Introducing Elly part 2

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It had been a month since Josh and Elly fucked in public. They had spoken little and the sexual tension was as high as ever. Josh had got laid only once with some other slut, and of course Elly had been fucking anyone that showed interest, but she found that nothing could beat how good Josh was. It was a Friday night in September, the group of friends had nothing planned so Elly decided to give Josh a call and have him other for a night of fucking. The boy agreed of course and two hours later they were drinking shots of vodka in her room.


Elly wore thigh high socks, her usual tiny skirt and a t shirt, her panties on full view as she sat with her legs slightly open, driving Josh’s cock wild. She noticed the bulge in his pants and moved her leg over, her foot landing on his buldge gently where she began applying pressure. He groaned as her little toes rubbed the outline of his cock. She teased him for five minutes before suddenly standing up and removing her skirt, revealing her perfect legs with a two inch gap at her thighs. A damp spot could be seen on her pussy and she smiled.


“I have a little surprise for you actually. ” She spoke with a seductive tone as she turned around, showing off her plump ass cheeks which were stretching her tiny panties. She turned her head to look at him with a smile and bent over, pulling the panties down with her. Josh’s cock twitched at the sight of her ass hole, the memories flooding back. She slapped her left cheek once then stood up, still facing away from him. “Lay down on my bed and close your eyes.

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  ” She ordered, and the boy wasted no time in complying.


He got into position, and Elly straddled him, moving up her bare pussy so it rested on his chest, her perfect legs still decorated by the thigh high school girl style socks. “Open your eyes!” she said with a giggle. Josh obeyed and his eyes came into focus of her delicious pussy, yet something was different since he last saw it and he noticed what it was immediately. She had her clit pierced with a small ring. He gasped and felt his cock double in size. “That is so fucking hot!” he said and went to move his arms up to grab her thighs but she stopped him with a smile.


Josh didn’t like that. He over powered the girl and slapped her across the face and she fell back with a giggle. That was the thing about Elly, she absolutely adored being treated like crap. “Be careful with my clit! It’s so sensitive still, I only had it done yesterday, I nearly came when he pierced it!” she told him, spreading her legs wide to give the boy access. He sat between her legs and rubbed one hand across her left leg, and moved the other across her pussy. He collected a fingers worth of wetness and tasted it, then placed a finger very softly on her piercing. Elly gasped and shuddered at the touch feeling a thousand sensations in one place.


“How sensitive is it, baby? I see you’re completely soaked already and I’ve barely touched you.

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   You’re such a slut, your dirty pussy is constantly wet. ” He said with a grin, and pushed down on her clit. She moaned aloud and shifted closer to him. He added another finger and pushed in with double the pressure. “Fuuuck, my clit! It’s making my pussy leak, the feeling is just too good!” she mumbled, removing her top to expose her small breasts. Josh looked up hoping to see two nipple piercings, however he wasn’t rewarded. Annoyed, he slapped her left breast twice and pulled at the nipple.


He then used one hand to hold her legs open and the other began tapping her clit in a fast rhythm which she thrusted up into.

“Shit, shit, oh fuck, slap it yes, slap my clit, my slutty clit, fuck slap it!” her head moved from side to side and her own hands found her tits which she began rubbing. Josh increased his speed and pressure before the girl came with a loud and long moan, her pussy gushing out with girl cum. “Oh my god it’s incredible, fuck. ” She whispered up to the boy who smiled, tasting his own fingers. He removed his top and then his jeans, his cock bouncing out which he gripped with a smile. He wanted to get straight into it this time, a month had been too long since he had been inside her.


“You’re not fucking me yet, baby.

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   I want you to do something else first!” she crawled up and moved over to her beside cabinet, and from out the top drawer she produced a thick dildo, purple in color, decorated with rubbery ribs and a vibration feature. She looked at it with lust and it appeared to glisten with memories of it’s last use. She turned to face Josh and handed it to him, he took it with a curious smile. “I need it in my ass so badly. Please fuck me with it, be as rough with me as you like!” she said with excitement, looking up at the boy. He used his free hand to grab her hair, then force her down onto the bed, positioning the slut so she was on her knees with her ass open towards him.


He began tongue fucking her extremely tight ass hole, lapping up the delicious bud. She moaned softly, then loudly as he began spanking her, turning her pasty white cheeks a deep shade of red. Her hole had been lubed up and to make sure, he forced two fingers inside, stretching the walls open. She responded with pure delight, mumbling filthy words to herself as she had her hole fingered. He removed the two digits and spat inside it, then entered three and fucked her for a few short minutes. She was ready for the dildo, and it slide in with ease all the way. He flicked the switch and it began vibrating as it was thrust in and out of her anus.


“Plug my tiny shitter! Stretch it open and fill it, then take it out and force it right back in! Fuuuck! My slutty shit hole is in heaven!” Elly screamed, her head thrashed back, her mouth open dribbling from the sheer pleasure she was in. “I’m a useless skank, good for nothing but being fucked.

