my first time with sam

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i was walking to my soccer training, and on the way i had to call and get my friend sam, we were both 20 and neither had come out gay. We had to walk through a wooded area to get to our practise field. as we were walking we both needed a piss, the wooded area wasnt very well hidden apart from one area. we both started walking to the hidden area and there was only one tree, we both decided that we would piss at the same time, i had never seen another lads dick before and this was my first one, as i reached to my dick to have a piss, i took a quick look at sams, i noticed that it was about 6 inches long and very nice looking, i carried on pissing and noticed him looking at my dick, i starred at him then looked at his penis, he was hard. it was about 18 inches long when it was hard and i asked him why it was hard, he replyed and said because he hadn't had a wank in 5 days and was really horney, i could feel my penis getting harded, he turned to me and laughed, 'why you getting one' he said? i actually dont no why i had gotten why but it was getting very hard, sam kept looking at me and then said 'toss me off and ill suck you'! i had never had a blow job before and always wanted one! i reached for his cock and started to toss him off.

. . he was moaning and groaning and i noticed abit of pre cum on his nice hard cock, he cumed all over my hand and then he licked it off, he then got on his knees and started to suck me off, he must of done it before and it felt like the best thig that had ever happened to me. i cumed and he swolled. he still wanted more and asked me to fuck him. . . . i was so horney at this time and did so. i had never had sex before and now was my first time, i placed my 8 inch cock in his ass and his seemed to love it. .

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   we tried loads of different possions and he loved it bent up against the tree. he said to me that it was his turn. he pushed me on the floor and started to lick my arse, i loved this and started to tell him to shove his dick in my arse, he did so and at first it hurt riding his 10inch cock but pain turned into happenies and i started to love riding his cock, he cam in my arse and then we both got up, we only had 5 minutes to get to soccer, so we pulled up our boxers and ran to soccer, i will never forget this adventure with 10inch sam and now we always have sex and love it