The Diary of an Invisible Woman Chapter 1

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Before I go into the main portion of my diary entries, let me tellyou a little about myself: I'm female and quite tall, 5'10" and awillowy 140 pounds with long light brown hair, C cup breasts andlong legs. My body is a little hippy and men have always liked it alot. However, I was also a "butter face ('she's hot, but her face!'for those of you who have never heard that term before). " In fact,my face looks like 30 miles of bad road. Because of my height withsuch an aesthetically challenged face on it, I often felt likeFrankenstein and guys wouldn't even get near me when I was in highschool or college.

I'm smart (164 IQ) and I eventually got my Phd from UC Berkeley inchemistry and went to work in a lab for a major petrochemicalcompany in Southern California making excellent money. I had a greatlife in the material sense, but my personal life was non-existent. Iwent to the gym to keep myself in shape. I'm also rather anal aboutwhat I eat and so I'm not one of those women who uses junk food as asalve for their loneliness. I had seriously considered plasticsurgery, but was too chicken to go  under the knife, fearing that aslip of the scalpel would actually make things worse. It's not likecosmetic surgeons have the greatest reputation as surgicaltechnicians anyway, which is why there are so many horror storiesout there concerning botched procedures.

When I hit the big three-oh (30), I went into an emotional tailspinand finally decided to commit suicide. By that time I was so angryat society for rejecting me that I was going to absolutely massacremyself as a sign of what its rejection had done to me. I startedstealing chemicals from my workplace (which is easy to do; chemicalplants have ridiculously lax security considering the substancesthey have on property). One Saturday several years ago, I threw alittle of this, a little of that plus some stuff from householdcleaners I had into a pot. I didn't measure amounts or anything andI can't remember everything I included now, either, but I mixed thispile of chemicals with boiling water intending to drink it anddestroy my insides since my loneliness had ripped my heart out.

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  Maybe it would even eat part of my body away, too.

Suddenly, the whole thing went up in flames and then vaporized,leaving my kitchen and dining room with this acrid cloud hangingnear the ceiling. I also inadvertently got a good whiff of it and Iwas choking and gagging on it. Rather than sticking around andletting it kill me, I ran into my backyard hacking like I never hadfrom the worst cold I had ever had before. I waited for the cloud todissipate before I walked back in. By then, the will to off myselfhad vanished. When I went to grip the pot, not only had the nastysauce I had created disappeared, but I noticed something else: Icouldn't see my arms. I thought initially I might have lost them,but I could still feel them and I was able to pick the pot up (withthe help of pot holders) and place it in the sink, where I rinsedcold water over it.

I ran into my bathroom after that to check whether or not there wasany other damage to me. What I saw was an outfit with apparentlynobody in it! What the fuck? I shed my clothes and I was gone. Well,at least as far as the mirror was concerned. Of course, the obviousfact was I was now invisible. The question was how long it was goingto last and what side effects the virulent compound I had concoctedto make what was supposed to be a suicide attempt happen would makeme suffer.

Sunday came and went and I was still invisible. I woke up Monday andstill I wasn't visible, so I called into work sick. 

   Now if I phonedin sick again I was required by my employer to see a doctor and it'skinda tough to have someone examine you when you're completely can'tbe seen. Not only that, but I couldn't withdraw money from the bankin person, drive (think about it: a cop sees a car with no apparentdriver; and that's before you get to the reaction of other drivers,who might be spooked by it, which could lead to tragedy) or get ajob (nobody was going to pay somebody who they couldn't identify). Icouldn't even go to the supermarket. This left me in a dilemma,especially financially. I had a mortgage and my savings would runout in pretty short order unless I did something to keep the moneyflowing. And I needed to eat.

Oh, and did I mention that I had to walk around naked all the time?Otherwise, it would look like a collection of clothing operatingunder its own power and people would no doubt try to grab it andunintentionally rip it off of me. Fortunately, Southern Californiais warm most of the year, but if I have to go out on cold days beinginvisible is not fun. The good thing is that I can be out all day atthe beach and not burn. And my pee and number twos are totallyvisible for some reason. That's probably the weirdest quirk of thiswhole thing.

The eating part turned out to be easier than I thought it would: Iwould walk into the backrooms of supermarkets at night just beforethey closed, load some food into a bag, run like hell out thebackdoor and take it home. Not very efficient, but it's kept mealive.

I also hacked into my now former company's computer system using aproxy server and reprogrammed it so that I would keep getting moneyauto deposited into my account. I also use online banking to pay mybills.

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   At some point, though, even as horrendous as my formeremployer's security was, I'm going to be found out and they willsend the police after me. THAT will be interesting. You can't arrestwhat you can't see. My credit cards were all just recentlyautomatically renewed. That's always pretty funny.

