Slutty Beginnings

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A man gets all he has ever dreamed for with his three different sluts. He is married to one, one is his office slut and the other is his mistress.


Before I begin you should know that I am a man slut. I regularly sleep with 3 or so regular woman and have over 50 sexual partners in my life, I am only 23 years of age.  
     Firstly I am a submissive 'sex slave' to my owner Amber, she is relatively short but makes up for it in strictness and her strong feisty nature, she has a fairly small pair of tits and a rather plain ass but the ferocity and the imagination that goes into our weird bedroom scenarios is purely outstanding, she is a gothic looking girl with shoulder length black and a tongue ring (she also has nipple and clit piercings but that comes later in the story). We enjoy bdsm together and she plays out a lot of my fetishes including spit and feet. I worship her and she rewards me in her own special ways! Although she is great, I must remember I am only there to meet her sexual urges and while our sex is hot, we lack passion and connection.
  The opposite of my owner is my wife; yes I am married, happily married at that! My gorgeous Chloe for 12 years, she is cute, blonde and very loveable! She knows I sleep around and she is fine with it, she occasionally sleeps with other men too, but not quite as much as I get around. We have a great marriage and are very happy with our terms! This relationship is where all my passion and love is. Me and Chloe slowly fuck and pleasure each other and at nights we often end up snogging for hours on end, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

   Next Is my office slut Chelsea, she is around when I need a release at work, I enjoy taking her up her asshole and we often fuck in my office on a near enough daily basis. She has light brown hair and a slim figure with nice perky tits and a great juicy ass, she dresses very provocatively and often comes to work in very enticing clothes! I like Chelsea as a friend too; she is a down to earth girl who is fun to be around. There are two sides to her, Chelsea my friend and colleague and also a convenient extra hole to fuck whenever I wish! What more could a man want?
   I live in a small town just outside of Baltimore, you can’t complain about it, it has everything I feel I need and it’s not a long drive to the centre of Baltimore anyway. A typical day for me begins at 7. 30 when I wake up with my gorgeous Chloe in my arms. Me and Chloe have one rule and that is that no random sluts ever sleep in our bed, our bed is purely for me and my wife, nobody else is welcome thank you! Anyway I get out of bed and get ready for work, I like to Shower with my wife, and we do a lot of things together like that, seeing as we don’t see much of each other in the day when we are both at work.

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   Our showers end up making us just as dirty as we were when we entered the bathroom! Anyway I drive to work, I park in my usual spot, I go to my usual office, I get brought my usual coffee, I like to live in a routine(except my sex, my sex is wildly different each and every time).
I work for a Law firm, filing papers, shredding documents etc. etc. My job is not glamorous but it pays the bills and that’s what matters.
At around 18 I normally get a little frisky and have some play time with my slut Chelsea. We also greet in the same way, we smile at each other and hug. Then I slide my tongue into her mouth and enjoy tasting her sexy mouth, I then slide my hands down the back of her skirt and grip her lovely ass with my hands and have a feel, sometimes I slip a finger up her asshole and she gasps. We know how to turn each other and get the most out of the experience. We manage to have the wildest sexual experiences in my office and have never once been caught. All the lads in the office know it goes on, they worked that out years ago! Mine and Chelsea’s favourite thing to do is Anal sex which is my main sexual passion, my mistress owner would never let me near her asshole and my wife and I have tried it but she didn’t fully enjoy it so it is a rarity in our bedroom. Most of my anal adventures go down with Chelsea who is an absolute anal queen!
  Last week we got no work at all done, she was sat in my office in stockings and a bra grinning at me when I walked in, she seductively walked over and put her arms around me and stuck her tongue in my mouth, she tasted of cunt, I later found out she had licked Polly (the receptionist) out before I had even got into work, wow she gets a lot done in a day! Anyway she dived down on me pushing me to the floor, all the while still kissing me. She violently threw her ass onto my already throbbing cock and fucked me for around 12 minutes, after this I could take no more and finally emptied my cock into her warm slutty asshole. I grinned and kissed her before making my way down to her ass with my mouth, I smiled as I kissed her asshole and licked out her very own mixture of warm sweat mixed with my cum.
The smell of her slutty abused asshole filled me with delight and my manhood once up again rose up in appreciation of her scent. Chelsea saw this and instantly looked at it with excitement and lust.

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   She instantly threw herself at my cock and cleaned all of her ass juices off of it with her loving tongue whilst I was still enjoying tasting her asshole in the 69 position.   We fucked all day and eventually collapsed into each other’s arms exhausted. I smiled at her and passionately snogged her, tasting a combination of her gorgeous spit, my cum and once again her own abused asshole. We got no work done that day and pledged to catch up tomorrow (which did not happen but that’s a different story).
 I picked up my bag and left Chelsea in the office, I think she was working late that night or something.
  I got home to a nice meal awaiting me, this is what makes Chloe so special, she cares for me and loves me, as I love her. We ate our meal and cleared away the dishes; you don’t need to hear about the boring stuff. When we were ready we decided to snuggle down in the lounge and watch a film. I think the film was ‘Tropic Thunder’ or something similar. I was sat on the end of the sofa and she was lied across me , looking beautiful as ever. Halfway through the film I caught a whiff of her sock.
‘’Wow Chlo, you’re feet are smelling pretty fresh’’ I said to her jokingly. She winked and laughed ‘’Plenty more where that came from’’ whilst pushing her socks into my face. I smiled as I inhaled (in my opinion) the greatest smell in the world, along with girls sweaty armpits and the smell of a freshly fucked ass. We didn’t see much more of the film from then on, we fooled around a bit and kissed each other endlessly.


   I ended up licking out her cunt for a while until she squirted on my face; she returned the favour by wanking me off with her feet. I was in a feet kind of mood that day! We went to bed and snuggled into each other before eventually falling asleep.

At 1 o’clock in the morning I woke up to my phone vibrating, It was a text from my owner Amber.
It read ‘WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU TODAY BITCH xxx’. I gulped. Even though I knew she wasn’t angry with me, I knew I would be punished when I next saw her.


This is the first story I have ever wrote. I would appreciate feedback in the comments, Part 2 coming soon if anybody requests it, please be critical but constructive.