot, at least to me but all the damn stress building up of not having a ride home and I needed to relieve it, and I haven't fucked my girlfriend in like a week or 2. I said well I might just kill myself. She said don't talk like that, your too sexy for something like that. I smiled I said well I have to ride home with my girlfriends Dad because the car is in the shop which she is picking up now, but then she is going out with friends for dinner then to the clubs and I cant get a hold of my friend for a ride.

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  She said well Tim, I can take you home. I perked up with the amazement and being happy just that I did not have to listen to her Dad for 20-25 minutes ride home. She said where do you live Tim. I told her and she said well that's no problem, I can just go a different route home tonight. I said oh my god, I am so happy I don't have to listen to her Dad and got up and hugged her, I didn't even realize what I was doing, and she seemed surprised to but also smiled. I said I am so sorry, I just am happy now. She was well no problem Hun, I drive the Lincoln Town Car out here. I looked over as I followed behind her, she said but no smoking in the car Hun. I said no problem, that is a great car. It really was, it was spotless gleaming white exterior with a nice blue canvas top and mint condition white leather seats inside. I said they must pay you a lot more then they do me. She said well I ve been with the company since I was 20, so I ve been here 30 years. I said damn why aren't you a supervisor, she said I never wanted all that stress, but my husband is who makes all the money. He owns his own rig, he is an over the road truck driver. I said oh.

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  . . and she said yeah I know, it leave me lonely most of the time but the money he makes and his company when he is in town is well worth it all, we have been married 31 years now. I said wow. She said yeah, someday you will find the one too if you haven't already. I said yeah, who knows, she is nice, she said yeah, I ve seen her picking you up and she is attractive. I said yup, that she is. She laughed but now it made me think has she been checking me out as much as I ve been checking her out. By this time we were on the highway almost to my exit, when she told me that she was hungry and didn't feel like making anything and asked if I wanted to join her for dinner at Olive Garden. I agreed thinking that I didn't have anything else to do and I couldn't get a hold of Alex yet as I had just tried his cell a minute ago again. So we went to dinner and had small talk about family, friends, vacations we've been on in our life's, and so forth. She was driving me home when we passed a moving theater and she told me, hey, I ve been wanting to see that movie will you go with me, pllllleeesseee?I laughed and said yes, she said oh thank god, I never go to the movies by myself. We went in and since she paid for dinner I refused to let her pay for the movies so I paid, and when we went in , I went into the 3rd seat in, in case she wanted to leave a seat between us, and she didn't I figured either she wants to be close to me, or else she just don't like to be on the end with people walking past while she is watching a movie, but I didn't say anything. Now sitting so close to her the smell started to hit me, she smelled so wonderful, I mean I love her voice, her smell, her looks, everything anyway, but being this close it just drove me crazy, my cock started stirring and I started getting hard, just then she put her arm up around me and started rubbing my neck, this drove me completely wild, I haven't had that done in a LONG time from my girlfriend maybe even 6 months, and I was stressed and needed it and her smell and smooth hands and she was just GREAT at it, it gave me an almost instant rock hard cock sticking straight out pushing on the front of my baggy jeans. (yeah every Friday is jeans day in the office).

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  Anyways I could see her look down at my rock hard cock and she just kept rubbing the back of neck and my shoulders and such, I was in complete wonderland. She whispered as the movie was starting, come on Tim just relax, so I slouched down in the seat and spread my legs open wide and was completely relaxed, and my cock popped down the side of my pant leg and was as much revealing as it was before. She said ahhh, much better just relax baby. Now I was completely turned on , my cock already rock hard, getting the best rub down I EVER had in my life and the smell and whispering in my ear, now she is calling me her baby, I was thinking I was going to bust a nut right there in my jeans/boxers. But I didn't and she stopped rubbing my neck and shoulder and we watched the movie and getting into the movie I lost my hard on.

