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I never felt so turned on as I watched Jessica from behind she had the perfect ass

I was a nineteen year old male, who recently had a sex change to a woman. I was all feminine, except I still had my dick and balls. Ever since I was a little boy I never felt comfortable in my body so when I was sixteen, I told my parents I wanted to be a girl. Of course they freaked out about it at first but respected my decision as I was old enough to make my own decisions. I went to a doctor and had the operation. I grew big breasts and had sexy hips. I never felt happier. It would be a little awkward, as I still had my penis and balls so I couldn't get too excited in public. It was the summer, and I had got myself a job as a guidance councellor at a camp and so if any ladies needed anything I would be there. Sure enough, they came. Lots and lots of pretty, sexy girls. Would I be able to control myself?One day, I was out by the lake in the woods when Jessica Davis walked up to me.

"Hey, Liz, can I talk to you?" she asked. That was the name I'd given myself. I turned to her. She was tall, hot, red curly haired girl with blue eyes and beautiful round boobs that I wanted to grab onto and squeeze.

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   Today she was wearing a white t shirt and shorts and her nipples were showing. I winced and gulped as I felt the arousal awakening down in my groin. I was wearing biege shorts and t shirt too so wouldnt be too good if I had a hard on now. Jessica bent down and I never felt so turned on as I watched her from behind, she had the perfect ass. I stepped right up behind her and pressed up against her as she was tieing up her shoe lace on her trainers. My dick grew straining against my shorts. "Ouch, what's that poking in my back?" she complained. She turned around and gasped. "Liz!""Please, Jessica, help me," I said. I was burning up and felt so tight down there. Jessica tapped the side of her chin, "How could I help?"Unbutton my shorts for me so I can breathe," I said.   She unbuttoned my shorts and couldnt help staring at my dick. "My, you're a big girl," she cooed. Her left hand ran up and down on my shaft making me moan pleasurely. I grabbed her by the arms and threw her down on the ground where I kissed her and she kissed me back.

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       I took off my shorts and Jessica took my long and hard dick in her mouth and moved back and forth. I pulled off her shorts and got in between her legs and gave her a big orgasm as I twirled my tongue over her dripping wet pussy and clitoris. Jessica pulled me onto her and I thrusted myself inside her and she gasped as she took all of me in. We fucked slowly and then got faster and faster. She wrapped her soft thighs around me as she moaned loudly with pleasure. My balls banging against her thighs. "Oh, Liz, Oh, Liz!" she almost screamed out. I thrusted even harder at that. I was so damn horny. I sucked and licked her breasts and nippled and she did too. Jessica cried out and her body spasmed as she came beneath me and I fucked her really hard until my body convulsed and my back arched as I came deep inside her. She stroked my long black hair as our breathing went back to normal. "Amazing, Liz," she said. I nodded, "You too. "


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