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Myself S. G. Prinz, debuting with my first story, after having reading experience of four years. Please give reply for improvement in writing, n I m a fiction writer and will surely write more.

          about this story it is Indian tale in English with dialogues in Hindi . . . . . . . . . . . .

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1. Domination of Lalcharan (baba sex story)


Its a story of rural place where still people are orthodox minded. Once a baba named Shri Lalcharan , very famous visited a village 'melgaon'. People there were mad for his Darshan. But well this Lalcharan was a bully , corrupt man , just desired chicks , sex.

In that village lived a couple, they were disappointed cause they were childless , all there attempts failed of having child. Then the lady(named Mina) heard of this baba , since it was orthodox village , they married early, so Mina was quite young(22) , n she was in fear that her husband(Raman) may Marry other girl for child.

She decided to visit baba on personal , without telling, her husband n ask him for solutions. She went her own at 5am in morning, to ashram where Lalcharan lived. There were boys(probably his students thought Mina) dressed in Saffron.

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   She asked one that she want to meet Baba , the boy went in one kuti, after some time he returned n told her to go in.

Mina went inside n saw Lalcharan. He was a tall man, with thin body , fair in color, was hairy, having long beard. Lalcharan was wearing same Saffron robes. He was amazed to see Mina , fair she was , sexy , tall, nice curves, large breasts n innocent face. After giving a smile he told her have a seat, n enquired her. She told him all her problems n asked him for solution. This was what Lalcharan needed. He told her," Beti, naraz na ho, tumhe Aaulad jarur hoga, dheeraj rakho, hamne mata ki kripa aise bahuton ka elaj kiya hai. "then continued n told her to come on full moon day night(it is pavitra) n not to tell anybody about this.

Later Mina went to same ashram on full moon night wearing normal sari, covering herself with shawl. In she went, Lalcharan asked her," koi taqleef to nahi hui na beti". . She replied , " ji bas muze apne pati ko neend ki dawa deni padi aur chupke se yaha ana pada". Lalcharan replied," koi bat nahi beti , santan pane ke bad Raman hi abse jyada khush hoga".

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She asked her what exactly she have to do. He said this is method for such problems. He told her that its is called ' nagn havan' she was scared hearing this, but she was desperate fire child n could do anything for it.

Lalcharan told her to come to another room. This room was quite large and was having havan in one corner n floor was covered with thick mats.

He told her that how this process happen , he told her that they will have to sit beside this havan light fire in it perform rituals . Enchant mantras n also. . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . Burn clothes of victim in it . . . Later the burnt mixture to be inserted into her womb . . . . . (surely in vagina) . Completely shocked was Mina hearing this all , but she was believerr of such things. She had faith in Lalcharan.

Without complaining she sat near it n he began the process , after doing beginning process he told her to strip her sari , which she readily deed.

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   After burning it in fire he asked her to strip her blouse. . . Now she was only in her white bra peticote . She felt awkward , but thought it will work. Then he told her to come beside him,n put his hand over her breast and enchanted something and said," yah thik na hai", she asked,"kya thik na hai?" he replied," tumhare stan ki sahi parvarish,nahi ki gayi hai. . . . . . . .   inhe thik karna padega" after asking how n all she told him to do whatever he wants to do to fix them. Getting opportunity he wanted Lalcharan put his hand under her bra and ripped it off exposing her large globes, considering it as part of ritual he put some juice on them(he told her its sacred) in sucked her boobs, enjoying the taste he also slid up and kissed Mina who was now completely turned on by him.


   He kissed her hard forgetting about the ritual thing, but she put him aside and asked," babaji,bas kijiye ap to pooja chodkar kuch aur hi karne lage ho". He replied " beta yah usika hissa hai, aur hamse kya sharmana. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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   beti"n continued to kiss her. After some time said," tumhe mera pavitra ling apne mu me lena padega . . . . . . . . . isiko sakt karke iska amrit pina hai . . . . .


   use tumhare garbhashay me dalke hame ye karya sampanna karna hai"

As told she put her hand his dhoti n slid his rock hard penis(10 inc)  in hand, she was amazed to see such a huge cock, excited she put it in her mouth. . . . . . . . . . N sucked it, she was doing it first time in her life, baba on the other side was in heaven at that moment, moaning. . . . " aah ahhh".

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  . . n fool Mina thought that he is enchanting some spells.

     Then he did what Mina never thought, he called his students in there and ordered them to rip her remaining clothes burn them too, n fuck her ass(hell gorgeous it was). Came there three boys completely nude taking their penis on there hands. . . . . As soon as she saw them she rushed beside (putting his penis down) n covered her breasts with one hand n vagina with other n yelled," ye kya hai babaji , apne to aisa kuch bhi na bataya mujhe". Baba replied" beta ye mere hi shishya hai, aur ye hamari madat hi kar rahe na. . . . .


  . . . . . . " saying this he took her hand n put in on his penis n called his student n put other on his one. . . . N told her to suck both. Fool Mina again showed her illeteracy n obeyed him. She sucked them hard , while other two stripped her clothes, burnt them n leaked her ass n cunt . She was completely whore now completely naked n being unnoticedely raped by four. One by one came and circulatory acquired any point they get(ass mouth or vagina) for several hours.

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         Lalcharan, now exhausted n satisfied decided to end this. He took some ashes from the burnt things and put some on her forehead and put some on his cock and gave her final fuck and later followed by quick blowjob. Then he told her that she will get what she wanted soon,n told her to leave. But she was ashamed to go in condition she was(total nude) in village. But still somehow taking advantage of darkness she with only her shawl on managed to get back to her home, where she slept at the moment she reached. In early morning however finding his wife in so sexy condition Raman too fucked her hard.

          Many days passed after this incidence, Lalcharan was completely shocked, because Mina was pregnant now, accidently though his treatment worked, Mina was very thankful to him and later came many times for his Darshan




But but but father of child remaining mystery. . . . . . . . !!

(may be Raman had some problem he thought.

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{bOrN to c pOrN}

S. G. Prinz