As for my sex life, well, I will be talking a lot about that, butsuffice to say that the lack of attention from both males andfemales (yes, I'm bisexual) made me desperately want it. As carefulas I was leading the rest of my life, my sexual desires were prettyunhinged. I think it was my way of seeking some liberation andvalidation. Whatever the case, rarely a night went by, even when Iwas on my period, where I didn't masturbate, and sometimes I woulddo that as many as three times a day. In addition, I would have themost intense sexual dreams, including hardcore rape fantasies. WhatI think the latter was about was that I wanted men to be so hot forme that they would want to ravage me right then and there.

A couple of weeks after I became invisible and thus concluded thatit wasn't changing soon, I was laying in bed masturbating, thinkingabout this kid I used to babysit back when I was in high school. Even after I was too busy with my graduate studies to babysit himanymore, I maintained a relationship with his family because theylived just down the block from me. Let's call the boy Thomas since Idon't want to cause him any grief with this story. He eventuallygrew into a 6'3" 200 pound 18 year old with a body that was theproduct of his workouts for his basketball and baseball teams.

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   WhileI frigged my clit, I pictured me down on my knees sucking his bigcock off and then having him take me hard from behind. The taboonature of this fantasy made me cum so intensely I thought I wouldfaint.

That fantasy made me continue to think of him. You know how some ofthe incidents where female teachers were involved with theirjuvenile students had been blamed, in part, on issues the teachermay have had when she was in high school herself? I was beginning tounderstand that the more I thought about him. I also knew that hewas an extraordinarily heavy sleeper. You could set off a wad of C4outside his door and he wouldn't even flinch. The idea of being withhim became an obsession and less than a week after that masturbationsession, I was standing in front of his door around 2 p. m. naked andfollowed him inside when he came home from school, watching histotally fine ass flex when he went upstairs. We entered his bedroomand he kicked back on the bed and turned his tv on. I slid into bednext to him and smelled his scent.

He then noticed the smell of the soap and shampoo I had used beforeI went over to his place. "What's that smell?" he said, talking tohimself. The window was open, so he apparently wrote it off tosomething that wafted in on the gentle breeze that was blowing in. After a while, he went to his computer desk and called up Fucktube.

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  He pushed his shorts off. He went commando and so his cock instantlypopped out. When he had stroked it to the fullest extent of hiserection, he was almost eight inches and very thick. I became superwet and started fingering myself as I watched this beautiful boypleasuring himself to footage of a couple doing the wild thing. Itprobably took him less than ten minutes to spurt a stream of cum  onto his stomach and I had a shuddering orgasm. Of course, I had tosuppress vocalizing it. God, I wanted him inside me so bad!

A friend of his came over a little bit later and they played a videogame while I sat on his bed, unbeknownst to the both of them,fingering myself while I thought about his masturbation session andeven both boys double teaming me. I arose and stood directly infront of Thomas while he sat on the floor next to his buddy with hisvideo game controller and placed my pussy practically in his face. He flinched a couple of times when I got too close, perhaps feelingmy pubic hair. I wondered if he could smell my girl cum soakedpussy. I so wanted to touch him! I so wanted him to lick me! I sowanted him to bury his big cock inside me! My fingers found my clitagain and as he concentrated on the screen, I flicked my littlenubbin and had an earth shattering climax that just about knockedthe wind out of me. I couldn't help crying out. "Dude, you hearthat?" Tommy's friend said. "Yeah man. You think Brandy's gettingfucked right now?" Brandy was his next door neighbor.

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  " "I don't knowdude, but shit," he remarked with an incomplete thought. "I'ddefinitely like to hit that pussy myself," the friend enthused. "Noshit, man," Tommy agreed. "I'd tear that shit up. "

The friend left shortly before Thomas's family had dinner and thenhe went out again, though I have no idea where. I waited for him toget home, sitting on the chair in front of his desk and reading somenews sites and even commenting on the stories. When I heard himcoming up the stairs just after 10, I quickly cleared his cache sohe wouldn't know anyone was using his computer and then hustled overto a corner of the room. He took his shoes, socks and shirt off andwent to take a shower. I followed him into the bathroom and peekedaround the shower curtain to watch the water cascade off of hismuscular body. Yes, I rubbed myself to another orgasm. He opened thecurtain and grabbed the towel he had brought with him and driedhimself off. I couldn't take my eyes off of his formidable dangler. My pussy was now so engorged with blood and hot from my horninessthat I wanted him to just rape the shit out of me right there.

I had a thought and left the bathroom while he was combing his hairand shaving. I crouched down not very comfortably in the space wherethe chair goes in his computer desk.