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   I love it all so much, I’m only happy when my ass is full!” she was shouting now, in a complete frenzy as Josh plugged her anus over and over with the ribbed dildo. He slapped and scratched at her full round cheeks and treated her clit to a few slaps too, making sure he hit the piercing which caused the whoreish girl to scream out his name.


He took his own cock in his hand and pumped it to the rhythm of the dildo, watching her with delight. “You’re taking it so well, slut. Your filthy shit hole has been stretched open. Look at you, absolute whore! Dripping your own juices on your own bed sheets, soaking everything around you. ” He spoke to her like she was dirt and it only made the anal fucking even better. He let go of his cock and reached between her legs, finding her pierced clit which he took between two fingers. He twisted it just slightly and she screamed the loudest she had ever done, before collapsing onto the bed, breathing heavy as she came.


He let the dildo slip out of her ass, and moved to sit behind her where he licked her shit hole clean, pumping his cock with both hands as he did so. He slapped her ass about a few times then forced her over onto her front and began giving her over sensitive clit little kisses. She giggled as he did so, but as the tongue explored the piercing even more they turned into light moans. “So fucking hot. Can’t believe you got it pierced. ” He said to her, then planted another kiss just above her clit.

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   “I didn’t plan too, I just got the sudden urge too. I loved having the piercer grope me like that, my pussy completely exposed to the stranger, I couldn’t wait to strip down in front of him. ” She said, closing her eyes and remembering. “I got so wet and I could tell he felt uncomfortable, but I just loved it. ” A laugh left her mouth, Josh had been kissing her pussy the whole time, his cock now desperate for any kind of contact.  


“Mmm, let me at that cock of yours. ” She said getting up, pushing him down onto his back with his legs out, his cock sticking up as bold as ever. She sat across from him, her legs stretched out, her small toes brushing the tip of his cock. It twitched with delight and he moaned her name, nearly cumming when each of her feet went either side of his dick and began wanking him. He had never received a foot job before and it was pure heaven, her small feet locked perfect in the socks and the material felt fantastic. “Your cute feet feel fantastic baby, toy with my cock, it’s all yours. Do anything you want too it” he spoke, leaning up to watch her. She wanked his cock with her feet for six minutes before he couldn’t last any longer, and sent ropes of cum flying in every direction.


“Mmm, you covered my little feet in so much cum!” she began rubbing it into her socks, watching him with the sexiest look she had ever given. “You made me shoot everywhere baby.

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  ” Josh spoke, collecting a drop of cum from his chest and rubbing it back over the tip of his dick. “Clean up your mess, slut. Use that mouth of yours to service my cock. ” He said with a stern voice and she complied, moving over to take his cock straight down into her throat, causing her to gag straight away. She allowed herself to choke for a few moments before lifting herself off, her mouth leaking spit over the six inch cock. “Oops, made more mess. Better clean that up too. ”


She slapped his cock and fondled his balls, making herself gag on the member. She held her mouth open over the tip and Josh thrusted it upwards before she began heaving and nearly puked. Her face had gone red and her eyes watering and that was how Josh loved her most. His cock had been serviced enough and he moved himself up onto her knees, grabbing the girl by the neck. He slapped her across the left side of her face, then slapped the right. He gripped her hair at the top and let go off her neck, holding her up purely by the hair. Tears were leaking from her eyes and slapped them away before letting her fall back down.


“My cheeks are tingly, fuck, you’re so rough with me, I love it!” she said to him, breathing heavy on her bed which was soaked with juices.

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   He looked down at her reddened face and she gave him a seductive smile. He raised his cock over her face. “Open wide slut, take my piss. ” He said, and began a heavy stream of piss down onto her face, soaking the girl who hummed softly as she was pissed on. She kept her eyes closed and her mouth open, swallowing as much as possible, savoring the taste. He let the last few drops fall onto her tits. Elly opened her eyes and sat up, Josh’s piss dripping down her body. She licked her lips and gave him a look which told him exactly what to do.

He fell backwards and she squatted over his face, he looked up into her eyes and opened his mouth as crystal clear urine began gushing from her pee hole, into the boys waiting mouth. She fed him her piss then stood up, forcing her stream across the rest of his face then planted her pussy across his lips, grinding his mouth as she slowly stopped pissing. He lapped up the last of her juices, slapped her pussy away and she fell onto her ass, sitting between his legs and the pair kissed hungrily, tasting each others juices on their tongues. They had been fucking for nearly two hours and the night was still young. “How is your ass feeling? Ready for my cock?” he asked her as the kiss broke, and she looked across at him. “I think I’ll reward you with my pussy this time. ” She smiled at him and closed her eyes in anticipation.

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   Josh smiled then struck the girl across the face, she fell back and he buried his face into her pissy cunt.