After the movie was over and we headed out to the car and I was back to real life and out of the story of the movie, I started thinking about what happened as the movie was watching and how hot she got me. But she seemed normal and she drove me home as I told her which way to go, as we weren't far from my apartment now. I went to get out of the car as I was getting ready to say goodbye getting out, I lost my balance but was OK and she said oh my god, let me help you and she got out of the car quick. Once she was out I was standing in front of the car by my steps to go up to my apartment and she said are you OK baby. There it was, the baby from the movie theater it brought it all back, now I got an almost instant hard on thinking of her soft smooth hands, she said let me help you in, you must be really tired hunny. I laughed and said I am OK, I am a little tired but come on up, because now I wanted to explore this more with her, I was actually for the first time considering making a move on her seriously to finally cheat, but finally achieve my long lost fetish of fucking an older women (if I could). So I opened the door and she was right behind me, and as I stepped up 2 or 3 steps, she grabbed by pant leg as she closed the door with the other hand, and I turned around as she locked the deadbolt. She reached up and took my jean waist on both sides and ripped my jeans and boxers to my ankles and out popped my half hard huge thick 8" cut cock with low hanging cum filled nut sack and within an instant she had it in her mouth, and I got extremely rock hard, I couldn't believe this was happening. OMG my long lost wish has finally came true, and all I could think of was how good her mouth felt on my cock, it was like she was a cock sucking expert, she drove my cock and balls crazy, if her cock ever left her mouth, she had 2 hands on it jerking it so hard and sucking the hell out of my balls I honestly didn't even know what hit me, and it wasn't but a few moments later, through my moans and all I started yelling OH BEV, I AM GONNA FUCKING CUM BABY!!!!!!OOOOOHHHH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!I AM FUCKING CUUUUUMMMMINNGG as I shot a huge fucking load down her throat and and swallowed it nicely like the expert I just found out she was!!!My cock dropped out of her mouth still extremely hard and my knees buckled a little and I was half standing up I said oh my god. .

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  . . . . . . . out of breath. . . . . . . .

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  holy shit that was fucking hot. She said in a nice cute tone, "here" as she pulled my jeans and boxers back up to the base of my rock hard penis and I managed to turn back around and head up the steps holding my jeans up as she followed behind me.

She said wow, this is a nice place you and your girlfriend have here, as she followed me past the living room and into the hallway and into the bedroom. And I turned around with complete lust still filling my eyes as I starred at her, I could hardly say anything when I started to passionately kiss her like I ve never kissed anyone, I mean anyone before in my entire life I let my jeans and boxers drop to the floor and she started stroking my already rock hard penis slowly as we kept making out, she pulled away a little, enough to tell me she NEEDED ME IN HER NOW!!! and went back to kissing me I turned her around and slowly and passionately pushed her onto the edge of the bed still in full lock making out. She began to unbutton her blouse as I begun to hike up her skirt and I dropped back a little now to take my polo shirt off. She began to moan, ohhhhh baby I need you in me. . . . . . . . . .

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  . NOOOOWWWW. the moaning and commands just turned me on even more, I needed to feel her inside as she pulled her legs back and I quickly worked her panties off and she removed her blouse. She didn't even remove her bra when I was already headed towards her pussy with my young rock hard cock. She continued to moan in complete lust and desire, as she reached down and slowly helped guide my cock inside of her warm tight pussy, I thought I would cum at the feeling of the warmth wrapping around my large young thick cock, as she moaned. . . . . . . . . . .