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   It turned out to be a soundbet. When he came back to his room, he immediately plopped himselfdown into that chair and dialed up some more internet porn and beganto wack it. My mind was drifting away as I smelled his freshlycleaned body and viewed his hard flesh drill right in front of myeyes. I occasionally flicked my tongue at it, causing him to shiver. But he was so lost in his own lust that he didn't notice anythingunusual. Pretty soon, I heard some strangled grunts of "Oh fuck!"and I opened my mouth hoping to taste him. Unfortunately, he rolledthe chair out a little further from the desk and splashed hisstomach again with his semen. "Shit!" I thought to myself. He usedthe towel that had just minutes before sopped up the water from hisshower as a cum rag and he leaped into bed. I stayed in that smallspace for another hour before he finally turned the light out andwent to sleep.

I pushed the chair out far enough so that I could crawl out of thatspace under the desk. I sat next to him and bent my head down overhis and stroked it with my righthand while my breasts dangled on tohis side and arms. "You're such a big boy now, Thomas," I cooed. "Sohow many girls have you fucked already with that dick?" I whisperedlasciviously. I gingerly pulled his boxers off of him and he barelymoved, but there was his limp cock totally exposed for my use,though it was in the dark.

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   I crawled on to the bed and lovinglystroked it for a couple of minutes, tracing its topography with myfingers. He responded almost immediately, as it straightened andthickened. I ran my tongue over the bottom of it and even tastedsome precum from the head. My tongue trailed back down and I buriedmy mouth in between his balls, using the tip of my tongue to lickupward back to his cockhead and then back down. It was almost atfull mast now and I gently grasped it and engulfed it with my mouth. I greedily sucked and licked it and he moaned sleepily. At thatpoint, I didn't care if he woke up as my head bobbed up and downwith passion. He woke up just before he unburdened his balls for thethird time that day, giving me a nice mouthful of his warm, thickand surprisingly tasty manjuice.

He was well out of it, though, and, as soon as I extricated my mouthfrom his pole, he went right back to a deep sleep. By then, my pussywas throbbing like a beast. I straddled his face and oh so slowlylowered my drenched love furnace on to his lips. He licked me acouple of times instinctively, but that was it. That only made mewant him more. I eased myself back to the edge of the bed and suckedon his balls and the base of his penis because I didn't know howsensitive the head would be that soon after he had gotten off. Icontinued doing that until I saw his unit rising again.

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   I glided mytongue up and down his full length over and over and over until hewas at just about full extension. I walked on the bed as lightly asI could and squatted over his dick with my legs on either side ofhim. I took it between my index and middle fingers and pointed it atmy opening. I was about to have him take my virginity at age 30! Ialso wondered how many other girls' virginity he may have claimed. Idropped my hips and impaled myself on his lovely manhood . Fuck, ithurt! I gritted my teeth as I attempted to deal with the pain. Islipped my pussy further down and the stinging amplified. It waslike somebody had stuck a double bladed knife up me and was twistingthe blade. Not only that, but I could feel blood trickling out ofme. I eventually worked it all the way into me and sat there whilemy vaginal muscles adjusted to the full penetration by his gorgeousweapon. I felt stuffed. I started pumping my hips up and down andwinced through the pain. As time passed, it was becoming easier tocope with  I tried not to put too much weight on him while Ibalanced myself with my hands on his chest. As I felt the firstjolts of pleasure, I started to lose myself and, before I knew it, Iwas bouncing up and down on his fuck stick with a vengeance andbeing shaken to the core by an orgasm. It was so difficult tosuppress my panting! Oh my God, it felt so amazing I can't describeit! I rode him to another orgasm after that and then he woke up, butI didn't give a shit.

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   Once he was half conscious, he began to feelthe pleasure the friction from my pussy provided to him and heblasted big globs of sperm against my cervix.

When he was done, I rose up off of him and jumped off the bed. "Whatthe fuck?" he blurted  Seeing nothing there, though, he just rolledover and went back to dreamland. I ran into the bathroom and cleanedthe blood and cum off of my groin and thighs. I was lucky I didn'tget pregnant. I wasn't on the pill because I had despaired of everbeing able to experience sex. So the next day, I went to a pharmacyand stole somebody's prescription. That isn't the best thing to dobecause women aren't all hormonally the same. Usually, it's turnedout to be fine for me, thought not always. When it isn't, it canreally suck, believe me.

The experience of being fucked, or fucking someone else in thiscase, I guess, was amazing and I wanted it again. The fact that Ihad to walk around all the time, even outdoors, naked, put me morein touch with my sexuality than I had ever been. The foregoing wasonly the beginning. .