The Diary of an Invisible Woman Chapter 2

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Even though I was invisible, there was an initial thrill going intodepartment stores and restaurants completely naked. I would see somecute guy and grab a handful of his ass. Of course, it also meant Icould basically get into any place I wanted at any time there was anopen door. I followed another passenger on to a bus near my houseand got off in front of the local college. I walked into the lockerroom of a football team that had just concluded its practice. Therewere a lot of yummy guys, but the stench was more than I couldstand. God, why do guys have to be so gross?

Anyway, I followed this one choice hunk into his dorm room. He wasprobably 6'2" and 190-200 pounds with an eight inch cock. He kickedback with a beer on his couch with his roommates and a couple ofhours of asinine conversation that I'm not going to recapitulatehere ensued. I sat next to my target and occasionally gave his dicka brief rub over his shorts. He would look down like, "what thefuck?" Nonetheless, by the end of that two hours he had a raginghard on and went into his bedroom to rub one out. While he was strokinghimself, I darted my tongue at the base of it, the sensation ofwhich he apparently interpreted as just his horniness increasing.  God, I so wanted that inside me! He continued running his hand up anddown his thick shaft and I used  my nails to tantalize his shavenballs and kept that up until he finally ejected his cum on to hisstomach. He laid there enjoying the high from his masturbation session. I licked up a few drops of his jizz andsuppressed a giggle. Then I took his cock into my mouth and startedsucking it.

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   "Fuck, I'm horny tonight," he told himself as I giggledagainst his fuck stick. He reached for his prong again and he hit myface, so I had to immediately pull my lips off of his gorgeousorgan. He had his legs spread and I slipped between them andsucked lightly on his nuts while he went to town on himself again. Afew minutes later, he shot another wad and then wiped the whole messoff of him. I stood next to his bed and looked down on his nakednessas I frigged myself while imagining him on top of me and screwing mybrains out, letting out a long, deep sigh and then panting hardwhen I climaxed. When he went to use the bathroom, I was out of there.

Walking around the dorm complex while my boobies jiggled and feelingthe cool night air on my skin, I looked for some more action. Idecided to focus on exploiting unlocked doors and found one. Iquietly turnedthe knob and pushed it open, quickly entered, and closed it,locking the door behind me. I furtively insinuated myself into thebedroom, where there were two twin beds, one against each of two ofthe walls. The residents of the apartment were two guys. One of themwas thoroughly wrapped up in his blanket and pretty much dead to theworld. The other one though,  had his legs and arms akimbo with theblanked and top sheet loosely hanging off of him. I pulled thecovers away from him, fully exposing his body, which was concealedonlyby his boxers. I reached into the slit of that underwear and pulledhis cock out and gently massaged it.

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   I actually didn't get any realview of what he looked like, but I was excited by being able to dothis on the sly and was now kind of understanding what guys thinkwhen they played with a girl who was passed outdrunk. Steadily, his unit grew and got fatter. I enclosed it withmy mouth and glided my lips up and down his shaft as he slept. Mypussy was throbbing mightily and so I climbed on top of him anddropped my cunt right on his johnson while savoring the sweetsplittingof my vaginal walls. I was in my own little world as I romped up anddown on his schlong . Fuck yeah, it felt good! Unfortunately,  hesoon woke up and I had to get off of him so he could play withhimself. I had to get myself off, though, since I was so horny, andso I stood in between the two beds and strummed my g spot with mymiddle and ring fingers while he engaged in a bit of self service,both of us bringing ourselves to hot orgasms.  

Realizing that I was basically stuck there until the buses beganrunning again, I curled up on the sofa and went to sleep. I awoke atabout 5 a. m. to go to the bathroom and that is when I opted to makemy exit since the two students weren't up yet. Fortunately, therewere people waiting for the bus heading in my direction. I boardedit and subsequently exited at my stop. I found my keys, which I couldn'ttake with me, that I had hidden in a planter in my backyard, got into my house and went back to sleep.

I didn't go out for the next couple days except to steal a bunch ofstuff from a convenience store down the block from my house.

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   I wentin there around 1 a. m. when there was only one clerk on that shift. Ofcourse, he wasn't paying any attention since there was nobody therein his eyes. I set up the items I wanted to take near the door and,when he was off in another corner of the shop, I went right out withthe armful of booty, shoved it in a black bag I stashed insome nearby bushes and took it home. I feel like shit pilfering foodfrom stores, but I have to survive. Sorry.

I was feeling lonely again and so the following Saturday I went tothe mall. I noticed this young family where the guy wasn't much I wasinterested in, but his wife was a cute, slim brunette and they had whatappeared to be a four year old daughter. I followed them out to theircar and slid into the backseat just ahead of the daughter and they droveto an upper middle class home not far over the hill from the mall. Thefather pulled their car into the driveway. I scrambled out of it justafter the little girl and tailed them into their house and then took alittle tour of the place. It was comfortable. Not my taste in decor, butit was okay. I basically hung out with them all day, unbeknownst tothem, of course.

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   Eventually, the wife, whose name turned out to beCindy, announced she was going to take a shower. I was right behind herwhen she went into the bathroom and, as soon as I saw her nice taperedfigure with  teardrop shaped B cups and a trimmed brown bush, I becamewet and horny. Because they had glass shower partitions, it would havebeen too clumsy to attempt to put myself into the tub with her, so I saton the toilet and waited for her to finish washing herself.

