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After having a hard long day at work I came home and heard some loud moaning coming from the bed room. “Oh Marcus, fuck me, fuck me!! As I peeped though the door I saw my baby riding her huge 18 inch dildo. My dick got so hard I took it out while I was at the door and started jerking off.

                Oh my name is Marcus, 6”3 inches tall, an athletic body and a nice thick curved 18 inch dick, I am a business man that owns 3 business, I can say that im enjoying my life, all the hard work in college finally paid off. Im married to a nice smart, sexy closet freak by the name of Jade, looking at her at first you would think she’s this nice innocent house wife, but when the bed room door is closed my god ud think she was a whore.

As I entered the room she saw me and said “you lil pervert, how long have you been standing there?” “Long enough to come push my dick in that pretty lil mouth of yours”, “so what are you waiting for” she said. As I approached the bed my horny lil whore opened her mouth and started swallowing every inch of my dick, “oh Marcus your dick taste so good” “shut the fuck up and suck my dick you horny lil bitch”. She looked at me and said, “You know im your bitch”. She began sucking my dick and started licking my balls. You could hear slurping sounds while she was down there having a feast. “get on your knees” i said. As she bend over and spread her legs, I knelt behind her and started eating her pussy from behind, I could feel her wet pussy grinding all over my face, while my tongue was deep inside her hot wet pussy. As I began using my tongue to play with her asshole she screams and said OH MARCUS IM GANA CUM!!! When I looked down on her pussy she had her bullet on her clit. I got up took my long hard dick and placed it at the entrance of her wet cunt, I slowly started stroking her pussy with my dick. Her pussy felt so fucking good I couldn’t control myself and just started fucking her really hard and deep, “oh baby I love your dick, I love your dick” was sing throughout the room. I then took her pink dildo and started fucking her ass while I was still behind her fucking her pussy.

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   “oh Marcus fuck my ass please fuck my ass” I love hearing when she begs me to fuck her ass, I could feel the spirit running through my dick. I then lay on the bed and told her to come ride my dick, but without me saying it, she had already positioned my dick in her asshole. I could feel the tight warm flesh of her ass beginning to open, I started slapping her ass and sucking her nipples while she rod my dick, as I was about to say im cumming, I could hear her voice saying the exact same thing. I pushed her off held her face and sprayed my warm cum over her lips. MMMMMMM, it tastes good she said. I shoke my head and said, FREAK!! Yup just the way you like them. We laughed, and jumped in bed.

                “Oh no!!! Isn’t it tonight the gang is coming over for dinner? “wow yu think smh” I replied.

Ok am gana take a nap, ill get up in a few.


DING DINGG!!!. “Hunny the door”, “I heard”. Hey guys whats up! It was Sabrina and Alex, with Tiffany and John. It was a Thursday night when we normally have games night with the gang.

Sabrina, is 5’7 had a body to die for, she’s a 36C and a nice piece of juicy ass, her husband Alex was 6”2 muscular with a 9inc dick, while Tiffany and John was our lil white friends that we met on our trip to Hawaii, Tiffany is 5’5, 34DD and a nice cute ass, while John is 5”11 average built with a 9inch dick, not bad for a white guy.

“Dinner was great guys, now who’s ready to get there ass kicked in Hollywood Movies lol they all laughed and said not again.

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   They hated playing that game because Jade and Marcus always won, it’s like he was the write for the movies or summe. “Let’s play poker said Alex, hey how about strip poker shouted Tiffany”, they all started to laugh. “Hey why not said Jade”, ok, I guess they all replied. They all moved into to living room to get comfy while Marcus went for a few beers for the guys and Jade got the champagne for the girls.

So after a few games and quite a few drinks you could see that everyone was all tipsy and started getting frisky, Jade started licking her lips while squeezing her husbands dick, Tiffany had her hands pressing against her pussy while Sabrina couldn’t stop sucking on Alex’s neck. “Lets play truth or dare!” said John. They all laughed and said hey why not, Sabrina I dare you to kiss Jade, “she smiled and said sure, I was always attracted to those lips of yours” so she gave her a lil kiss on the lips. “NOOOOOOO!!!!” they all shouted and started laughing, “she not your daughter and we aren’t kids, so get in there and kiss her like your life depended on it” said Alex. So Brina took a deep breath and held Jade and gave her a deep passionate kiss, “hey are you trying to steal my wife away” said Marcus, they laughed and Tiffany said “im jealous”, “don’t be” said John, “go get some” the guys started laughing and chatting amongst themselves while their wives were in the middle of the room making out.

They had talked amongst themselves about planning an orgy but wasn’t sure if their wives would have been up to it. So they all decided it was now or never. Marcus, John and Alex got up and went behind their wife and started making out, Jade knelt down and started sucking her husband dick, Tiffany saw and said “oh fuck, think ill be trying that later” they all laughed. Alex started sucking Sabrina’s pussy while John was stroking tiffany from behind. “Oh fuck me Marcus fuck me, kept getting louder in the room, they all turned and saw Marcus fucking his wife deep in her ass, he was fucking the hell out of her, Alex came over and pushed his dick in her mouth while tiffany told john that he could join.

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   Jade now had two dicks in her mouth while getting her ass fucked from behind. She began to gag all over John’s 9 inch dick while Alex was slapping his dick on her cheek. Across the room was Tiffany eating out Sabrina’s pussy, she had three fingers deep in her pussy while licking on her clit, she then shouted “im gana squirt!!” Marcus heard that and immediately shoot his load in Jade’s ass. Jade laughed, turn around and said, “I know you wana fuck her, go have fun” he took his dick out, cleaned it off and went over to them, his wife continued getting her face fucked by Alex and John, She told john to sit in the chair while she rode him, and Alex started fucking her ass, she was getting the treatment that she loved, being fucked like a whore.

                Marcus laid on the floor while, while Tiffany was grinding all over his dick while he was eating Sabrina’s pussy out. They all continue fucking each other for about an hour or so, Jade being fucked like a whore, Sabrina squirting all over the place and tiffany, well tiffany got what she wanted, two big black dicks tearing her apart, she had both dicks in her pussy while her husband was fucking her ass and Jade and Sabrina watched an played with each other. They all came in the middle of the room where the girl knelt in front of their husbands and got cum sprayed all over them. The wives kissed each other, while the guys high fived each other.

                “Hunny wake up, wake up!!” shouted Marcus, the guys are ganna be here soon. “Huh!?, huh!?” said Jade, realizing that it was only a dream.


To be continued………