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   . . . we awake after a long night of total bliss, awesome explosive love-making. sunlight streams through the window. you are still asleep and curled with your beautiful ass displayed, with the sheets pulled low due to the warm night. i get out of the bed, naked and quietly walk around to approach you from your side of the bed, where i can view and get at your lovely ass in the light of dawn. you are now awake, but remain silent and motionless in your dreamy state. i take a moment to absorb the wonderful sight that lies before me: your are on your side, with your butt protruding from your curled position, accentuating the gloriously round and marvelously pale cheeks, a hint of your sweet pink pussy slit barely visible. "you made me cum so very good last night, lora my dear" i whisper near you ear, so close you can feel my heat and my breath, tingling the little hairs on your neck. i lick my middle finger and ever gently i work its way into your soft labia. your lips are so full and your pale ass so soft and pliable. gently massaging it and spreading to gain access to your pussy, my wet finger slowly slides up and down your slit, barely touching, like a feather, never penetrating.  whispering moans and sighs emanate from you, your back still towards me, still emerging from your sleepy state, peacefully enjoying the light touch of my finger gracefully sliding up and down your pussy as it becomes engorged and wet, responding to the touches. with gentle ease i spread your juices around your lips and clit, making your aroused pussy so shiny and pink.

it is very ready for me to enter you and so am i, having been stroking the whole time i touch you.

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   you lie there on your side and receive me as i slip right in and begin my humping motions. i rock your incredible ass back and forth as your pussy encompasses me and it slides back out, exposing the head. you are so tight, my head kind of pops in and out as you squeeze upon it. the multiple re-enty teases drive you wild and you begin  humping against me, rocking and arching. the motions so easy and graceful. your legs remain closed and i continue to work your pussy with the ease of the rocking. standing there beside the bed, my loralee getting her morning screw, so pretty and relaxed, enjoying the dicking while half asleep eyes-closed, simply relying on her sense of feel, never even speaking or looking my way. the calm, easy fucking so soothing to us, a reminder of the previous night's passions. the texture of your vagina so pronounced as my head swollen head and shaft slide past. every nerve ending responding to the slow and tight thrusts, my cock pulsing and twitching, my quiet moans barely audible. my heartbeat increases and i hump you a little closer and stronger as the intensity and climax builds. you turn your pretty face to look me in the eye and the look is absolutely more than i can bare. eyes that beg and plead for sex, you red hair so gorgeous in the rays coming through the window. i pull my cock from your soaking wet pussy and press it against your soft luscious ass cheek, leaning hard against you as my hot heavy load oozes out, drenching us both, lubricating the space between us, creating such an amazing sensation that i continue humping against your slippery ass squeezing out ever drop as i twitch and shudder and moan your name. i step back and watch you roll your  body onto your stomach, displaying your wet shiny, cum smeared ass to me for me to see in all its glory.

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   i grab a towel and lovingly clean you up, giving your pussy a sweet little kiss when i am done. "good morning, baby".