Cindy turned the shower off and wrapped her hair in one towel and thendried herself off with another. I do the same thing. She stood at themirror blow drying her hair and I went up behind her and started gentlytweaking the nipples of both breasts with my fingers while I hunkereddown a bit so my head wouldn't be kabonged by her blow dryer. Sheemitted a small moan. "Fuck, I'm turned on right now," she mutteredunder her breath. I slipped my righthand around her leg and lightlyrubbed her clit while I enjoyed the scent of her freshly washed body. "Oh my God!" she quietly exclaimed. When she finished with her hair, shesat on the toilet, propped one legged on the edge of the bathtub nextto it and rested her lower calf on a corner of the vanity, fullyexposing her pussy to me. She reached for her clit and was making littlecircles on it. I helped things along by twiddling her nipples as Istood between her spread legs facing her and she eventually had anelectric orgasm that contorted her face into a beautiful expression ofeuphoria. When she was through, I quickly backed away and turned my bodyso that she would have an avenue by which to exit the bathroom.

The husband took his shower and, a little while later, they were bothfast asleep.

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   All the lights in the house were switched off, so Idescended the stairs to the kitchen and raided the fridge and the pantrybecause I was famished. I hadn't eaten since breakfast. The buses hadstopped running, so I was basically in for the duration. I went backupstairs and into Cindy and her husband's bedroom. She was asleep on herback, her body nude from the waist up. Her only other clothing was apair of silk panties. I slowly peeled the covers off of her just a fewinches and my hand crawled underneath them and into her panties. Iinvaded her slit with my middle finger and then withdrew it to tasteher. My hand returned to her sex and I attempted to be gentle enough tonot wake her as I nuzzled her nubbin with my index finger. My heart wasbeating out of my chest and I hoped that Cindy couldn't hear it, whichis dumb in retrospect, but that is how nervous I was. She let out somefaint moans and then awoke with a start. I hastily extracted my fingerfrom her crotch. "Oh my God, I guess it was a dream," she vaguelypanted. She pulled the covers over herself and turned on her side. Shit.

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  I wasn't going to wait around for her to change sleeping postures andinstead went to their guest bedroom, which was protected by a closeddoor, and allowed the fatigue of the day to overtake me. Yes, I burrowedunder the covers because I figured that the likelihood of anyone cominginto that room was pretty remote.

Fortunately, I was correct and I remade the bed after I was woken up bythe sound of their daughter stomping around when she headed downstairsfor breakfast. At the first chance, I left, walked over the hill back tothe mall, which was a little over a mile, and hopped a bus toward home. Walking a mile in bare feet is no fun! Once I was back at my own place,I got out my vibrator and recalled Cindy's little masturbation sessionand how much I wanted to lick her pussy. The orgasms that bit of funengendered put me in a nice relaxed mood for the rest of the day.

There is one of those chain workout places about a half a mile from myhouse. I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier, but since thereis almost never anything interesting to watch on tv on a Sunday, Idecided to see what was happening in the saunas there.

Now there are some girl issues here: we have more routes to infectionthan guys do. Being invisible doesn't mean I'm immune from sexuallytransmitted or other diseases. Also, a lot of guys use gym saunas as aplace to pick up and even have (mostly oral) sex with guys. So I optedto invade the women's sauna only. I walked in, took a quick dip in thejacuzzi and then surveyed the scene. There were only four girls in thereranging in ages from about 25 to maybe around 40.

The youngest of the quartet was a skinny blonde who had her hoo hahadorned with a landing strip.

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   She had a nice enough face, though she washardly a knockout. She sat on the bench above the hot tub with her legstogether leaning on her hands, which were behind her. I sat right nextto her and bent my head down and darted my tongue at her right nipple. It stiffened immediately , but it was also apparent that she felt thesensation of my tongue on her milk duct and was kind of confused. Ididn't care. I shifted my body so that I could get my mouth fully aroundthat nipple and gave it a long, hardy suck. She involuntarily moanedand then caught herself. I looked around at the three other women andthey were so engrossed in their yapping that they didn't notice. Isucked that same nipple again and this time she went to rub it and hitthe back of my head. I quickly pulled my head away and she had a veryquestioning expression on her face, which was hilarious. She moved herbody around nervously so that she was now sitting on the bench in asidelong way, only with one leg up and the other laying flat. I sat onthe edge of the bench roughly just to one side of her right knee and as Ibent my head to suck her left nipple this time, I also slipped my rightmiddle finger up and down the length of her slit. She shifted her bodyagain, but only slightly and I continued to tug on her milk duct with mymouth. I pushed my finger into her and found the ridge of her uppervaginal wall, in other words, her g spot, and began gently rubbing it.

I heard another moan emanate from her and then one of the other womenasked her if anything was wrong.

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   That brought her back to reality andshe denied there was anything out of the ordinary. Of course, since shedidn't want people to think she was insane, she wasn't going to say,""there's an invisible woman fingerbanging me. " I guess she had enoughat that point and she departed from the sauna. I pursued her and shewent to the showers. As she enjoyed the shower spray, I stood in frontof her and bent down (she was a good half a foot shorter thanme---remember that I'm unusually tall for a woman, 5'10"--- and resumedmy oral assault on her nipples and my digital one on her clit and pussy. There was nobody that close to us and so she just let it happen, as Idistended her nipples over and over and provided her little man in theboat the necessary friction by which to have an knee buckling orgasm to. She put her hand over her mouth to muffle her moans and her final cryof ecstasy  She left to get dressed and go home. I gave myself a quickcool shower, though I wasn't able to soap up for reasons you willunderstand.

Exhilirated and refreshed, I went home, took a real shower, and tacitlyrecounted what I had done in the gym earlier. The problem now was thatthe thrill of what I had been doing was making me hot to be righteouslyfucked. I needed cock real bad but how was I supposed to get it?