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  . oooooooohhhhh. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . baaaabby. . . . . . fuck me hard!!!!, and I listened to her command as I began to promptly slam her hole harder and HARDER AND HHHHARRDDERR as my nuts began to slap and I was slamming into her hard you could hear the bed squeaking and our body's slapping. She was near screaming and I couldn't slow down or even stop this has just built up so much in me I couldn't ever stop or at least it felt like it when I heard out of her moans and screaming I AMM CUMMMMMMINNHUNNY FUCK ME GOOD, OH YEA LIKE THAT BABBY I NEED YOU, I LOVE YOUR YOUNG HUGE HARD COCK DO ME GOOD!!!I could FEEL her cumming on my dick and I couldn't hold it anymore I busted a fucking HUGE CUM LOAD inside of her pussy as I trusted my cock as deep inside of her as I could, I feel like 1 step below GOD with my cock deep inside of her warm pussy that just felt like it was custom made for MY cock. I slowly kept thrusting it in and out, in and out and then slowly removed my large penis from her pussy hole as we started kissing. She said Baby, as she paused to catch her breath, your honestly the best I EVER had, I loved this. I smiled as I started kissing her again. You could tell we were finally both COMPLETELY satisfied with what happened. When my phone rang. .

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  . . . . . . . I paused a second before I quick got the phone, and it was my girlfriend, asking if I got a hold of Alex and I said no but a lady from the office brought me home, she said OK well that was nice of her, we are done with dinner and we are just getting ready to head out for a drink or 2. We finished the call and hung up and I turned around as Bev just finished pulling her panties back on. I looked at her and said you don't have to run. She said OK, well I want to get redressed babe. I said OK, whatever your comfortable with, I grabbed a pair of basketball shorts out of my dresser drawer and asked her if she wanted a drink, and she said sure, I said is Iced Tea OK, she said yes, as she just finished getting redressed and buttoning her last button on her blouse. She followed me into the Kitchen as I got us both a glass of Iced Tea and she said can I admit something to you?I said yeah, in a friendly happy voice, with a smile (being now completely satisfied). She said I never cheated on my husband in 31 years you where the first and I really, really needed that, he NEVER satisfied me like you did. I smiled and said thank you, it was awesome.


  She said in excitement but your cock is so LARGE, I never even seen a cock that big before, my husbands is only maybe 5" at the most, I seen my Son's one day a few months ago when he got out of the pool at our house he was hard and I could see through his swim trucks it was maybe 6" tops, your BIG down there. I laughed as we went in and sat down in the Living Room. She said does your girlfriend like your size?I said yea, I mean she never has complained, she said well DAMN if she does there is something wrong with HER. I smiled as I turned the TV on to check the news. She said did you ever cheat on her before?I said no, never. She took a drink and she seemed happy with a great big smile on her face. She said I guess the great thing about you, is its just not big, you CERTAINLY know how to work it just right. I laughed and told her honestly, it felt so good inside her and the thought of it started to get me semi hard again. She said well its our little secret and nobody will ever know, I think we both needed it. I said, yeah I know I did. She said me too. Her son called on her cell phone (I guess the one with the 6" lol) and they called for a few. When she got off the phone said well, you know what I am not even feeling guilty about this at all, I think of it as just human nature, we both really had a lot of lust and sexual desires built up that we needed to release. But I need to tell you something else. I said what is that, I haven't told you yet that in a few weeks, my husband is going to retire and we are moving to Florida for retirement, that they already own a little condo and that they are leaving the house to their son, but keeping a bedroom in it, so when they visit they have somewhere to stay.


  She said once I move you will need to come down and visit us in Florida on vacation, and when I am up here, I will call you to go to dinner and a movie again? with a little chuckle in her voice. I smiled and said yeah, for sure I hate to see someone so good looking moving away but I hope you enjoy Florida and we WILL keep in touch!She said well certainly we will. She said well its been fun, and she stood up and walked over as I stood up we hugged tight and a quick peck on the lips and she groped by jewl's and gave a quick rub as she started walking toward the door. So I guess I will see you Monday?She said yup, sure will handsome!!I said OK hunny see you be good. She laughed, as my phone rang. . . . . . . . it was Alex. . .

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  . . . . . . . . . he said I was half asleep when your girl called me what did she want?. . . . . .

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  . . . . as I waived goodbye to Bev as she closed my apartment door.

****story update****

Check back for more updates, to hear about my EXPLOSIVE story of fucking my girlfriend when she came home that night, and my stories in Florida and when Bev visited home. These will be posted if I get good feedback on this story. Thanks and hope you enjoyed it!