Highschool sex never felt so good

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          When I was 18 I was known around school as being a bit of a slut, maybe they were all right, sure I liked sex, and at one time I would do it with 3 or 4 different boys a day, why not I enjoyed it. But that doesn’t mean that every male in the school expected me to put out for them, I chose who I let into my pants. On one particular afternoon while walking home from school I was approached by a group of boys skateboarding down the sidewalk, three of them I recognized two others I didn’t. Two of the boys , Jack and Peter, had a reputation at school as being trouble makers  and were currently  suspended, Matthew, the other one I knew had left school but still hung around with his buddies. The other two I later found out were pals of Jack’s from a nearby school, Jason and Pat.

          As I got nearer to them they blocked my path and started to chat, I was polite and replied to their questions but told them I had places to be and I would be late if I didn’t go. Although letting me pass they followed not too far behind occasionally calling out with suggestive comments. As I approached a short cut to home through a small garden park, I noticed the guys weren’t following me anymore. About halfway across the park was an area covered with large bushes and as I started to weave my way through the group of boys jumped out in front of me. I stood speechless, to scared to scream or call out, Jack grabbed me by the hair and pulled me towards him and said it was a waste of time calling for help there was nobody around to hear me and I knew the closest house was five minutes away. As Jack held me by the hair he said that it was their turn to get a bit of what I’d been giving all the other guy’s whether I liked it or not.

          I felt a pair of hands grab my outer thighs and slide up under my skirt and pull at my panties while Jack ripped open my blouse. Now I have never been forced to have sex before and rape had always been a worry, but as these boys tore at my clothing a sensation came over me like I had never felt before. My whole body tingled with excitement, my nipples had hardened and my pussy became damp. Jack had pulled my blouse down over my arms which made it hard to move them, Peter was standing behind me, he had torn my panties apart and pieces were lying on the ground at my feet. The other three boys were standing close by laughing and egging the other two on.

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          Jack pulled my bra down and was sucking my nipples as his hands roughly massaged my tits, Peter now had his hand between my legs and was rubbing my pussy as best he could with my legs held tightly together. He called Matthew over to help and they forced them apart. Matthew held one leg and Peter squatted down behind me holding the other and pushed two fingers inside me and began working them in and out. My pussy was soaked and my juices were running down my thighs, his fingers slid in and out with ease as he worked them in deep. I closed my eyes and tried to struggle to make them think I wasn’t enjoying everything they were doing to me. Jack got Jason to hold me by the hair so he could undo his pants and dropped them around his ankles; he pulled out his cock that was already rock hard and took me by the hair again and bent me down for me to suck on it.

          He pushed my head down onto his cock, I started to gag as he forced it deep into my throat, Peter continued to finger fuck me as Jack was fucking my mouth; holding my head by the hair and pulling it up and down. Peter crouched between my legs and began to lick my cunt, his tongue darted in and out of my hole as he licked up all my juices. He took my clit between his lips and sucked it up hard and nibbled it with his teeth. I couldn’t help but push down to take as much tongue as I could. Peter stood up and pulled out his cock; holding my legs apart with his feet he grabbed me by the hips and slipped his throbbing big cock into my aching wet pussy. Both Peter and Jack were driving their cocks into me, I tried hard not to moan with pleasure, I didn’t want them to know that it felt great. Peter fucked me hard and fast, I could feel he was going to cum quickly; he slowed down as I felt his cock twitch, then a huge load of cum shot up inside me. Cum dribbled down my leg as he pulled out, Jason was standing ready, cock out and lined up to be next.

        As the light faded Jack led me to a small tree and tied my hands together around it.

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   One after the other they took turns and fucked me from behind but only Peter had cum so far, by this time I was moaning and squealing in delight almost begging them to do it harder and faster. Pat was next who’s cock was enormous he stuffed it inside me which took my breath away, after banging me for about a minute he pulled out and came in front of me; lifted my head and jerked  his cock until a river of cum shot across my face. Pat rubbed the head of his cock against my lips smearing cum all over my mouth as he squeezed out every little drop. My pussy was sore but I secretly wanted more, Matthew untied my hands, he lay on his back and pulled me down on top of him, he grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart and in one swift motion his cock found my hole. He started to pump his cock in me slowly when suddenly I felt a finger slide into my ass, Jack was standing behind us fingering my ass and stroking his cock, he dropped to his knees and lined up his cock against my asshole. Jack said quietly “I know your enjoying this, don’t hold back “I braced myself as I hadn’t had much anal sex before. As he slipped his cock up my ass a tingle went through my body, my nipples hardened once more, my clit was swollen and throbbing they timed their strokes perfectly. I orgasmed over and over as they fucked me that way for what seemed like forever, eventually Jack came in my ass at the same time Matthew shot his load in my snatch, the feeling was heaven.

          I rolled off Matthew and lay on my back exhausted and sore, I looked up to see Jason standing, cock in hand. He motioned me to get on my knees; I took his cock between my lips and sucked on the head, his pre cum trickled onto my tongue. The other boys stood around and watched as I sucked Mathews cock, I rubbed his balls as I deep throated his gorgeous cock. He swayed back and forth as I sucked and jerked his cock faster, I felt his cock swell even more as a stream of hot cum shot into my mouth, I continued sucking as cum dribbled from my mouth and over my tits. I was covered with cum, my ass, pussy, face and tits. The guys quickly got dressed and ran off into the dark; I gathered my torn clothing; dressed myself and headed home.

        As much as these guys really raped me I enjoyed it too much to report it.

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    These days both guys and girls pay me to get treated like that except this time they call me madam.